Oct. 10 - Parasite

by MourningStarsOfLakes

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #anthology #dom:nb #f/f #f/nb #pov:bottom #sub:female

As your story ends the flames grow dimmer.  The fire darkens but its warmth persists.
Damn; this bee sting really swelled up, huh?  Ah well, nothing I can't handle.
Katy I'm sorry but your story was flowing so well I didn't want to interrupt it to point out the wolf skulking towards you.  Ha!  Made you look. 
Alright, alright I'm sorry.  I was just having some fun.
My second story, eh?  I think I know which one to tell.
Let the scattered stars mark my words as I being our tenth story.

Melissa watched the butterfly flit around outside her front door, its pink wings shimmering in the early afternoon sun.  The thought crossed her mind that the tiny insect was too garishly colored to be real.  She was certain she'd heard somewhere that pink butterflies didn't really exist.  She made a mental note to check on that factoid when she finished getting her mail. 
She brushed past the fluttering insect on her way to the mailbox, not noticing as it landed on the shoulder of her jacket.  She walked the twenty feet to the mailbox, pulled out a fistful of envelopes, and returned to her house.  The door had barely clicked shut when she felt the unwelcome tingling of something crawling on her neck.  She reached back with her free hand to flick it away but it was too late, the wriggling pink bug had already burrowed itself under her collar.  The mail scattered across the floor as she threw it from her hand.  Her shoulders tryied to shrug the uncomfortable feeling away as she stripped off her jacket.  She tried to reach down through the collar of her shirt to reach the increasingly uncomfortable feeling but it had settled just out of reach between her shoulder blades. 
A sharp sting of pain caused her to wince as she bent down to scoop up a piece of the dropped mail.  She craned her arm around with the envelope, ready to slide it up under the back of her shirt to dislodge whatever had crawled down her back.  As the envelope touched her skin she felt her movements slow and then stop.  A creeping numbness spread up her neck as she began to hyperventilate.  She felt it drift into the back of her head and whispered out a pleading "No!"  Then her world went blank.
She came back to reality with a sharp gasp, still standing above the scattered mail and her discarded jacket.  There was still an odd feeling on her back but she no longer classified it as uncomfortable, just odd.  Gingerly she slid the envelope up her back, still hoping to scrape it off.  The envelope touched a puffy piece of skin and a jolt of sensation shot through her.  Her legs locked up and clenched, her eyes crossed, her throat moaned, and her arms swung back to her sides.
"What the hell..." She panted to herself, turning her head over her shoulder to try to see what was on her back.  She clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes upon realizing that even if she had enough flexibility to turn her head that far that her shirt would be blocking her view.  She trudged towards the bathroom and began pulling off her shirt.  Wave after wave of pleasure surged through her as the fabric slid over the odd bump on her back, causing her legs to clamp together yet again.  Her hips rocked and her hands trembled as she moaned out a breathy "Fuuuuucck" before the shirt was off.  She turned her back towards the mirror, eyes scrunching in bewilderment at what she saw.
Two tiny pink butterfly wings were poking out of the center of her back, the flesh around them equally garish and brilliant in hue.  As she watched they began to slowly flap, the colors on the wings shimmering as she looked at them.  Horror and revulsion began stir in her mind before a sudden calming feeling washed over her.  Her shoulders slumped and her eyes glazed over as the soothing feeling radiated outwards from her new wings.  She lolled her head to the left and smiled peacefully as she watched them flap, giggling as she began to feel them connect with her nervous system.  Then her back straightened stiffly, her head threw itself back, her eyes rolled up into her head, and she screamed out a minutes-long moan.  When the pleasure abated she found herself giggling at the image in the mirror. 
"Oh wow they're larger," she giggled, "and the wings are too!"  Her hands slid up her stomach and cupped her breasts which had grown fuller and bouncier in the last few minutes.  In the mirror she could see the wings had grown from the size of a postage stamp to the approximate size of a sheet of printer paper.  She stared at her own eyes, delighting in the pink flecks scattered amongst the grey iris.  Another moan poured out from her mouth at the increased sensitivity in her breasts as her hands caressed them.  The pink wings fluttered happily behind her.
"This feels so fucking good," she gasped as she found one of her hands had crept between her legs, "but... but it's not right!"
She shook her head, breaking the spell.  The pink wings were still flapping behind her albeit more slowly than before.  She could feel her thoughts clear a little, although the lustful urges hadn't been pushed back far.  Already her breast was aching to be touched, her hand twitching in its desire to oblige it.  She didn't have much time, she needed help.
She stooped down and checked her pants for her phone, idly wondering at what forgotten moment of induced bliss she had let them fall to the floor.  Each pocket came up empty.  The hand on her knee slid up to her thigh, the middle finger swiping into her wet pussy.  With a yelp she jumped backed up, staving off the part of her begging her to just give in and fuck herself into pink oblivion.  She rewound the last hour in her head in a panic, pacing out of the bathroom and into the hallway.  She hoped that if she stayed moving she'd be able to better hold off the horniness.  The pink wings beat the air tauntingly behind her, sending shivers of pleasure down her spine with each flap.
She sprinted down the hall as she remembered where the phone was, falling to her knees when she reached her discarded jacket.  Her hips bucked merrily in time to the beating of butterfly wings, now as long as her arm and half as wide.  One of her hands gave up on the search through her jacket pockets to fondle her breasts, her voice cracking with a groan as it caressed and pinched.  She felt the cold metal of the phone against her fingers and yanked it out of the jacket pocket roughly.  She giggled as she entered in the wrong passcode on the first two tries, something she found horrifying in the moment.  Phone unlocked, she went to contacts and scrolled down to Kara.  In a last attempt to stymie her effort, her rogue hand plunged two fingers into her slick pussy and began to tease her.  With a trembling thumb she tapped the call button next to Kara's name, allowing herself a sigh of relief between the squeals of pleasure.
The phone rang as she finger fucked herself; her breasts pendulously swinging before her with each buck, the wings frantically flapping behind her.  She tried to imagine how she would explain all this to Kara.  Embarrassment reddened her face as she imagined Kara finding her masturbating on the floor of her house.  A fit of giggles erupted from her throat, banishing the thoughts of humiliation on an updraft of pink bliss.  A new vision trickled into her mind, one of Kara with a set of pretty pink butterfly wings all her own.  Melissa shuddered in ecstasy at the thought, her mind melting beneath the joyful percussion of two brilliant pink wings.
"Hello?  Melissa?" A voice called through the haze.  Her wild eyes rolled in her head until they could focus again.  She picked the phone up gracefully.
"Hey Kara," she said bubbly, "Can you come over in a bit?  I, like, have something to show you!"

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