Miss_Praxis - Micro Fiction Compilation


by Miss_Praxis

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #clothing #diety #dom:nb #drones #drugs #ego_death #exhibitionism #f/nb #fantasy #latex #microfiction #mind_control #plants #robots #sadomasochism


“Fresh batch?” Asked Gayla.
“Yup” replied Talia.
“What’s their due date?” Said the shorter woman.
“Should be ready next week, Wednesday I think.”
The pair stared intently at the rows of vial shaped clear tanks arrayed in front of them. Faint feminine forms fixed by feed lines and fittings floated inside them.
“What’s the end product?” 
“It’s a custom order actually,” said Talia.

“Wow, he must be a rich bastard to order three!”
“Well, *She* is well off since she paid upfront,” Said Talia watching Gaylas apparent surprise.
Gayla pulled a pad off one of the tanks and began reading it.
“Nanite dermis, transmutable genitalia, holo-eyes, maid uplink, and personality transition,” Gayla said her right eyebrow inching skyward.
“Wanna hear the best part?” asked Talia leaning over Gaylas shoulder.
“The were all volunteers… She allowed them all a little bit of variance,” she said pointing to the ears budding on the girl in the first tank, “This is one is getting the vixen package at her request.”
“Wow, that's one hell of a way to start a maid staff?” Said Gayla reading the bottom half of the pad.
“Yup,” said Talia ruffling her grey tufted faux hawk, “It's quite a beginning.”
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