Temp Work

Chapter 5

by Modren

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #masturbation #pov:bottom #sub:female #unaware

Disclaimer: The following story contains consensual and non-consensual hypnosis and sexual activity. If you are underage, or if these themes make you uncomfortable, consider yourself warned. The characters and situations depicted below are fictional, and they should remain that way. The author does not condone any non-consensual sexual activity.

Rammy pulled up to work with an eager smile on her face. It had been about a month since she’d started going to the gym, and it had done absolute wonders for her. She’d finally kicked her freshman fifteen – okay, really more like senior twenty, but still¬ – and started to show some actual definition in her legs and arms. And on top of that, she woke up every morning feeling properly rested. Sure, she sometimes got funny looks from the other patrons of the gym, but they weren’t even doing their exercises right, so what did they know?

She got out of her car, adjusting her skirt so that she wouldn’t flash anyone by bending over. I know sluts like me need to be ready at a moment’s notice, but that doesn’t mean I need to give everyone a free show! She walked in the front door and waved at Savanna and Qiang. “Good morning!”

“Hello, Rammy,” Savanna replied. She was standing next to Qiang, who was sat behind Rammy’s desk.

“Morning,” Qiang said softly. She seemed… different. Her eyes weren’t as sharp, and her body language looked less confident.

“Keeping the seat warm for me, huh, mommy?” Rammy giggled.

Savanna smiled. Then Rammy felt a buzz, and her mind went blank. She froze on the spot, her eyes crossing and her jaw going slack, drool trickling out of the corner of her lips.

“About that,” Savanna said, stepping up to Rammy and stroking her hair. “Qiang isn’t your mommy anymore, Rammy. I am.”

“You’re… mommy…” Rammy murmured, Savanna’s words burning into her empty, pliable mind.

“That’s right,” Savanna purred. She planted a kiss on Rammy’s cheek, and chuckled at how it made Rammy’s eyes flutter. “Oh, you did train her well, Qiang. I think I’ll let you do that, at least. My personal mind-breaker.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Qiang whispered.

“Rise, slave.”

Qiang stood up, and walked up next to Savanna when she was beckoned.

“I like you much better this way,” Savanna cooed. “Now, tell Rammy what you are.”

“I…” Qiang swallowed. She looked down at the floor, unable to meet Rammy’s gaze even as the other woman was so deeply hypnotized that she didn’t even know where she was. “I am… a slave. I obey Mistress Savanna. My mind, body and soul belong to her. I am nothing without her.”

Rammy stared through Qiang. It wasn’t clear if she even registered what was just said.

“Doesn’t it feel so wonderful?” Savanna chuckled, gently stroking Qiang’s back. “To admit what you truly are?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Qiang gasped, her eyes rolling back into her head, Savanna’s touch feeling better than any sex she’d ever had. “So wonderful…”

“Good slave.” Savanna turned off Rammy’s anal plug, and Rammy’s mind returned to her.

“Uh…” Rammy shook her head. “S-Sorry, mommy, I must’ve spaced out for a sec.”

“That’s quite alright. Well, if you need us, Qiang and I will be in the dressing room. Come along, Qiang.”

“Yes, Savanna.” Qiang’s cheeks were bright red as she and Savanna walked down the hallway into the dressing room.

Huh, wonder what that’s about. Rammy shrugged and sat down at her desk, ready for another uneventful day at the office. Who would’ve thought working at a porn studio would be so boring?

But it was only a few minutes before Rammy’s monotonous day was unexpectedly upended. Jess opened the door to the studio, a look of annoyance on her face. “Well, this sucks,” she muttered.

“What sucks?” Rammy asked.

“One’a our actresses is out sick today,” Jess sighed. “And we don’t got anyone who can replace her.”

“Damn, that does suck,” Rammy said sympathetically. “Is there any way you can work around it?”

“Maybe, but it’d take a lotta work…” Jess looked Rammy up and down. Rammy didn’t like the look in her eye. “But… maybe, uh… you could fill in?”

“What?!” Rammy gasped. “N-No way! I’m not that kind of girl! Just because I’m a slut who needs to always be available doesn’t mean I’m willing to get fucked on camera for money!”

“Yer… a what?” Jess blinked, furrowing her brow in confusion, but then her expression softened. “Oh, yeah, right. But listen, ya don’t have ta show yer tits on camera or nuthin’. It’s a walk-on role; you’d play Qiang’s roommate, and you’d leave to go run some errands. Then ya come back at the end and walk in on ‘em… well, y’know.”

