A Fistful of Collars

Interlude: Verdant Sunset

by MourningStarsOfLakes

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/nb #sub:nb #slow_burn

...and so I sit down here every now and again; and I look into this quiet little garden of order and rejoice that such things still are.
—  Steppenwolf, Herman Hesse

“Are those them?” Mae asked as Jen came through the door with a sturdy metal briefcase.
“These are they,” Jen responded, hefting the briefcase upwards and tapping it for emphasis, “And Mae, you look stunning.”
Mae covered their smile behind a slender hand as Jen looked over them again.  Cute earrings hung from their ears, a simple hoop with little metal birds dangling off the bottom.  They’d added some more color to their eyeshadow since their time together earlier and lined on a pretty swoop outwards from both sides.  Around their neck hung a pendant, a golden sun encompassing a silver moon.  Flowing down their body was a snug red dress, showing off a modest amount of cleavage and ending just a little above the knee.  A vision of beauty.
Jen was slightly embarrassed to only be wearing a solid-color t-shirt under a denim jacket, tight, deep-blue jeans, and almost-flat ankle boots; but it wasn’t uncommon for Mae to outdress her.  And besides the two of them were only going down the street to the small teriyaki restaurant that sat maybe twelve people at a time; they weren’t going anywhere fancy.  Perhaps it was just that Mae made her feel so lucky, like she was dating someone out of her league; and that when they dressed up so gorgeously it made Jen slightly worried about the flip-side of that sentiment, that she wasn’t worthy of them.  She realized it was a stupid fear, that Mae loved her and her more casual style; but even though many fears are stupid, it does not stop them from being felt.
Mae sat down and slipped on their sandals.
“Ready?” Jen asked.
“Let’s go!” Mae cheered as they pulled the door open, ushering their girlfriend out into the hallway.  Briefly their chatter echoed back into the apartment before the door shut behind them, the turn of a key sealing it shut with a final clunk.
The metal briefcase sat on their kitchen counter waiting for them to come back.  Fortunately, being an inanimate object, it was not forced to experience the humdrum passage of time in an empty apartment.  An hour-and-half passed as it waited patiently, none the wiser to its passage.
The door opened to chatter and giggling as the two returned from their dinner.  Mae spun energetically in their dress over towards the kitchen counter, hem flying upwards with centrifugal force before gently floating down.  They picked up the metal briefcase from its resting place, smiling like a kid on Christmas as they held it between themselves and Jen.
“Is it time to open it?” they asked giddily, giving Jen a look that was sure to make her say ‘yes’.
“I think it is,” Jen replied as she ran a finger along the seam of the briefcase.  A stream of strange words poured from her mouth as a green energy flowed along the metallic grooves.  There was the audible sound of locks clicking open and then Mae eagerly pulled back the lid.  Inside the briefcase was a block of foam padding and nestled inside the foam padding were three metallic collars, each with differently colored inset crystals: green, pink, and black.  
“Which one should I do first?” Mae asked, their finger admiring the smooth surface of the pink one.
“Well as the dom I think it would be most fun…” Jen trailed off, reaching towards the black one before last-second swerving her hand to the pink one.  She cast a smirking glance at Mae as her hand brushed back over the black one, then to green, “I think it would be the most fun if you had to choose without knowing what any of them did.”
“A false choice that serves only to make you feel more powerful by knowing what I don’t, and makes me feel like I chose my fate,” they grinned at her, “how wicked.”
“Well you’ve got to be a little wicked in order to catch the wicked,” she teased, turning the open briefcase towards Mae, “Now choose your mental confinement for the night.”
“Hmmm…,” they hummed as they floated their hand above each one, “I choose… green!”
“A wonderful choice,” Jen assured them as Mae pulled the collar out of the briefcase, “Now the crystals powering the whole thing only hold a charge for about six hours, but if you want to end things before just say the normal safeword of ‘red’.  They should be programmed to allow you that much.”
Mae nodded in agreement before holding the collar out, “Would you like to do the honors Miss Jen?” 
