by Motherlygirl

Tags: #Consensual #dom:female #f/f #realistic #slice_of_life #sub:female

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Emily entered Tammy's room and was greeted by a girl she had never seen before. They smiled warmly at her with a quick wave and stepped back to give her space. Emily waved back and turned to close the door. The girl who greeted her was another of Tammy's subs, she reasoned. 

"Hi!" The girl greeted Emily. Their voice was chipper and full of giddy excitement. Perhaps, Emily thought, her taste in girls was similar to Tammy's? That, though, was more than a little bit presumptuous a conclusion to jump to. She was probably just friendly, or excited to see a new face in general. "I'm another sub of hers! My name is Rika!" Emily smiled and put the name "Rika" to memory. 

Rika's skin was easily the darkest out of anyone in the room. It had a nice brown color that was very pleasant to one's eyes, whereas Tammy was about as pale as someone could get from ethnicity alone (as opposed to albinism, or temporarily growing paler from being starved of sunlight) and Emily and Fara were both also very white. Her hair was darker than everyone else's in the room, too, and its tight little curls bounced and rustled cutely when she moved. She smiled slightly and glanced down at her phone. 

"Awwww, Kitty won't make it," Rika muttered to herself. She sounded disappointed, but it didn't seem to stick for long. She turned to look at something which then caught hold of Emily's attention: the sight of Tammy, pinning Fara to the wall. Tammy was growling in a deeper, rumblier voice than the sort that she usually used. It elicited a warm reaction between Emily's legs, but not as potently as…that one did. 

"Go blank…" Fara whimpered in response to words Emily hadn't quite caught. She was definitely going under. Her eyes were glassy and unfocused, and her limbs seemed heavy and limp. The sight didn't seem to get a reaction out of Emily, which was strange. Was Fara just not her type? Was she just, like, turned off by the history they had? She didn't feel all that bothered, so it probably wasn't that- and she did think it was cute after all…

"Gooood girl," Rika chimed in. "You're doing soooo well sweetie. We're proud of you, all of us are." That got something out of Emily. She felt herself blushing and she could feel her heart going badump badump harder than it normally did. She contemplated throwing her own words of encouragement in, but she didn't want to interfere or intrude. She was just a guest, after all. 

"Alll…of you…" Fara muttered helplessly. Her eyes rolled and fluttered with joy, which Emily again didn't find all that hot, even though this kind of thing was- apparently- her jam. Emily tried to imagine herself in Fara's place-

Pinned against the wall-

By Tammy-

Her wrists pinned over her head-

Tammy's other girls watching her, encouraging her gently-

O, oh. 

Emily was feeling hot and weak. 

"Goooood girl," Tammy growled. Suddenly the appeal of that voice hit Emily full force. She wobbled in place, not fully noticing that her knees felt like jelly. "You're so sweet and weak for your Princess, aren't you dear?" 

"Princess," Emily mouthed almost automatically. That word was…so…cute. Sweet, innocent, gentle, loving. But a princess having the power in a relationship…it was odd to think about, which was itself odd because they were royalty after all, but not as odd as having Fara call her that while she was being all growly and aggressive, which- was hot now. Emily felt unmistakably aroused, a thing which still felt weird to admit was her response to this. 

"That's right," she didn't quite hear Tammy's voice rumble in a musky sort of way. "Now, three, two, one." She planted a heavy kiss on Fara's neck, and while that didn't have an effect on Emily, the countdown did. She felt the ground calling to her harder with each number, her knees getting sleepier and more reluctant to work. She drifted down an inch or so at three, swayed at two, and dipped at-

"Ack!" Rika dashed over and caught Emily before she could hit the floor. "Traffic check?" She whispered as she pulled Emily to a nearby chair. "Shit, has she- up, up, up! Wake up Emily!" She whispered again, slightly louder and much sharper this time. It was just enough to drive her voice through to Emily's mind in spite of the yummy fog enveloping it. She realized something was up and sluggishly managed to shake her head and pull herself up. 