“‘Them?’” Rammy raised an eyebrow. “Who else is gonna be there?”

“Look, will ya just please take the job?” Jess pleaded. “We’ll double – no, triple – your pay for the day.”

Rammy rubbed her chin. I dunno, something about this doesn’t seem right… but, wait, I can trust Jess! I can trust all my coworkers! “Alright, fine. But this is a one-time deal, okay?”

Jess chuckled. “Whatever ya say, Rammy.”

Rammy ran through her lines over and over again in her head. Even though it was so simple, she was more nervous than she could remember being in a long time. Okay, stay calm, you can do this! It’s just two lines!

“And… action!”

Rammy took a deep breath and walked onto the set. The room was surprisingly realistic-looking for a porn set. It was designed to look like an apartment, and did a pretty good job simulating one aside from the open ceiling for the lights and missing wall for the crew. Rammy imagined it had seen a lot of use in the various productions Savanna’s company had made over the years; she could see bits and pieces of other sets off to the sides, ready to be swapped in and reassembled depending on the needs of each film.

She stepped behind Qiang, who was pretending to be on her phone – or possibly actually on it, she couldn’t tell. “I have to run some errands,” Rammy said, trying to sound as natural as possible.

“Mind stopping by the sex shop and picking up my order while you’re out?” Qiang replied.

Rammy gasped in mock horror. “I’ll never understand how you could use those… those…” She furrowed her brow, feeling her cheeks turn red. “Um…”

“Those nasty things!” Savanna called out.

“Fuck’s sakes, Rammy,” Jess groaned, “it’s two goddamn lines!”

“S-Sorry!” Rammy squeaked. Wow, Jess can be a lot meaner than she seemed to be…

“It’s alright, Rammy,” Savanna said, “this is your first time, you’re nervous. Let’s keep rolling, but reset back to first positions.”

Rammy nodded and ducked back into the set hallway. She shook her hands out, trying to expel her anxious energy. The next take went off without a hitch, and after a couple more takes for safety, she felt a lot more at ease. Once she heard Savanna yell “Cut!” she walked back onto the set, beaming with pride. “So, what’s next?” she asked.

“Well, on a normal shoot we’d film your last scene right now so you can be done,” Savanna replied. “But, well, porn shoots tend to get… messy. And that can cause problems with continuity, so we shoot in chronological order. Meaning you get to sit back and watch the magic happen.”

“Oh!” Rammy exclaimed. “Well, that’s nice of you to offer, but I think I should probably just go back to my desk, and you can call me back when–” Her words were cut off when the anal plug started to vibrate again. Her mind went blank as Savanna chuckled and patted her on the shoulder.

“Silly Rammy,” Savanna said, “you really ought to learn that it’s not your place to think. But, since you want to keep up appearances, you think it’s a great idea to stay back here and watch us film.”

“Great idea…” Rammy drooled. “Stay… watch…” The buzzing went away, and Rammy shook her head. “Uh… y-yeah, that sounds great, actually! I’d love to stay and watch you film!”

“Somehow, I knew you’d say that.” Savanna motioned towards a folding chair set a few feet behind the camera. “Take a seat, Rammy.”

“You got it, mommy!” Huh, that feels… weird. Like, isn’t there someone else I called that? Rammy shrugged and sat down, deciding to put it out of mind. “So, what happens next?”

“Next, we bring in our special guest.”

“Who’s that?”

Savanna simply smiled and said, “You’ll see.” She got busy directing Jess and the other crew, adjusting the lighting and camera setup, leaving Rammy eagerly anticipating whoever this guest would be. What if it’s someone famous? Or… well, they’d have to be famous in porn, I guess. Do I know any big porn stars?

Eventually, the crew settled down, and Rammy saw someone move behind the set. With how dark the studio was, though, she couldn’t make out who they were.

“Okay, everyone,” Savanna said, looking at a small monitor showing the camera’s live feed. “Roll sound, this is scene two take one. And… action!”

Qiang was playing on her phone when she heard the doorbell ring. Sighing in annoyance, she got up from the couch and walked towards the door. “Look, I dunno what you’re selling, but we’re not–”

When she opened the door, she gasped. “Holy shit…”

The woman standing in front of her was tall – definitely over six feet – with curves that would make anyone take notice. Her olive skin was flawless, save for a single beauty mark to the lower right of her lip. She smiled and stared down at Qiang over a pair of designer sunglasses. “Why hello, dear. How have you been?”