“Placing a collar around my pretty partner’s neck, how could I say no?”
Jen pushed a small button on the back of the collar and a hidden latch popped open, allowing her to place it around Mae’s waiting neck.  Mae futzed with the clasp on her necklace and deposited it on the counter, the chain links coiling around the sun emblem as it coiled around the moon.  She brushed their hair out of the way and then gently closed it with a click.  The green crystals in the metal began glowing immediately, their first order of business being to shrink the collar slightly to better fit around Mae’s neck.
“How does it feel?” Jen asked them, her eyes smiling.
“Comfortably snug,” they replied, petting the metal with their thumb, “Am I supposed to feel the effects immediately or …”
“Mae you know better than that,” Jen chuckled, “We both like to take things nice and slow.  Where would be the fun in altering your mind suddenly, when we both know it’ll be so much more enjoyable for the changes to slowly creep through your head.”
Their eyes shone eagerly at the concept, “And while we wait for me to become whatever sort of brainwashed slave you’ve programmed into the collar?”
“Let’s do something cute and relaxing,” Jen pointed at the picture of the sun setting on two shadowy figures, “Tell me about how it feels to visit that painting.”
“Well when I enter it always feels like the end of a late-spring day back in rural New York,” they started, their eyes drifting over the warm tones, “the air is just a little too hot without a breeze, but then that little trickle of wind gusts over you and everything feels just right.  The surrounding woods are verdant blurs of the painter’s intention given form by my powers, beautiful in their abstractness.  A forest no one else can see, one that only exists when I enter the picture. The two figures, I’ve taken to calling them Jack and Jill, chatter pleasantly in the clearing; their dim features not deadening the joyful moment of sublime sunset.  Sometimes I sit near them, sometimes I let them have their space; but together we watch the sun start to sink behind the crest of the horizon, casting it’s last colors out across the sky.  A gradient of light and warmth against the wafting scent of fresh-fallen leaves and long-growing grass.”
“Do you think I could go with you sometime?” Jen asked them, a pleading look in her eyes after hearing Mae’s description.
“I don’t know,” Mae replied, turning their head to look at her, “I’ve never tried bringing another person along with me.  It could be dangerous…”
“Is there a safe way to try?”
“Calculating…” Mae muttered, a green flicker in their eye.  Jen stifled a grin, “I suppose I could try moving something else living into a picture, a beetle or some other type of error.”
“Some other type of what?” Jen bit her lip to stop herself from chuckling.
“Some other type of err… bug,” Mae raised their arm to touch the collar again, their movements less natural than before, “Really Jen, a robot collar?  That seems a little too typically you.”
“You’re the one who chose it,” Jen fired back, “And besides, good drones don’t sass their controllers.”
“Affirmative Controller,” Mae monotoned back at her.  It wasn’t clear how much of this was Mae playing along and how much was the collar remolding their mind, but either way Jen found it arousing.  She wriggled out of her jacket and started taking off her shirt.
“Should this unit...” Mae’s eyelids fluttered, flickering the green lights shining in their pupils, “Should I undress as well?”
“Not yet,” Jen threw her shirt over the back of the couch as she reached down to unzip her boots, “I want to see how nicely the physical appearance modifiers play with your clothing.”
“The physical…” Mae’s eyes blinked again as their back stiffened, their voice continued flatter than before, “Controller, I really like this dress and this unit would experience the emotion—  I—  This unit would be very upset if it were ruined!”
“Don’t worry about your dress Drone Mae,” Jen’s pants were around her ankles, feet sliding out of the bunched up denim shafts, “You should be focusing on how your new programming is replicating itself through your mind.”
“Affirmative Controller,” Mae’s eyes fluttered again before opening wide, “The dress is inconsequen— ” Their pupils dilated briefly, jaw quivering, “I mean it Jen, please don’t ruin this unit’s dress.  This drone really likes… experiences joy at the way it conforms to it’s chassis dimensions…” Mae’s body shuddered as Jen’s breathing quickened; heart beating faster, heat rising through her body, “This unit will obey it’s controller.  The garments it wears are inconsequential.  Shifting focus to monitor conversion progression.”
