The Spiral Rose

A Building Heat

by Mornstar

Tags: #D/s #f/f #fantasy #pov:bottom #realistic #romantic #dom:female #girldick #hypnosis #induction #multiple_partners #Origin_Trade_Consortium #phantom_sensation #pleasure_suggestions #Rose_Bowers #sub:female #transgender_characters

Audrey rolls over on the bed and sets her vibrator aside, her thighs slick with her wetness, her whole body suffused with a warm languor. She lies there for a long moment, breathing slowly.

I can't believe I just did that.

She giggles to herself, and wriggles all over, settling back into the bed. Well. That would rather answer the question of whether she's… into it. Gosh, the thought of Eva's soft grey eyes is making a hand creep towards her sex again. Let's not go there, seriously, she barely knows her, it's just weird to masturbate about her. Surely any hypnotist could have the same effects on her, right?

… Now there's an idea. She reaches into her purse where it lies on the bed next to her, and pulls out her phone. Tapping through to her contacts in the Bowers app, she sees - yeah, there's an entry for a December, just the name and her number.

For a moment she's tempted to just call, but it would probably be a bad idea to do that while she's still all sprawled out in a post-masturbatory haze. She should shower and get dressed again.


One quick shower in the attached bathroom later, she sits down next to the console with a fluffy rose-pattern towel wrapped around herself. Swiping through the tablet's clothing menu, she settles on a black thigh-length dress, along with a matching bra and panty set. She taps to order them, and they appear on the console as well; when she puts them on, they tailor-fit her, emphasizing her curves subtly. As expected, the Bowers has the best.

She goes over to the bed and puts away her massager, then picks up her phone again. Her free hand tangles in her transformation pendant's chain as she stares down at her contacts screen.

Call December?

Audrey jams a finger into the button and holds the phone up to her ear. It rings once, twice. She stands, takes a couple strides away from the couch, turns -

"Hello?", comes a clipped woman's voice from the other end of the line.

She takes a deep breath and adjusts her grip on her phone. "Hi, um, is this December?"

"Speaking. Who is this?"

"Um, you don’t know me, I'm Audrey. Eva said to call you for… for help exploring hypnosis."

"Oh, she did, did she?" There's a smile in December's voice. "Therapy or kink?"

"I - both." 

December sighs. "No wonder she dumped you on me."

Audrey winces. "If you're not interested -"

"Oh, it's not to your detriment, I just wish she'd get back into the scene. In any case, this isn't something we should do over the phone. Is there a safe place you'd like to meet in the Bowers to discuss things?"

"Uh… Club Coze could work."


Audrey hunches her shoulders. "… Whenever you're available."

"I'm free, is now okay?"

"I, uh…"

December's voice softens. "No pressure. Whenever works for you."

Audrey hesitates. "No, now is okay."

"Alright. See you at the bar there then." December hangs up.

Audrey swallows, then packs her things and heads out the door.


Audrey steps into Club Coze for her second time, purse in hand in case she has to call December again to find her. Her gaze drifts past a pair of demons playing Carcassonne and focusses in at the bar.

A woman is standing there, arms crossed over her body, looking expectantly in her direction. She's wearing a long, flared white coat with a high collar, black stompy boots, black slacks and a t-shirt. Her pixie-cut hair's deep blue, and a transformation anchor hangs from her neck in full view.

December - it must be her - waves casually, not raising her hand from her elbow. "Hey," she calls. "Audrey?"

Audrey nods hesitantly. "Yeah."

December inclines her head towards a quieter corner of the café. "Want to grab somewhere more comfortable to sit? I expect this could be a bit of a long conversation."

Audrey nods. "Yeah, definitely."

December turns and walks over to the same nook with two couches that Eva used earlier, her coat's tails billowing out behind her. She takes the one that faces the room, leaving Audrey the one facing the wall. "Sit wherever you like," she says.

Audrey sits, then frowns. "… For some reason I'm having déjà vu," she says. "Eva did the exact same thing when we… talked."

December laughs. "Oh, damn, is my training showing?"

"Wait, what?" Audrey stares at December.

"If you sit facing the room, there's a bunch of people moving around and doing things. That's distracting. But the other couch here faces the wall, so if you're looking at me there's nothing to pull your focus away. And if you decide to sit on the same couch as me then I can practically whisper in your ear." December tilts her head. "Not that I was planning to hypnotize you, but it's always good to be prepared."