“I-Imelda?” Qiang took a step back, giving Imelda just enough space to walk into the apartment. “How… how did you–”

“How did I track you down?” Imelda chuckled, the slightest hint of an Italian accent audible in her voice. “Qiang, surely you didn’t think you could hide from a woman of my skills? If I desire something – or someone, in this case – there is simply nothing that can stop me.”

“You need to leave,” Qiang said, trying to inject some forcefulness into her voice.

“No, I think I need to stay right here.” Imelda laid down on Qiang’s couch, the loose fabric of her dress spilling over the sides. “You and I have been apart far too long. You’ve been getting some rather strange ideas, haven’t you?”

Qiang balled her hands into fists. “I’m not who I was before. You can’t control me, Imelda.”

“I can’t?” Imelda laughed. “Dear, you should know better than to make something sound like a challenge! Now I’m more determined than ever.”

“Get out!” Qiang shouted. “Y-You’re trespassing! I’ll call the police!”

“No, you won’t.” Imelda rose off the couch, and Qiang’s eyes immediately locked onto the tent in the front of her dress. “Admit it. You were so much happier with me than you were on your own.”

“No… I’m…” Qiang shook her head, trying desperately to combat the fuzziness that was already infecting her mind. “I’m not your slave anymore!”

“‘Slave’ is such an ugly word.” Imelda stepped closer and closer to Qiang. “You were never just a slave to me. I adored you, I cherished you. I loved you so, so much.”

“That’s not love…” Qiang’s voice quavered. Her legs felt so weak; she knew what was happening to her, knew she needed to run or fight or just stop looking, but she couldn’t do any of that. She felt powerless. Weak. Horny.

“Perhaps it isn’t. But that doesn’t really matter anymore.” Imelda grinned wickedly and pulled the fabric of her dress away, revealing a large, erect cock. “Sink.”

“Sink…” qiang’s eyes lidded as she fell to her knees. Even after so much time, the trigger was still irresistible. All her fear vanished in an instant, replaced with simple, mindless, blissful adoration.

Imelda scratched qiang behind her ear. “See? You’ll always be my good girl.” qiang moaned at her Owner’s praise, her mind dripping between her legs. Imelda let the tip of her cock brush qiang’s lips. “Suck,” she said, and qiang obeyed.

qiang felt so right, on her knees, her Owner’s cock filling her mouth. It was silly, how she thought she was a dominant. How could having power over another possibly compare to having her power taken from her? The thrill of seeing someone’s mind empty, seeing them kneel in front of her, mindless and obedient, paled in comparison to experiencing it for herself.

“Th-That’s right,” Imelda groaned. “That’s my little cocksucker… oh fuck, qiang, I forgot how good you were…” She braced herself against the wall, her face flushed, her breath coming hard and hot. “I’m g-gonna… fuck…”

When her Owner came, qiang instinctually swallowed it all. Imelda had trained her so well; qiang’s body and mind were like a machine, conditioned and programmed into the perfect model of obedience.

Imelda patted qiang on the head and chuckled. “And not a drop spilled! I think a performance like that deserves a reward.” She snapped her fingers and said, “Cum.”

qiang shuddered and spasmed, the dark patch on her sweatpants growing larger as she moaned in ecstasy. None of her orgasms had felt this good since she left Imelda; she had wondered, before her Owner had claimed her mind, whether this was part of her programming. Now, though, she was merely simply thankful that her Owner had returned, had given her this gift of submission and pleasure.

“Remove your clothes,” Imelda said sternly, sitting down on the couch and sighing happily. “Assume position two.”

“Yes, Owner.” It sent a trill of pleasure through qiang’s body to say those words again. She stripped down quickly, not quite like a robot but smoothly and efficiently, and left her clothes in a neat pile. She knelt down in front of Imelda, her thighs spread wide, her hands clasped behind her head.

“Tell me, qiang,” Imelda purred, tracing the contours of qiang’s body with her foot, “who have you pleasured in the years since I last saw you?”

qiang ran the math in her head. “Ten people, Owner. Five trans women, two cis women, two trans men, and one cis man.”

“Tell me about the cis man.”

“His name was Michael. He was two inches shorter than me. Dark hair, glasses.”

“What did you do with him?”

Under normal circumstances, qiang might have felt a little embarrassed to tell someone about her sexual exploits. But this was a command from her Owner, and she obeyed without thought or question. “On our first date I gave him a handjob while he was in trance. On our two subsequent dates, I dropped him and he masturbated in front of me.”

