Chapter 6

by Modren

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Disclaimer: The following story contains consensual and non-consensual hypnosis and sexual activity. If you are underage, or if these themes make you uncomfortable, consider yourself warned. The characters and situations depicted below are fictional, and they should remain that way. The author does not condone any non-consensual sexual activity.

I really shouldn’t have sat in the middle.

Val scrunched up and tried to make herself as small as possible. Yun-hee and Patti gabbed away like she wasn’t even there, catching each other up on where they were at now. She wasn’t sure what to be more afraid of: Yun-hee drunkenly spilling the beans to Patti about what they actually do for a living, or what would happen when they finally got to Patti’s apartment.

It wasn’t that she was afraid to go into trance. If anything, that was the silver lining of this whole encounter. Patti had proven that she was just as capable as Weiss when it came to putting Val under, so if nothing else Val would end up having fun. At the same time, she didn’t know Patti the same way she knew Weiss. The relationship between the feisty, pink-haired woman squishing into her in the back of the taxi and the part-time supervillain Val had taken to calling Madame was worryingly vague. Val’s mind raced with questions. They’ve been friends for years, but how close are they now? Is Patti a partner in Blanc’s crime spree? Does she know that I’m Violet Angel? Does Weiss even know?

A lightbulb went off in her head. Wait, Weiss! She can probably get me out of this. Val cleared her throat, trying to signal to the two other women that she needed to say something. They didn’t seem to notice, so she yelled “Gals, wait!” as loudly as she could muster.

That seemed to finally get through to Yun-hee and Patti, who finally stopped talking. The cab driver breathed a sigh of relief.

“I just thought of something,” Val said. “We should probably ask Weiss if it’s alright for me to play with you. I dunno if she’s okay with me doing hypnosis with other people.”

“Oh, yeah!” Patti nodded. “Here, lemme call her, I’ll put her on speaker.”

“You don’t need to-” Val tried to interject, but Patti was already dialing Weiss’ number.

Within moments, Weiss picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Haaaaaaaay!” Patti yelled, startling Val and making the cab driver wince. “It’s ya gurl, here with your other girl!”

Weiss chuckled. “Hello, Patricia. I see you’ve been out having a good time.”

“Yup! And guess who I’ve been having a good time with!” Patti looked at Val expectantly.

Val swallowed and said, in her inside voice, “Hey, Weiss.”

“Oh?” Weiss didn’t exactly sound surprised. “Why, hello, Valerie. I see you’ve been taking my advice and started hanging out with a bad influence.”

Yun-hee giggled. “Oh, yeah, she’s the worst!”

“Pardon me,” Weiss said, “but I don’t think I’ve spoken to the third voice in the room. Who might you be?”

“I’m Yun-hee, friend of Val’s. And of Patti’s, way back.”

“Mhm!” Patti confirmed. “We just ran into each other at the bar.”

“Well, congratulations,” Weiss said, a little condescendingly. “But did you really call me just to tell me you ran into some friends?”

“Well,” Val spoke up, “Patti’s taking us back to her place. She, uh, wants to do some hypnosis with Yun-hee and I.”

“Really?” Weiss replied. “That sounds lovely.”

Val’s heart sank. “…you think so?”

“Of course! I mean, just because you and I are a thing doesn’t mean we have to be exclusive. I’m more than happy letting you have fun with other people, especially if it’s someone I trust. But, on that note, are you sure you’re up to this, Patricia? You’re probably a little rusty. I could always come over and give you an assist.”

Oh, please, no. Yun-hee knew what Madame Blanc looked liked; even under Weiss’ heavier makeup, she’d recognize her immediately. If Val was scared by the uncertainty of what Patti had in store for her and Yun-hee, she was terrified of the idea of Yun-hee discovering her relationship.

“No way!” Patti said. “I can handle this. Val’s such a lightweight anyway, I barely even gotta do anything for her.”

“Hm… if you say so,” Weiss responded. Val breathed a sigh of relief. At least I don’t have to worry about that tonight.

