The Spiral Rose

Her First

by Mornstar

Tags: #D/s #f/f #fantasy #pov:bottom #realistic #romantic #dom:female #girldick #hypnosis #induction #multiple_partners #Origin_Trade_Consortium #phantom_sensation #pleasure_suggestions #Rose_Bowers #sub:female #transgender_characters

To all my firsts.

Audrey stands in front of a full-length mirror in her room, holding a short black dress up against her nude body. She nods to herself, and casts her gaze over towards the bed next to her, where a short bubble-gum-pink dress lies in a heap next to a floor-length dress in fall colors. Three different bra and panty sets lie laid out on the bed as well; a boxer brief and a sports bra, a smaller, lacier set, and a strappy bra with a side-tie panty.

She steps over to the bed and lays the dress down, then pauses, considering the three sets of underwear. The boxer briefs are a bit basic, the lace is too frilly, and she's never worn a side-tie panty before…

She picks up the set of side-tie panties, steps into them and pulls them up. Then she looks into the mirror again, half-turning so she can see the bow on her right hip.

It's cute. (Eva's fingers, teasing apart the knot…)

She shakes her head, goes back to the bed, picks up the strappy bra, and slips it on, settling her breasts in the cups. Stepping back in front of the mirror, she clicks the front clasp together against her skin. Then she takes a breath, squares her shoulders, and looks into the mirror. 

The bra… certainly does emphasize her assets. She smiles a little despite herself, and stretches, lifting both her arms above her head; the small motion produces a satisfying jiggle.

Alright, she's going with this set. What else should she do… She should put on lipstick. She should do her nails. She should definitely trim and file her nails.

She walks over to the console, bends over (ooh, that's a nice image in the mirror) and picks up the tablet. Nail clippers, nail file, what color of lipstick… Nothing garish or unnatural, she thinks. A soft pink that matches her hair and emphasizes her lips a little without standing out too much. She can do her nails in the same color… And she'd better brush her hair out as well.

Lipstick, nail polish, nail clippers, a nail file and a hairbrush appear on the console; Audrey takes the whole set into the bathroom in both hands, and uses the bathroom mirror to apply her lipstick. Then it's the nails, clip clip clip. The clippings vanish as soon as they're detached from her body - the Bowers' conveniences at work, as per usual. She files down the pointy leftovers methodically, humming softly to herself as she works; then she does her nail polish, careful not to drip into the sink. Though her application to her right hand is a bit unsteady, the Bowers vanishes the stray drops for her before they can stain.

She takes the hairbrush back out into the main room, sits down on the bed, and brushes her hair while watching herself in the mirror.

Gosh, in this bra and panty set, with her lipstick on and her nails painted… She's kind of hot? It's odd, noticing her own attractiveness, but she'd rate herself a solid seven out of ten. A far cry from her old body…

She finishes filing her nails, stands up, and slips the simple black dress on over her head. It has a deep V-neck that shows off her cleavage; she feels a little exposed, looking at herself in the mirror like this.

… Also, right now she's bare-legged and it's just not a good look. Thigh-highs? Thigh-highs.

She orders a simple black pair from the console, sits down on the bedside, and pulls them on one leg at a time, working her foot into the base of the stocking with small repeated tugs. They cling to her legs closely, silhouetting her legs and emphasizing the small gap between their tops and the bottom of her skirt.

She gets up and steps into her glossy black flats - if only she knew how to walk in heels, but she's not going to risk embarrassing herself in front of Eva - and takes another look at herself in the mirror.

The thigh-highs certainly help. If she was a seven before, maybe now she's an eight. Butterflies gather in her stomach, and she bites her lip and takes a deep breath. This can't possibly be harder than what she's already been through in the past day.

Her old purse still matches her new outfit; that's a relief. She puts it on, and pulls out her phone from it. Eva's phone number is first in her list of contacts.

She dials, and holds the phone up to her ear.


"Eva." A trace of a smile creeps into Audrey's voice. "I'd like to meet with you again at Club Coze, if that's alright with you."

Eva pauses for a moment, then her voice comes over the line with a matching smile in it. "I would love to, Audrey. I'll get us a booth?"

"That would be lovely. See you in ten." Audrey moves to hang up, only for Eva to speak.

"Thank you for giving me a chance."

Audrey shakes her head even though Eva can't see her. "You earned your chance. See you soon."


Audrey hangs up, and looks over towards her hotel room door.

Nothing to do now but… follow through.

Audrey steps into Club Coze, and looks over towards the booth she and Eva took last time - and sure enough, there she is, her silver hair marking her out in the crowd.

As she approaches, Eva looks up - and double-takes. "Audrey!" She shakes her head slowly, a wide smile coming to her face. "I can't believe it, you're all dressed up!"

