Backstage Pass

by Modren

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #sub:male

Madeleine brings her coworker Julie to Mistress Gianna’s hypnosis show. Madeleine volunteers to go on stage, and despite her apprehension, Julie ends up agreeing to some fun of her own.

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Disclaimer: The following story contains consensual and non-consensual hypnosis and sexual activity. If you are underage, or if these themes make you uncomfortable, consider yourself warned. The characters and situations depicted below are fictional, and they should remain that way. The author does not condone any non-consensual sexual activity.

Author’s note: This is a sequel to “Interview With the Hypnotist (Modren),” but can be enjoyed as a standalone work.

“I really don’t know about this, Maddie.”

Julie fidgeted in her seat, looking around at the crowd. There were a lot more people than she expected for such a risqué event.

Madeleine patted her on the shoulder. “C’mon, Julie, it’ll be fine! It’s not like I’m gonna ‘volunteer’ you or anything.”

“It’s not that…” Julie sighed. Good thing the lights are low, she thought. She probably can’t see me blushing. “It’s just, like, this is so weird! Why would you take me to some weird sex show?”

“It’s not a sex show,” Madeleine said. “It’s an-”

“An ‘adult hypnosis show,’ yeah. That’s why the lady doing the hypnosis goes by ‘Mistress Gianna’ and wears a dominatrix outfit on the poster.”

Madeleine giggled. “Aw, I see what it is. You’re freaked out because you think I’m hitting on you!”

Julie scoffed. “O-Of course not! We both know you’re straight.”

“And you’re not. Or did you think I didn’t catch you sneaking glances at my boobs when I walk by your desk?”

If Madeleine couldn’t see Julie blushing before, she definitely could now. Julie looked like a tomato. It didn’t help that Madeleine’s cleavage was on full display with the low cut of her blouse. “…they’re really big.”

Madeleine smiled. “It’s alright, Julie. I mean, I’m kinda used to people staring at my tits. And I gotta say, you’re pretty hot too!”

Julie giggled nervously. She thinks I’m hot! She often compared herself to Madeleine while the two were at work. At any other workplace, Julie would have been the one turning heads. She was a couple inches taller than Madeleine, which wasn’t saying much, but she’d worked hard to keep herself in the best shape she could. She was toned and lean, to the point where she often got confused for a yoga instructor or a cyclist.

But what Madeleine had over her was her bust. Julie wasn’t exactly flat, but Madeleine’s breasts were massive. And they made her the apple of every warm-blooded man’s eye at the office. And Julie’s, for that matter.

The lights dimmed. Madeleine squealed in excitement. “It’s starting!”

“I’m going to fuck your mind away.”

Madeleine’s eyes were glued to the strap-on waving in front of her face. She gawked at it slack-jawed, like it was the most fascinating object in the world.

Gianna looked down on her like she was a puppy. “It’s going to go in and out of that cute little butt of yours. And every time it goes in, it’s gonna shove a little bit more of that mind out.”

Madeline nodded dimly. She didn’t really look like she fully understood, but Gianna knew what was going on in her head, and she knew that she’d take the suggestion well.

“And once your mind has gone completely,” Gianna continued, “it’s going to be filled all over again. Filled with obedience and lust, leaving you a horny plaything. Does that sound fun, slut?”

“Yes,” Madeleine whispered. She didn’t think twice about her answer. She barely thought once.

Julie watched the stage with rapt attention.

The posters didn’t do Mistress Gianna justice. The Italian woman was almost a foot taller than Julie, and the latex catsuit left very little to the imagination. The zipper was down just enough to show off her ample cleavage without going so far that it seemed obscene.

Gianna grinned. “Welcome, everyone!”

The crowd roared in applause. Madeleine was one of the first to bolt to her feet, almost startling Julie. Didn’t know she was such a fan.

Gianna bowed. “Thank you all so much! I’m so happy to be here! Now, which of you would like to be my first volunteer of the evening?”

Dozens of hands shot up. Julie almost felt like joining them, but she held herself back. I can’t weird Madeleine out. She can’t know about my-

Julie froze. Gianna was pointing at her.

At least, that’s what she thought.

Gianna smiled warmly. “And the winner is the busty blonde in row five!”

Madeleine bent over the table. Her face rested on the cold laminate surface, and her heavy breasts were pressed down and acted almost like a cushion.

Gianna unzipped Madeleine’s tight miniskirt, exposing the hypnotized girl’s soaking panties. The scent of her arousal already filled the room, but it was still impressive just how wet Madeleine already was.

“My,” Gianna purred, “you are a slut, aren’t you? Already so excited for Gianna’ cock to slide in.”