The cab driver pulled to a stop and cleared his throat. “Ladies? This is your stop.”

“Oh!” Patti exclaimed. “Gotta go, Weiss, take care!”

“You too,” said Weiss. “And have fun, girls! I’m sure Val will tell me all the juicy details later.”

“Thanks,” Val said. So much for that plan…

Patti hung up the phone and paid the driver. The three women got out of the car and stood outside Patti’s apartment building.

“She seems really nice,” Yun-hee said. “And she has a really cute accent!”

“Mhm!” Patti giggled. “She can be kinda intimidating when you meet her, but she’s a real sweetheart. But enough about her, let’s talk about moi and my dastardly plans for my two beautiful victims!” She let out a screeching noise that Val thought was supposed to be a witch’s cackle, but sounded more like someone with lung cancer wheezing for air.

Yun-hee giggled. “You haven’t changed a bit, Patti. C’mon, let’s get inside, it’s cold and I wanna play!”

Patti’s apartment was the kind of dump you didn’t want to say anything bad about. It was dingy and cramped, but there was a charm to it that was impossible to overlook, little signs of its occupant’s personality strewn everywhere. There was just so much stuff: old books, family photos, that one Reservoir Dogs poster every boy in college had hanging up in their dorm room. There was even a random service bell sitting on the coffee table, the kind you’d see at a hotel to ring the concierge. It all added up to a space that felt warm and lived-in rather than run-down.

Patti pushed an old, but comfy-looking leather chair. She set it so it was facing the sofa in her living room. “Take your pick, girls,” she said as she walked into another room.

Yun-hee dashed for the leather chair, leaving Val to sit on the sofa. Patti walked back in, holding a dusty plastic container. She set it down on a coffee table and smiled. “Now, for my instrument of choice.” She looked at Yun-hee. “Yun, since I’m pretty sure Val will drop no matter what I wave in front of her, I’ll let you pick. We could go with the lighter again, or…” She pulled a crystal out of the box, similar to the one Weiss used with Val, but blue instead of red. “One of these bad boys?”

Yun-hee shrugged. “It’s pretty, I guess.”

Patti went back to rummaging through the box. She pulled out a metronome, but frowned. “Dammit, the arm fell off. Gonna have to get that fixed.” She set it aside and pulled out a silver pocketwatch. “How about this? A little cliché for my tastes, but it fits the look.”

Yun-hee nodded profusely. “Go with that one!”

Patti chuckled. “The lady has made her selection.” She sauntered over to Yun-hee and Val. “Now, before we start,” she continued, “I wanna go over ground rules. How far you want me to go, and so on. Are we okay with nudity?”

Yun-hee gave a thumbs-up. “I’m fine with it. You’ve both seen me nude, it’s not a big deal.”

Patti grinned. “My, you two seem awfully close for work buddies.”

Val blushed. “I-It’s a gym! We change together, in the locker room. Not that weird.”

“Wow, you’re easy to tease,” Patti chuckled. “So, are you alright with nudity, Val?”

Val nodded.

“Good!” exclaimed Patti. “Next question. Is it alright if I touch you? Not necessarily in a sexual way, just, like, your shoulder or face or whatever.”

“Yeah,” said Val.

“Fine with me,” said Yun-hee. “C’mon, Patti, let’s just get on with it!”

“Alright, alright!” Patti rolled her eyes. “You always were impatient…”

Patti’s phone buzzed. She pulled it out of her and grinned. “Actually… I think I have a better idea.”

She got on the couch with Val, who stared at her with concern. “What are you doing?” Val asked.

“We’re going to bring Yun-hee into trance,” Patti said. “Together.”

Val blinked. “What? How could we even do that?”

Patti just giggled and whispered something in Val’s ear.

Yun-hee’s eyes were focused on the pocketwatch.

“It feels so wonderful to be blank.”

Val’s voice was calm and quiet. The part of Yun-hee’s mind that wasn’t consumed by the pocketwatch thought she sounded like someone who just woke up from a long nap. Or maybe someone who was falling asleep.