Audrey slides into the booth with a little blush, ducking her head. "… You like it?"

"I -" Eva's gaze flicks down to Audrey's breasts, then back up to her face. "- Yes. Yes, I do. You're beautiful. And distracting, goddess," she fans herself with one hand. "I was not expecting this. I would've dressed up, had I known… A-anyway! You - wanted to talk?"

Audrey smiles and tangles a hand in her hair. "Yeah. It's almost dinnertime - shall we get something to eat together?"

Eva nods hastily. "Yes, that would be wonderful. Sushi? Steak?"

Audrey touches her pink-painted lips with two fingers. "I could go for a Cali roll or two and some gyoza."

Eva taps the table twice, and platters of food appear between her and Audrey; for her, tuna and salmon sashimi and a dynamite roll, for Audrey her requested California rolls and a small dish of gyoza in sauce. There are proper lacquered chopsticks for both of them in a cherry-blossom pattern, two small dishes of pre-mixed soy sauce and wasabi, and a church-key bottle opener and two bottles of Audrey's favorite craft root beer.

Eva takes a pair of chopsticks and clicks them together precisely, the polished wood settling naturally in her grip; Audrey matches her, smiling at her across the table.

"So," Eva asks. "What brought this -" she gestures at Audrey's clothes - "on?"

Audrey takes a piece of one of her California rolls and dips it in the soy sauce as she considers. "Well, I went to see Clematis, like you suggested… And she was very helpful." She puts the Cali roll into her mouth and chews contemplatively.

"Surely you can give me more details than that." Eva smiles as she dips a piece of tuna sashimi, then pops it into her mouth.

Audrey nods. "I talked to her about you, and about the distance between you as someone very rich and experienced and powerful and me, who has none of those things, and about my fear as someone who didn't have much experience with love…" She dips another piece of California roll. "And she told me that it sounded like I was crushing on you, and that my fears were reasonable, and that I was probably undervaluing myself because I was so used to being undesirable." She pops the California roll into her mouth and chews, then picks up the church-key bottle opener and opens her bottle of root beer. "Then we talked about the signs you were giving off, and concluded that you're probably… also crushing on me."

Eva quirks an eyebrow. "Probably? There's no probably about it, dear. I am crushing on you, in a way I haven't in a very long time. You kissed my hand, and let me hypnotize you, and had me spot you for your first hypnosis scene ever. I'm taken with your beauty and your bravery both. Not to mention how cute you are when you're under."

Audrey blushes and smiles. "I'm glad I was right."

Eva nods. "You were! So what did you do about you undervaluing yourself? Clearly you did something to give you all this new confidence."

Audrey ducks her head. "Yeah, we did an exercise with hypnosis and a mirror to help me reconnect with my new body, and that - was really, really good. And that - new confidence in how I look, and in your feelings for me - inspired me to dress up for you a little." Audrey smiles and runs a hand through her hair. "I'm glad you like it…"

Eva smiles. "Of course I do. Seeing you bloom and grow is beautiful. And the eye candy is also a nice benefit, obviously."

Audrey's eyes flash. "It's not just about the eye candy. It's for me too. That's the other thing Clematis told me - to listen to my heart and be firmer with you about what I want and what I don't want."

Eva nods along, opening her own root beer. "Good advice as always, huh? It's lovely to see that fire in you, that confidence that you're worth something. It makes me feel less like I'm just pushing you around."

Audrey nods. "Clematis said you would be happy to negotiate more if you cared about me. So…"

Eva pauses with a piece of fish halfway to her mouth. "Yes…?"

Audrey takes a deep breath. "Do you want to have sex with me?"

Eva drops her piece of fish. It winks out in the air halfway to her lap and reappears on her sashimi plate. "I - wow, you've really come a long way in one short day. Let me think about it. You deserve better than a knee-jerk reaction, asking me flat out like that." She sets down her chopsticks, closes her eyes, and crosses her arms, tilting her head to the side a little.

Audrey swallows, and carefully takes another breath.

Eva looks back up. "… Yes, on one condition. No hypnosis in the bedroom until we know each other a little better and are more able to do it safely. I'm thirty years out of practice and you barely know how to negotiate a kink scene, much less one where you're going to be out of it half the time. It would just be foolish for us to try right now. Is that alright?"

Audrey nods slowly. "… I won't lie, I'm a little disappointed about that, but it probably is better to take it slow rather than going all the way to one hundred for our first time."

Eva half-smiles. "So… When?"

Audrey blushes, but rallies. "Tonight would be good."

Eva nods. "We can do that. Now or after the date?"

"After the date." Audrey picks up a gyoza dumpling, dips it in the sauce, and pops it into her mouth.

Eva smiles. "Alright. So what shall we talk about until then?"

