Oct. 5 - The Other Self

by MourningStarsOfLakes

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #anthology #dom:nb #f/f #f/nb #pov:bottom #sub:female

As your story ends the flames grow dimmer.  There is fire yet to spin our tales.
That was certainly more lewd, Evelyn.  Although I think your delivery could use some work.  I mean, if you think it does.  Sorry; ignore me.
So the incantation changes on Heather's turn or... Oh, when it makes it back to Jen.  Got it.  Just wanted to make sure everyone was ready.  Measure twice, cut once and all that.
No I don't see...  Oh yes!  Katy watch out!
Oh gosh.  Sandra are you okay?  Was that some sort of bird.  A bat?  I suppose that makes more sense.  Although I thought the thing about them getting caught in people's hair was a myth...
As long as you're okay.
Alright, I'm going to begin my story now if everyone is ready.
Sorry, I just want to make sure everyone's ready.
Okay, here it goes.
Let my words mingle with the sinister smoke and dazzling stars as I begin our fifth story.

I haven't seen my roommate in weeks.
It's not extremely uncommon for us to go a few days without seeing each other, she works nights and I work days, but it's been upwards of two weeks without so much as a glance of her.  Every day when I come home from work her door is closed, and it stays that way for at least as long as I'm awake.  Maybe she peeks out after I'm asleep, I am an early rise and therefore also an early sleeper, but I'd have no way of knowing.  Even then, she should be leaving while I'm still awake to go to her job.
If it weren't for the dishes in the sink that I didn't use or the lights being left on when I wake up in the mornings, I'd be worried.  As it is, I'm just a mix of irked and confused.
I start the night off like most others: I cook up something simple but healthy, scroll through Twitter for a half-hour or so while I eat, and then take a little bit of time to stretch out on the couch and read.  Around eight o'clock I head into my bedroom and wake my computer.  I pick at my lip with my thumb and forefinger as I look over the project management board a smattering of us have put together for an open source project I've been working on.  I spend ten or fifteen minutes reading through task comments and reviewing a particularly bad request to merge in code before I start to do my own coding.  It's nothing mind blowing, just a logical language parsing module for a new set of features we're adding on, but it gives me a chance to think through some design decisions and try some new things out.
The doorbell rings; there's only one person it can be.  The third sign that Hayley is alive and active in all their punkish glory.  Her partner Vera has arrived for one of their late night trysts.
"Hey Rachel," they say as I open the door.  They're a little taller than me at five-seven, although the platform in the boots probably boosts them to about five-nine.  They've got a heather-black shirt with a winking skull french-tucked into dark-blue skinny jeans.  Draped over their broad shoulders is their navy-blue leather jacket, clashing horrendously with the rest of the ensemble.  Two-toned hair falls around their ears, almost reaching the spiked collar at their neck.  They point two fingers into the apartment behind me; one nail black, the other red.
"I'm here to see Hayley."  They begin stepping past me before I can invite them in.  There's always been a cool presumptuousness to Vera, an ability for them to ease their way through any situation and past any barrier.  I can admit I'm a little envious of that.  They walk the ten feet to her door and pause, turning to look at me.
"Sorry I almost forgot to ask: how are things going with you?"
"Fine," I respond as I let the door close, "Work is work, everything else is going along alright."  I pause, weighing whether to say anything.  "Although could you ask Hayley to put her dishes and the dishwasher and turn out the lights before she goes to bed?  I'd do it myself, but I haven't seen her in a few days."
"Oh is she leaving a mess for you?" They chuckle, lips curling into a grin, "She can be such an air-bubble-headed bimbo at times."
I feel my eyes flutter closed despite my every effort.  My breathing slows down as my mind empties out.  Distantly I hear a door open and then Vera's soft voice.
"Alright, let's go."