“You can feel your mind sliding down into that nice, comfortable groove. That feeling of focused relaxation.”

She was still astonished at how quickly it happened. When Patti whispered in Val’s ear, it was like Val just… left. Her body was still there, but Val wasn’t.

“You can’t stop it, Yun. Your mind is already sliding down, down, down. Even if you tried to resist, you couldn’t. And you don’t want to resist, do you?”

Yun-hee could feel her mind fading fast. The shock of seeing Val being entranced so effortlessly left her hopelessly unprepared for what was happening now. Patti stood over her shoulder, holding the pocketwatch at the very top of her vision while holding her head still, so she had to tilt her eyes upwards to see it. Val was on her knees, staring blankly at nothing in particular, saying things that made Yun-hee’s mind sink into an abyss. Yun-hee didn’t know where these words were coming from, whether they’re something Patti told her to say or if they were coming unbidden from somewhere deep in Val’s mind.

“You’ve seen how easily I fall into trance. How effortless it is for me to let my mind go. I can’t resist. So what chance do you have?”

“Mmmuuuhhh…” Yun-hee didn’t know what she was trying to say. Even the concept of saying something, anything, seemed so hopelessly remote now that she was so far gone. But her mouth kept trying, as if manipulated by some unknown force. “Mmmuuhh myyy…”

“Look at you,” Val continued. “You were so smart. So articulate. And now, you can barely even speak.”

“Muh my… essgo…”

“You’re drooling, Yun-hee. Do you even realize that? Or are you truly that gone?”

Yun-hee’s eyes rolled back in her head. Her head slumped onto her chest. “My mind is gone.”

Val’s eyes rolled back too. She went limp, leaning on the leather chair as Patti looked on, smiling at the two blank girls. “Good girls,” Patti said. “Now, listen very carefully…”

Snap! “And awake!”

Val groaned and slowly opened her eyes. The first thing she noticed was that Yun-hee was naked. The other girl was still sitting across from Val in the leather chair, but evidently had stripped down while Val’s mind was absent. Val figured she was probably naked too; the worn fabric of the couch felt a lot more distinct than it had before.

She could only guess whether she was naked, though, because the second thing Val noticed was that she couldn’t move.

It didn’t feel like something was holding her down. She couldn’t feel any restraints. It was like her body refused to respond to the signals her brain was trying to send it. She tried to raise her arm, and it just didn’t happen.

“And how are my two lovely girls feeling right now?” Patti’s voice came from Val’s right, but Val couldn’t turn her head to look at her. Fortunately, Patti leaned into view a moment later, smiling warmly. “I’m sure you probably have a lot of questions right now.”

“Yeah.” Val was surprised she could still speak; she expected her voice to be just as unresponsive as her limbs. “Guess the first one is why exactly you froze us?”

“Oh, that’s an easy one!” Patti giggled. “See, you know how most girls grow out of playing with dolls when they get older? Well, I didn’t. Not exactly.” She sat down next to Val on the couch. “But now that I’m a big girl, I want my dolls to be bigger too. And now, I have two brand-new life-sized dolls to play with!”

Suddenly, Yun-hee gasped. “Oh, fuck me!”

“Yun-hee? What’s wrong?” Val wanted to tilt her head in confusion, but it remained frustratingly still.

Patti chuckled. “Here, let me show you.” She put her hand on the top of Val’s head and tilted it down. Val couldn’t feel the hand on her head, though, nor could she feel the hand that was she could now see was squeezing her thigh.

Patti tilted Val’s head back to where it was, got up off the couch, and walked over to Yun-hee. “You see, my new dolls have a very special feature.” She squeezed Yun-hee’s arm, and Val realized just what that feature was. She felt her own arm being squeezed, even though Patti was across the room.

“That’s cool…” Val said with astonishment.

“I like a quick learner,” Patti said. “But I like my dolls to use their voice box.”

Something about those last two words felt electric. Val couldn’t put her finger on it, but she could feel something in her mind making a connection. To what, she had no idea.

