Lady of Spirals

by MorganGrey

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Adam Turnbull is in college struggling with women. All of this changes when he meets Katherine, a beautiful woman with eyes only for him. Katherine has plans for Adam involving healthy doses of hypnotic persuasion, lovemaking and domination. Can Adam survive with his will intact?

This is my first hypno-erotica story. I first came up with the idea for Lady of Spirals back in 2016. However, I had a family tragedy that occurred on the night that I first thought of this story and it's characters. Hence, why it was published originally in 2018. Currently, I am writing a sequel to "Lady of Spirals" called "Knight of Spirals." However, I have some other projects in the pipeline before it such as "Hypnotized in Shanghai."  These subsequent works will be avaliable on my Smashwords page, I will also be dropping several free short stories on ROM for the enjoyment of all. I hope you enjoy "Lady of Spirals."


Lady of Spirals

By Morgan Grey

A note from the author:

The following story is a work of complete and utter fantasy. Any and all depictions of hypnosis found among these pages are, likewise, fantastical. Hypnosis cannot be used to mind-control people, or make them do anything against their will. Do not attempt to hypnotize anyone into being your slave as that would make you look creepy. Just saying.

All characters in the proceeding pages are over the age of eighteen. Enjoy.

Copyright 2018 Morgan Grey

All Rights Reserved

Chapter I

It was another lonely Thursday night for eighteen-year old Adam Turnbull as he swiped through Tinder. None of the worthwhile girls in his college wanted anything to do with an average, somewhat nerdy guy. They all wanted the frat boys and sports players.

Frustrated, he decided to change his slider from 18-22 to 30-40 to see if any cougars wanted to bite. This was a first for Adam since he usually didn’t go for mature women, but crashing and burning enough times changed his mind.

Several hours later, Adam started getting matches. Most of them weren’t unattractive, though all had some sort of quirk. One of them, Miranda, was thirty-nine and had taken a picture alongside her adult children. MILFs were a group of women Adam wanted nothing to do with, on account of the baggage of kids.

Other women’s profiles seemed like they wanted him desperately, a little too desperately to not be crazy. Images of bananas around glossy lips were all too common and annoying after a while. The incentive to abandon this desperate chase for a respectable mature lady would have been abandoned, if it was not for a new match.

Adam began salivating when he saw her profile. She was a goddess! He couldn’t believe his luck that such a beauty would match with him; thoughts turned towards the possibility of being a bot were crushed when looking through her hundreds of Instagram uploads.

Each of them had a lovely raven-haired siren with eyes of fine jade. She didn’t even look the thirty-three years that her profile said she was.

Suddenly, Adam realized he was completely aroused and erect. It was only at this time, it occurred to Adam to see his potential paramour’s name: Katherine Lyons.

The wait was awful! The worst angst Adam has felt since getting his college acceptance letter. But Adam knew, he had to not seem desperate. So, he waited a day before sending Katherine a message.

“Hey, how are you?” Adam nervously wrote

Katherine replied within the hour with, “Just been waiting for you to finally send me a text message. What is that thing with you boys and waiting so long? Just be fast about it since girls have lives too, you know.”

Adam was stunned. He never had a woman speak so frankly to him before. “Well, I am here now.”

“So, you are. That still doesn’t excuse you for keeping me waiting. You need to be punished for that. What is your email address? I am going to send you a video. Watch it and afterwards, I quiz you on its content. Get it right and we keep talking. Get it wrong and instant unmatch, got it?”

Fear overtook Adam as he froze up almost immediately from reading Katherine’s ultimatum.

“Yup! Here is my email, I will watch the video as soon as I receive it.”

“Good boy! I will be waiting for our quiz over Skype in an hour.”

Adam felt a sense of dread overtake him.

“I am such an idiot,” he thought to himself. “I almost destroyed my chances with an absolutely gorgeous woman following terrible dating advice. At least, he has a second chance to prove himself. A video doesn’t sound all that bad, does it?”

The video arrived in a mp4 format, labeled as “Katherine’s Punishment Tape for Adam.” The only other text on the email were instructions to wear headphones while playing the video.

“I really hope that Katherine didn’t send me a snuff film or, a cringe compilation. The things I am willing to do for some cougar pussy are certainly getting weirder.”

Adam put the video on full screen on his computer, put on his headphones and without a second thought, pressed play.

Chapter II

Adam laid on his bed in anticipation for what was to come. He had no idea what was coming, only that it was his only chance to not lose Katherine. There was no way that he would lose another girl.

“Chances have a funny way of showing themselves,” Adam thought as the screen became filled with a spiral. “Is she trying to hypnotize me or something. Hotness equals crazy, it seems.”

Those were the last independent thoughts Adam had before he took another look at the spiral.

It was not a traditional spiral in the very least. The black and white sections were further cut into mandelbrots, which extended onto themselves until eternity.

Eternity, it seems led straight into the center of the psychedelic spiral. No mortal can resist eternity and Adam quickly found himself falling rapidly into the center.

All of his thoughts followed him into the center of the spiral; they, too, became lost in eternity. Adam was lost in eternity.

Until, Adam heard a voice. A sultry female voice. It was calling out to him like a lighthouse on a distant shore.

“Relax, Adam. You were so worried and stressed about losing me that you have lost yourself instead. I, Katherine, will guide you as you travel through the spiral. The whole time knowing that I will never leave you on your journey.”

These words were a great comfort for Adam. The anxiety and fear he felt moments before, became appreciation and contentment. Katherine just said that she wouldn’t leave him! She was his guide into the spiral after all.

“Adam, you have done well to unshackle yourself of all thoughts. They just weigh you down, unlike my voice, which is your one and only lifeline in the spiral. Listen to my voice to escape.”