"Wh-whoah, holy crap…" Emily said very quietly to herself. Her limbs were still heavy but with effort she could move them. As the seconds slowly ticked by the extra weight seemed to gradually melt off of them. She lifted an arm and experimentally flexed the individual fingers on the end of it, which confirmed it all still worked. "S-sorry…"

"It's fine," giggled Rika. "I promise not to spill your secret and tell your cheerleader friends what a suggestible little darling you are." She leaned over the back of the chair on crossed arms. Emily couldn't help but pout and cross her own as well. She raised her head in mock indignation and pursed her lips. 

"It's not my fault Tammy is so cute! Hmph!" 

"True, true, I don't think any of us can resist her much better than you can. 'Cept for Valerie." 

"Valerie? Who is she-"

"They." Rika corrected with confidence. Her voice didn't seem agitated, merely corrective. Emily decided to take it in stride. Whoever Valerie was, when Emily talked about them, she'd have to make sure she used 'they' instead of anything else. That sounded awkward but doable. She could adapt to that. 

"They, sorry- or rather, um, thank you for correcting me?" Emily said, audibly unsure of herself and scanning over Rika's face and body language to look for clues. She didn't seem to be giving any. Fara and Tammy, it appeared, held all of her focus at the moment. Emily turned her own to them as well, not fully aware that she had woken back up the rest of the way when she was corrected. She heard a quiet murmur from Rika. 

"No problem. Just be considerate." Alright, yeah, Emily thought to herself, she could definitely do that. Hopefully her little slip up just then hadn't hurt Rika's feelings? Oh god, she realized, was Rika not a she either? How was she to find out without snapping something fragile? Goddd, with Tammy things had been feeling so simple, and she couldn't blame them- them being Tammy's circle of friends and loved ones-she refused to blame them for being sensitive about these things, but she had to adapt at some point didn't she? 

"I-I will, thank you," Emily stammered out. She couldn't afford to misstep after all the effort and care Fara had just given to her when she didn't deserve it…

"Relax, Emily. It's okay. You won't hurt Valerie, they're a big girl." Emily assumed that would be more reassuring to her if she had any idea who Valerie was or what they were like. "What, you worried you'll misgender some of us by accident?" 

"Y-yeah, I guess." Emily felt a sense of relief wash over her. The dread that had started to build in her at the idea of dancing around using any pronouns for anyone ebbed away. "That predictable, huh?" 

"You're a neurotypical person that Tammy likes," Rika quipped in a whisper (well, not quite a whisper, but quiet enough that it wouldn't reach Tammy or Fara's distracted ears) with a snarky little chuckle. "There were only so many things you could be stressed out about, and given when it started, the cause wasn't difficult to guess. Just a little pro tip, from the other allistic person in the squad: you can just ask. It's allowed. Pronouns, what's wrong…as long as you're genuinely trying to understand, and there's no contextual danger to them answering, and no way that the question is invasive or disrespectful. You can just ask. It's great." 

Emily nodded. She could hear the words, she could even figure out their meaning, but it wasn't going to click for her. She appreciated Rika's attempt, though. Just ask for people's pronouns in the future, was the protocol? That helped. 

"What're yours?" She asked, now allowing Tammy to reclaim her attention. The pink-haired girl was leaning over with her waist bent, an arched back putting her head just below Fara's. She was growling some sort of commands…conditions, maybe? Praise? Suggestions? Into Fara's ear. While Emily couldn't make out specific words from where she sat, the body of Tammy's voice was still reaching her and its effect on her had not vanished. She felt weak again, but it was a nice kind of weak. 

"She/her," Rika giggled. "Some of us have pins but we're not always comfortable wearing them out and about here. And uh, kind of unrelated but. I'm cis, which means I'm not trans or anything." Emily nodded her head slightly. "Fara's she/her too, so is Tammy. The others- Valerie and Kitty- they both go exclusively by they/them, so remember that okay?" Emily nodded. She was paying enough attention to retain what Rika said- Kitty and Valerie, whoever they were, call them both "they." Got it. The brunt of her mind was still on Tammy. 

Tammy pressed an ever-limpening Fara against the wall and squished her body against Fara's. The two were so close, so intimate. It looked so cozy, being pinned between a wall and Tammy's soft squishy body. Emily found herself leaning forward to get a better view. Rika giggled behind her and leaned in as well. 

"You really seem to like her," Rika purred with a self-satisfied smile. The extra attention made Emily feel even wetter and hotter. Rika's words were sharper than Tammy's, her intent more pointed. She was right, of course: a fondness heated Emily's heart when she looked at Tammy, and that same feeling didn't need much fuel to spread lower down. "In fact you seem rather taken with her, no?" 