Audrey runs a hand through her hair. "… To be honest, this was as far as I had planned."

Eva takes a drink of her root beer. "Hmmm. Well, the obvious topic of discussion is what to do tonight." She smiles like a cat and picks up another piece of sashimi with her chopsticks.

Audrey blushes. "I, um - That would be negotiating, wouldn't it - okay."

Eva pops the piece of shoyu-dipped salmon into her mouth, chews, and swallows. "Mmmm. Do you have any fantasies you'd like to confess to? Or shall I go first?"

Audrey looks down at the table. "Well, obviously I would like you to hypnotize me, but that's off the table…"

Eva nods. "Go on?"

"…I've fantasized about kissing your feet," Audrey admits. "And about you - about you holding my vibrator on me until I… you know."
"Do you want those things for your first time, though?" Eva tilts her head.

Audrey crosses her arms over her chest. "… When I think about my first time, I think about… you know, the usual first time things…"

Eva quirks an eyebrow. "Which would be?"

"Well, I haven't kissed you on the lips yet." Audrey manages to smile.

Eva nods. "It makes sense you'd want that. Which pair?"

Audrey splutters. "-the - the one on your face, you - witch!!"

Eva giggles. "Sorry, sorry, I shouldn't tease. Go on telling me about these 'usual first time things.'"

Audrey sighs. "You just want to hear me say it, don't you. Okay. I would… I would like…" She looks down at the table. Then she sets down her chopsticks, makes a ring with one hand, and inserts two fingers of her other hand through the ring repeatedly. "Is that clear enough."

Eva shakes her head. "It tells me you want penetration, but not with what. Strap-on? Natural cock? Fingers?"

Audrey crosses her arms and looks down at the table. "Two. With a side of three, maybe."

"Good girl. On which topic, you probably want to be praised, don't you?"

Audrey blushes, but manages a nod. She takes a deep drink from her root beer and looks away.

"Good girl. Am I going too fast? Do you want a break from this topic?" Eva tilts her head as she dips another piece of fish.

Audrey shakes her head, still blushing. "No, it - it helps. It makes it feel more real. And it feels like… you're taking care of me."

Eva swallows and smiles. "I'm glad." She takes a drink of her root beer. "In that case, I have a couple requests. Now, you can say no to any of these and I'll be okay with that, but they'd be nice to have, you know?"

Audrey nods. "Go on?"

"I'd like to bring in your fantasies. I love to be worshipped, and involving a vibrator will make it a lot easier for me to ensure you have a good time. With me so far?"

Audrey nods quickly. "I don't want to monopolize things, but if you'll enjoy it…"

"I will, trust me. Continuing the worship theme… how do you feel about kissing my cock?" Eva tilts her head.

"I, um, positive?" Audrey smiles despite herself. "I don't really have… any experience with that kind of thing… but it would be nice."

"Alright, we can include that then. Do you want to try giving me oral, or…?"

Audrey nods, her blush deepening. "I would… definitely like to try that."

"Alright." Eva smiles. "Add that to the list. I also…" She rubs two fingers across her lips. "I want to see your face, when we're doing this."

Audrey looks away. "… Me too."

"So not doggy style, then. Missionary or cowgirl, your choice."

Audrey crosses her arms. "Missionary is… traditional, right…"

"That doesn't mean you have to pick it." Eva's voice is firm.

"… No, I want traditional. I want to feel like… any other girl, you know?" Audrey blinks rapidly, and takes a steadying breath.

Eva smiles softly. "I think you're already… more adventurous than most."

Audrey sighs. "I know, but let me have this one thing, okay?"

"I wouldn't dream of getting in your way." Eva picks up another piece of sashimi and pops it into her mouth. "Your gyoza are getting cold, by the way."

Audrey looks down at the savory dumplings and nods. "Yeah, I - I've been a little preoccupied." She picks up her chopsticks again and picks one up, dipping it in the sauce. "Is that - enough?"

Eva tilts her head, then nods. "I think we have a plan. If it wasn't your first time I might suggest a few things more, like maybe leash and collar, but…" She shrugs. "I think this is plenty complicated enough."

Audrey nods, then pauses. "… I maybe wouldn't mind that…"

Eva gives Audrey a penetrating look. "Do you want it, or are you just going along with me?"

Audrey blushes and looks away. "I'd like it, okay? It's - a little scary - but it would be really nice to be your pet. I've been daydreaming about that ever since you made me meow."

Eva grins. "I was hoping you'd say that."

Audrey's gaze darts away. "Did you - did you do that deliberately?"

Eva half-smiles. "I would never subliminally encourage someone I was dating to be my pet."

Audrey looks at Eva flatly. "That's a suspiciously specific denial."

