by Modren

Tags: #dom:female #f/m #pov:bottom

Kyle reconnects with an old college friend, and winds up rekindling their… unusual relationship.

Disclaimer: The following story contains consensual and non-consensual hypnosis and sexual activity. If you are underage, or if these themes make you uncomfortable, consider yourself warned. The characters and situations depicted below are fictional, and they should remain that way. The author does not condone any non-consensual sexual activity.

Kyle sat on the bench and sipped his coffee. Still a little too hot for his liking, but not the worst it could be.

He idly pulled out his phone and checked his social media for the 3rd time in as many minutes. Same old, same old. He pulled down from the top and refreshed the page, watching the loading icon spin around as it pulled in new posts.

Nothing yet. He tried it again, noticing the way the icon spun around and feeling a small, almost imperceptible twinge of sadness when it went away. He refreshed again, just to see the icon once more. And again. And-

“Kyle? Is that you?”

He looked up suddenly, jolted out of his reverie. The woman who spoke to him gasped. “Oh, sorry! Didn’t mean to startle you, you just…” She paused and cocked her head to the side. “Wait, that really is you!”

Kyle stared at the woman for a moment, and, after a moment, gasped as well. “Oh, wow! Quinn!” He stood up and gave her a somewhat awkward hug. “How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you since graduation!”

Quinn broke off the hug and pushed her glasses back up with her index finger. “Good, really good. Ended up getting an internship at that research firm, one thing led to another, now I’m the head of HR!”

“That’s amazing!” replied Kyle. “I’m, uh, doing okay. Just got bumped up to regional manager, so I’m pretty stable. Not quite head of HR, though.”

“Hey, that’s still really good!” She looked at her watch. “Hey, I’m on break right now, do you wanna get some coffee and…” Her eyes shifted to the half-empty cup in his hand. “Oh, you already got some. But let’s meet up some time, alright? We’ll get dinner or something.”


“Tonight at 7? We’ll meet back here, agreed?”

“Agreed,” said Kyle.

Quinn blinked a couple times, then blushed and stammered “S-See you then!” as she walked off.

“So,” said Kyle, “how is it you managed to go from an intern fresh out of college to the head of HR in just two years?”

Quinn held up a finger, signaling for him to wait as she chewed her food. Finally, she swallowed. “Oh, y’know, just strong work ethic and speaking up in meetings. I mean, having a woman in a high position is good for PR, and you know how, uh, ‘eager’ I can be. I just kinda pushed for it, I guess.”

Kyle whistled. “Well, let me just say, I’m super proud of you. That’s really amazing what you pulled off, you know that?”

“Oh, stop! It’s nothing special, really!”

“Though, I do gotta ask…”

Quinn cocked her head to the side. “Yeah?”

“Why HR? I mean, I thought you were a psychology student. Doesn’t seem like a natural evolution for me.”

She shrugged. “I dunno, it was interesting to me. Plus, a lot of HR people ended up quitting a little while after I got there, so it was an easy slot to fit into.”

“I guess that makes sense. Still, do you miss not getting to flex your psych muscles?”

“Oh, I get plenty of workout in that area, believe me.”

“How so?”

Quinn smiled. “Trade secret,” she winked.

Kyle laughed. “Alright, don’t tell me then.”

Quinn took a sip of her drink. “Hey, Kyle? Do you remember that time you helped me on that one psych project?”

He thought for a moment. “Uh… I know I helped you study a lot, but…”

“You know, the one with the…” She blushed and lowered her voice. “Like the pocketwatch and stuff?”

Kyle rolled his eyes. “Oh, yeah. That time you tried to hypnotize me?”

“Tried?” Quinn looked almost offended. “I succeeded!”

“Yeah, right. I’d remember if it happened, wouldn’t I?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” She grinned. “Maybe I made you forget?”

He glared at her. “No offense, but that doesn’t seem like your deal.”

“My ‘deal?’”

“You don’t exactly give off a ‘mad scientist’ vibe, Quinn.”

She blushed even redder than before and averted her gaze. After a moment, she said very quietly, “You’ll pay the whole bill, agreed?”

“Agreed,” replied Kyle. “Consider it my treat.”

Quinn looked back up at him. “You seriously don’t remember being hypnotized?”

Kyle sighed. “No, I don’t remember, because it didn’t happen.”

“I can prove it.”

“Oh yeah? Is that a bet?”

She gulped. “…y-yeah, sure, it’s a bet.”

“Alright, what’s the wager?”

“Uh… how about, if I can’t convince you, I’ll give you 20 bucks.”

“I could go for 20 bucks.”