“Yes,” Adam said to himself. “Thoughts weighed me down and caused me to get lost. Katherine’s voice is the only escape and lifeline, I have in the spiral.”

“Adam, as your lifeline and only means of escape, it is imperative you listen and follow my suggestions. My suggestions are for your benefit after all.”

“Yes, Katherine. I will listen and follow all your suggestions since they are for my benefit after all.”

“I already know you find me incredibly attractive. Though, what if you realized how much more beautiful I am in person? You could quite easily see yourself falling head over heels in love with me, the moment we meet in person.”

“Yes, you are right. I will fall deeply in love with you, Katherine, when we meet in person.”

Adam momentarily felt no different, yet, more immediate changes were coming to permanently alter his mind.

“Another suggestion I have to help through the spiral is that you should honest and open with me at all times. Trust is an especially important thing for us to have if you want to escape the spiral.”

“I will trust you as well as be honest and open all of the time.”

“Your parents have told you, Adam, that you should always respect your elders. I am older than you, by fifteen years, which means I should be respected and listened to. Never make the mistake of keeping me waiting again; it was disrespectful.”

“I will never make the mistake of disrespecting you again. I will always respect and listen to whatever you have to say, you are older than me.”

“Adam, you need to be punished for disrespecting me. It is only through your punishment that you can escape the spiral’s grasp. Are you ready for your sentence?”

“Yes, Katherine. I am ready for my sentence. Anything to escape the eternity of the spiral.”

“I declare your sentence to look at pictures of the most beautiful woman alive, me. They will flash on your screen on my end during the Skype call. I will not enable my video camera as it would spoil you for what is to come.”

“That is not too bad,” Adam thought to himself with what little free will he had left.

“Oh, and you will find a compulsion to masturbate uncontrollably until you cum. You will be unable to cum until you apologize to me on Skype one hundred times.”

“Yes, I will carry out my punishment. For your sake, Katherine.”

“Good. Now then, one last suggestion.”


“You will be naked throughout the entirety of the Skype call and have the video link open on your end. Once you cum, you will wake up from your trance and be free of the spiral with no memory of it. Understood?”

“Yes, Katherine.”


With that the video ended, and it was time for the Skype call.

Chapter III

Adam was nothing more than a programmed automaton. He did only as he was commanded. He automatically took off both his pants and underwear while placing his laptop on his desk.

Adam was void of emotion and introspection while he did these things. He sat blankly on his chair while awaiting for Katherine’s video-call.

Five minutes later, the call came. It re-activated Adam and he waited attentively for Katherine to speak.

Pleasantly, it was not Katherine’s voice was not the first thing on the call. It was instead a stream of the lovely lady’s photos. Some images were familiar to Adam from Instagram while others were unfamiliar and far more risque.

Pictures of Katherine in a sexy nurse outfit, bikini, and hot teacher outfit titillated Adam’s senses. He soon felt his member stiffen and rise in response. Only then did Katherine’s silky voice come over Adam’s headphones.

“My, my, someone has a big cock. Did a few of my pictures get you all hot and bothered?” Katherine teased

“Yes, Katherine,” Adam replied automatically

“Good boy! You’re deeply hypnotized which means it is a perfect time for our ‘quiz.’ Let’s begin! First question: Did you enjoy my hypnosis video?”

“Yes, Katherine.”

“I knew you would. Who doesn’t like a good mindfucking from a beautiful woman? I mean, men pay good money for something like that. You got it for free, what a lucky boy! Nonetheless, time for the second question: Did you understand and accept everything in the video?”

“Yes, Katherine.”

“Excellent! One last question: Are you sorry for disrespecting me?”

“Yes, Katherine.”

“A little repetitive with the hypnotized ‘Yes, Katherine.’ How about from now on, you will answer ‘I hear and obey Katherine. Now then, it seems like it is time for your sentence to be carried out.”

“I hear and obey Katherine” Adam droned

“Oh God that was hot! Say it again.”

“I hear and obey Katherine.”

“Damn right. Enough with the fun and games! Time to show you truly feel sorry about disrespecting me. Begin stroking now!”

“I hear and obey Katherine”

Adam obeyed Katherine perfectly. He stroked his dick slowly at first. The initial apologies were easy for Adam.

“I am sorry, I disrespected you Katherine. It will never happen again.”

Adam apologized on loop for the next ten minutes.

It was not until the twenty-fifth apology in which something strange began occurring. Adam’s member became frustrated and inflamed from the lack of relief. Yet, Adam kept stroking and apologizing.

Burning, stinging pain suddenly emitted from Adam’s third leg at the fifty-third apology. Adam’s face became a portrait of pain and agony. All the while, apologizing without hesitation.

It would be understated for one to say that Katherine was impressed by the display. She was more accurately overwhelmed by delight at the sight of her potential paramour’s struggle.

In truth, some of Adam’s determination to apologize was the hypnosis. Most of it, though, was Adam’s own will as well as desires for Katherine. Desires of making things right while also impressing her with his devotion.

And impress her, he did. Katherine felt her heart race with each new expression of pain on Adam’s face. The apologies became gratuitous at this point. They had no real value to Katherine anymore. All that mattered was Adam’s struggle. It captivated Katherine.

Enraptured, she began surrendering her highest valued possession to Adam: her heart.

Katherine thought on the seventy-seventh stroke about ordering Adam to stop. Though, in the end, she decided against it. Adam’s stroking denial punishment became a test of devotion, which Adam was passing with flying colors.

Adam’s hand movements developed a spasmodic nature on the eighty-fifth apology. Soft panting on apology ninety-two. Adam was on the verge of almost transcendental levels of pleasure, while feeling hellish pain in his hands and cock.