Eva dips another piece of fish. "I may have chosen a suggestion that might reveal whether you were into petplay. You know, non-kinky people think being made to meow is just cute and a little embarrassing. They don't tend to fantasize about it later."

Audrey's eyes narrow. "You're doing it again, aren't you?"

Eva's lips quirk up. "Have I said anything untrue?"

"Well, no, but…"

"That's the best way," Eva says simply, and pops her piece of fish into her mouth.

"And if I told December about this, what would she say?" Audrey frowns.

Eva touches her lips softly. "I think she would call that a grey area."

Audrey rolls her eyes. "Why do I have a feeling you really enjoy grey areas?"

Eva smiles. "I don't deny it. Consider for a moment the impacts I've had on you, and then perhaps you'll see why."

Audrey tilts her head. "You…" Her hand falls to the tabletop. "You sneaky bitch. You directed me to Clematis and to December. You made sure I called Clematis. You mentored Clematis and December both, you knew what they'd tell me, you knew it would end like this eventually - and all you had to do was direct me to a couple of your old friends and help me follow through."

Eva smiles and nods. "Broadly correct, except I didn't know. I hoped. And you surpassed all my expectations with your twin desires to serve me and grow into a fuller, more realized you. Most girls I take an interest in don't prove half as brave or as dedicated as you. It only took you a day." Eva shakes her head. "You might have been working under my direction, but it's you who had to take all those steps and put in the effort and time, fighting your own anxieties and demons the whole way. Yes, I helped, I would have helped anyone. You're the one who made it real."

Audrey flusters. "You - I - Damn it, at least let me kiss you if you're going to say things like that!"

Eva pushes her dishes aside, and leans in across the table. "If you want it, come and get it."

Audrey looks at her for a moment, then she sets her root beer aside and leans in as well. Their lips brush against each other, then press together; Eva runs a hand through Audrey's hair as the kiss stretches.

Audrey is first to pull back and sit back down, biting her lip. "That was…" She looks away. "… Why do all the movies make it seem like kissing is great?"

"Because they can't show sex. That's honestly the reason. Kissing is… a lot better in context." Eva grins, and picks up another piece of fish with her chopsticks.

Audrey looks down at her food, and half-heartedly spears a gyoza. "Alright."

"Kind of underwhelming?" Eva tilts her head.

Audrey nods. "I'm… I feel lied to."

Eva shrugs. "I mean, it's just like all those songs about 'dancing all night'. Sure, it could mean dancing, but everybody knows…"

Audrey cracks a small smile. "I guess that makes sense. Is, um…" She pops her gyoza in her mouth, chews, and swallows. "… Is sex like that too?"

Eva shakes her head. "If anything it's better than you'd imagine, at least when it's done well. Which doesn't take a lot of skill - teenagers figure it out all the time, you know?"

"I don't think most teenagers can do the kind of things you've done to me…" Audrey takes a drink of her root beer.

"I mean, you can take anything to a higher level if you're willing to put the effort in. Why would sex be any different?" Eva sets down her chopsticks and takes a drink of her root beer as well.

Audrey nods. "I - do you have any tips?"

Eva smiles. "There are some things I could suggest, but a lot of the skill is learned more through doing than through study… Though it does occur to me, do you know about safewords?"

"Uh, they're that thing where if you say a specific word everything stops?" Audrey frowns.

Eva nods. "Fundamentally, they're a safety and comfort measure. If at any point anyone in a scene isn't having fun, they can say the safeword, stop the scene, and immediately get whatever they need - usually lots of cuddles and a gentle talk through what went wrong so it doesn't happen again. People sometimes pick words for their particular relationships or have a specific word that they use, but personally I swear by 'safeword' as my safeword because it's clear and unambiguous and has basically no other use in a scene. I also sometimes use the stoplight system - have you heard of that?"

Audrey shakes her head. "No."

"Red means stop, safeword, end the scene. Yellow means you're strained - slow down, check in, don't immediately stop everything but take it easier. Green means "I love this keep going." Just a simple little communication tool. Makes sense?"

Audrey nods. "Yeah, that makes perfect sense."

Eva taps her fingers on the table. "So if I asked you for a stoplight color right now, what would you tell me?"

Audrey looks down at her half-eaten California roll. "… Yellow."

Eva nods. "I thought you might say that, given how little you've eaten. Nerves?"

Audrey exhales and nods. "… yeah. I just - it's happening so soon and not soon enough at the same time, I just want to…"

"Get it over with?" Eva tilts her head. "I can understand the impulse, but… This should be fun for you if we do it right. Even with the nerves, even with the inexperience."

Audrey looks away. "I know that. That doesn't stop me from feeling worried."

"You can stop at any time, you know. That's the whole point of safewords - sex is something you have to consent to, and you can withdraw that consent whenever you want. It doesn't have to be a logical reason." Eva looks at Audrey levelly.