Imelda leaned forward, studying qiang like a fine piece of art. “How did it feel to give him a handjob?”

qiang’s placid expression became almost imperceptibly sour. “Horrible, Owner. I had to look away and pretend I was servicing you in order to stomach it.”

“And yet you thought you were free from my control,” Imelda grinned. “Silly girl. Even as you tried to live a ‘normal’ life, you could not escape my power. You were straight when I found you, and yet now you are repulsed by men. You still love cock, of course, but only girlcock. Never the cock of a man.”

“Yes, Owner,” qiang mewled. “Girlcock is better than pussy, and both are far, far superior to anything a man can give me.”

“That’s right. You remember, as you should.” Imelda kissed qiang on the forehead, smiling at how it made her slave whimper with need. “Now, let us…” She sighed and rubbed her temples. “Ah, shit. Line?”

Jess looked down at the script. “Well, that line comes after Rammy walks back in, so… yep, looks like it’s time fer that.”

Savanna waved for Imelda to come over, and got up from her chair to check on Rammy. She’d activated the anal plug once Imelda took control of qiang, and by now Rammy was completely gone. Drool stained her top and coated her exposed cleavage, and the faint smell of arousal was detectable if one were to get close enough.

Imelda awkwardly stepped around the still-entranced qiang and straightened her hair. “So, how’d I do? I’m a little worried about the script, I don’t know how the ‘rattle off how many people you’ve fucked’ scene is gonna play. Feels a little… clinical?”

“People don’t watch these things for the dialogue,” Savanna smirked. “Besides, it’s not about the video, it’s about her.” She gently caressed Rammy’s cheek.

“I still don’t know why you needed me for this,” Imelda scoffed. “You’re good enough that you could’ve brainwashed her on the first day.”

“But where’s the fun in that?” Savanna gave Rammy’s breasts a hard squeeze, watching intently as Rammy moaned and rolled her eyes back. “Now, let’s see if my experiment worked. Rammy, can you hear me?”

“Yes, mommy…” Rammy murmured.

“Were you a good girl, Rammy?” Savanna gently stroked Rammy’s hair. “Did you pay attention like I told you to?”

“Yes, mommy,” Rammy mewled. “I was such a good girl…”

“And how do you feel about men?”

Rammy blinked. Savanna could practically see steam coming out of her ears as she struggled to make her drowsy, obedient mind function. “Girlcock is… better than pussy… both are suh… supe… b-better than men…”

Savanna chuckled and kissed Rammy on the cheek. “That’s right, good girl. And you can feel all those big girl words vanishing from your mind the more time you spend in trance. Mommy’s so proud of you for forgetting them, and prouder still for learning how much better girls are than men.”

“Thank you, mommy!” Rammy cooed, a silly, stupid grin forming on her face, beaming under Savanna’s praise.

“You’re welcome. Now, I’m going to turn off the plug soon. When I do, you’ll think you dozed off while we were shooting, but you will still remember all that you’ve learned while you were in trance.”

“Okay, mommy,” Rammy sighed. She looked almost sad to be waking up. When Savanna turned off the plug, she blinked and yawned, stretching in the chair like she’d just taken a long nap. “Mmm… s-sorry, boss, I must’ve fallen asleep. It won’t happen again, I promise!”

“Oh, that’s alright, Rammy,” Savanna smiled. “Anyway, we’re ready to film your last scene. Can you get into position for me?”

“That’s right. You remember, as you should.” Imelda kissed qiang on the forehead, smiling at how it made her slave whimper with need. She opened her mouth to speak again, but froze as she heard the front door unlock.

Rammy stepped over the threshold, holding a bag of groceries. “I’m back! Did we get any… calls…” She stared at the strange woman in the living room, and her naked roommate. “What the hell…”

Imelda rose from the couch. “Now, let us see how well you’ve trained this one…” She sauntered towards Rammy, who clutched the bag of groceries tighter.

“U-Um!” Rammy stammered. “I think that’s–” Her words were cut off when Imelda pulled her into a kiss, the bag falling to the floor. Rammy found herself strangely enjoying the kiss, her efforts to pull away vague and ineffective.

“Shh,” Imelda purred. “No more thinking, girl. Do as you’re told.” She pulled Rammy’s hair back with one hand and unbuttoned her blouse with the other, delighting in the way Rammy moaned and whimpered. When Rammy’s blouse was fully unbuttoned, Imelda bent Rammy over the couch and unzipped her skirt, yanking it down roughly. “Plugged up with no panties, eh? You really are a slut.”