“Now!” Patti clapped her hands together. “Are my dolls ready to be played with?”

Val and Yun-hee both felt giant, plastic grins form on their faces. “Yes, Miss Patti!” they chirped, their voices sweet and bubbly. “Good dollies always loved to be played with!”

Holy fuck, that’s weird, Val thought. Her mouth felt like it had a mind of its own, and it was now just as unresponsive as the rest of her body. The look of confusion in Yun-hee’s eyes told her that her friend was feeling the same bizarre sensations.

“Yay!” Patti giggled, acting just like a little girl who was trying out her new birthday presents. “Just lemme get something from my room real quick. Don’t go anywhere!” She cackled at her own bad joke. Val rolled her eyes, thankful that they were still under her control. At least for now.

Soon, Patti was back in the living room, holding something behind her back. “Now, what to do first…” She tapped her chin, clearly playing up her indecision to mess with her new dolls. “Ah! I know!”

She set something down on the floor where Val and Yun-hee couldn’t see it, and waved a couple loops of rope in front of their eyes. “Oh, Yunnie!” Patti said in a singsong. “I know this little dolly is a naughty little rope slut, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Miss Patti!” Yun-hee replied, her voice still sickeningly sweet. “I love being tied up! It gets me so wet!” Her cheeks were turning bright red. Val felt sorry for her, but had to admit that she found it kinda hot seeing her usually-uptight partner acting so desperate and horny.

“Good dolly!” Patti said, relishing in Yun-hee’s embarrassment. “But what good is tying you up if you can’t even feel it?” She looked into Val’s eyes, and Val immediately knew what was going to happen.

Her mouth knew it, too. “Of course, Miss Patti!” Val heard herself say. “You can tie me up so Yunnie the rope slut can get off!” Now it was Val’s turn to feel embarrassed. I hope she doesn’t hold any of this against me later…

Patti giggled. “Wrists and ankles, right Yunnie?”

“Right, Miss Patti!” Yun-hee squeaked.

“Good dolly,” Patti purred. She gently grabbed Val’s wrists and moved them so they were resting on her thighs; Val noticed that Yun-hee’s hands moved to the same position.

Patti tilted Val’s head down ever so slightly, so she could see what was happening when she tilted her eyes down, and began slowly binding her wrists with the rope. It was such a bizarre thing, to see her wrists being tied up but not feeling any of it. She could tell that the rope was tight, and that Patti was alternating between being gentle and being playfully rough. But what she was seeing was completely disconnected from what she was feeling.

But if her sense of sight was at odds with her sense of touch, it was definitely on the same page as her sense of hearing. Yun-hee still sported that same smile as before, but her eyes were hazy with lust. Val couldn’t feel the rope around her wrists, but Yun-hee could, and she was clearly enjoying every second of it. Whatever programming Patti had done to manipulate their speech hadn’t done anything to dampen Yun-hee’s soft, quiet moans of arousal. Every tug on the rope made Yun-hee whimper. When the wrists were done, Patti moved on to the ankles. She tilted Yun-hee’s head down to give her a better look at Val’s ankles, and Val’s head moved to match that position. She couldn’t see Yun-hee’s face anymore, but she could still hear as her friend grew more and more aroused as Patti painstakingly bound Val’s body.

Finally, Patti stood up and grinned. “Now, how does that feel, Yunnie?”

“Wonderful, Miss Patti,” Yun-hee purred. “I’m so happy you let this rope slut feel like this!”

“Well, it’s only fair if my dolls get to enjoy themselves too!” Patti said.

Suddenly, Patti grabbed the rope binding Val’s wrists together and yanked. Both dolls were pulled off their chairs and onto the floor, landing on their knees. Val noticed that Yun-hee’s forced smile fell away for a split second as she fell down, replaced with a mixture of shock and pure, uninhibited arousal. Now that they were closer together, Val could smell Yun-hee’s arousal dripping out of her. Soon, though, the smile came back, if anything bigger than ever.