When one hundred apologies came, so did Adam. His head tilted back into absolute unconsciousness. A state of transition. Adam was washed in a sea of pleasures, finding himself quickly rising to the surface of consciousness.

Adam Turnbull awoke. He was blissfully unaware of Katherine’s suggestions. All he remembered was the moment just before he opened Katherine’s video. The first thought which came to Adam’s mind wasn’t a memory, but a realization of the present.

“I am covered in my own semen! Why the hell does my hand and penis hurt so badly?! What happened?” Adam thought

Katherine seeing Adam’s face display confusion and anger, quickly reacted.

“I hope you aren’t too tired from playing with yourself while looking at my video. I do want to have a chat with you, after-all.” Katherine said

“Of course.” Adam hurriedly replied despite, being floored by the combined effect of Katherine’s tease and the dried cum on his body.

“Did you like my video? I shouldn’t have made it so risque. So many dirty poses and revealing outfits created that effect on the work. I didn’t realize you had so much vigor, young man! It makes a woman beam with pride when a man prostrates himself before her beauty, especially with his member.”

Adam not quite remembering the video, yet, feeling an intense sense to trust in what Katherine said: Accepted the facts as presented. He was completely convinced that the video was a non-hypnotic jack-off instructional. Half of the truth and half of the blissful ignorance.

Katherine’s deception had worked, along with the post-hypnotic commands implanted in Adam.

Katherine was ecstatic that the first hypnotic session went so well. Adam was an amazingly receptive subject. Adam, the perfect boyfriend, it seems was only a few sessions away.

The topic soon changed and the awkward moment had passed.

“Would you be able to take this conversation from cyberspace to the Maison de Boeuf? Oh and don’t worry, it is completely my treat. It is Friday and it seems like neither of us has plans for tonight.Katherine proposed

“That was fast! I honestly thought we were going to take a couple hours to flirt and maybe go get a cup of coffee.” Adam replied, somewhat shocked

“Oh! I didn’t know you were that direct and dirty, Adam. I wanted us to have dinner and maybe kiss tonight. But, you want to go straight in and have sex!”

Adam’s face turned a deep shade of red at the misinterpreted suggestion. He quickly wrote back, “I didn’t mean it like that. It is just dinner, especially one paid by my date, wasn’t in my expectations. What time do you want to meet at?”

Arrive at 8 pm on the dot. Give the hostess your name and she will take you to our table. Also don’t keep me waiting a second time.”

A flood of guilt popped up in Adam’s mind.

Sorry about that, I won’t be late again. See ya then!”

Chapter IV

It took an Uber drive and an eternity of anticipation for Adam to arrive at Maison de Boeuf. Adam wore his senior prom tuxedo and his finest cologne, yet, felt completely out of place as soon as he opened the door. Maison de Boeuf had the ambiance of a fine Parisian restaurant exported straight to America, charging half a king’s ransom for the experience.

The hostess was an attractive brunette in her late twenties wearing a strapless beige dress. It showed off her large bust, and Adam soon caught himself ogling her breasts. Quickly, he cocked his head up to meet her face.

She had a lovely pearly white smile that lit up her face almost as much as her brilliant hazel eyes. Adam felt like he could lose himself in this lovely sight for hours. Just then, he was snapped back to reality and his date.

“Bonjour, bienvenue a Maison de Boeuf. What is your name, monsieur?” the hostess asked in a thick French accent

“Adam Turnbull”

With that, a change occurred inside the hostess.

The smile she wore changed into that of a sly grin while the brilliance in her eyes, matched that of a cat’s eye.

“Oui, Madame Lyons is waiting for you at the VIP area. Follow me, Monsieur Turnbull.”

“Thank you,” Adam said with the cold confidence business brings

The hostess picked up the VIP key and walked in front of Adam, guiding him through the candle-lit maze of tables and waiters. There was a moment in which the hostess dropped the key and bent down. Adam could not resist the urge of staring at the hostess’ fine ass and matching beige panties.

“Like what you see, monsieur? It is a shame, I am not on the menu.” the hostess giggled.

“A shame indeed,” Adam thought to himself

The hostess got up and put the key in her ample cleavage, winking at Adam while she did it. A mostly unnoticed gesture in a hectic restaurant.

The pair continued walking towards the VIP area and found themselves in an almost pitch-black hallway. The hostess tries to grab Adam’s hand but Adam refused it.

Monsieur Turnbull, is Mademoiselle Lyons your girlfriend?” the hostess asks in response to Adam’s refusal

Adam, still trying to channel the detached persona from before, was fully taken aback by the hostess’ question. It took him several moments for a response.

“I have only spoken to Katherine over text and Skype. Tonight, we were supposed to meet in person for the first time.” Adam said nervously

“First date, how romantic,” the hostess gushed. “I led Madame Lyons to the VIP area just a few minutes before you arrive. She was the belle everyone was looking at when she came in. I am jealous.”

“Well that makes me a very lucky man, then.”

“Yes, you are Monsieur. Yes, you are.”

Adam found himself at the end of the hall with a large green door. The hostess put her left hand into her cleavage to get her key, all the while offering Adam more than a few ample looks at her breasts. A half minute of ‘searching’ resulted in the key being found.

“Monsieur Turnbull, I told you that I am not on the menu. Though I am available, if you special order using this number.”

The hostess hands Adam a slip of paper with her number on it. Adam again refuses it.

“Thank you, but, I already have someone waiting for me on the other side of this door.”

The hostess was heart-broken. Adam could simply tell by the anguish written all across her face. But more disturbingly, he noticed the brilliance of her eyes quickly faded to match the darkness of the hallway.

“As you wish, Monsieur,” the hostess said with a heavy heart

With that, the hostess unlocked the large non-descript green door.