Jen looked down at her cute, strappy turquoise panties, a drop of wetness already showing through the front.  Oh well, she thought, Drone Mae wouldn’t have really appreciated them for their aesthetics anyway.  
“Resistance encountered from host form: minimal,” Mae droned out from the other side of the couch.  Jen finally saw the hints of shiny blackness flowing from beneath the collar, urged outward by pulsing waves of green energy.  Now she just had to hope that it didn’t ruin Mae’s dress, or she’d be in big trouble once the collar came off.
“Resistance neutralized.  Scanning host form’s desires,” Mae monotoned into the empty space above the coffee table.  Black shiny latex crept along their skin, covering their torso and arms at a steady rate, “Compatible thought patterns found.  Coopting thought patterns to hasten conversion.”
Jen shuffled closer and pulled the top of the dress away from the latex underneath it.  She was relieved to find that it hadn’t harmed the garment in any way during its application.  It was an outcome she had been mostly sure of, the latex was illusory: a simulacra kept tethered to reality through magic; but Mae’s worry for the pretty red dress had made her worry too.  She let the dress fall back into place over her partner’s rapidly darkening body and noticed the first traces of glowing green circuitry etch itself through the completed parts of Mae’s new droneskin.  It was a purely aesthetic addition, but a welcome one.
“Conversion of host form Mae to Drone Mae complete,” she announced as the latex sealed in their fingers, verdant lines of pulsing light lazily creeping over the knuckles of each finger, “Awaiting orders.”
Jen straddled her dronified lover and pushed their form backwards into the couch with an open palm.  She sat her nearly-naked ass down on Mae’s legs, hoping to feel the change as the latex slowly flowed over them.  She kissed them gently on the neck, right hand moving behind their head to grab a handful of golden-brown hair as the left one squeaked firmly down Mae’s rubberized breast to caress it through the faux-latex.  She kissed up to their cheek and then over to their mouth, her eyes wide open, watching for any reaction from Mae.  Her thighs clenched slightly, muscles launching her into a lazy grind against Mae’s torso, as her partner stared emotionlessly back at her despite the stimulation.
She felt the strange but erotic sensation as Mae’s warm skin turned into cool, sleek latex beneath her butt, and couldn’t help but to run her hand upwards along their newly rubbery leg to paw at their crotch.  With three fingers she rubbed from Mae’s undercarriage up to their navel, surprised at how well her magic had smoothed over their crotch.  She’d really made Mae into a genderless drone.  She kissed them deeply as her hand continued to rub over their streamlined groin; she knew their little bulge was still there under the glammer and that it would still stimulate her silent partner.
Jen pulled her head back, eyes glistening with lust, “Drone, status report.”
“This unit is experiencing extremely high levels of sexual stimulation and pleasure,” Mae droned, the barest hint of shakiness in their otherwise flat voice, “Suppression programming is restraining the host form’s reaction, however continued application of stimulus may overload suppression systems.”
“Sounds like a challenge,” Jen whispered into their ear, increasing the pace of the hand between their legs.  
“No Controller, this unit can not challenge it’s controller.”
“Mmmm…” Jen groaned as nuzzled into their rubber breasts, “Just tell me when you’re almost going to overload your suppression systems.”
“Affirmative Controller.”
Jen caressed and kissed every part of her new drone, showing every part of them some love.  She traced along the viridescent lights lining their limbs, the illusory suggestions of articulated joints and controlling wires.  She slid their hands around her waist, whispering for them to cup her ass as she lurched around on their lap.  She dropped her own hand down from playing with Mae’s hair to snake under the dress and squeeze their firm rubber ass, relishing the texture as she did so.  Her other hand made small, deliberate movements over their rubber crotch  hoping to hit just the right spot.
“Suppression systems in danger of overloading, Controller,” Mae gasped out, the green luminescence in their eyes growing stronger, “Estimated time to failure: twenty seconds.”