“Now that Yunnie’s had her fun, I think it’s Vallie’s turn!” Patti leaned down into Val’s field of vision. “What would you like me to do to you, little doll?”

I think I’m good for now, thanks. “Whatever you want, Miss Patti!”

Patti giggled. “Well, how does this sound?” She ducked away and came back holding a Hitachi. “I wonder how long you can last, Vallie. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun finding out, won’t we?”

Val’s eyes went wide. “We totally will, Miss Patti!”

Patti positioned Val and Yun-hee’s bodies so that they were on their kneeling on their shins, with their wrists resting between their thighs. She leaned over Yun-hee’s shoulder, grinning at Val like a wolf about to devour its prey. “On the count of three.”

Val braced herself as much as she could.

Patti did not wait until the count of three. She didn’t even wait until the count of one.

The vibrator on Yun-hee’s clit sent shockwaves through Val’s body. She gasped and moaned and whimpered all at once, feeling the hypnotically-induced vapid grin falter almost immediately. The pleasure was just too great for her to maintain her composure. Even her body, which had previously been completely immobile save for Patti’s touch, was shuddering and tensing up.

“Oh, I think Vallie really likes that,” Patti teased. “Don’t you agree, Yunnie?”

“Oh, yes!” Yun-hee giggled. “Vallie looks like such a needy slut!”

Val wondered how much of what Yun-hee was saying was prompted by Patti’s hypnotic programming, and how much was how she really thought of Val. She didn’t wonder for long, though, because the vibrator’s relentless assault kept disrupting her train of thought. She closed her eyes. She could tell she was approaching the edge. “Hhaaaaaahhh…”

Suddenly, it stopped. Val’s eyes opened, and she saw that Patti was holding the vibrator away from Yun-hee’s pussy. “Oh, dear!” Patti said with mock concern. “I think this one’s voice box is defective! It’s making all sorts of terrible, un-doll like noises!”

“I’m not defective!” Val’s voice whined. “I’m a good dolly!”

“Oh, yeah?” Patti sneered at Val. “Prove it. I don’t wanna hear another peep out of you until you cum, understand?”

“Yes, Miss Patti!” Val saw the vibrator touch Yun-hee’s clit, and the unbearable pleasure started again. She struggled to hold back her cries, at once mortified to be acting like this in front of her partner and yet still desperate for release.

As hard as she tried, though, Val couldn’t hold back everything for long. “Gaahhhhh…”

Once again, Patti pulled the vibrator away just as Val was about to cum. “Just as I thought,” she chuckled. “Completely broken.”

“Miss Patti, please,” Val gasped, “I’ll be a good dolly! I’ll be the bestest dolly there ever was! Just let me cum!” She didn’t know whether this was coming from herself or the doll persona that had possessed her. No matter who was running her mouth, though, she agreed with every word.

Patti grinned. She knew exactly how much Val meant it. “I guess I’ll show you a good time before I return you to the store.”

She held the vibrator against Yun-hee’s clit. Val didn’t hold herself back anymore. She screamed in ecstasy, drool escaping her lips as she gave in fully to her desires. She stopped caring what Patti or Yun-hee thought of her. She needed to cum. Now.

And soon, she did. Val couldn’t remember the last time an orgasm felt this good. Not even when she rubbed her mind away for Madame back at the bar. This was something else entirely. It exploded like an atomic bomb in her mind, razing everything down to bare earth. She felt wonderfully, blissfully spent, like her very being was drained to the last drop out of her cunt, leaving behind only a vessel for pleasure.

Val heard a ding! coming from the coffee table, and she went limp.

She suddenly felt the rope tight against her wrists and ankles, and, somehow, knew deep in her soul that her voice was hers again. She slumped head-first onto the carpet. It wasn’t a soft fall, but to Val it was like the world’s softest pillow. She floated in the afterglow, sighing happily.

Yun-hee cleared her throat. “Uh, Val?” She couldn’t sound less like the confident, professional woman Val knew her as. “You okay?”

“Mmmm…” Val purred. She slowly nodded her head.