Chapter V

As soon as the door was opened, Adam witnessed a world of wonderful sights: Marble floors and columns, beautiful tapestry on all sides of the room and at its center was a small candlelit table. Sitting at the other side of the table was seated, the most beautiful thing in that room: Katherine.

Katherine was simply a vision of beauty. She had done her makeup in such a way to have a delicate balance between seductive and professional. Her skin radiated with a healthy bronze aura, which was a pity since most of her skin was covered by a conservative black dress.

Her smile was outlined by pink lipstick while her long nails were adorned with black lacquer.

“My, oh my, isn’t someone looking rather dashing, this evening?” Katherine began in a seductive tone.

“Thanks, you lllllook aaammazing tonight as well.” Adam stammered

“Why, thank you. I must say you flatter me, but I must say this is all for you. It is truly a shame that such a handsome young man has been spurned by those imprudent college girls. They don’t realize they are passing up a hunk.”

Adam’s face was reddened immensely from Katherine’s complement, but it allowed him to relax somewhat.

“I have never had a woman as lovely as you complement me like that before. Truth is that I have only gone on two dates and had a girlfriend for a few weeks before she dumped me. Things have been rough for the nice guy, Katherine.”

Katherine’s face turned to one of pity. She smiled.

“That is all in the past now isn’t it? You have a beautiful woman with you tonight and for many nights to come. I also like the fact that you have the respect to call me by my full name by default. You have the makings of a great man, Adam, and I love that about you.

They spoke for hours on all matters of subjects: Adam spoke at length about his intention to go into business while Katherine teased him about joining her on the dark side as an attorney.

After a few glasses of wine, Katherine was spilling her guts about the fact she never had kids as she was too busy working.

Silence soon hung over the table after the rant and it dawned on both of them that it was midnight. They were the only patrons left at the restaurant.

“Want to go to finish talking at my place?” Katherine asked

“Sure. I just have one condition if we go back to your place, which is we take it slow tonight. Don’t get me wrong, you are gorgeous, but I would like to just do some Netflix and chill if that is ok with you?” Adam cautioned shyly

“Oh I see, you’re a virgin!” Katherine winked. “A true pity that you haven’t experienced the perks that come with being an adult. Answer me this, is it because of religious reasons or personal?

“Personal, I just feel that I haven’t met the right girl. It is something that always seemed that should be treasured and given only to that special person.”

“I completely understand. With time, it is my hope that you will give me the honor and pleasure of being your first lover. Who knows? By the end of the night, you might have a completely different mindset about me. All I will say is that I can be very persuasive.”

Chapter VI

The clock hit 2 am, by the time, the new couple made it to Katherine’s high-end 12th floor apartment. Katherine walked up and quickly unlocked her front door. The apartment was rather spacious and had a marvelous view of downtown.

Assorted black and white furniture filled the living room while the walls themselves were painted snow white to contrast with the black window blinds. Adam’s gaze hovered over the single painting in the room, a spiral of the same color scheme as the room.

“Odd,” Adam thought. “I think I have seen that spiral somewhere. Haven’t I?!

Before that train of thought was developed further, Adam heard footsteps coming from the darkened hall to his left. In a matter of seconds, a feminine figure absconded from the darkness and into the light of the living room.

She had all the hallmarks of a Nordic beauty in her prime: Tall, skin and hair as pale as winter itself while her eyes were of the deepest blue. She wore a white onesie matching the color of her manicured nails.

“Oh, I forgot. Adam meet my roommate and partner Ingrid Karlson. And by partner, I mean partner in my law firm. Remember I told you about her during dinner, well maybe not the part that we live together. But, oh well.” Katherine said nonchalantly

“It is nice to meet you, Adam. Watch out with Katie though, she is a tiger in the courtroom and you know how that transitions into the bedroom.” Ingrid jokingly warned

“No need to give him that spiel, he wants to take it slow tonight. Just some Netflix and chill.”

“I see someone is taking it slow. A virgin, eh? God, you aren’t going to stay one for long if you are dating Katie. Anyway, I am going back to my room. Have fun, you crazy kids.”

With that, Ingrid disappeared into the darkness once more.

“You might have realized this, but, there is no television in my living room. Ingrid and I never really thought there was a need for one. That and I didn’t want it to corrupt the social nature of the living room area. I was a psychology major in college, and an interior designer before I went to law school, so I take this type of stuff very seriously.” Katherine explained

“Explains the whole contrast motif, you have going on in here.” Adam said

“Aren’t you an intelligent young man? With that, you’ve probably figured out that we are going to have to watch Netflix in my room. There are no couches in there as well for obvious reasons; would laying on my bed suffice?”

“You sure are a wily one, Katie.”

“Watch yourself, only Ingrid calls me Katie.” Katherine said in a half serious tone

They made their way into Katherine’s bedroom. The bedroom was no significant departure from the conventions of the living room. As it had black walls and most everything else having a bright tint to it.

“What do you want to see?” Katherine asked

“I don’t know, there are so many options.” Adam replied confoundedly

“I will you what. I am going to go and change into something more comfortable. In the meantime, you can search for what you want to see. Oh and don’t worry, I am not going to wear lingerie or anything like that.” Katie teased

“Don’t be gone too long.”

“No need to worry, lover, I will be back soon enough.”

Adam was searching through Netflix for a minute until the television changed AV channels. Netflix was gone, only to be replaced, with a spiral. Perplexing was the situation which soon overtook Adam as he saw the spiral begin moving.

At first, Adam watched the spiral only out of curiosity. The curiosity of de-ja vu. Curiosity became fascination as reality began melting away with each revolution of the spiral. Thoughts were draining from Adam’s mind into the center of the spiral once more.