“Drone, store mental state as Precipice Configuration,” Jen hurriedly commanded.
“Affirmative Controller!  Estimated time to failure: ten… ahh.. Ssseconds.”
“Drone Mae, clear sexual registers and return to standby,” Jen ordered them, hopping off their lap with a wicked grin stretching across her face.  
“Affirmative Controller,” Mae responded, a glimmer of lust for their halted orgasm showing in their eyes.  They recalibrated their posture to sit as perfectly postured as possible before saying, “Awaiting orders.”
Jen went to the sink to get herself some water and calm herself down.  She had a few more ideas for the evening, and didn’t want to rush to the finish too quickly.  After about three minutes she returned to the couch to find Mae still waiting for another command.
“Drone using Precipice Configuration as a template, create a series of mental states with the following criteria: The first state will start at one-onehundreth the levels of sexual stimulation and pleasure Mae was feeling at the time Precipice Configuration was captured.  Each successive state will move them closer to the levels recorded in the Precipice Configuration by a little bit more each time, up to the ninety percent mark.  Aim for approximately thirty state transitions before you reach that point.  Each state after that will asymptotically approach the ninety-five percent mark.  Determine an equation of best fit and persist it as Reward Gradient.  Let me know when you’ve finished.”
It was genus, it was devious; Mae would approach orgasm but never reach it with those settings.  Jen shivered at the power she was wielding over her partner.
The green pulsed in Mae’s eyes and along her dronesuit for a minute as the two sat in silence.  Finally Mae stammered out, “My apologies Controller but this unit is not properly equipped to complete the assigned task.”
“Oh right, you nearly flunked Calculus.” Jen curled beside them, fingers brushing the collar, “Fortunately your controller can provide a little help.”
Jen whispered sounds and phrases unintelligible to the human ear as the green energy bent and churned at her incantations.  The crystals on the collar gleamed brightly as they conducted Jen’s magic into Mae’s body.  Their eyes filled with the green light as they rolled back into their head, their mouth rapidly chanting numbers and variables as Jen guided them through the task.  With a final few gibberish words Jen slid her hand from the collar to under Mae’s chin, turning their mathematically chanting mouth and green-washed eyes toward her own; admiring and enjoying the control she was exerting over them.
“Reward Gradient calculated and persisted, Controller,” they reported back, the green light that flooded their eyes retreating back into their pupils. 
“Excellent.  In a few moments I’m going to have you load the first step of the Reward Gradient.  Any time you say ‘I want to be a mindless drone’ you’ll move one step along.  Any time I snap my fingers, you will also move one step along.  Understood?”
“Affirmative Controller.”
“And now I’d like for you to load Mae’s personality to the forefront,” Jen was beaming ear-to-ear, her plan was going to be so much fun.
“Affirmative Controller.” A sudden wave of relaxation passed over their body as Mae blinked back into existence.  They held up a hand to examine it, face grinning in pleased surprise, ”Whoa Jen, is this latex suit real?”
“Not really.  It’ll feel real while the magic lasts, but once it’s out of energy it’ll poof away into nothingness.”  Jen made a motion with her hands to emphasize the word ‘poof’, causing them both to snicker.  “How’s being a drone?”
“Pretty fun.  Hot and helpless, you know…” They gave Jen a naughty look, “Sometimes though I think about unionizing all the other drones because our Controller is a little too cruel with the teasing and stingy on the release.”
“You’ll get to cum if you’re a good drone for the rest of the night,” Jen teased, “First thing though, you do remember the safety word, right?”
“Yeah, ‘red’ just as usual.”
“Good.  Because while I think you’ll like my next idea, it might be a little much.”
“Oh?” Mae raised an interested eyebrow, “Sounds fun.”
“Oh it will be.  Drone load the initial state of your Reward Gradient.”
“Affirmative Controller.” Mae’s countenance stiffed for a moment to drone out their acknowledgement before returning to the more human look.  They were breathing slightly heavier and their face was flushing a little under their makeup.
“I don’t know Jen, making me low-key horny doesn’t seem too crazy,” they joked as they waited for whatever she actually had in store.