She felt a hand patting her on the back, and heard Patti’s voice coming from above. “Did you enjoy yourself, Vallie?”

“Yeah…” Val sighed. “Thanks…”

“Don’t mention it,” Patti chuckled. “Now, who’s ready for round two?”

“Um,” Yun-hee stammered, “w-well, I, uh-”

Snap! “Sleep.”

Snap! “Rise and shine, girls!”

Val blinked.

She was standing up now, her wrists and ankles slightly sore from the rope. Yun-hee was standing in front of her. They were both still naked, and…

Val tilted her head to the side. “Why are we holding a volleyball?”

Patti giggled, and Val looked over towards the source of the noise. The pink-haired woman was lounging on the same chair Yun-hee was sitting on earlier, with a bowl of popcorn in her lap and a towel underneath her. “How’re you feeling?”

“Uh… fine?” Yun-hee said. “Should we feel weird or something?”

Patti shrugged. “I dunno, dude. You tell me.”

“Seriously,” Val sighed, “what’s the deal with the volleyball?”

“How about one of you lets go,” Patti replied, “and you’ll find out!”

Val and Yun-hee looked at each other. “I don’t wanna let go of the ball,” Val said.

“Me neither,” said Yun-hee. “Feels like something bad will happen.”

“Well, we don’t have all night!” Patti groaned. “So if neither of you is gonna let go, I guess I’ll just have to speed things up!”

She snapped her fingers. “Pull.”

Before either girl knew what was happening, Val and Yun-hee started pulling on the volleyball as hard as they could. Once again, their bodies were working with minds of their own. Val felt her grip on the ball loosening. A few more seconds, and the ball would slip from-

Val stumbled back and landed on the couch. She looked down at her hands. She was still holding the volleyball.

She looked up and saw Yun-hee’s face morph from apprehension to a dopey, silly smile. It wasn’t the same as the one she sported back when they were Patti’s dolls. This felt more genuine, like she was just absurdly, blissfully happy for some reason.

Yun-hee giggled. “Wow… this is, like, awesome!” She didn’t sound like herself. Her voice was mellow and calm. This also didn’t seem like what happened earlier; it wasn’t some canned response, nor her mouth operating independently of her mind. Whatever she was feeling right now, she seemed to think it really was, “like, awesome.”

“Welcome, ladies,” Patti exclaimed, “to a little game I like to call ‘Pass the Braincell!’ The rules are very simple. So simple, in fact, that I think even Yun here can understand. Whoever holds the volleyball gets to keep their braincell, and think about all the hard, complicated things they want. But when you let go of the volleyball, all your brains go bye-bye! Tell her how that feels, Yun!”

Val stared at her teammate in astonishment. Yun always knew how to say the right thing, how to explain herself clearly and eloquently.

Right now, though, it seemed like “clear and eloquent” was light years beyond her reach. “Um…” Her eyes were glassy and dim. “It’s, like…” Her face was scrunched up like she was concentrating on the world’s most complicated equation. “Like…” She swayed slightly, almost like she was drunk.

After what felt like a solid minute of trying to search for the right description, she broke out into another fit of giggles. “I dunno. It’s just, like, cool!”

Patti grinned at Val. “What do you think? Does that sound like fun to you?”

“Um… I think I’m fine like this, honestly.”

“Too bad!” Patti snapped her fingers. “Toss!”

To her horror, Val found herself tossing the ball to Yun-hee. Oh, shi-

And then the other girl caught it, and Val wasn’t scared anymore. She felt good.

Like, really good.

She let out a giggle and smiled to herself. Yun-hee was looking at her kinda funny for some reason, but she didn’t mind. She was probably just checking Val out. Val was pretty sexy, after all. She giggled again. She was doing that a lot, actually, but that was fine too.

“Val?” Yun-hee asked. “How’re you feeling?”

“Awesome!” Val almost didn’t recognize her own voice. It was higher, like Yun-hee’s was when she lost the ball, but it wasn’t just happy. There was a flirty quality to it too, like she was trying to get into Yun-hee’s pants. But that would be silly. Neither of them were even wearing pants.