Whatever part of his mind was left conscious struggled to remain so. It was not more than ten minutes later that Katherine came back into the room to find Adam completely enthralled by the spiral.

Katherine had reneged on her last promise. She was wearing revealing black lingerie that showcased her D-cup bust and curves. All it took was several seconds for Katherine to place herself behind Adam and massaged his head with her elegant black nails. Soon, she began whispering into Adam’s ear.

“Can you hear me, my little cub?” Katherine inquired

“Yes.” Adam replied in monotone

“Are you relaxed?”


“Good. Doesn’t it feel good to look into the spiral while a beautiful woman massages your mind to ease you of all your worries?”

“Yes, it feels heavenly.”

“Perfect. Think of all your worries and let them fall into the middle of the spiral. Money, schoolwork and girl problems are all things that don’t matter anymore. I will take all your burdens and erase them into nothingness. Do you know how?”


Katherine began smirking at this point. It was all too easy to take control of such a young and innocent boy. It wouldn’t be much longer till she has her way with him.

“I am the Lady of Spirals. My domain is infinite and the mistress of your salvation from all problems. You know these things are true as I have taken care of all your expenses for tonight. I was your savior from becoming lost in the spiral before even that.

All I have given you is kindness and love in the same way as a Lady takes care of subjects. I am your Lady and you are my Prince.”

You are my Lady of Spirals. You are the salvation to all my problems.Adam repeated in a monotonous voice

“In exchange for solving all your problems, all I ask is that you surrender yourself completely to my will. My will is the spiral, surrender to the spiral.”

“I will surrender to your will, the spiral. I have completely surrendered.

“I am your lover. The only one to see the beauty that others were too blind to see. A proper lady for a proper man.”

“I am your lover. A proper lady for a proper man

Adam’s mind was almost completely programmed, by the time 3 am rolled around. The only thoughts filling it were from the Lady of Spirals. Much of the angst and anxiety that made up Adam’s worries were gone completely while he was getting increasingly aroused by Katherine mindfucking him.

Katherine was completely wet when the clock struck 3 am. She orgasmed twice. Every suggestion she placed in her new toy’s mind brought Katherine closer to another orgasm. Self-hypnotic pleasure suggestions at their finest.

She was so close to another climax, but she needed to hypnotize Adam even more for the big whammy, sex. Help would be needed to help break Adam’s great sexual taboo. It was time to get Ingrid.

Chapter VII

Katherine walked to Ingrid’s room on the opposite side of the apartment and knocked on her door. Ingrid opened the door upset that Katherine woke her up.

“What the hell, Katie?! I have to be up in a few hours for my morning jog,” Ingrid said outraged

“Ingrid, Sleep!” Katherine proclaimed

At that moment, Ingrid’s head fell while she stood completely still.

Katherine was glad that she had the insight to hypnotize her; Ingrid was a hell of a rival lawyer. The feud between them caused Katherine to lose more than a few cases. Competition is bad, cooperation is better.

Katherine got Ingrid cooperating easy enough. When they were arguing over a case in which Ingrid’s clients were suing Katherine’s for breach of contract. Katherine invited Ingrid to her legal office to review some of the evidence and discuss a possible negotiated settlement.

Ingrid left the office five hours later. This was not the same Ingrid Karlson. She was now a completely different woman. Physically, she was the same. Mentally, on the other hand, she only existed as a servant to the Lady of Spirals.

Before the month was out, Ingrid had left her firm and partnered with Katherine to create a law firm. Ingrid served Katherine as a partner both in the courtroom and in the bedroom. Katherine always had a thing for women.

“Ingrid, can you hear me?” Katherine inquired

“I hear you, M’lady,” Ingrid said

“Excellent. Ingrid, you will become Empress Matilda of High Winter when I snap my fingers.”


Katherine snapped her fingers and just like that, Ingrid became Empress Matilda of High Winter. The Empress was a complete persona constructed by Katherine over the last three years. It was an experiment into twisting Ingrid’s remaining willpower into new personas.

Katherine’s goal was to simply make an identity to role-play sexual fantasies with. Empress Matilda of High Winter was Katherine’s favorite persona of Ingrid’s programmed mind. A dominant through and through.

Empress Matilda believes she is an ice queen in both personality and rank as Empress of a desolate and frozen land. She has to invade other countries to kidnap people and brainwash them into being her subjects. Great material for a submissive role playing game during the winter months and a great ally to help break Adam.

“It is another displeasure at seeing you, Katherine of Spirals. What does my eternal rival wish to parley with the Empress of High Winter?” Empress Matilda spoke in a regal tone.

“My dear Empress, I wish to offer a proposition.” Lady Katherine groveled.

“Oh I love when you come to ask things of me. It always makes so hot having my greatest enemy prostrate herself before me. Let me guess, you have finally come to your senses and wish to become my Imperial Consort.

“No, I do wish to keep my will, Empress. Thank you for the generous offer.”

Empress Matilda grinned. She looked amused at Lady Katherine’s refusal. Her refusal will not stand the test of time as none can resist the mesmeric charms of High Winter’s sovereign.

Matilda, I am trying to enslave a prince from a faraway land. He is the most handsome man, you will ever meet. You’re closer to his age than me. Prince Adam is mostly mine, yet, there is a defiant stronghold in his mind. Would you help me finish dominating his mind? All I need you to do is to hypnotize him and you could use him once a week.”

“Do not ever call me by my first name, you wench! You’re lucky I don’t feel like enslaving you for disrespecting me. I accept your terms, but your slight will cost you. You must eat my royal pussy.”

Katherine sighed. It went better than expected, but, eating out Matilda might be a complication. Katherine gave herself a post-hypnotic suggestion to believe Matilda’s pussy juice is a potent mind control potion that lasts for an hour.