“Yes, Gianna,” Madeleine whimpered. “I can’t help myself, I’m just such a slut for you.”

Gianna chuckled. “And I know you really do mean that. You couldn’t lie to me if you tried. Tell me, slut, will this be the first time you’ve ever had a cock in your ass?”

“Yes, Gianna.”

“Oh! Wonderful. I love showing my girls something new.”

Madeleine blinked. There was someone else in the room. “I…” she whispered. “I know you…”

And then Gianna’s strap-on entered her, and her eyes rolled back into her head.

She forgot about Julie in the corner of the room, sliding her fingers in and out of her cunt.

Madeleine jumped up and down with joy when Gianna picked her out of the crowd. Julie caught herself staring at Madeleine’s breasts as they jiggled up and down; they were moving around so much she had to wonder if Madeleine was even wearing a bra.

Madeleine scooched patched Julie and made her way out into the aisle, practically skipping up to the stage. Julie didn’t know the last time she’d ever seen Madeleine so excited. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this excited.

The bouncy blonde made her way to the stage and grinned for the audience. A few catcalls could be heard over the crowd, but Madeleine didn’t seem to mind. She went up to Gianna and blushed. She looked like a schoolgirl with a crush; she twirled her hair and played with the hem of her skirt, biting her lip and sneaking glances at the taller woman next to her. It was a far cry from the confident, if slightly ditzy, woman Julie knew at work. Madeleine wasn’t a great reporter, but she knew how to flaunt her sexuality to get what she wanted.

“And what is your name, my dear?” Gianna held the microphone to Madeleine’s face.

“Madeleine,” she giggled. She looked nervous, but Julie couldn’t tell if it was because she was in front of so many people or because she was next to Gianna.

“And we are not strangers, are we?” Gianna asked.

“Nope! I interviewed you for the paper yesterday.”

“And you did such a lovely job!” Gianna winked at Madeleine, and Julie swore her coworker nearly fainted.

Wait… she didn’t tell me about the interview. Julie frowned. Did Gianna give her these tickets? Why?

“Now,” Gianna continued, “while I normally start off with the pocketwatch, or the crystal, tonight I want to show everyone something special I discovered during our interview.” She clapped twice, and two stagehands brought out a folding chair and a large mirror.

Madeleine sat down in the chair and Gianna knelt down beside her. “Now, Madeleine, I’m sure you remember these stage lights.” She gently stroked Madeleine’s long hair, making Madeleine shiver. “How hot they can get. It’s stifling, is it not?”

Madeleine nodded.

“And as you sit here,” Gianna continued, “you can remember just how hot those lights were yesterday. How uncomfortable they made you.”

Madeleine nodded again, squirming slightly in her seat.

“That’s right,” Gianna purred. “It’s just too hot up here. You need to find some way to cool down.”


Julie was startled at how Madeleine’s voice sounded. She spoke in a low whisper, like every word was a deep exhale. It was hard to tell from this distance, but Julie swore that Madeleine’s eyes were drooping.

“And do you remember, Madeleine,” Gianna said, “how you cooled down yesterday?”

Madeleine nodded slowly.

“Then, why not do it again now?”

“Too many… people…” Madeleine whispered.

“Aw.” Gianna patted the top of Madeleine’s head. “Are you shy, little one?”


“Then, for the moment, just imagine all those people are fading away. Forget all about them. It’s just you and me up here. You feel safe and comfortable.”

Madeleine’s posture relaxed. “Yes…”

“How many people are here, Madeleine?”

Julie couldn’t believe what Madeleine said next. “Just… you and me…”

“And how do you feel?”

“Safe and… and comfortable…”

Gianna purred in delight. “Then you have no shame in doing what you need to do to cool off.” It felt like it should’ve been a question, but the way Gianna said it made it seem more like an inarguable fact.

Madeleine nodded.

And, slowly, she began to remove her top.

“Repeat after me, slut.”

The sound of Gianna’ voice focused Madeleine’s rapidly-dwindling attention.

“The less I think, the hornier I feel.”

“The less I think, the hornier I feel…” Madeleine gasped.

“The hornier I feel, the less I think.”

“The hornier I feel, the… the less I think…”

“Good slut.” Gianna sounded so pleased with Madeleine, it made the hypnotized girl beam with pride. “Repeat it over and over until I tell you to stop.”

Madeleine nodded. “The less I think, the hornier I feel… The hornier I feel, the less I think…”

“The less I think, the hornier I feel… The hornier I feel, the less I think…”

“The l-less I think, the- the hornier I feel… The hornier I feel, the… the less I think…”

“The less… I…”

Holy fucking shit. She’s actually doing it.