Val noticed Yun-hee was staring between Val’s legs. Wow! She really is checking me out! Then she looked down and realized she was rubbing her cunt. When did she start doing that? Like, who cares? It feels good!

“Did you tell her to start masturbating?” Yun-hee asked Patti.

Patti shrugged. “I was kinda open-ended with the suggestion. I guess she took it to be more sexual.”

Val giggled. “Sects-ual” was a funny word. Man, her pussy was getting really wet.

“I forgot to ask, Yun,” Patti said. “How’d you like losing your braincell?”

Yun-hee blushed. “I didn’t… hate it. Reminded me of trying pot back in college.”

“You did seem kinda high. Hm… Val, sweetie?”

Val looked over at Patti. “Huh?”

“How’d you first hear about Weiss?”

“Oh! Well, I was, like, doing Google or whatever, looking at some hypno stuff. A lot of it was really gross, though. Like, a buncha creepy dudes talking about ‘putting girls in their place’ or whatever.”

Patti smiled. “And while you were, uh, ‘doing Google,’ did you come across any bimbo stuff?”

Val’s eyes lit up. “Yeah! How’d you know?”

Patti chuckled. “Now I get it. I told you both to feel dumber when you’re not holding the ball, but you drew from your own experiences to figure out what that meant. Yun went for stoner, and you went for bimbo!”

Val stared blankly at Patti. “I don’t get it.”

“Well, let me give you your brains back, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.” Snap! “Toss!”

Val almost didn’t even notice the volleyball flying towards her. It landed in her lap, and the fog in her mind lifted in an instant. It was like someone yanked out a power cord, or maybe jammed one into a socket. Her hand was sticky and wet with her juices; she wiped it off on her thigh. “C-Could I get a paper towel or something?”

“Nope!” Patti giggled. So did Yun-hee, but that was to be expected.

What wasn’t so expected was how Yun-hee stumbled and nearly fell over for seemingly no reason. “Whoops!”

“Do you wanna sit down, Yun?” Patti asked, half-mocking and half-genuinely concerned.

Yun nodded. “Guess my, like, balance is wonky, ‘n stuff.” She looked around the room and giggled. “Val, can I sit with you?”

“Sorry, Yun,” Patti interjected. “Against the rules of the game!”

“Oh.” Yun sounded disappointed.

Patti smiled warmly and patted her lap. “Nothing against sharing a seat with the hostess, though!”

“Coooool.” Yun-hee stumbled over to Patti’s chair and flopped into her lap, giggling all the while like it was the most amusing thing in the world.

Patti held up the bowl of popcorn, and Yun-hee grabbed a handful and shoved it in her mouth. “Thanks, Patti!”

“You’re welcome, Yun.” Patti looked over at Val. “You’ve been awful quiet.”

Val shrugged. “I don’t really know what to say. This is just… a lot.”

“Val!” Yun-hee stared at Val with a startling intensity. “I gotta tell you something really important.”

Val gulped, unnerved by Yun-hee’s sudden shift in demeanor. “What is it?”

“This popcorn. It’s incredible.” She grabbed another handful and held it out to Val.

Val blinked and burst out laughing. “Jesus, Yun, you scared the shit out of me!”

“Oh. Sorry.” Yun-hee paused. “Do you want the popcorn?”

“I’m good, thanks.”

“Okay.” She crammed the whole handful in her mouth again. A few pieces fell out of her mouth and landed on the floor, but Yun-hee didn’t seem to notice.

“Hey!” Patti whined. “You’re stealing all my popcorn! I didn’t make it for you, y’know!”

Yun-hee giggled, more popcorn falling out of her mouth. “Sorry, Patti, I’m just, like, super hungry.”

“Great, I gave her the munchies…” Patti grumbled. “Alright, before Shaggy here eats all my popcorn-” Snap! “Toss!”