One time, Matilda filled a bottle up with pussy juice and gave it to Katherine to drink. It kept her enslaved for about a week until the bottle ran out. After that, the suggestion was tweaked to allow for a maximum control time of one hour per day.

“I agree to your demand.” Lady Katherine said grudgingly

Katherine knelled in front of Matilda and ate her pussy for thirty minutes. Utter rapacious feelings of bliss overcame the lovers as both had their minds dulled with pleasure. One from the expert tongue in her womanhood and the other from the mindless obedience that Matilda’s pussy juices bring.

The hour in which the mighty Lady of Spirals was under the complete control of her enemy were spent serving as her handmaiden. The Empress’ handmaiden sensually disrobed her Empress slowly and played with her breasts for a time.

The only clothing the Empress required was a tight white latex bodysuit complete with matching four-inch high heels. Afterward, Matilda put on her regal makeup of snowy blue eyeshadow and lipstick.

A goddess was now before the temporarily enslaved Lady of Spirals. Goddess Matilda ordered her slave to worship her feet for eternity as a reward for preparing her. Supposedly, eternity to Katherine means around twenty minutes later when she wakes up from the trance.

Katherine then leads Matilda to her room, where it is 4:30 am with a very entranced Adam looking at the spinning spiral. Matilda was absolutely infatuated with Adam, the moment she saw him.

“He is as handsome as any man, I have ever seen in my realm,” Matilda said in awe. “I would love to take him into my kingdom and make him my king to rule beside me forever. Let me have him! Any price will be met with lavish payments of fealty and wealth.”

“No. I don’t want to give him up plus, I did most of the work of getting him. He has shown that he wants an older woman over a younger one. On top of that, you are getting him one day of the week during every winter. That is a lot of time.” Katherine rejected

“Revenge will be mine, witch. One day soon, he and everything you hold dear will be mine!”

“Just enslave him already!”

“You can’t rush an Empress’ work.”

In a few moments, Matilda walked between Adam and the spiral, breaking the hours-long connection. Adam woke up from his deep trance to find his mind at war with itself. Suggestions left behind by Katherine had time to set and cement themselves in his brain. The remaining parts of free will he had left were fighting a losing battle against the Lady of Spiral.

Surprise soon replaced mental anguish at the sight of Empress Matilda before him. Adam couldn’t exactly piece together why Ingrid was dressed in such a provocative manner with such a fractured mind. All he could do was call out for her to help.

“Ingrid, please help fix me.” He would say over and over again

After the fifth time, Empress Matilda replied, “I, Empress Matilda of High Winter, will gladly help save whatever is left of your mind from that evil witch.”

“Thank you, thank you!” Adam shouted with joy

“All you have to do to be saved is look into my eyes. They are beautiful, aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are beautiful.”

“My subjects always find themselves getting lost in them. Each of my eyes contain an ocean for you to just sink into and relax. Relax because with this I am granting you freedom from that witch.”

“Fre..e.dom from the wiiitch.” Adam said as his eyes glazed over

Having heels on, allowed Matilda to completely overshadow Adam as she hypnotized him. The height superiority was getting the Empress very horny and domineering towards Adam. She sensed that the time had come to begin reprogramming his mind. In starting, Matilda unzipped and grabbed Adam’s very manhood to begin stroking it with her long white nails.

“Yes, freedom from the witch means obedience to me. You don’t care though since you are free. Free to obey your Empress. Free to love your Empress. Free to forget your troubles.” Matilda droned

“Free to….obey…love…forget.” Adam repeated

The intensity of the stroking increased ever more with each suggestion the Empress gave.

“Hatred to the Lady of Spirals equals love for me. Lovers of Empresses must submit to their desires. Desires to listen, learn and obey everything I tell you. Now tell me how good it feels to be stroked.”

“Desires to…listen, learn and obey. Dick feels go good right now, thank you Empress!”

“Thank you, servant. Pleasure comes with obedience. Pain on the other hand comes with disobedience. Remember this lesson, my love. ” With that said, Matilda’s nails began digging into Adam’s cock. They dug until blood was drawn to Katherine’s horror.

Matilda, Sleep!” Katherine commanded

At that moment, Matilda’s eyes glazed over while her hands let go of their death grip around Adam’s third leg.

“Crimes against my cub will not stand, bitch! You’ve found yourself in deep shit now. I want you to be find in the deepest, darkest recesses of your mind. Have you found it?”

“Yes, M’lady,” Matilda said blankly

“Perfect. When I snap my fingers, I am going to count down from five to one. With each number, you will find yourself falling into a mental sinkhole. There will be no chance of escape and Matilda will cease to exist as a person as far as the world is concerned.”

“No…escape, Matilda…cease…exist.”



Matilda stood there confused as she felt part of her mind go dark.


Memories of her life as an Empress buried themselves under a deep fog.


Realization for what was truly going on caused anger to swell in Matilda. She reared up to claw at Katherine.


Matilda froze in mid-air as she couldn’t exactly recall what she was doing.


Nothing was left of Matilda. No need to brainwash people to love her, no desire to dominate her old foe and no need to even exist.

Chapter VIII

Ingrid replaced Matilda the moment she disappeared into the void. Obedience replaced willpower and Katherine’s position as Mistress was safe once again.

“Ingrid, can you answer me a question?” Katherine inquired

“Anything, M’lady.” Ingrid blankly replied

“Don’t you just love the taste of cum on your lips?

The phrase triggered a command deep within Ingrid’s programmed mind.

“Yes, M’lady. I love the taste of cum on my lips and down my throat.”

“Looks like Adam over there has plenty of cum to sate your thirst. It is a thirst, isn’t it? An all-consuming thirst like a woman stranded in the desert looking for water. Suck his cock now!