"Okey-dokey," I say in a syrup-sweet voice, my hooded eyes opening just enough to follow Vera.  There's a spring in my step as I enter Hayley's room, energetic and carefree.
Haylee's room is mostly empty.  The only furniture in it is a cheap bed strangled by pink sheets and a floor length mirror leaning against a blank wall.  Vera pulls something out of their pocket, a familiar-looking piece of pink topaz dangling from a metal chain.  My eyes instinctively lock on to it, watching it spin slightly as they hold it up between us.
"I bet it's starting to feel uncomfortable wearing Rachel's clothes," Vera says, their eyes watching me closely, "Let's get you changed into something more your style."
"Ohmygod," I blurt out, looking down at the drab outfit I was wearing, "Flannel shirt and slacks? Ewww!"
Vera is right, these clothes are not only ugly but also uncomfortable.  My skin is itching beneath them.  I begin wriggling out of the unflattering clothing, only unbuttoning the top button of the shirt before pulling it over my head.  I kick off the slacks with equal fervor, the pant-legs turning inside-out as they peel off.  I sneer in disgust as I see the underwear I was wearing for some reason: utilitarian, cheap, grey cotton from Walmart with a bra to match. 
"Wow you're really taking to this, huh?" Vera grins and gives their head a little shake, "I guess we don't even need this anymore."
They hold the topaz up again between us.  My eyes fixate on it and my hands drift to my sides.  I feel a flash of heat streak down through my cunt, my breathing getting heavier.  My mind is drinking in the pink of the gemstone as it spins in front of me.  I love that color so much.
"That easy now?" They pull the gemstone up its silver chain and back into their hand, "You can stare at the pretty crystal when you're done undressing."
I pout as the topaz disappears and quickly discard the ugly panties and bra.  I turn towards Vera, finding that they've moved towards the closet.  I twirl a hand through my hair as I expectantly watch the door opening.  Inside it is a treasure trove of pink dresses, shirts, bras, panties, socks, stockings, and all sorts of cute clothing. 
"Alright sweetheart, pick out what you want to wear tonight."
A short squee leaves my lips as I rush towards the closet.  I rummage through the clothing, every piece my favorite when it's in my hand.  I hear Vera chuckle behind me, their voice a million miles away I as swim through this sea of pink.
"Imagine if Hayley knew you thought she loved pink this much.  Or that she was bimbo.  Don't worry though, I won't tell her."
I step back out of the closet with my prizes, a giddy smile lifting up my cheeks.  I run over to the mirror with them, carefully putting all but the underwear on the floor.  Vera floats just a few feet behind me.
"I didn't used to think you liked me.  And that's okay, I have that effect on some people.  I'm used to it.  But Hayley wasn't even gone a week before you called me over."
I pull the pink satin thong up my legs and wiggle it into place around my hips.  I moan as I feel it's softness sliding between my legs and up my ass crack.  The room feels warmer all of a sudden as I look at myself in the mirror.  I look so beautiful, so much cuter than I was moments before.  I shiver as I slide finger over the smooth, shiny fabric.  Pink makes me sink.
"I thought it was just you trying to be friendly since Hayley left for LA.  Or that maybe you missed her a bit too and wanted to talk about it.  Instead you were blitzed on a half-bottle of prosseco.  You tried to kiss me as soon as I stepped inside."
I whine as I try to get the bra clasps closed behind me.  Vera chuckles as they help me latch them.  I snuggle the metallic pink undergarment up under my boobs, adjusting it until they look perfectly perky.  I look back into the mirror, drooling over my own reflection.  Fuck I'm hot.  And with all this pink I don't need to think.
"And then you spilled the whole thing.  You were so worried that you weren't pretty, and that you'd never be as pretty as Hayley.  And that you had a huge crush on me but didn't want to say anything because you didn't want to upset your roommate."
I hoisted the dress up over my head.  It had the cutest little white polka-dots spaced evenly across its pink background.  I could feel my brain switch off as Vera zipped up the back, plunging me into a world of bubbly feelings.  Everything I think is now pink.