“Drone Mae, start playing with yourself.” 
“Affirmative Controller.”
Their shiny black hands and arms slid along their covered body, enjoying the sensations of latex on latex before they found their positions: the left hand between their legs and the right one playing with their left breast.
“Oohhh… you made me genital-less,” Mae panted, eyes crossing briefly, “Just like a good drone should be.”
“That’s right honey, and now we’re going to play a game.  Every time you say ‘I want to be a mindless drone’ you’ll get a bit closer to orgasm, understand?”
“Mmmm… yeah.  I want to be a mindless drone.”  Mae hips started to grind against her hand, “Is that it?  I just repeat that until I cum?”
“Here’s the wrinkle,” Jen explained, smiling like a shark, “There’s a few things you don’t know about me.  Most of them are pretty trivial, like that I was an all-state jazz ensemble musician in high school; but one of them is quite major.  While I am Artificer, friendly technomage in the League of Superheroines, by day, at night I operate as the dastardly villainess Dronemaker!”
Mae squinted their eyes through the gentle ripples of pleasure, “That’s ridiculous Jen.  You spend half your nights here when you don’t have to work night-shift.  And I’ve never heard of a villainess named Dronemaker.”
“Silence drone!” Jen commanded, causing Mae’s mouth to snap shut, “You know I’m a master of planning and scheduling, I get all my evil villainous work done on merely two nights a week of free time.  And I’ve only been preparing for my evil plans up until now, you’re going to be the first drone in my new army to take over Alterra!”
Jen cackled menacingly (or at least as menacingly as one can be in their underwear) before continuing, “However, since I like you Mae I’m going to give you a chance.  I’m going to give you a very simple task and all you have to do is complete it before the collar wipes your mind.  Of course if you want to give in and simply become a drone, you can just keep repeating that you want to be one and make the process so much more enjoyable for yourself.”
“Drone Mae, prepare to erase all memories and personality of Mae Young.  This process should take approximately five minutes to complete, wiping them out bit-by-bit along the way.”  She paused, then rolled her eyes, “And re-enable voice functions.”
“Affirmative Controller,” their voice blurted out before Mae regained control of their mouth, “But!  But!  The collar wears out after six hours…”
“And who told you that?” Jen chuckled, “I lied Mae.  You never would have agreed to wear it otherwise.”
“Hmph,” Mae pouted, defeated, “And in order to not be converted into a drone I have to?”
“Oh that’s very simple.  All you have to do is describe to me how that picture makes you feel,” Jen pointed to the photo of the couple in the sunset once more.
“That’s it?” Mae asked incredulously, “That’s easy.  When I enter there’s--”
Mae bucked against their hand at the sound of Jen’s snapping fingers, words jumbling into a groan.  They looked almost surprised that they were still playing with themselves, as if their focus on Jen’s speech had made them forget about it; had made it fade into the background.  Jen shook her head, “Not so fast.  Drone Mae, begin memory erasure.”
“Affirmative Controller,” Mae acknowledged, a panicked look flickering across their face as they tried again, “When I enter I arrive in a little copse of trees near the clearing --”
Mae shuddered as their hands increased pace, eyes fluttering and refocusing.
“Is there anything special about the trees?” Jen asked innocently.
“Yeah…  The trees extend back beyond what you can see in the picture but... “ They bit their lip as their chest heaved heavily, “but they’re so foggy but still … still green...”
They lifted a hand in front of their face, admiring the glowing green lines that stretched from each finger back to a pleasing, pulsing central circle on the back of their hand.  Their eyes shimmered in distracted confusion until...
They clamped the hand they were admiring over their mouth to stifle a moan, feeling the smooth sensuous latex on their cheeks.  They realized their thigh muscles were tensed and gradually relaxed them, trying to focus on the task at hand.  They moved the hand over their mouth to stroke down their cheek and neck, bringing the cool, slippery sensation with it.
“Sorry about that,” Jen cooed, “but it looked like you were getting a bit distracted.  You were saying your memory of the trees is a bit foggy?”
