Chapter 2

by Modren

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Disclaimer: The following story contains consensual and non-consensual hypnosis and sexual activity. If you are underage, or if these themes make you uncomfortable, consider yourself warned. The characters and situations depicted below are fictional, and they should remain that way. The author does not condone any non-consensual sexual activity.

“I need to know what happened to me in there.”

Val was pacing back and forth in the locker room. She tried to project a sense of confidence, or determination, but she could feel her cheeks burning red. She knew Yun-hee could see the shame she was feeling, the humiliation. She couldn’t bear to meet her ally’s gaze.

To her credit, the younger woman didn’t really show any sign that she felt sorry for Val. Her round face showed no trace of annoyance or condescension. She stood a few inches shorter than Val, and quite a bit plumper; she wasn’t overweight by any stretch of the imagination, but definitely curvy. She put her glasses in their case and shrugged. “I’m sorry, Valerie,” she said, “but I just don’t know. Not without first knowing what caused the flashes you described.”

“Oh, c’mon, Yun,” Val pleaded, “you’re a psychologist, you gotta know something!”

Criminal psychologist, Valerie. I can’t give you that much information, it’s not what I studied.” Yun-hee reached into the locker and swapped her glasses case for a pair of white knee-high boots.

“Alright,” said Val, “then what can you give me?”

The other woman rolled her eyes as she slipped the boots on. “We’re still investigating the incident, there’s not enough data yet to draw a firm conclusion about this Blanc woman.”

“Dammit, Yun!” Val snapped. “We’re supposed to be on the same side here!”

Yun-hee sighed. “Okay… when you confronted her, you accused her of using drugs and magic, right? Remember how she reacted?”

“She said she wasn’t a witch or a drug dealer.”

“More than that.” Yun-hee reached for her gloves. “She wasn’t a witch, but she was flattered you thought she was. But she was angry that you suggested she was using drugs. What does that tell you?”

Val paused, the moment marked by the familiar snap of Yun-hee’s elbow-length glove conforming to her arm. “She’s proud of her work. Doesn’t want people to think she’s taking an ‘easy’ route.”

“Exactly!” Yun-hee had that excited look on her face that she got whenever she was walking someone through a profile. “She considers her work a kind of magic.”

The PA let out a burst of static as it came to life. A synthetic female voice chirped, “Blue Angel needed on deck. Repeat, Blue Angel needed on deck.”

“That’s my cue,” said Yun-hee. She put on her domino mask and closed the locker. “How do I look?” Her costume was nearly identical to the one Val wore when she went out on superhero duty, but blue instead of purple.

“Good, but… what does that mean for me? How does this explain what she did to me?”

Yun-hee shrugged. “If we’re ruling out magic and drugs, then it has to be some sort of technology. And my guess is that to develop that kind of tech, Madame Blanc probably has some background in hypnosis.”

Mistress Weiss held her hand a few inches away from the man’s nose. “So, right now, I just want you to follow my hand with your eyes as it swirls around in front of your face.”

Val squirmed in her seat. She wasn’t sure why she was still here. She knew, logically, she should’ve left the moment she saw Madame Blanc step out on stage. But she needed to see what this woman could do… and she needed to know what she was up against.

Weiss slowly moved her hand around in an arc, wiggling her fingers slightly. “That’s right. Just like that.”

Val felt her stomach tie in a knot. She was paralyzed. She tried to tell herself it was due to fear. She tried to ignore the rush of warmth between her legs.

The hand was moving faster now, swinging wider. “And you might start to notice,” Weiss continued, “that it’s getting a little harder to follow it, as it moves around and around. But that’s okay.”

Val was blushing again. Her breathing was slow and shallow, reverberating through her body. She felt her heart pounding like a jackhammer. She focused intently on Weiss’ movements, trying to catch something important. That she could use against her.

“Because it’s so easy to listen to the sound of my voice.” Weiss smiled. “So easy to follow along.”

Val felt warm. Her breath hitched in her throat.

“So easy to just listen to my voice and follow my fingers…”

Weiss’ hand plunged downward. Val felt like her head was being pulled down by a massive weight.

“…as you sleep.”

“Hey, you ok?”

Val snapped back to reality. She was back in the Pink Mansion, in her aisle seat. Most people had left their seats and were standing around conversing. Someone was holding a water bottle in front of her face. She looked up.

Mistress Weiss was looking down at her. “I think I got you with splash damage during the butterfly induction.”

Val swallowed. “Y-Yeah, I think you did.” She took the water bottle and unscrewed the cap. For some reason, she wasn’t expecting to receive a sealed bottle.