Val picked up the volleyball and threw it towards Yun-hee. The other woman was so occupied with chewing her popcorn, however, that she didn’t even notice the ball flying towards her. It bounced off her head and landed on the floor.

Val felt a twinge of panic, but then her mind was smoothed into simple, uninhibited giddiness.

“Oh, dear!” Patti chuckled. “It looks like both our contestants have lost their brains!”

Val felt like she should feel bad about that, but she had other things to worry about. Like rubbing herself. Rubbing herself was very important.

“Wow, Val,” Yun-hee said, “you’re, like, soaked.”

“Thanks!” Val giggled.

“You girls are such cute little dummies!” Patti said. “Between you and me, I think you’d both be much happier if you were like this all the time. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Yun-hee grinned. “Like, totally.

“Yeah!” Val agreed. “Like, who needs brains anyway? It’s way more funner to just giggle and rub your cunt!”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Patti smiled. “Oh, by the way…”

“Hm?” Val tilted her head to the side.

Snap! “Sleep!”

Snap! “Hello, Valerie.”

I really should be more used to this by now… Val groaned and slowly opened her eyes.

She didn’t expect what she saw. “Weiss?”

The white-haired woman smiled warmly at her. “Pardon the sudden appearance, but Patti let me know how much fun she was having and I just couldn’t resist.”

Fuck. Val looked over Weiss’ shoulder. Patti was whispering something in Yun-hee’s ear, and Yun-hee was clearly in trance. Fuck! “Y-You really shouldn’t be here…”

“Nonsense!” Weiss chuckled. “Why, I couldn’t think of a better place to be right now. Two, soon to be three, hypnotized beauties fucking each other into oblivion? What could be better?”

“What was that about three?” Patti glared at Weiss.

Weiss turned around. “Oh, c’mon, Patricia, you didn’t think I’d let you have all the fun, did you?”

Patti grinned. “Ah, darn. Well, I guess if I have to, I’ll let you give me little a brainwashing. As a treat.”

She let out another one of her cackles, and Weiss winced. “Never did learn about inside voices, did you,” she muttered. She looked at back Val and frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Val felt like she did back in the locker room – tense, sweaty, and terrified. “You really shouldn’t be here.”

Weiss scoffed. “Val, sweetie, be honest with yourself. You’ve just spent hours being hypnotized and fucked with alongside some girl you met at a bar. Do you think introducing your Madame is really going too far?”

“W-We didn’t meet at the bar.” Every word was a struggle; Val’s breath was haggard and shallow. “We met at work.”

Weiss was already pale, but now she was white as a sheet. “At… at work.”

She was quiet a moment, processing. “…You’re right.” Her voice was very quiet. “I should go.”

“No way, Weiss!” Patti grabbed Weiss’ hand and held onto it for dear life. “You’re already here, you gotta stay!”

“Patricia, stop! It’s getting late, and-”

“Just say hi, at least! Then you can go!”

“No, I really-”

Patti snapped her fingers. “Wake up!”

Yun-hee’s eyes opened.

She looked up.

Her face went pale.

She looked over at Val. Then back at Weiss.

She didn’t say anything.

Then the light flashed.

The sound was deafening. Like wires fusing together and melting.

Weiss flew back against the wall.

Val could hear Patti shouting something, but she couldn’t make it out over the ringing in her ears. She saw spots.

She felt someone grabbing her hand and yanking her off the couch. She stumbled forward, barely keeping herself from falling over.

“Get us out of here!”

She searched her memory for somewhere to go. The office. The bar.

Her apartment.

She opened a portal-

But she heard something.

A word.

The portal closed.

Val switched off.

Author’s note: I would like to thank Madam Kistulot and Kia for their help refining this story.

I’d also like to take a moment to mention Carefully Random’s Discord serverand the Mind Control Literature Discord server, which are both wonderful communities of erotica writers and readers. I’ve also opened up my own Discord server, which you can join here.

If you’re interested in reading more from me, you can check out my tag on HypnoHub, support me on Patreon, or view all my links at modren.carrd.co.

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