"Yyyy- er, uh, ahhh," Emily agonized. She tried to shake her head to clear it of the softness enveloping her heavy, sluggish thoughts. She focused on herself. Pulled herself away from Tammy and back, in a sense, into her own body. Breathed for a moment as she cleared herself and pulled her mind back together. Rika's face slowly became one of concern. 

"Hey, are you…okay?" 

"Yeah, I think-" Emily sighed. Her face lit up red with embarrassment. "I'm just…my brain is like…"

"That susceptible, huh?" Rika muttered and her face darkened. Emily felt herself tensing up. It wasn't her fault she was so weak to this! It was new, and intoxicating, and Tammy was soooo cute and Rika wasn't helping!! "Damn girl, Tammy needs to get you some safeties." 

Emily quietly made a mental note to add "safeties" to the list of terms she'd be going on the internet and doing basic research on that night. She was fairly certain that others had slipped past her earlier, too. Ah, right, "allistic" had been the other one. Context told her it probably had something to do with most of the group abiding by social norms closer to Tammy's than to the ones Emily was used to. It was probably just a word for "not autistic" or something similar- still, she would be considerate and do her homework. 

"Yeah, I guess she should," Emily laughed. "Early on I guess I did kinda pressure her into skipping important parts of the process…" Rika shrugged and smiled, then opened her mouth to say something but was cut off by a knock at the door. Emily turned her attention to the door. 

"It's me," said a voice on the other end that Emily felt like she knew from somewhere. 

"Come in, Valerie!" Rika piped up. The door opened and in stepped a muscular person with otherwise feminine proportions that proved far less noticeable than their thick muscular limbs and similarly built torso. They had a square, powerful face, a nose ring in their left nostril, and a messy, medium-length ponytail of black hair with streaks of faded red. They turned to close the door, hiding their front from Emily for a moment, but when they turned to face her again she noticed a spiky dog collar around their neck and a black leather vest hanging over their ribs. 

Wait, part of her could swear she had seen this person before! But she could so obviously tell she hadn't, because she'd remember it! 

"Hey Emily," said Valerie as they casually walked past Tammy and took a seat on her bed. "You look confused. If you're getting deja vu, I was on the women's basketball team last year." 

"O-oh, hi Valerie," Emily said. She tried to distract herself and looked over at Tammy, who was gripping Fara's shirt and nibbling at her neck. She couldn't make out any words, but Tammy's whispered growls were at a fever pitch now. The noise rumbled into Emily's ears and left her…wanting…more. She wanted Tammy to growl at her like that, push her around, grab her by the tits like so many boys had, Tammy being rough with her had never entered her mind as a possibility and now, suddenly, it had; and the possibility was addicting, her mind raced, her hands clenched, she wanted Tammy to pin her to the ground and clamp her mouth over hers and grind a knee on her clitoris, she wanted to be dominated in mind and body like a sheep caught by a lion, it didn't have the same appeal as Tammy's gentle caresses or that silky smooth lullaby voice of hers but this, this had an appeal too-

Fara orgasmed. She squealed out loud and whined and her body writhed under Tammy's. She stayed in the throes of this powerful emotion as it came over her in waves. She cried out in bliss, "Princess! Princessss!" and then, panting, she collapsed against the wall. Tammy eagerly caught and cradled her. 

"Theeeere, there, good girl." She peppered Fara's face in sweet little kisses. The growl, the domineering body language, that seductive layer of edge rumbling under her voice like the teeth of a motorized saw, all faded away in seconds. Tammy was once again her gentle, loving, nurturing self that Emily…loved. 

Emily felt Rika and Valerie regarding her with bemused grins on both their faces. Yet again a powerful blush took root in her cheeks and made her squirm. Rika's phone beeped again but nobody in the room paid it any mind. Emily felt that she may have been the only one who even heard the sound. She shrank under their gazes and looked to Tammy to protect her. 

Tammy didn't notice. She was snuggling up against Fara, stroking her face and giving lots of gentle nuzzles and kisses. Emily squeaked for attention and that, by contrast, did the trick. 