With that, Ingrid became animated and began sucking Adam’s cock enthusiastically. The irony was not lost on Katherine as she saw Ingrid nursing the member that her other persona had harmed.

Katherine’s attention turned back to Adam. He was not there, in a mental sense. He was not staring into the spiral still playing on screen; nor was he looking into Matilda’s beguiling eyes. Adam was gone, never to truly return.

In his place existed two identities. Two identities constantly at war with each other for supremacy. Not much unlike the struggle Adam’s free will had for his mind before Matilda entranced him.

The first identity was that of a servant and lover to the Empress of a faraway land. Empress Matilda was his liberator from that witch Katherine!

Katherine was just like the evil witch from Hansel and Gretel. Luring him with free food and a beautiful caretaker of all his needs, Katherine set her trap. A trap once sprung and resulting in Katherine consuming not his body, but his soul.

Adam was almost completely lost when his Empress Matilda came to free him. She freed him, so that he may be able to listen, learn and obey. Empress Matilda was harsh in her punishments, but it was only for her loyal servant to know better.

On top of all that, Adam had a fetish for blondes in his former life.

The second identity was the one that Katherine had painstakingly spent the day constructing. This identity saw itself as Prince Adam of Spirals.

Prince Adam only knew to serve and obey his Lady. He was to rule by her side as her princely lover. Lady Katherine of Spirals is the most perfect woman in all of creation; Prince Adam knew that truth the moment they met.

The Prince had to defend his lady against that tyrant Empress Matilda of High Winter. All Matilda wished to accomplish was to destroy sweetest Katherine. Jealousy thrived in Matilda’s heart; she was envious of Katherine for having him as a lover.

Thus, the Devil Empress herself attempted to brainwash him while dearest Katherine was away. She broke the delicious trance that his Lady so graciously placed him in. The Devil Empress used her fiendish abilities on the Prince to place him deep under her power.

He would have remained that way, if the devil Matilda hadn’t used her talons to accost his cock. Now, the Prince was trapped fighting the brainwashed thrall she left behind in his mind.

It was a stalemate. Both sides fought for dominance to no avail. It seemed that neither would see their beloveds again. As is the tragedy of conflict.

Lady Katherine longed for her love. Matilda was an unperson, she didn’t matter anymore. Ingrid was a happy little cock-sucker. By default and design, Katherine had already won the conflict for her lover. It was only a matter of awakening him.

“Fairy tales princess are always saved from a deep sleep by a kiss. Can’t be any different if the roles were reversed,” Lady Katherine thought as she puckered her lips. She leaned in and placed her delicate, painted lips on those of her comatose lover.

Prince Adam opened his eyes.

Lady Katherine was immensely relieved.

Prince Adam eyes narrowed at Lady Katherine, the vile witch and arch-enemy of Empress Matilda!

He grabbed Lady Katherine’s arm and pulled her closer.

Katherine’s eyes went wide with shock.

“I have you now in my grasp, witch! Once the Empress gets ahold of you, all will obey the great Empress of High Winter!” Prince Adam proclaimed

Chapter IX

What appeared to have happened was that when Katherine awoke Adam in the storybook manner. It caused him to wake from his trance like Katherine wanted with one major hiccup.

Prince Adam’s identity merged with the Servant of Empress Matilda to create a Matilda enthralled Prince Adam.

“A flawed success,” Katherine thought. “Adam is gone, but, the personality programmed in his mind is too dependent on Matilda. I never want a slave with control over my paramour’s mind. I am the only one that commands here!”

Lady Katherine looked into her entranced boytoy’s glazed eyes.

Ingrid, Stop!” Katherine proclaimed

With that, Ingrid stopped her near constant sucking of the prince’s raging member. She was left well-fed by her fellow slave’s spunk.

Prince Adam was shocked. Absolutely taken aback by the sight before him: His Empress was enslaved! Worst of all, the Witch of Spirals has given the Dear Empress Matilda a servile personality.

Prince Adam felt a void open in his very soul by seeing his Mistress under the thrall of her worst enemy. There was only the need to fight left in him. The prince was going to save his Empress from the enchantment the Witch has placed under.

Then, he was going to enslave the Witch and have a fairy tale ending.

The prince got up from the bed that he was sitting on for hours. He tried to push the hated Witch into her cursed spiral. A broken spiral might mean a broken hold over Matilda’s mind.

There was no chance of victory for High Winter. The Spiral always triumphs.

Katherine sidestepped Adam’s clumsy attempt at pushing her into the TV. Instead, she grabbed the arm that Adam was using to hold onto her and pushed him onto the bed once.

Ingrid, cosplay as Empress Matilda of High Winter! Release Prince Adam from your power!” Katherine yelled

Ingrid did as she was told. Ingrid was still Ingrid. She just took on another role given to her by her hypnotic Mistress and Lady Katherine.

“Prince Adam cease your attack at this moment! I am still Empress of High Winter! Not you. Do you understand, slave?” The Fake Empress admonished

“I will do as you command, my Empress. I will do anything for you,” Prince Adam said accepting Ingrid’s orders as the Empress’ own.

“Good, servant. Stare at the spiral and let it drain your mind of my Imperial influence completely. Each thought lost will be replaced by one given to you by the Lady of Spirals. Do you remember her lessons, my servant?”

“Yes, I remember all of her lessons. None of them are true and amazing like the lessons you give me.”

“Wrong! My lessons are nothing, but, worthless lies. Lady Katherine of Spirals is truly greater and superior to all. Let this be the foundation of your truth from now on. Begin your reorientation now!”

Prince Adam stared at the spiral. An hour total of deprogramming and reprogramming were quite easily achieved on the otherwise blank subject.