Julie’s heart was pounding like crazy. She couldn’t believe this was really happening. Madeleine, the eternal tease, was really taking her top off in front of thousands of people.

Madeleine’s movements were slow and languid. She slowly pulled off her blouse, revealing a lacy black silk bra. Julie gripped the armrest like a vice. She felt blood rushing to her cheeks, and between her legs.

Julie had been infatuated with Madeleine ever since they started working together. She wasn’t “out” to anyone else yet, but she’d spent countless nights fantasizing about spending the night with Madeleine between her legs. A part of her always felt guilty that she viewed one of her own co-workers as a sex object. That part of her wasn’t saying much right now, though.

“Very good, Madeleine.” Gianna gently caressed Madeleine’s shoulder. “But now, you feel a tremendous pressure on your chest. So tight, so constricted.”

Madeleine took a sharp intake of breath. She fidgeted in the chair, and a slight look of discomfort broke through her placid expression.

Gianna’s grin took on a wolfish quality. “You need to relieve that pressure, Madeleine.” Julie could hear the arousal in Gianna’s voice; clearly, the dominatrix was enjoying this just as much as Julie was. “You need to let your girls breathe.”

Madeleine nodded. She fumbled for a moment, but eventually unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. She breathed a sigh of relief.

A man’s voice rang out from the audience. “Yeah, girl! Take it off!”

Gianna snapped her head towards the voice. “Silence!”

Suddenly, a spotlight illuminated the man who called out. He shielded his eyes from the light, and the woman next to him slapped his arm. She said something to him, but all Julie could make out was “asshole.”

“Well, now.” Gianna grinned. “I think we’ve found our next volunteer.”

“…lusssi… thikk…”

Madeleine still kept trying to repeat her mantra, but by now it had devolved into an incoherent mutter. She drooled onto the table, her eyes staring at nothing.

“…murr… cccc…”

Gianna patted Madeleine softly on the head. “There, there. You can stop saying it now, slut. But keep those words rattling around that empty head of yours for me.”

Madeleine gasped as Gianna thrust into her again. Her eyes rolled back. “Yyyssss mmsstrrsss…”

Gianna looked over at Julie. “I take it you’re enjoying the show?”

Julie blushed. She pulled her hand away from her pussy and hastily wiped it off on her shin. “U-Um.”

“Oh, please,” Gianna giggled. “By all means, continue. I don’t just do this because I think it’s sexy, you know. I’m a professional; I want to make sure my audience is enjoying themselves.”

Julie nodded and started masturbating again. “Thank you…”

Gianna whispered something in Madeline’s ear.

The catcaller from the audience smirked. He tried to look cool and confident, but his discomfort at being up on stage was plainly obvious to anyone paying attention. Fortunately for him, most of the audience’s attention was focused on the topless woman sitting across from him.

Gianna held up the microphone again. “Now, when I snap my fingers, you’ll wake up.”

Madeleine nodded slowly.


The blonde woman’s eyes opened. She saw the man across from her and grinned. “Hey there, stud.”

The crowd chuckled. So did the catcaller.

“So,” Madeleine continued, “you like girls with big tits, don’t you?”

“Guilty as charged,” the man grinned.

“Not like I can blame you. After all, everyone likes big tits.” Madeleine’s voice was low and husky.

Julie felt another surge of arousal. Fuuuuuuuck. Who knew she could sound like that?

The man crossed his legs. “Y-Yeah.”

“Oh, what’s the matter, baby?” Madeleine stood up and sauntered over to him. “There’s no shame in getting all hot and bothered right now. After all, a beautiful woman is showing you her gorgeous tits. Of course your body is gonna respond to that.”

He nodded, blushing profusely.

“So why don’t you uncross those legs for me?”

For a moment, the man hesitated. Then, slowly, he uncrossed his legs, making the tent in his pants plainly visible to all.

Madeleine licked her lips. “My. You’re very happy to see me.”

She got down on her knees. “Why don’t you show me what you’ve got down there?”

The room had an uneasy silence.

Well, perhaps “silence” wasn’t the right word. There was a lot of noise, in fact. The slick sound of silicone sliding in and out of Madeleine’s well-lubricated asshole. The gasps, moans, and whimpers that Madeleine made as Gianna fucked her mind away. Julie’s own sounds of pleasure.

The only one who could be considered truly “silent” was Gianna. She fucked Madeleine’s ass like a machine, never seeming to break a sweat as she thrust in and out. Her breath was steady and calm, and her face was determined but not at all stressed. She looked more like she was driving a car than pegging a stacked blonde. She was completely in her element.