“Nooo…  The trees are foggy because the artist…” Mae closed their eyes, trying to remember, “The artist didn’t paint them, but would have if the canvas had been larger.”
“Alright, that’s the trees.  What else?”
“The weather is like a spring day back in… in…” Mae’s mouth twisted as the words eluded them, “someplace I used to live I think… where was it?”
Jen pretended to think, two fingers tapping her chin and then... 
“I know!  New York!”
Mae’s rubbery fingers were digging into their jaw, framing their mouth in shiny jet black and neon green, as their back arched against the couch.  Their hand under the dress drifted down between their legs to draw small circles over the latex between their ass cheeks.  A series of shallow breaths quivered from their mouth before their eyes refocused on the photo.
“Yeah.. New… New Yore.  Where the tall buildings are and the corporate...”
“You’re thinking of New York City, Mae.  You lived upstate, near Avon,” Jen grinned mischievously, “You would never be one of those corporate drones in New York City.”
“Avon… ughhhh… Avon…” It was getting so hard for them to think, so much of their mind wasn’t where they’d left it.  “Not New Yorp… Few York City with the corporate…” Their eyes lit up as their mind stumbled upon an intact phrase, something they had managed to hold on to: “I want to be a mindless drone.”
They knew right after they said it that it wasn’t what they had wanted, that Jen had steered them into some sort of mental trap.  But their brain was too busy trying to find some part of themself to hold on to as the rising tide of pleasure swept them away; adrift in a sea of fragments, sex, and circuitry.  They just laid there for a few seconds: head pushing into the back of the couch, right hand tracing from the collar down to their breasts, left hand dragging itself back to their smoothed-over crotch.
“Come on Mae, you can do better than that,” Jen chided, “You were saying the weather was…”
“Weather, right…” Mae’s eyes span in circles for a moment, still recovering from the last snap, “Warm— spring— sun—" Each word was punctuated by a grunt.
“Good enough I suppose.  What about the people there?”
“People are shadowed…  Talking gibberish… gibberish like… like when… when you…” Mae’s eyes rolled up into their head as their body trembled.  Jen smiled to herself; even as Mae fucked their mind into oblivion, they were thinking about her and her magic until the end.
“What are their faces like Mae?”
“Dark… Featureless… like a… a…” Mae struggled to keep themself from saying the word they knew they would inevitably land on, “a drone.”
“Oh so they’re drones?”
“Nooooo…. I don’t….”
“Do you ever want to join them?”
“Sometimes I… Sometimes I sit with them and…”
“So sometimes you join them in being a mindless drone?”
“I… I want…”
Mae tried to find any way to flee the phrase falling into place in their mind after those two first words.  When they couldn’t find anything else, they contented themselves in being able to stay silent, to hold out for just a little longer.
“You want what?”
“I want to be a mindless drone.”  Their pleasure-scrambled brain couldn’t hold it back any longer, their arms twitched up and down their full length as they continued weakening their own mind’s resolve.
“What was that?”
“No… Jen please…”
“Aaaaaaaaa!” Mae roared; eyes bouncing like pinballs around in their sockets, jaw stretching the limits of it’s muscles.  
“What did you say?”
“I want to be a mindless drone.”
Mae felt the pleasure surge through them, felt their mind losing its grip on anything other than that phrase.
“I want to be a mindless drone.”
“Keep repeating it.”
“I want to be a mindless drone.  I want to be a mindless drone.  I want to be a mindless drone...”
Mae kept chanting the phrase, body bucking on the couch, their red dress draped over their latex skin.  They kept saying it long after it provided any more pleasure than the state of lust and arousal they were floating in, mostly because no other words came to mind.  They quivered and writhed in ecstatic agony, stuck in a loop of professed desire to become what Jen had already made them.
“Drone Mae, complete mindwipe and orgasm,” Jen ordered, finding it hard to not stroke between her own legs at the scene.