Ingrid was dismissed and she returned to the land of slumber, where in Matilda has already gone.

Katherine snapped her fingers and awoke Adam from his trance.

The fantasy was over.

Chapter X

Adam blinked several times. He quickly regained his senses and the first thing that he sensed was a beauty. Katherine.

She was standing over him in the room. Behind her, the television was off.

Adam realized that they were alone in the room. Alone with his girlfriend, who was ready to pop his cherry.

“C’mon, it is almost morning. You’ve kept a girl waiting a little long don’t you think? I especially want to know if you are more than a little long where it counts,” Katherine teased

“I am so sorry that I feel asleep. That meal you bought me was just so filling that I just couldn’t resist the urge to sleep,” Adam apologized

Don’t worry, I forgive you again. Wouldn’t you be a dear and eat your Lady’s pussy?

Adam’s eyes glazed over.

“I will eat my Lady’s pussy for her pleasure. I will eat my Lady’s pussy to lube her when I fuck it. I will eat my Lady’s pussy because of the delicious taste!” Adam recited his mantras

Adam did as he was told. He knelt before his exalted Lady and pulled off her panties.

Katherine fidgeted with pleasure as Adam’s tongue played a sublime tune on her clitoris.

Sweet ambrosia dripped forth from Katherine’s sacred lips to those of her young worshipper. He savored every drop. Soon, a small stream formed around the Lady’s mouth; when Adam’s mouth could only take so much in.

Time ends all good things. The Lady’s hand pulled her loving slave’s head from her pussy. It was time for the main course.

Katherine looked straight into her slave’s glassy stare.

Fuck my pussy, Adam, and give me your virginity!” Katherine commanded

Adam stripped completely naked in an instant. Nothing helped the process more than Adam already being undressed from the shirt-down. When he got on the bed, he was fully erect.

An impressed look overtook Katherine’s face. It quickly was replaced by excitement at finally being able to claim Adam’s virginity. An addition plus for her was that her self-hypnotic orgasmic suggestion would be set off by this terminus of domination. After Adam cums, he will be hers.

Katherine rushed onto the bed. She lifted herself up over Adam’s erect member and gently lowered herself pussy-first.

Adam penetrated Katherine. At that moment, everything changed. Katherine came from her self-hypnotic suggestions while Adam began pumping his cock into her. He was no longer a virgin, but a man. Katherine’s man.

Katherine’s body uncontrollably swayed to her lover’s motions while being entrapped in bliss.

“Yes.Yes.Yes.Ysssssss!!!,” Katherine squealed as she came again

At that moment, Katherine arched her back and closed her eyes. She was one with the orgasm.

Adam’s vigorous cock continued pumping Katherine’s pussy at an ever-increasing pace. Katherine couldn’t hold back her moans and screams. Adam had become the conductor of Katherine’s pleasure.

He was quite the maestro as Katherine kept coming. The symphony went on for nine minutes until Adam finally came. Katherine finally came to a stop and quickly got off Adam’s pride. She instantly fell asleep.

Not as soon as Adam, though, because he had knocked out completely when he came.

There laid the two lovers asleep in the same bed for the first of many nights.


The hostess returned home angry and dejected. She had been rejected by Adam Turnbull!

Merde! Damn you, Mademoiselle Lyons,” Élodie fumed. “All I wished was for all mon life was an beau American named Adam Turnbull. Arrêtez (Wait)!”

Élodie's critical factor began reactivating.

“Why would I be so fascinated by a nerd? Mon lovers should be Napoleons, just not of the dynamite variety. Something is wrong with moi!”

Fear took ahold of Élodie. It triggered memories of a past long gone.

Candle-scented rooms, skimpy lingerie, condoms, and a plethora of credit card information.

These images confused Élodie further.

Following the images, snippets of unfamiliar voices rang out in her mind. Male voices.

“Damn baby, you know how to ride cock with the best of them.”

“Oh, oh! And there I go cumming all up in your pussy.”

“C’mon give me five more minutes, Roxanne. I am a repeat customer after all.”

All of the voices soon left Élodie’s mind. She was alone and scared.

“Who was Roxanne?” Élodie asked herself aloud

Just then, a new voice appeared in her mind. A female voice. An American voice.

“She was you. You were her. It was, and it shall never be again.”

A strange feeling possessed Élodie. She found herself receptive to the words of the mysterious voice. So much so, that before long she was repeating the words as a mantra.

“She was moi. Moi was her. It was, and it shall never be again.”

Five minutes of repeating the mantra had a funny effect on Élodie. It caused the voice to return with another suggestion.

“Roxanne is dead. Elodie lives.”

“Roxanne est dead. Élodie lives.”

“Sit down and re-watch your training video. Praise your Lady, Katherine Lyons, and be re-taught her truths. Play with your pussy for good measure like a good girl.”

Élodie did as she was told.

Roxanne died again that night.

I hope you enjoyed "Lady of Spirals." The adventures of Katherine, Adam, Ingrid, Elodie, and even Matilda will continue in the next installment of the "Lady of Sprials" saga: "Knight of Spirals." In addition, there are two more planned direct sequels to this story for a total of four tales to fully flesh out this deliciously hypnotic tale. However, even that will not be the end for the Lady of Spirals. She and her beau will appear in many other stories with a rich variety of characters ranging from secret agents, aliens, and magical creatures. Welcome to the Spiralverse!

Once Phase 1 is completed, I will drop a series of free short stories to flesh out the greater Spiralverse and the varied relationships within it.  Settings will vary from China to Carrqui (the Elven homeworld). Minds will be conquered, destroyed and altered in so many delicious ways that you won't even know where the next instance of control will be. A delightful suspense always. With that, I must say "¡Hasta llego!" (Until later) as we say in my homeland. 

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