Audrey shakes her head. "No, I - I want to keep going, I really do, I just can't get the silly fear out of the way -"

Eva smiles slightly. "You need to work with the fear, and not against it. What does the fear want?"

"It wants - it wants me to run, to flee, to escape -" Audrey ducks her head.

"Why? What's it scared of?" Eva rests her hands in her lap.

"- It's scared of my inexperience, and of - fucking things up somehow, being a bad partner, making you not want to ever see me again -" Audrey takes a shuddery breath.

Eva closes her eyes and nods. "Alright. Then let's do a little exercise together, okay? I think it'll help settle your nerves."

Audrey nods eagerly. "Anything you think would help, please."

Eva opens her eyes and looks across at Audrey. "Alright. We're going to practice safewording. I'm going to ask you to do something, and you're going to safeword, okay? It doesn't matter how earnestly I ask you, you have to safeword. Okay?"

Audrey takes a deep breath. "Okay."

Eva looks away. "… Could you please come give me a hug?"

Audrey hesitates, then - "Safeword. That was dirty."

Eva's lips quirk up. "Safewording can be hard! But you've just proven you can do it. Let's try another. How would you like me to put a leash and a collar on you and take you for a walk around the Bowers with the lead in my hand?"

"S-Safeword!" Audrey stammers. "That's way, way, way too much."

"It was easier that time, right?" Eva half-smiles. "All you have to do is be direct and honest. Say no when you mean no, and yes when you mean yes. It might not be easy, but it is simple. And it's something you've already proven you know how to do."

Audrey squirms in her seat. "I - No?? No I don't?"

Eva tilts her head. "For someone who doesn't know how to communicate, you sure seem to have done a lot of it. How do you think I know you want to fuck me, telepathy?"

"I - Come on, that was one time!" Audrey huffs and crosses her arms.

"And what about the whole negotiation afterwards? Honestly I'm astonished I have to argue this with you, it's obvious to me that you have the skill." Eva frowns at Audrey.

"You were guiding me the whole time, and asking… questions…" Audrey looks down at the table.

"Which you answered honestly and directly even when they were very personal and intimate. You even spoke up to ask me to include leash and collar. You were working with me, darling. That takes courage."

Audrey retreats even further, hunching down and looking away. Her cheeks burn with heat, and her voice comes thickly. "That's not… I don't…"

Eva reaches out across the table. "Audrey? Take my hand."

Hesitantly, Audrey reaches out through the dishes and settles her hand in Eva's.

"I'm sorry for pressing so hard. I only wanted to show you how much you matter." Eva squeezes Audrey's hand; then she slides out of the booth and steps around to her side. "Do you trust me?"

Audrey nods, swallowing hard.

"Come with me, then." She tugs softly on Audrey's hand.

"A-alright." Audrey slips out of the booth, shaky on her feet; Eva steadies her with a hand on her shoulder. Eva walks away from the booth, leaving behind their half-eaten meals; she takes a flight of stairs upwards to a balcony full of mahogany doors, and Audrey trails behind, holding on hard. Opening one of the doors on the second floor, she leads Audrey into another of the Bowers' hotel rooms, and closes the door behind her.

Audrey bites her lip hard and tries her best to still her breath - and then Eva's embracing her, pulling her close, pressing in firmly against her, resting her head on her shoulder -

She goes stiff and still, freezing in Eva's grip, her heart hammering in her chest. Is this - how it starts?

Eva doesn't let go. She just holds Audrey, pressing into her firmly, her arms wrapped around her shoulders and the small of her back.

Gradually, Audrey's pounding heart slows, and her breath comes back to her, and she thinks to embrace Eva back. She wraps her arms softly around Eva's back, burying them in the soft waves of her silver hair, and stays there.

They stand there, rocking slowly back and forth, heads pressed into each other's shoulders, and eventually Audrey gets up the courage to speak.

"… Eva?"

Eva lets go, takes a deep breath, steps back a little. She looks… tired. For a moment, there's a sense of heavy years on her face - and then she smiles, and the moment passes.

"Audrey. I'm sorry, it's just - I've heard the same things, the same shame, so many times from so many people, and the only cure I know is - soft, gentle, persistent touch. Touch transcends shame. And I knew you wouldn't want me to hug and pet and caress and adore you in front of everyone in Club Coze - so, a private room. I'm sorry if I scared you."

She retreats to the bed, and sits; then she pats the bed next to her. "Come sit."

Audrey takes a deep breath, and crosses the room to sit next to Eva. "… Shame? I don't know what you're talking about. I'm scared, sure, but…" She shakes her head.

Eva traces a hand slowly down Audrey's back. "I didn't see it at first, either. I thought it was just nerves, just inexperience. But then you froze up and weren't willing to admit you were communicating honestly. Now, why would you be scared to admit that…?"