"You do need to pick a different bimbo name though before she comes to visit," Vera says as they spin me around, "She'd be weirded out if you were using her name while we played with you.  Maybe even offended"
Their hand moved up in front of my face.  I excitedly searched for the pretty gem on the chain, but only saw the tube of lipstick Vera was popping the cap off of.  I brightened up again as I saw the hot pink color slide out of the tube.  They gently adjusted my head as they touched it to my lips.  I held as still as I could as they applied it.  I turned to the mirror when they were done, clapping my hands to my blushing cheeks as I let out a giggle.  It's my kink to wear all pink.
"Hold on, didn't quite get all of that cupid's arch," they murmur as they spin me back around.  I comply easily, letting them turn and pose my body however they need.  A careful dab of the color later and they turn me back towards the mirror.  I look perfect.  I love how I look.  I love pink.
"Look at how pretty you are Hayley," Vera coos in my ear.  I snuggle my head towards their cheek, "All you needed was a little help from me to see it."
"So pretty," I moan as my hands run along my body.  I lean again Vera as a sweet, tingling feeling emanates from all the pretty clothing I'm wearing and the pink lipstick.  I'm tickled pink when I sink.
"Really though, have you thought of a new name?  A good, pretty bimbo name?"  Their voice was half-serious, half-taunting.  One of my hands drifts across my breast as my eyes flutter at them.
"I can't think in all this pink," I babble out.  It's true.  My whole body can feel the good vibes radiating out from the clothing and lipstick, washing away all my other thoughts.  I smile at Vera, "My thoughts are swimming in pink ink."
"I guess we do need this," they say as a hand pulls out the pendulum.  I follow the sparkly, pretty, pink crystal as it spins and swings in front of me.
"Seeing pink makes me sink," I murmur as it swings back and forth.
"Rachel, can you hear me?"
"Mmmm... yes..." I sigh.
"Over the next few days, in the back of your mind, you're going to think up of some good bimbo names for your alter-ego.  Okay?"
"Okay," I nod dreamily.
"And Hayley, are you listening?"
"Like totally."  My voice pitches up slightly.
"It's been fun being Hayley, hasn't it?"
"But you'll need to be someone else soon.  Someone who loves pink even more."
"I love pink the most," I say almost defensively, "Everything I think is pink."
"That's right, you do.  But that's because you're not really Hayley.  You're an even dumber bimbo who likes pink even more.  And the next time we do this, you're going to have another name.  A better name.  A pinker name."
"Totally," I giggle, my head nodding slightly, "I love pink."
"That's right.  And next time it'll be so easy to remember your new bimbo name, because you'll have chosen it to be the pinkest name there is."
"Yessss..." I let out a deep sigh of pleasure, "Even my name is pretty pink."
My eyes watch as the topaz sails away into Vera's pocket.  I giggle as I blink, I must have spaced out.  I twirl my hair as I stare at Vera.
"So what do you want to do tonight Hayley?" They ask as they begin to disrobe.
"Oh like I dunno," I reply, rolling my eyes to the left in mock-indecision, "I guess we could, like, fuck or something."
"Oh yeah?" They ask with the shirt half-over their head, "I guess we could.  Does pink push you to the brink?"
The gentle pulsing warmth flowing from the pink items on me surges into hot-pink lust.  My thighs clench, my breathing rapidly increases.  I claw at Vera's waist to pull them towards me, lips poised upward to urge on their kiss.  Our mouths meet, our hands wander over each other; mine over Vera's nakedness, theirs over my pretty pink dress.  I pull back, gasping.
"Should we like close the door?" I breathily spit out in valley-girl inflection, "I don't want to, like, wake Rachel up."
Vera just chuckles as I cock my head.
"No, like, seriously." I pout as I grind up against them, "I think she might be, like, mad at me.  She's been totally ignoring me for the last week."
Vera chuckles again as they pull me into another kiss.  They grasp me around my waist and we do a silly little waltz over to the door and close it.  My fears relieved, I drag them over to the bed. 
Vera plays with me like the pretty, pink bimbo I am.

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