Audrey blinks. "I would never have thought of that."

December shrugs. "Hypnosis starts long before the actual induction, at least if the 'tist is any good at it. But we didn't come here to talk technique, did we?"

Audrey shakes her head. "No, no we didn't. I - I want to try hypnosis… in the bedroom. I'm a virgin, so…"

"You're hoping to hypnotize some lovely girl and have your way with her?" December gives Audrey a flat look.

"What? No!"

December flashes a sudden grin. "Good! Just checking. It doesn't work like that, for all that people keep saying they have the secret to 'picking up women with mind control', ugh. Hypnosis is based deeply on consent and trust - sure, you can maybe talk some suggestible people into doing things they'd regret, but that's abuse, and don’t you forget it. Abuses of hypnosis are abuses of trust. Did Eva hypnotize you?"

Audrey nods.

"She got your permission first, right?"

Audrey casts her mind back. "Yeah. At least twice, now that I think about it."

December nods. "That's important. People under hypnosis will sometimes - perhaps even often - agree to things they wouldn't normally do. So ethical hypnotists always get permission, real permission, before the hypnosis starts."

Audrey nods back. "Okay. But, um…"

December spreads her hands. "Why am I telling you this? If you're looking to get into hypnosis, you should know how to do it safely. Anyone who doesn't ask, who doesn't listen to you and work with you seriously - those people are best avoided. And if you're looking to be a 'tist, that goes double."

"… is that kind of thing common?"

December tilts her head to the side. "Well, deliberate abuse is quite rare, but new 'tists can sometimes get in over their heads, especially if they're working with inexperienced subjects. I made a few mistakes when I was learning - thankfully, I could call on Eva to fix them. I still consult with her on hard cases."

"Like mine?" Audrey crosses her arms.

"You said you're just anxious, right? That's not outside my experience, I wouldn't have to bring in Eva for that." December taps her thumbs together in her lap.

"Oh." Why does she feel disappointed…?

"So, what were you wanting to explore?" December leans in closer.

Audrey looks down into her lap. "Well, I don't really… know what there is to explore, exactly. As I said, I'm - inexperienced - and I especially don't know what there is to do with hypnosis…"

December hums, and rubs her chin. "Well, the easy thing to start with would be pleasure suggestions, and then if you liked that, we could introduce phantom sensation… If you were comfortable with that kind of sexual play, that is."

Audrey shifts a little in her chair. "Um, could you explain a little bit more about what those things are?"

December shifts as well, turning to face Audrey a little more directly. "Pleasure suggestions are as simple as your hypnotist instructing you to feel good. You can do them non-sexually with things like contentment or satisfaction, but in practice when you tell most people to 'feel good' their minds go to sex. So usually I also encourage people to feel aroused and needy, and help them fantasize a little - that's where phantom sensation usually comes in."

"What's phantom sensation?" Audrey leans in despite herself.

December smiles. "Under hypnosis, the imagination becomes clearer and stronger, so a remembered or fantasized touch can become almost as intense as a real one. I've made people come that way before."

Audrey looks away, but then her gaze slips back towards December. Goosebumps prickle on the back of her neck. "… Really?"

"Yes, really. It takes some practice but it's very possible."

Audrey can't help but stare. "I… Wow. Hypnosis is kind of scary."

December nods. "It can be. That's why you only do it with people you trust."

Audrey nods back slowly. "… Thank you for telling me all this, by the way."

December shrugs. "De nada. I'd do the same for anyone new to the kink."

Audrey adjusts her purse on her lap, her eyes slipping closed for a moment. "I, um… I don't really know how to ask this, but… Uh…"

"It's okay, you're not going to surprise me. I've had a lot of students over the years." There's that soft tone again.

Audrey hugs her purse closer. "…would you be willing to - show me those things you talked about?"

December taps her lips. "With you as the subject, or teach you how to do it to someone else?"

"With - with me as the subject."

"Brave girl. I'd be willing to do that, under two conditions."

"What conditions?"

"Firstly, we need a spotter. I can't see you being comfortable doing something like that in public, but doing it all by ourselves in private would put you in a very vulnerable position. It's for the best if we invite a third you trust to spot for us."

