Miss_Praxis - Micro Fiction Compilation


by Miss_Praxis

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #clothing #diety #dom:nb #drones #drugs #ego_death #exhibitionism #f/nb #fantasy #latex #microfiction #mind_control #plants #robots #sadomasochism


A flame of pleasure blossomed in her groin with the first poke of the needle. The tattooer began forming an intricate pattern of runes around her ankles. The ink started pulsing with a purple glow as the tattoos climbed higher.
The tattooer marked her with a clan crest above her mons, eliciting a shudder. As the tattoos climbed higher the girls struggles shifted, cries of pain becoming mewls of pleasure. Her hips bucking; helplessly grinding against the restraints. The girls arousal became a bonfire which consumed all thought.
“You’ll love this part girlie,” said the tattooer as she started inking around the girls neck weaving the pattern tighter. 
The burning arousal had washed away further protestations.
“P-Please…I ne-”
“What do you need?” Asked the tattooer, pressing her 
palm into the girls groin.
Eyes wide now, wanton. “I… I need you to finish.” 
“Good girl.” The tattooer completed the neckband.
The needle pulled away. The tattoos came alight with purple flames. The girl screamed, arching her back as the fire and arousal burned her mind away. Leaving in their place a body wrapped in glowing purple brands, and an empty aroused mind. A new thrall for the clan.
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