Julie, on the other hand, was not. She’d been afraid to even kiss another woman if others were around, and now she was masturbating while watching a dominatrix fucked her co-worker. As horny as she was by now, she couldn’t shake the feeling of intense discomfort, the feeling that she was seeing something that she shouldn’t be.

So she decided to break the tension. “Um…”

Gianna glanced over in her direction. “Yes?”

“Y’know… you’re acting pretty casual in this situation.”

Gianna chuckled. “Trust me, Julie, Madeleine here is far from the first woman I’ve fucked the brains out of. And she definitely won’t be the last, either.”

“How many times have you… done that?”

“At least once in every stop. So…” Gianna counted on her fingers. She never slowed down her pace. “I’d say at least a couple dozen.”

“Jesus,” Julie gasped. A couple dozen? She’s really brainwashed that many women into being her pets?

“You seem surprised,” Gianna said.

“It’s just crazy! Like, if I heard about it, I’d think it’s some crazy conspiracy theory!”

“Well,” Gianna giggled, “I’m apparently one-sixteenth lizard-person, so-”

Julie burst out laughing. “God, really? You’re making lizard person jokes now?”

“You seemed very tense. I wanted to help you loosen up.”

“You’ve killed the mood!”

Gianna shrugged. “Momentarily, perhaps.” She grabbed Madeleine’s hair yanked her head back.

Julie jumped, startled by the swiftness of the action. Then she noticed Madeleine’s expression.

Madeleine was so out of it that she may as well have left the building entirely. Her half-lidded eyes were all white now, and her mouth hung open, drool practically pouring down her chin.

“Slut,” Gianna growled. “Are you ready to cum for me? Are you ready to surrender your mind completely?”

Madeleine blinked. Her eyes opened just wide enough for her pupils to become visible. For a moment, she looked alarmingly lucid.

Then she said, “Yes, Mistress.”

“I-I have a g-girlfriend!”

The catcaller feebly tried to push Madeleine away from him, but she was determined. “Oh, that’s alright, darling,” she purred. She undid his belt and unzipped his jeans. “She doesn’t have to know.”

The crowd laughed. The man looked out into the audience and gave a sheepish grin to his furious (and now likely ex-)girlfriend.

Julie’s mouth dropped. There’s no fucking way. She’s not actually gonna fuck him, is she? You can’t do that on-stage! There’s, like, laws against that! I think.

If Gianna was concerned about someone calling the cops, though, she didn’t show it. She simply smiled as Madeleine pulled the man’s pants down, revealing his erect member to the adoring crowd.

Madeleine purred. “Gosh, mister. Your girlfriend is lucky she gets to worship a cock like this.”

“You’re fucking dead, Mike!” his girlfriend shouted from the audience.

Mike mouthed “sorry,” but then gasped. He looked down and saw Madeleine, grinning like a maniac, rubbing her tits around his shaft. “Oh goddd…” he moaned.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you?” Madeleine’s voice was pure sex, dripping with arousal and confidence. “You can just relax for me, baby. Let me do all the work. You can just sit back and feel good. How’s that sound?”

Mike either couldn’t speak or didn’t want to. He simply nodded and whimpered, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment and arousal.

Madeleine stroked his cock up and down with her tits. “Good boy. Just relax and listen. You’re in no state to think right now, what with all the blood flowing away from your head down to this stiff rod of yours. So you can let you mind just go quiet for now. You don’t need it anyway, do you?”

“N-No…” Mike gasped. Gianna grinned. He was dropping even faster than she thought he would.

“That’s right,” Madeleine purred. “All those little thoughts of yours just go quiet. They all drain down, down, down to your big cock. You can feel them draining, can’t you?”

Mike nodded. He blinked slowly, his eyes already getting glassy and unfocused.

“Pretty soon,” Madeleine continued, “you’re gonna cum, and all those thoughts are just gonna explode all over my tits. Fitting, right? After all, boys like you can’t help themselves. They just lose their minds over a nice pair of boobs. Boobs are so much better than brains, right, baby?”

Mike drooled. “Yesss…”

“Why don’t you say that for me? Boobs are better than brains.”

Mike groaned. “Boobs are better than brains…”

“Good boy!” Madeleine smiled. “Keep on saying that till you cum, ‘kay?”

A wide, stupid grin crossed Mike’s face. “Boobs’re… better than brains…”

Madeleine moaned like an animal.

Gianna finally showed some signs that her efforts were taking a toll. Her forehead was almost as shiny as her latex catsuit, and she grunted with every thrust in and out of Madeleine’s ass. “G-Good slut! Cum for me! Cum for Gianna Gianna!”