“But! If I can convince you that I hypnotized you back in college, you’ll come back home with me tonight, agreed?”


Quinn breathed deeply. “Alright, here goes. I hypnotized you in college, agreed?”

“Agreed,” replied Kyle. Suddenly, he gasped. Memories came flooding back to him from years past: his body relaxing as he followed the swinging watch, lying on Quinn’s bed as his thoughts became slower and slower, Quinn blushing and sweating as she brought him down into trance. “Wait, how did you do that?”

Quinn started laughing, in total disbelief. “Holy shit, it still works!”

“What still works?”

“When I hypnotized you, I gave you a suggestion that whenever I said ‘agreed,’ you’d instantly agree with whatever I told you. So when I told you I hypnotized you, it must’ve brought back those memories I made you forget.”

“That… that you <i>made</i> me forget?” Kyle leaned in closer. “Quinn, what the fuck?”

“I’ll tell you all about it… at my place.” She winked and picked up her bag as she got out of her seat. “You’re taking the bill, right?”

“Yeah, but-“

“And you won’t say another word until we go inside, agreed?”

Kyle followed Quinn as they walked back to her apartment. All the while, he was filled with a mixture of confusion, fear, and anger. Confusion, as to how Quinn’s suggestions would still work after all this time; fear, as to what she was planning to do to him; and anger, that she had manipulated him so thoroughly.

When she finally unlocked her door and let him in, he opened his mouth to talk-

“You’re completely fine with what happened, agreed?”

“Agreed.” Kyle blinked. What was he about to say? He felt on edge for some reason, but for the life of him couldn’t understand why.

Quinn patted him on the shoulder. “Good boy.” Kyle shuddered involuntarily. “Now, you’re going to strip down and sit on that sofa for me, agreed?”

“Agreed,” and he started to undress. He briefly wondered why he would get naked in the apartment of some college friend, but he assured himself that he must have had a very good reason to agree to this.

After a few moments, he was completely nude, and sat obediently on Quinn’s sofa. She walked over to him and looked at him, as if studying him. Finally, she said something. “Do you live in the city?”

“Yes,” he replied. “In an apartment, about 10 minutes from the park.”

“You’re going to get rid of that apartment, agreed?”

“Agreed. But… where will I live?”

“You’ll live with me, silly. Agreed?”

“Agreed.” He breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that his good friend would give him a place to stay after he sold his apartment.

“Alright, time for the real fun. You’ll get on your knees now, agreed?”

“Agreed,” said Kyle, as he slid off the sofa and fell to his knees.

“You’ll start masturbating for me, agreed?”

“Agreed,” he said, as he began to stroke his cock.

Quinn licked her lips and grinned at him. “You know, I don’t think I’ve never stopped thinking about you. How you looked when you were deep in trance, how you obeyed every suggestion without fail. You’re the best subject I’ve ever had, Kyle.”

“Thank you,” he blushed.

“You belong to me, agreed?”

“Agreed,” he replied, looking up at his owner.

“You love belonging to me, agreed?”

“Agreed,” he replied, gazing lovingly at his owner.

“You’re going to quit your job tomorrow, agreed?”

“Agreed,” he replied, already mentally writing his resignation letter.

“Hmm… what else, what else…” Quinn paced around for a bit, as Kyle continued to stroke. He was getting closer and closer, and his breathing became heavier. He was right at the edge when-

“Ah!” Quinn snapped. “No cumming until I tell you to, agreed?”

“A-Agreed!” he panted. “But please…”

“Please what?” Quinn looked down on him with mock pity.

“Please let me cum…”

“Oh? That’s what you want?” She leaned down to meet him at eye level. “You sure about that, Kyle?”

“Yes…” he moaned, teetering on the edge of orgasm.

“But you want to do what I tell you, agreed?”


“And I don’t want you to cum yet. Which means what?”

“I don’t want to cum yet,” sighed Kyle.

“Good boy,” said Quinn. Kyle’s eyes widened, and he suddenly moaned loudly as he came, getting a bit of semen on Quinn’s shoes. Quinn giggled to herself. “Oh, I forgot about that trigger! Guess the bit of pleasure from that phrase overrode your command to not cum. Noted.”

She flopped down on the sofa behind Kyle and took her shoes off, dangling them in front of his face. “Lick these clean, slave.”

Kyle, still basking in the afterglow, took the shoes and eagerly licked off the cum. Quinn patted him on the head. “Thank you, Kyle.” She kissed him on the cheek. “I’m so glad we ran into each other. Aren’t you?”

Kyle smiled at his owner. “Of course. I always love spending time with my old friend. Don’t you agree?”

Quinn chuckled. “Agreed.”

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