"Because - because I don't - I don't know." Audrey takes a shaky breath.

"I think it's because you don't want to admit to yourself that you want sexual things. There's some part of you, deeply ingrained - perhaps not fully under your control - that thinks sexuality and kink is something to be ashamed of. That it's wrong to want to fuck someone. That it's wrong to have fantasies. Especially that it's wrong to have kinks. If you said you were communicating honestly, then you'd have to admit that you really want these things." Eva looks at Audrey seriously.

Audrey can't meet Eva's gaze… but she leans against her, putting her body weight against Eva's side.

Eva strokes a hand through Audrey's hair. "It's okay. You don't have to say anything. I'm here."

Audrey nods, and presses her head into Eva's petting hand.

"… Would you like to lay your head in my lap?", Eva asks.

Audrey just nods.

Eva scoots backwards onto the bed and sits cross-legged, her dress riding up a little, and beckons to Audrey. She lies back onto the bed, and puts her head in Eva's lap, facing away from her. Eva tangles her hands in Audrey's pink hair and finger-combs it with long, lingering strokes, mussing it up and then smoothing it out again.

Audrey lets out a heavy sigh, and settles her head closer into Eva's lap, and breathes slowly and closes her eyes. Eva's left hand strays out across her shoulder and side, petting and caressing through her dress; Audrey smiles softly and lies still.

"Good girl," murmurs Eva. "Such a precious and delightful girl. Trying so hard. It's going to be okay. Healing takes time, but you've made a wonderful start."

Audrey takes a shuddering breath, and presses her face against Eva's thigh, leaving a little damp patch.

"Shhhhhhhh." Eva digs in her nails lightly and skritches at Audrey's scalp. "It's alright. I'm here. You're safe. Nobody need ever know about this but the two of us."

Audrey curls up and cries, then, long shuddering sobs wracking her body, her side trembling under Eva's petting hand, her breath hitching and rushing. Eva pets her through the worst of it, her fingers twined together in her hair, her own breath slow and controlled.

Eventually, Audrey sits up and wipes her eyes. "What am I doing -"

Eva takes her other hand. "Resting. Healing. I know it's hard. I know it's not what we said we would do. It's important, though."

Audrey takes a shuddering breath, and nods. "I - yeah. Thank - thank you, Eva."

"It's alright. You're worth it." She smiles, and for a moment her eyes seem to shimmer with tears - then she blinks, taking a breath, and the tears are gone. She leans in a little. "Would you like to…?" She looks at Audrey's lips.

Audrey leans in, and kisses her.

Eva kisses back, her hand tangling in Audrey's hair - then Audrey pulls her closer, and her hands fall to the small of Audrey's back as they kiss deeply, bodies pressing together on the bed, friction against each other -

Audrey gasps, and pulls away a little. "Eva -"

Eva pulls back as well. "Too much?"

"No. I want more. It's just - so much, all at once -"

Eva nods, and her fingers slip in against Audrey's body, resting gently on her collarbone and sliding upwards, towards her chin -

Audrey tilts her head back, baring her neck to Eva, and shivers and takes a deep breath. "Eva…"

"You can stop me whenever you want," says Eva, and then she shifts in to kiss at the underside of Audrey's chin, her hand falling to tangle with Audrey's, intertwining, holding close as her lips trace Audrey's throat, leaving behind little silver kiss-marks, descending towards Audrey's collar -

Audrey shudders, her eyes slipping closed, and squeezes Eva's hand hard as her other arm wraps close around her back, pressing her in, her breath hitching, and then Eva pulls back and she follows, instinctively leaning towards the older woman, her head falling forwards. Eva holds her for a long moment; then she untangles her hand from Audrey's, pulls back, and pulls her dress off over her head in one swift motion, leaving herself in a lacy white bra and panty set and little else. Subtle muscle shifts beneath her skin as she stretches, her flower-pattern bra straining to contain her breasts.

"Someone had to go and cry on my nice dress," she says, "so let's just get rid of it, shall we?" There's a hint of a purr in her voice.

Audrey smiles despite the fluttering of her heart, her gaze darting down across Eva's body and then away.

"It's okay. Look." Eva gently turns Audrey's head back towards her with two fingers on her chin. "I already know you find me hot. It's not something you have to be ashamed of."

Audrey's gaze darts towards Eva, away again, then settles firmly on her face and stays there. "I… really?"

In answer, Eva squeezes her ample breasts together, cupping them in both hands to present them for Audrey, making them bulge out between her forefinger and thumb. A little bit of pink nipple comes halfway into view in the bra's lacy fringe. "Look here. I know you want to."

Audrey's gaze slides slowly downwards. "I… If you insist."