Weiss pointed to the empty seat next to Val. “May I?”

Val almost spit out her water. Oh God. She knows. She has to know. Doesn’t she? “I, uh… I don’t think so.”

The taller woman pouted. “Aw. Are you sure? I promise I won’t bite. Not unless you want me too, anyway.” She let out a giggle and held her hand up to cover her eyes. “God, that’s just terrible, I’m so sorry.” Val noticed how different Weiss seemed when she wasn’t Madame Blanc. She seemed more casual. Friendlier. Less domineering. Even her face looked different now; her makeup was heavier, with dark eyeshadow highlighting her eyes and black lipstick making her lips stand out against her pale skin. Val even swore that her eyes were a different color, but that had to be her imagination.

Val took another swig of water. What the hell. If she wanted to take control, she could do so either way. “Yeah, sure, have a seat.”

“Gladly.” Weiss sat down with her legs crossed. “Don’t think I’ve seen you around before, miss…?”


“Short for Valerie, I assume? That’s a pretty name.”

Val felt herself blushing for the umpteenth time that day. “Th-Thanks.”

Weiss giggled again, and Val blushed even harder. What’s her angle? Is she just toying with me?

“So,” Weiss continued, “what brings you out here?”

“You.” Val spoke without thinking, but quickly turned away and stammered, “I mean, uh, your page. I saw you were holding a class, and I thought I should meet you. A-And the other people here, obviously.”

Weiss smiled, and for a moment Val saw Blanc peeking out from behind her dark eyes. “Oh, so you’re a fan?”

Val groaned. “I guess, but I don’t wanna think of it like that. It feels weird.”

“I don’t think it’s weird,” Weiss reassured her. “It’s actually super cool meeting people who like my stuff. Sometimes it can feel like us hypnofetishists are all alone. Helps knowing there’s people that actually read what I put out there and like it.”

Val turned her head away in a huff. “I’m not a ‘hypnofetishist,’” she retorted, “I just think it’s interesting.”

“Yeah?” The way Weiss said it didn’t sound like a question. “Then I suppose this isn’t doing anything for you?”

Val turned and saw what Weiss was holding. “Oh, wow…”

The crystal was blood red, held on a thin black chain. It swung very slightly, Weiss slowly twisting her hand back and forth so it stayed in motion.

“And of course,” Weiss whispered. “since you’re not a hypnofetishist, this isn’t affecting you at all. You’re not fantasizing about me swinging this lovely little crystal in front of your face, your eyes helplessly captivated by the way the light bounces through all its many facets. And you’re certainly not getting aroused by the idea of me using this crystal to take away all your thoughts. Emptying your mind. Making you nice… and…”

“Blank…” Val gasped.

Weiss grabbed the crystal with her other hand. “Because you’re definitely not a hypnofetishist. Right?”

Val blinked, and hung her head in embarrassment. Weiss snickered, and got up from her chair. “Tell you what, Val.” She put the crystal back in her pocket. “If you ever want to chat, you know where to find me. And believe me, I would love to chat with someone as adorable as you.” With a wink, she walked back into the crowd.

Val stared straight at the floor. Smooth, Val. Real smooth. You just let Madame Blanc walk all over you yet again.

Are you proud of yourself?


Val had her hand in her panties again. She knelt down on the floor, facing the mirror attached to her closet. Her back leaned against the bed frame.

She stared at her own face, both the one reflected in the mirror and the one in Madame’s Polaroid. She felt guilty about not handing it over as evidence, but she knew she could never live with herself if anyone saw her like that. Helpless. Controlled. Blank.


Val tried to make her face look like it did in the picture. She let her jaw go slack, tried to relax every muscle in her face. She let her eyelids droop.


She started rubbing faster and faster. The room was silent, aside from her whimpers and the slick sound of her fingers going in and out of her pussy; silently, she thanked the Team Rainbow sponsors for paying to have her apartment soundproofed.

“Mad- hhaaahh…”

Her eyes slipped shut as she rocked her head back. She pictured Madame standing over her, smiling warmly as she mindlessly fingered herself. Madame knelt down and whispered in Val’s ear, telling Val that she was a good girl, how she was proud of her, how pleased she was that Val was being such a good pet.


She moaned loudly as she reached climax. Her body shuddered and spasmed, her pussy squirting onto the carpeted floor. Her legs squeezed together and she lost her balance, landing on her side while her body was still being rocked by her orgasm.

All the while, she chanted Madame’s name over and over.   * * *

Author’s note: I would like to thank Somnophile and Madam Kistulot for their help in refining this story.

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