"O-oh!" Tammy yelped. She awkwardly situated Fara in a comfortable position even as she scrambled up to her feet. "Right, Emily, you're here! Sorry about that, I got so focused on her that I- you're really blushing, is everything okay?" Emily squeaked again, unsure what she was supposed to say. Tammy walked over to her and leaned over the chair. Her face was one of concern. She frowned with…guilt, possibly? Worry? "Emily, everything okay?" God, that voice again. It tugged at Emily's heart and her pussy alike. She felt her face burn hot, and it tingled where the farthest reaches of Tammy's breathed tickled it. 

"Just embarrassed…!" Emily managed to say as she felt a sense of amusement in some far back part of her head. She was the peppy cheerleader with big tits, wasn't she? She should be making Tammy feel this way! Not in a "this is my right and you should stay in your place" sort of sense, but like, Tammy was a nerd! It was strange that letting her have the power and take the reins felt so nice. 

"Awwww," purred Tammy. "Is that a bad embarrassed or a good one? Cause we can tone things down for you, or stop it, if you want. It's not a big deal- promise!" That must be what Rika meant when she said just to ask. It felt so…weird. It was almost like cheating. Girlfriends (and submissives, presumably) were supposed to dance around these kinds of things, leave hints and hope for the other person to pick them up. But…this did undeniably get better, faster results. And she did feel comfier knowing that unlike the boys Emily had fucked in the past, Tammy was eager to communicate in such simple, unmistakable terms. 

"Good, I think?" Emily answered honestly. "It's not bad, just…I dunno. Warm and overwhelming." 

"Yellow?" Tammy asked. She glanced at both Rika and Emily. Rika raised her shoulders for a moment in a slight shrug. 

"I'd take that as a yellow, sure. Though you and Fara would both know her better than me." Rika lowered her gaze to Emily. "She's explained the whole…traffic lights system thing to you before, I assume?" 

"Yeah, she has," Emily answered, "and yellow sounds accurate enough, I suppose." She saw Fara rising to her feet and watched with intent. The girl still seemed messy and her movements were uncoordinated, but she looked to be mostly awake. Fara stretched and shook her head. Valerie chuckled. 

"She really did a number on ya," Valerie teased with a grin. Fara wiggled her arms and hopped up and down on her toes for a bit to get her circulation going again. "Need any more aftercare, or was that good?"

"What Tammy gave me already was enough, thanks Valley," Fara answered as the rest of her brain seemed to finish coming back online. Valerie nodded and rose from the bed to grab something from Tammy's desk. They opened a drawer, grabbed a bag from it, and then returned to their spot sitting on the bottom bunk. The bag, Emily could now see, was full of chips. 

"Mind if I take these?" Valerie asked with a smarmy grin. Tammy rolled her eyes.

"Why'd you even ask if you're gonna grab them first, you jerk," she replied with mock disdain in her words. She and Valerie both laughed. The latter ripped the bag open and started eating. 

"So, any consensus on what we're watching?" Fara asked, flopping down onto the bed and snuggling up to Valerie's side. "Since we're all here now, and all."

"I guess not, actually. Not yet," Rika murmured. "You watch anime, Emily?"

"Not since I was little," said Emily, "but I used to watch that one cartoon as a kid with the kid who collects the little magic critters." 

"GOD," Valerie snorted laughter out, "sorry, that was rude but. You said that sentence exactly like a grandmother would and I wasn't expecting it." Emily giggled a bit herself, and made a show of covering her mouth and fluttering her eyes in what she assumed would be flirtation for the time period a granny came from. 

"Oh and there was one I watched with my brother that came on really late," Emily recallee, "with the big robots from space?" 

"Pfff," Valerie laughed again, "sorry, you'll have to be more specific. There are loads of those- though, contextually, I know which one you're talking about." Valerie stood up and stared wide eyed out the window. "Hero! Come back so you can destroy me!" Everyone in the room shared a hearty laugh. 

"How about something simple, then?" Rika suggested. "Or we could-"

Someone knocked at the door. Everyone froze and stared at it. 

"It's me!" Yelped a voice on the other end. Everyone but Emily recognized it. Tammy opened the door and someone in an oversized yellow shirt zoomed into the room. "Hi new person! My name is Kitty hii!" They squealed, flapping their arms with manic excitement. 

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