Julie’s hand worked tirelessly between her legs. We’re so close! It’s finally gonna happen! She thought back to all her fantasies with Madeleine – the blonde woman’s hair between her thighs as she licked Julie out, Julie kissing and caressing Madeleine’s massive breasts, the two of them sneaking into the office bathroom for a quick fuck during break. The years she spent lusting after Madeleine were all about to be worth it.

“Mike! Mike! Mike!”

The audience chanted his name over and over, cheering him on as Madeleine pushed him closer and closer to climax.

Neither of them seemed to notice, though. Madeleine seemed completely unable to see or hear the crowd she had worked into a frenzy, and Mike was way too far gone to understand what was happening anymore.

His eyes went wide.

The sound of his orgasm filled the room better than any sound system.

Julie was glad the concert hall was empty. Madeleine was so loud that she could probably be heard from the ticket booth.

The blonde’s body melted. She let out a low moan of pure lust as the last of her mind gushed out of her. She went completely limp, and her eyes slipped shut at last.

“F-Fuck!” Julie could feel her own climax approaching. She moaned openly now, giving up on any sense of shame or embarrassment. She’d just seen her workplace crush get pegged into mindlessness by a dominatrix; as far as she was concerned, all bets were off.

Gianna smiled at Julie. “My, so eager. You won’t even wait until you get your reward?”

Julie tried to say something – something defiant, snarky. Something that would show Gianna that she wasn’t intimidated. But then she came, and words left her.

“Listen, uh, I’m really sorry for interrupting the show.” Mike scratched the back of his head and looked down at the floor. His girlfriend glared at him with a fury that Gianna didn’t think she’d ever seen before.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Gianna said. “You more than made up for it with your performance.”

“I want a refund!” his girlfriend snapped. “Your little stunt ruined our night! Where the hell do you get off, making other people do shit like that?!”

Gianna smiled warmly at the woman. “I’m terribly sorry that your boyfriend embarrassed himself so. But I believe I have something that might make it up to you.” She whispered something in the woman’s ear.

Mike’s girlfriend grinned. She looked at him and said, “Oh, you are so fucked.” She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the lobby.

“W-Wait!” Mike shouted. “What did you tell her?”

Gianna just giggled and waved goodbye to the couple. When she turned back around, she was greeted by a familiar sight. “Why, hello, Madeleine!”

“Hi, Gianna!” Madeleine said. “That was an amazing show, thank you so much for the tickets!”

“Well, thank you for volunteering! And, uh, I believe I have something of yours?”

Madeleine looked confused for a moment, then gasped in shock when Gianna held up her bra and blouse. “Shit!” She hastily covered her chest and blushed. “I didn’t even realize!”

“That’s because I didn’t want you to.” Gianna handed her the clothes and looked at the other woman who was with Madeleine. “And who is this beautiful lady?”

“J-Julie.” Madeleine’s co-worker tried to avoid eye contact with Gianna. “Look, Maddie, can we go?”

“Well, Julie,” Gianna said, “I was hoping to have a little backstage chat with ‘Maddie’ here. But if you have somewhere to be-”

“Oh, but I really wanna talk with you!” Madeleine pleaded. “Julie, can’t we stay?”

“I-I, uh… I just wanna go.”

To most people, Julie would look mortified. But Gianna had seen enough in her day to tell that she wasn’t simply embarrassed. She could read Julie like a book, and knew exactly what she wanted.

“Tell you what, Julie,” Gianna smiled. “If you and Madeleine come backstage with me, I’ll provide you with a little… arrangement.”

Julie raised an eyebrow. “What kind of arrangement?”


Madeleine’s eyes hadn’t looked this clear since she came backstage.

“I… I never realized how… beautiful you are…”

She practically drooled at the sight of Julie’s nude body. Julie had seen that look before. It was how she looked at Madeleine.

“I want… I… Can I…”

Madeleine blushed and looked away.

Julie smiled and put her hand on Madeleine’s cheek. “Of course you can.”

Madeleine nodded and bit her lip. She crawled across the floor over to Julie, and, slowly, began to lick between her co-worker’s- no. Her lover’s legs.

Julie sighed and closed her eyes. This was everything she wanted. The girl she’d wanted for so long was finally hers.

She opened her eyes again. Her eyes locked onto the pocketwatch.

“Now,” Mistress said, “I want you to relax, and listen very carefully…”

Author’s note: I would like to thank Madeleine Wechsler for commissioning this story.

I’d also like to take a moment to mention Carefully Random’s Discord server and the Mind Control Literature Discord server, which are both wonderful communities of erotica writers and readers. I’ve also opened up my own Discord server, which you can join here.

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