Audrey stares at her purse. "I can't think of anyone else who'd be here at the Bowers…"

"How about Eva? Do you trust her?"

Audrey's breath catches. "I - Yes. Yes, I do. She would be perfect."

"That's the first condition dealt with, then. The second one is more abstract - it's about our ground rules. It's pretty simple as well; I'm your mentor, not your domme, and this is a strictly platonic relationship. If we start having feelings for each other, we can discuss that later, but for now this is strictly about you learning from me, even if the things you're learning happen to be sexual in nature. Can you hold to that boundary?"

Audrey nods quickly. "Yes, that's entirely reasonable. You're nice and all, but…"

December smiles. "I'm glad we could agree. When would you like to do that demo?"

Audrey blushes. "Um… Whenever Eva is available?"

"Should I call her right now?" December pulls her phone out of her coat pocket. 


December nods, and taps at her phone, then holds it up to her ear. "Hello, Eva? Yeah, it's me. I've been talking with this Audrey girl you sent to me, and she's interested in exploring a bit, but we need a spotter. And you're the one who referred her to me, so…"

December listens for a moment, then flashes a thumbs-up at Audrey. "Wonderful. Is your room okay? Lovely. When would you be available? Yeah, figured. See you whenever, then." She hangs up and looks over at Audrey. "She says she's just hanging out in her room right now, so whenever we want to drop by is fine. It's up to you."

Audrey takes a deep breath. "I should probably do it now, otherwise I'll just stress until it happens."

"That's fine with me." December stands, and offers a hand to Audrey. "Come with me, then."

Audrey takes December's hand and hauls herself to her feet, then lets go. "Thank you."

"De nada."

December leads the way out of the café, her heavy boots tromping against the carpet, and Audrey trails along behind her.


Eva's room matches Audrey's almost precisely - kitchen nook, king-size bed, console with three hardwood chairs. The only personal touch is a collection of green-glowing crystal spheres that sit shut away in a glass cabinet to one side of the room.

Eva is sitting at the table when Audrey and December come in, playing with her transformation anchor idly. She looks up with a smile.

"Hey, you two. Glad to see you're getting along."

December ducks her head. "Nice to see you in person again. What's with the room?"

Eva shrugs. "I figured we ought not to overwhelm Audrey with my usual configuration, so I brought it back to basics. So, what's the plan?"

"We haven't done any negotiation yet; I thought it would be best if you were there during that as well."

Eva looks over at Audrey. "How are you feeling?"

Audrey bounces on her feet a little. "Really nervous. This is - well, I don't know if it counts as sex, but… It's definitely big."

"How about we all take seats and talk about the plan, then?" December steps forwards, gathering her coat behind her, and sits down across the table from Eva.

Audrey nods, and takes the remaining chair. "Sounds good to me."

Eva half-smiles. "I'll just listen and let you two talk, then. If you seem to be missing something I'll interject, but mostly I'm here to observe. I trust both of you to have a good head on your shoulders."

December pushes her chair back a little to face Audrey more directly. "Alright, so, I'll let you start. What are you interested in doing?"

Audrey blinks. "Aren't you going to…"

December looks at her levelly. "I want to hear you say it. If you can't even ask for it you're hardly ready to get it, now are you?"

"… I want to be hypnotized."

"That's a good start. What do you want to have happen to you while you're hypnotized?"

Audrey squirms. "I want… to experience what a pleasure suggestion is like."

"And you want that to be entirely nonsexual, just comfort and satisfaction?"

Audrey can't meet December's steady gaze. "No. I want to have - you know -"

"I think I do, but I can't know until you say it. I'm not a mind reader, I just play one in scenes." December's smile shows teeth.

"…I want to be aroused, okay?"

"Good girl! Being clear and straightforward! How much?"

"Like a lot! A lot, okay!" Audrey is blushing ferociously now.

"Would you like to orgasm?"

Audrey gives Eva a pleading look.

Eva just smiles that infuriating little smile again. "Answer the question, dear."

"… yes."

December nods. "Alright. I can't do that with just suggestions on the first induction, so the most likely way that you'd reach that is by touching yourself. Are you okay with doing that in front of us two?"

Audrey goes bright red and squeaks.

December smiles. "That sounds like a no."