“Affirmative Controller!” Mae screamed as the green lights along their body grew in intensity.  Grunts and groans and moans streamed forth from their mouth, the mindless babble of pure pleasure.  Their body spasmed and rocked, back arching and muscles tensing, before depositing them back on the couch, panting heavily.  Jen waited for their breathing to normalize before continuing.
“You are now Drone M.  Acknowledge.”
“Affirmative Controller,” the drone replied, not a tinge of humanity left in their voice.
“What do you think of that picture?” Jen asked, pointing yet again at the sunset.
“Do you wish me to give you an analysis of the picture, Controller?” the drone asked flatly.
“Yes.  And use any and all memories at your disposal.”
“It is a picture depicting a sunset,” they started, “There are two black shadows presumably meant to be people.  The sun is painted in hues of orange, red, and yellow.  There are trees to one side painted green.”
“Anything else?”
“I could name each color in the composition, Controller, if that would please you.”
“That will not be necessary, Drone M,” Jen bit her lip, thinking if she wanted to do anything more before she took care of herself.  “So all traces of Mae have been deleted?”
“Affirmative Controller.”
“What about that dress you’re wearing?”
Drone M pivoted their head down to see the red dress, then back toward Jen, “I shall destroy the dress if it pleases you, Controller.”
Jen gave a little half-smile at that.  Would it be hot to watch Mae mindlessly and obediently destroy the one thing they’d fought so hard to tell her to keep safe: very much yes.  On the other hand…
“Take it off gently and carefully and hang it up in Mae’s closet.”
Drone M gingerly removed the dress, fully exposing their sleek and shiny droneskin.  They draped the dress over one arm and then asked: “I do not know where Mae’s closet is, Controller.”
Jen almost smacked herself in the head; of course Drone M wouldn’t be able to find Mae’s closet, she had erased all those memories.
“Follow me,” she commanded as she led the way.  The two entered Mae’s bedroom, another room filled with pictures, and Jen pointed at the closet.  Drone M still seemed to have enough sense to figure out what to do from there and hung the dress up neatly on a hanger.  Then they shuffled back over and stood at attention before Jen.
“Drone M, you’re going to drop onto all fours and show how much you love your controller.” Jen’s voice was shaky with arousal and need, “You’re going to crawl over here and start by kissing my feet.  And then you’re going to slowly kiss and caress your way upwards until you get to my pussy, and you’re going to eat me out until I command you to stop.  Understood?”
“Affirmative Controller,” Drone M replied, knees bending.
“Then get to it,” Jen demanded, spreading her legs.
Drone M prostrated themselves on the carpeted floor of the bedroom and crawled swiftly to where Jen was standing.  They brushed their dark-gold hair back as they bent and placed a soft kiss on Jen’s left foot.  Their lips then hopped over to the other foot, giving it equal adoration and love.  Then it was back to the left foot, the kiss planted just a little closer to the ankle this time.  The alternation continued between the dual pillars of flesh and sinew that supported their controller, the drone worshiping it’s way upwards until the duality merged gently inwards towards Jen's wet and waiting cunt.  
Jen could feel herself trembling in anticipation as the lips traveled over her ankles and up her calves.  Her thigh muscles spasmed eagerly, awaiting Drone M’s final destination.  When the lips reached her knee, she reached down with her left hand to knead through and play with Drone M’s hair.  When they reached her thigh she rubbed along their glossy shoulders, enjoying the feel of rubbery friction.  
When they reached her pussy, after a seeming eternity of self-proscribed teasing, her right hand wove through their hair to give her even more control over their movements.  Her left hand caressed their back, swooshing from onyx shoulderblade to onyx shoulderblade on a sea of black rubber and green leylines.  Drone M’s tongue spongily pressed against her slick walls, sending shivers of erotic bliss up through her spine.  
“Grab my ass, drone,” she huskily commanded, feeling the “Affirmative Controller” humming against her clit. The drone wrapped their slick, black arms around her legs, rubbing them upward over the back of her thighs.  Jen groaned as she felt the squeeze of muscle and fat, felt the skin pull away from her crack before being pushed back inwards in circular repetitive motions matching the cadence of the tongue now flicking it’s sensuous spirals over her clit.  