“W-Wait,” Rammy said weakly. “This is… why haven’t they called CUT!” She shrieked as Imelda slid her cock into Rammy’s slick pussy.

“qiang, don’t just stand there,” Imelda grunted, “distract her.”

“Yes, Owner.” qiang scooted closer to Rammy and kissed her passionately, her hands sliding down from her cheeks to her neck and, finally, to her tits. She squeezed them firmly, pulling away from the kiss when Rammy moaned. “Remember what happens when I squeeze your tits, Rammy. It makes you feel warm. Makes you wet. Makes you horny.”

“H-Horny…” Rammy’s eyes rolled back into her head, her mind struggling to hold on in the face of the mental assault. “No, please… wh-what’s happening?”

“We’re sculpting you, Rammy.” qiang’s eyes were dull, glassy, yet Rammy could see the joy in them. “Just like Mistress did to me. We’re making you into something new. Something better.”

“Buh… th-that’s just a– oh!” Rammy moaned, feeling Imelda’s cock hit her G-spot. “Just a… video…”

“No, Rammy, it’s real. I belong to Mistress. I am her slave. And you will be too.”

She kissed Rammy on the forehead just as Rammy felt the buzzing return. She thought she might have been able to work through it, but now she had just a split second to realize how utterly hopeless she was before her mind was swallowed whole.

qiang smiled. “Sleep, Rammy. When you awaken, you’ll thank us.”

“Are you ready, rammy?”

rammy looked up at Her. She sat high above rammy, Her black heels dangling only inches away from rammy’s face. She smiled down on rammy, her eyes full of warmth and love.

rammy felt a sense of intense adoration. she wanted nothing more than to be here, in this moment, worshiping Her. she smiled. her mind was already sinking into that wonderful fog she knew so well, the one that made her warm and happy and horny and obedient. The one that made her Her slave.

She glared at rammy. “I’ll ask again. Are you ready, rammy?”

rammy blinked. Right. She asked her a question. What was it? rammy’s mind moved so slowly now; even the most simple of thoughts took ages to form. she’d long since realized that it wasn’t worth the effort to try. she reacted on instinct instead. “Yes, Mistress. rammy is ready.”

She smiled. “Good girl.”

She reached down and cupped her hands around rammy’s cheeks, kissing her on the lips. “How does it feel? Being rammy, and not Ramona?”

That other name sounded so strange to rammy’s ears. She knew, consciously, that it used to be her name – technically still was, from a legal standpoint. But it didn’t reflect who she was at all. “It feels so good, Mistress,” rammy purred. “rammy never wants to go back to how she used to be; she wants to be yours.”

“Somehow, I knew you’d say that,” She chuckled. She snapped Her fingers, and two doors opened, one behind rammy and the other behind Her. Miss Gloria and Imelda strode up on either side of Her, and rammy saw candie and qiang crawl next to her.

“My, my, my,” Miss Gloria smirked. “What a lovely sight you’ve given us, Savanna.”

“It’s truly beautiful,” Imelda cooed. “Almost makes me sad to be leaving so soon. I wish I could truly savor this.”

“Oh, please,” She scoffed, rolling Her eyes. “You’ve got your own harem, you don’t need to ‘savor’ mine.”

“True, but still. Yours has jewels that even mine lacks.” Imelda’s eyes drank in rammy’s body, and she felt a shiver of pleasure run through her.

“You already had your way with her,” She replied. “And besides, this is her formal induction into my group, so I reserve her. But you’re free to take your pick from the rest.”

Imelda leaned over and grinned. “Is Gloria on the table?”

“If she wishes to be,” She smiled.

“And she doesn’t,” Miss Gloria snapped. “I’m taking qiang, you can take candie.”

“I’m satisfied with that.” Imelda turned to Her. “Shall we begin now, or would you like to take the first move?”

She looked down at rammy. “Come closer, slave,” she purred. She untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. “Worship your Mistress.”

rammy felt her mind empty even more as she crawled forward. When her tongue touched her Mistress’s body, she knew she had found her true happiness.

Author’s note: I would like to thank Madeleine Wechsler for commissioning this story.

Author’s note: I would like to thank Madeleine Wechsler for commissioning this story.

I’d also like to take a moment to mention Carefully Random’s Discord server and the Mind Control Literature Discord server, which are both wonderful communities of erotica writers and readers. I’ve also opened up my own Discord server, which you can join here.

If you’re interested in reading more from me, you can check out my tag on HypnoHub, support me on Patreon, or view all my links at modren.carrd.co.


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