Eva giggles, and leans in to kiss Audrey again. "I do."

Audrey kisses back, and smiles, and pulls Eva in closer - and suddenly she's very aware of Eva's half-naked body pressed up against her, all heat and friction and pressure and cinnamon perfume. She squeaks and trembles, pulling back a little, and breathes quickly and shallowly and then presses inwards again and holds herself there.

Eva runs a hand through Audrey's hair, softly stroking her as she holds her close, giving her a front-row seat to her breasts. "Shhhhhhhh. It's alright." Her other hand pulls gently at the side of Audrey's dress, making it ride up to expose the bow on the side of her side-tie panties. "Oh, what's this?", she wonders, feeling the bow beneath her fingers. "Could it be someone was feeling adventurous?" She grins and kisses Audrey firmly as she pulls at one of the bow's free ends, letting it fall apart naturally under gravity.

Audrey squeaks as she feels her panties half-fall away from her sex, and blushes - but then she's pulling at her dress herself, yanking it off over her head with Eva's assistance to bare her own body. Next to Eva, she looks soft and delicate, with little muscle and a little bit of extra curviness in the thighs and hips; her black, strappy bra emphasizes what breast she has, though hers are much smaller than Eva's.

Eva presses in closer against Audrey, pushing her back, making her overbalance a little and flop backwards onto the bed. She presses down atop her with her whole weight and kisses and bites at her neck; Audrey wraps her arms around Eva's back and shoulders, and squirms beneath her, her breath coming faster, her body flushed with arousal.

Eva presses a hand to Audrey's sternum and levers herself upright, tossing back her silver hair with a cocky smile, and her free hand goes to the pendant at her neck, twisting it on its chain. Audrey's gaze falls to Eva's panties, and sure enough, there's now a noticeable bulge in them that wasn't there before, pressing stiffly against her thigh.

"Eva, I…" Audrey squirms and blushes.

Eva runs a hand through her hair. "Color?"

"- Gr… Yellow. It's really going to happen, isn't it?" Audrey can't seem to tear her gaze away from the bulge in Eva's panties.

Eva nods. "If you want it to. There's plenty of things we can do, if you want to. You don't have to start with this one, or even do it at all."

Audrey shakes her head. "No, I - It's terrifying and I want it, I want it more than I've ever wanted anything before in my life, please, Eva…"

"I want to hear you say it." Eva grins wickedly, and grinds in against Audrey's thigh.

"… I want you to take my virginity, Eva, please take it." Audrey pleads.

Eva leans in to whisper in Audrey's ear. "Gladly." Her hand flicks over to the other bow on Audrey's panties, and pulls it through - then with one firm yank, Audrey's pretty pink pussy is put on open display. Eva sits back and takes a moment to pull off her own panties, kicking them off past her feet - then she presses in again, and this time it's nothing but skin against skin, Eva's cock rubbing firmly against Audrey's thigh. Her hand slides in between Audrey's thighs, and her thumb brushes past Audrey's clit, drawing a shivery gasp from her lips - then she lubes her pointer finger in Audrey's natural juices, and slips it in.

Audrey clenches and arches up against Eva, sweat standing out on her body; she clings closer, her hips grinding in against Eva's finger on their own. Eva chuckles, and slips her second short-nailed finger in, stroking softly against the roots of Audrey's clit with slow, come-hither caresses.

Audrey moans, and paws at Eva's back, dragging her nails against her skin; Eva hisses, and exhales, and kisses Audrey again.

"Last chance," Eva whispers. "After this there's no un-fucking you."

"Please," Audrey begs. "Please fuck me."

Eva pulls back again, and reaches into the nightstand. Pulling out a squeeze-bottle of lube, she pops it open and squeezes a line of cold lube onto Audrey's sex, working it in with her fingers; then she repeats the process with her cock.

A moment later, she presses the head of her cock in firmly against Audrey's sex, shifts her position carefully, and thrusts into her, smooth and liquid, her whole body weight coming to rest on Audrey's hips -

Audrey moans hard, and clenches around Eva hard enough to stall her thrust for a moment - but then she relaxes, and Eva's cock earths itself deep inside her.

Eva lies heavy atop her, and kisses at her neck and shoulder. "Such a good girl."

"Eva," Audrey moans, and squirms beneath her, hips rocking up against her instinctually, her stockinged legs wrapping hard around Eva's lower back as she grips her shoulders, her breath hot and hard against Eva's shoulder. Eva thrusts slowly, her cock gliding against Audrey's inner walls, bracing herself with her left arm as her right hand sweeps down Audrey's side, her teeth nipping at Audrey's neck and ear, burying her face in her peach-scented hair -

Audrey lets out a gasp, and clenches hard again, her whole body tensing as Eva's skilled motions make pleasure burn in her core, her head tossing against the bedsheets. "Eva, fuck, Eva -"

Eva pushes herself back up onto her knees, her cock still buried deep inside Audrey, and trails her fingers down between Audrey's breasts, undoing the front clasp with little more than a casual touch. Her gaze meets Audrey's, and she grins, a flush on her cheeks as well. "You're beautiful," she breathes; and then she leans down to press her lips against Audrey's.