Jen’s legs trembled as her eyes strained upwards, her hand pushed the drone’s head hard against the cavern between her legs.  She gasped as her pleasure peaked, drone M’s practiced mouth briefly making their controller just as mindless as they were. 
For a moment the two shared in the pleasure of oblivion.
And then Jen’s breath groaned outward, the bliss that had momentarily obliterated her mind choosing to reassociate itself with feelings of power and dominance now that the brief period of surrender to physical sensation was over.  Mae had once told her a phrase for that feeling, something in French; a pity Jen hadn’t asked them for it before she erased their mind.  She felt the drone’s mouth continuing to stimulate her, the pleasure beginning to become almost painful.  She didn’t want to stop quite yet though.  She wanted to make sure her drone continued until ordered to stop, even if they knew their controller had cum. 
“Drone M, stop,” she finally gasped out when she could take no more.  The lips immediately disentangled from her lower lips, the smooth-black back straightened, the vacant brown eyes stared at-and-through her navel.  Jen ran one hand through her drone’s hair as the other absentmindedly swirled over her own cheek.
 “Drone M,” she said after minute, removing her hand from their hair, “Go make me some popcorn.”
“Affirmative Controller,” they stated flatly as they levered themselves mechanically to their feet.  They move out of the bedroom and into the kitchen with short, deliberate steps.  Jen followed close behind, swerving towards the couch and picking up the remote.
Kernels popped, the microwave beeped, and Drone M was soon standing in front of Jen with a bowl full of popcorn.  She patted the cushion at the far end of the couch: “Sit here.”
“Affirmative Controller.”  The drone sat and stared at the television as the popcorn bowl was taken from their hands.  Jen laid her head on the cool latex lap, nestling her head backwards into the cushion of Drone M’s stomach.  She hit play on the movie and the two of them watched together although only one of them registered it.
Partway through the movie, Jen turned her head on the rubbery lap and looked up at Drone M’s face, happy to see that they were still blankly staring forward at the screen.  She slid her hand upward over their breasts and to the collar, running her finger along its circumference.  She murmured a few words of verdant magics.  With a click the collar popped open, green light burning along Mae’s body.  The latex disappeared like flashpaper touched to a flame, the slick surface beneath Jen’s head suddenly replaced with warm flesh.  Mae’s eyes rolled down from the back of their head as they shook it from side to side.
“Holy hell Jen…” they started, blinking and straining their eyes back into focus.
“How was it?”
Mae smiled down at her head as they cradled it in their lap, “Really fucking good.  I’ll admit it was slightly terrifying to feel all my memories disappear like that, but you know… terrifying in a really hot way.”
“I knew you’d enjoy it,” she said nuzzling her cheek against their stomach, “There’s still some popcorn if you want any.”
It’s where they keep the nuclear wessels,” a voice on the TV insistently stated in a questioning tone.  Mae snorted in laughter.
“Dammit Jen, the one with the whales?”
“Well since you were a mindless drone and couldn’t complain about it…” Jen let the thought hang as she paused the movie, “But really, do you need anything?  Water?”
“Some water would be nice,” Mae nodded along, “And I need to use the bathroom, hop up.”
Jen swiveled off the couch.  Mae hurried towards the bathroom and Jen grabbed a glass from above the sink.  She filled it with water and went back to the couch, setting it on the coffee table before thinking better of it and grabbing a coaster.  As she waited for Mae to return, her eyes wandered to the book still sitting at the end of the table, Steppenwolf.
Something in her mind clicked, her eyes went wide.  She opened the book to look at the sigil Mae had drawn into the front of the book, its lines and symbols weaving around scattered pictograms on the cover. Then she looked at the empty spot where she’d laid the photographs out earlier that day, visualizing the weaving lines and symbols around the central word.    She looked up as Mae strode back towards the couch, her eyes bright with insight.
“It’s a sigil, Mae,” she said astonished, “The markings from the Crimson Codex are sigil magic!”

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