Audrey nods quickly.

"So we probably won't be able to bring you to orgasm during this, in that case. Which means afterwards, you're likely to be pretty hot and bothered - effects don't just vanish, even if I were to suggest that you were no longer aroused. Is that okay?"

Audrey rubs her forehead. "I… guess I could deal with that on my own, afterward."

December gives Audrey a searching look. "Are you really okay with that?"

"It's not ideal, but I can manage." Audrey nods firmly.

"Alright. So far you've listed pleasure and arousal suggestions, anything else?"

"Well, I'd want some help relaxing so I could enjoy it, and, um…"

"Yeeeeeees?" December raises a hand to her ear.

"… I would really like to try phantom sensation."

"Phantom sensation where?"

"Um, everywhere."

"So it's okay for me to suggest that I'm kissing your sex?"

Audrey blushes hard. "… yes."

"How about phantom penetration? Is it alright for me to suggest that you're feeling my fingers inside you, or is that too much?" December holds up two fingers and wiggles them in the air.

"That's definitely too much."

"Alright. So to sum up, you want to be aroused and relaxed and pleasured, and you want for me to suggest that I'm caressing you and touching you, and it's okay for me to do that even for your erogenous parts - are your breasts okay?"

Audrey nods.

"Just checking. I'm not personally comfortable with suggesting that I'm giving you oral at this point, but I'll probably suggest some kisses and nibbles along with the touches. That's fine, right? And is it alright for me to suggest that you're becoming very sensitive? That usually goes hand in hand with phantom sensation."

"Yeah, all of that's fine." Audrey manages a little smile.

December looks over at Eva. "Anything I'm missing?"

Eva taps her fingers on the table. "You didn't ask her what genitalia she'd like to have for the purposes of doing phantom sensation down there."

December blinks. "You're right." She looks over at Audrey. "Which would you prefer?"

"… Right now I've got - there's really no non-awkward way to say this is there… a pussy."

"And you'd prefer to stick with that?"

"Yes, please." Audrey holds her transformation anchor close to her heart.

"I think that's everything?" December glances over at Eva again.

Eva nods. "Seems solid to me."

December stands and offers her hand to Audrey. "Let's move over to the bed, then. Assuming you still want to go through with this?"

Audrey takes December's hand and stands. "Yeah, I do. I feel… a lot more certain about this, after that talk."

December smiles. "That's what it's there for." She picks up her chair, moves it over to the side of the bed, and sits at the bedside. "Could you come sit across from me?"

Audrey walks over to the bedside and sits facing December. "Alright."

"Just one final check before I put you under. You want me to put you into a deep trance, and then use that trance to pleasure you through suggestions and phantom sensations?"

"That's the plan!"

"Wonderful." December holds up one hand, and wiggles two fingers in the air. "Focus in on my fingers. They're a ripple in the water, a half-glimpsed mystery." Her hand darts left and right, up and down; Audrey's gaze follows. "Good girl. Just keep following them as best you can. Close your eyes and keep following my fingers."

Audrey's eyes slip closed, her eyes twitching behind closed eyelids; December leans in and taps her on the forehead. "Sleep."

Audrey falls over backwards onto the bed, and lies still.

"Good girl. Sinking deep, deep, deep, like you're floating in a nice hot bath, your breath slowing, warmth washing through you, every muscle untensing in the soft warm water. Calm and still and safe and relaxed, your hair trailing out around you in the bathwater, nice and cozy and comfortable. It feels so good to just float in the bath and totally relax, doesn't it?"

Audrey squirms a little on the bed. "Mmmmmhmmmmm." There's a smile in her voice already.

"Sinking deeper into that nice warm feeling for me, bathed in that nice soft feeling, spreading slowly through your whole body, radiating outwards from your core to all your extremities. Heat spreading outwards from your core, warm and heavy and so good. You like to feel good, don't you, Audrey?"


"Heat building deep inside you, warmth and tension building inside you as you sink deeper, breath and pulse coming a little faster, your skin coming alive with sensation as you feel the warmth spreading outwards from your sex, and the deeper you sink the better you feel. Sinking deeper and deeper for me, washes of heat and tension across your whole body…"

Audrey squirms against the blankets and lets out a heavy sigh, her breath faltering.