Audrey tenses, so occupied by the kiss that Eva's fingers trailing across her clit come as a surprise, making her gasp against Eva's lips, her forehead pressing against Eva's, her fingers digging into Eva's hair -

Eva pulls away with a soft chuckle, and lets her hands roam across Audrey's breasts and stomach as her hips slowly buck into her, sending a wave of heat and pressure through her body. Then one of her hands finds Audrey's, and their fingers intertwine.

"I adore you," Eva says. "You're adorable."

Audrey hesitates. "I - "

Eva kisses her again. "Shhhh." She smiles slightly, trailing her hands through Audrey's hair. "Plenty enough time for that later." She reaches over to the bedside table, and pulls out a cordless massager from the drawer; she clicks it on, and it begins to hum ominously. "Right now, it's time for this."

Audrey flushes, her gaze flicking to the massager's broad head. "You're going to use that… while you're still inside me?"

Eva nods. "Unless you don't want me to."

"… No, I want it." Audrey exhales hard, pressing one of her hands in firmly just above her sex. "I want to feel… all of it."

"Then I'll need you to move your hand for me." Eva brings the massager down to rest it gently atop Audrey's pressing hand.

Audrey swallows, nods, and moves her hand away, letting Eva press the massager firmly against Audrey's clitoris. Even on low, the encompassing vibrations draw a hiss of pleasure from Audrey's lips - and then Eva starts thrusting at the same time, slow and steady, stimulating her inside and out.

Audrey grips the bed hard, trying to control her breathing - but the sensations are too intense, washes of heat and electricity radiating outwards from her sex. She moans raggedly, panting into the bedsheets, and her whole body tenses and she gasps, hard -

"Close?", Eva asks, and she nods desperately, squirming in against the vibe. Eva grins and keeps her rhythm, thrusting measuredly even as Audrey grabs at her own hair and arches and pants and gasps, edging, squirming, and then finally she can't take it any longer and a long, liquid moan tears itself from her mouth, shudders wracking her whole body until she stills, sweat standing out all over her. As she settles down into the bedsheets, Eva clicks off the massager and tosses it aside, pressing in close to kiss her firmly, cock still deep inside her.

"Eva…. Eva, I, -"

"You came?" Eva smiles.

Audrey nods with a dopey smile. "Yeah…"

Eva runs a hand through her hair. "Good girl. I'm glad you felt good. Is there anything you need?"

Audrey exhales and snuggles into the bed, squirming a little on Eva's cock. "Nooooooooo…"

Eva kisses her. "Liar. It's okay, I'm here."

Audrey looks away. "… I want cuddles."

Eva pulls back and pulls out. "We can definitely cuddle." She passes Audrey one of the pillows from the head of the bed. "For your head."

Audrey puts the pillow under her head and curls up sideways; Eva lies down behind her and pulls her in close against her, skin against skin.

Audrey sighs. "… I did it?"

Eva grins, and kisses her neck. "You did. Congratulations, you're not a virgin anymore."

"Not a virgin anymore…" Audrey pulls Eva's hand in close against her heart. "Not a virgin…"

Eva pulls Audrey a little closer. "Mhm."

"… I can't believe I just did that." Audrey's voice is soft and a little shaky.

"But you did," says Eva by Audrey's ear. "You did, and nobody can take that from you. Not even me."

Audrey giggles, her side shaking against Eva, and then free-flowing laughter spills from her lips and fills the hotel room. "Holy shit," she says. "I did that. I - I - " She tugs Eva's hand up for a kiss, takes a deep breath. "Thank you."

"It was an honor," says Eva. "Thank you."

"… I didn't make you come."

Eva kisses the nape of Audrey's neck. "It's alright. There's more to good sex than orgasms. As long as you had a good time, I'm satisfied."

"I'm definitely going to pay you back for that."

Eva giggles softly. "I'll look forwards to it, but you don't have to right now. It's alright if you want to rest."

"… Okay. If you say so."

"I'm hardly going to turn down more sex, dear, but only if you aren't pushing yourself. We have plenty of time. No need to rush."

Audrey presses back into Eva and sighs. "I trust you."

"I'm glad."

Audrey listens to Eva's heartbeat against her, the soft rhythms of her breath against her shoulder.

Her eyes slip closed.

This is perfect.

This is right.

This is simple.

Her breath slows, and her thoughts trail off into a deep sleep.


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