by MourningStarsOfLakes

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #anthology #dom:nb #f/f #f/nb #pov:bottom #sub:female

Firefade is an anthology of short stories following the prompts found here.  I mostly pursued this as a way to get better practice at writing shorter stories and exploring themes I didn't want to commit to longer ones. 
Each chapter starts with a section dedicated to the frame narrative about the six women telling the stories that make up the bulk of the content.  Those sections are the only parts that are connected to other chapters.
The rest of the chapter is a standalone story based around the prompt from the above link.  There's no connection between each one, so feel free to read them in any order you choose. 
What follows is a short description (and some tags) for each entry, to act as a sort of index.

Apparition - Oct 1 - UNDER CONSTRUCTION (the original entry was bad enough that I removed it.)
Elusive Creature - Oct 2 - A hunter tries to capture a will-o-wisp and find themselves ensnared instead.  Femmish-dom.
Lost - Oct 3 - A delivery driver gets lost and finds a spooky old house.  The owner gives them new direction in life. Fem-dom, f/f.
Candle Smoke - Oct 4 - A businesswoman pisses off a witch and comes into possession of a cursed candle.  Fem-dom, f/f, self.
The Other Self - Oct 5 - A woman discovers her inner beauty with the help of an NB friend and a very pink wardrobe.  NB-dom, nb/f.
Empty Shoes - Oct 6 -  A pair of boots has a strange effect on their new owner. Object/fem dom, mostly implied f/f.
Red Veil - Oct 7 - A woman valiantly and "successfully" defeats her opponent's brainwashing tech.  Fem dom.
In The Air- Oct 8 - Directions to a garden that houses a strange plant.  Plant dom
Abyss - Oct 9 - A paranormal documentarian meets a monster from the abyss.  Eldritch-horror dom.  Monster/f, self.
Parasite - Oct 10 - A woman has an encounter with a new type of butterfly.  Monster (?) transform.  self.
The Lake - Oct 11 - A jellyfish monster really wants to leave a lake in Oklahoma.  Monster dom.
Cocoon - Oct 12 - A spy runs afoul of a spider-bot security network.  Machine dom.  self.
Foxfire - Oct 13 - Jess helps her neighbor investigate a strange, glowing branch in their backyard.  Fungi dom.
Appendix: Apparition (old) - Oct 1 - This one didn't turn out great.  Instead of MC erotica it just ended up being angsty horror.  It tells the story of person who keeps finding a doorway through which another world exists.  It got kicked into the appendix because I didn't like it.

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