"And now fingers, soft yet firm, sliding slowly down your spine, touching, caressing… Alllllll the way down, and then slowly back up again, even as the heat redoubles, the wetness between your legs so obvious now, the tension building…"

Audrey gasps, twitching against the bed, her thighs pressing together, grinding against each other as she takes unsteady breaths, her fingers digging into the sheets -

"And now those fingers slip around your neck, touching just beneath your chin, then sliding down to alight on your collar, and from there, slowly down between your breasts, tension following them, and outwards to tease at your stiff nipples -"

Audrey arches, her nipples standing out against her thin top, then falls back to the bed with a heavy exhale.

"And now they're slipping lower, lower, along your inner thighs, touching lightly, like a shiver of electricity against your sex, the slightest touch almost enough to set you off -"

Audrey lets out a ragged moan.

"Firmer touches between your thighs as the heat builds, so wet, so needy, so filled with raw heat and desire -"

Audrey's whole body trembles, her breath ragged and unsteady, sweat standing out against her skin.

"- And slowly trailing away, touching at your thighs again, then slipping away into nothingness. The warmth spreading out, softening, the needy ache dissipating gently, feeling soft and warm and content…"

Audrey lets out a heavy sigh and settles back onto the sheets, her breath slowing a little.

"As your breath slows, falling deeply into a warm relaxed state, feeling refreshed and happy and whole, all your limbs relaxing, the tension washing away…"

Audrey lets out a soft little humming noise and smiles massively, her eyes still closed.

"And coming up out of the bath for me, water falling off your body, the heat dissipating, feeling calm and bright and satisfied, take a deep breath -"

Audrey breathes in softly, that smile still lingering on her face.

"Open your eyes for me, and wake." December snaps her fingers.

Audrey blinks at December, and props herself up on one elbow. "Uh, what?"

Eva sighs from her chair across the room. "She's like this, it takes her some extra work to get out of trance. Up up up, darling."

December smiles. "You heard what the lady said. We need you sharp." She claps twice. "Wake up."

Audrey sits up and rubs her eyes and sighs with a smile. "… Okay, wow. That was… I don't have words."

December grins. "Pretty fun, huh?"

"Yeah, you could say that." Audrey's thighs rub together a little. "… Though I'm maybe not… as satisfied as you told me to be."

"Did you come?"

Audrey shakes her head and blushes.

"Could have fooled me."

Audrey laughs shakily. "Ahahahahaha… yeah, I guess so…"

December just nods. "Are you feeling alright aside from the lingering arousal? Do you want a blanket? A hot drink?"

Audrey looks up. "I - hot chocolate would really help right now, actually."

December looks over at Eva.

"Already on it," she says, and taps the console next to her twice. A mug of hot chocolate brimming over with marshmallows and whipped cream appears; she picks it up and brings it across the room to Audrey. "Here you go."

Audrey nods in thanks and takes a deep swallow. "… This is actually really good. Thank you."

"Don't mention it." Eva sits down on the bed next to Audrey. "You were really beautiful. December put you through your paces."

Audrey's gaze slides away from Eva. "Ummmm. Thank you?"

"Yeah, it's a little embarrassing isn't it. … I probably shouldn't be crowding you like this, sorry." Eva gets back up and walks across the room back to the table, where she sits.

Audrey looks after her, despite herself - then buries her thoughts by draining her hot chocolate.

"I can take that," says December, holding a hand out for the mug.

Audrey sets it in her hand with a little nod. "Thanks."

"Feeling a bit better?"

Audrey nods. "Yeah, definitely. I should go now, though…"

December nods. "It's okay, I would want to go back to my own room and crash after something like this too. Call me anytime, alright?"

"Alright." Audrey gets up from the bed and collects her purse. She looks over at Eva on her way out the door.

"See you," says Eva.

"… I hope so," says Audrey. And then she's out the door.


Audrey shuts the door to her room behind her with a little sigh, and drops her purse on the console. She's still horny… and for some reason her thoughts keep drifting back to Eva, and how nice it was to have her there, even though December was objectively far much more of a help.

She should have a shower. A nice, cold shower, that'll knock these silly thoughts out of her head.

The ice-cold water comes as a relief.

Thanks go to Nimja and company for their clear documentation of the 'butterfly' induction December uses a variant of here. 

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