Łamia Domestication Guide

Chapter 6 - Misty

by Miss_Praxis

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Vaciea leafed through stacks of paper in a swirl of vines and tendrils catching up on everything that had already gone by in her brief absence. The information she downloaded to her tablet seemed to cover the current state of affairs but the questions she wanted answered would be best found in reviewing the vast paper trail that had already been created from their rescue's brief stay.
The pieces were finally coming together. The information regarding the initial bioform state made sense and the action taken since, Vaciea was enthralled with getting it all together. The door to the office slipped open revealing a frazzled looking Taniva, her foliage twitching slightly, for a moment she froze seeing Vaciea.

“Hey you alright?” Vaciea inquired.
Taniva slumped down into a chair beside Vaciea spreading out with a soft shiver, losing her form completely.
“I. No, I am not.”
“Is it being in charge of the rescue? Or—”
Vaciea began to swiftly return the swarm of paperwork to their places of origin, turning to focus on her friend.
“No, it's the exact opposite, if I am in charge of something, how in the stars is a floret bossing me around?”
“Let me guess, its Coni’s”
Taniva chuffed as her fronds flared in frustration.
“It's just that they act like they are on equal footing, like they can just boss us around and-”
“Somehow I doubt that’s the case, Taniva.”

Taniva’s face drew taught as the mask of foliage drew against her vines.
“Well, I”
“It's hard having to deal with a pet who knows how to exploit our cultural norms?”
“Yes. Sencha! Sencha is just too much. They practically bludgeoned me with a promise when all I wanted to do was uphold my agreement with Conysciea to take care of Atreia.” 

Taniva collapsed inward vines undulating softly with nervous tics flicking through the tips.
“They merely reminded you of a promise, right?”
“Yes, but it was the way they did it, Vaciea”
“Taniva, getting your obligations pointed out by a Floret isn’t easy, it never feels good to be held accountable by those we are supposed to protect.”
Vaciea reached out with a pseudo arm, splaying the vines forming it to gently stroke the fronds lining the edge of Taniva’s face. The other Affini’s glittering eyes locked onto hers, the light glinting off them like hammered metal in moonlight.

“I just wish you’d take your own sodded advice too, Vaciea.”

The affini’s face cracked and then broke quite literally into pieces as all composure left her body. The sounds of her distress ellicated the sound of wind just before a storm playing across the branches of a forest.

Vaciea carefully intertwined herself with Taniva, supporting the other affini inside of her sturdy bulk.
“Oh, Taniva I-I am sorry for leaving you to deal with everything by yourself.”
The pair remained intertwined for sometime before Taniva quieted.

“I just wanted to help, but then I tripped on my own vines before I even got a chance to introduce myself properly.”
“It's your first time being in charge of anything like this and I know it's a lot to handle. I think you just needed a bit of support you didn’t have.”
Taniva shifted slowly, untangling herself from Vaciea, her form pulled back together.
Her body twisted open slightly and then closed in a gesture of acknowledgement.

“So then, Taniva, if interviewing the patient through an intermediary is necessary what’s our next step?”
“We review the footage of their interactions and continue exploring treatment options. I am worried though that she may resist being treated and suffer undue psychological harm because of it.”
“That sounds like a great place to start.”


A soft trill emanated through the hallway from the door that Taniva and Vaciea had just pinged. After a brief pause the door furled up revealing the entrance to Conysciea’s quarters.

“I take it you two have some ideas for our newly acquired rescue?” Conysciea called from the living room of her hab unit.
Taniva crossed the threshold remarking, “I do, though I am not sure you're going to like it.”

The pair took root besides one another on the planter like affini couch relaxing on its well tended soil.
Conysciea remained silent for a moment continuing to review the data slates she had in her tendrils.

“I see, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that once you got involved Vaciea, that Taniva’s plans would become more complex.”
Vaciea bristled her spines lifting up slightly, but before she could speak Taniva began, “While I have had Vaciea’s advice, this idea is wholly my own.”
Conysciea lifted a false brow pausing to appraise the pair before continuing.
“My apologies then. I guess I am getting a bit suspicious of gift trees lately.”
“Gift trees?”
“Oh it's a Terran tradition, apparently you are not allowed to question any gifts placed beneath one, simply accept them.” said Conysciea picking up a glass full of tea.
“That's quite strange,” remarked Taniva. Vaciea remained silent despite the look of amusement on her face.
“Yes, well before we get entirely sidetracked by arcane Terran culture I would like to know why you believe I won’t like your idea.” 
“Well, to put it plain and simple we shouldn't immediately begin with domesticating Atreia.”
Conysciea’s coughed slightly as she stared at Taniva.
“I… That’s simply not possible, she has proven to be quite dangerous! As well as her proven disposition towards violence in her actions.”
“I don’t believe that for a second,” Vaciea interjected.
“Ah, yes the ‘implant’ those Terran’s botched the implementation of in her. I don’t think it’s enough to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt she doesn’t have those desires on her own. I did some digging through terran records after Cardamom and her talked earlier.”
Taniva’s fronds froze as the pigment left their tips.
“Oh, so you’ve already looked over the footage...”
Conysciea smiled wryly, “I have. Don’t get too worked up dear. I think it was a perfectly understandable faux pas. I appreciate you respecting that promise though. Greatly. After all, promises to a floret are promises to their bloom.”
“Of course, I just haven’t, uhm felt my duties collide with them like that before.”
“Yes, I know it can be very hard to be between them like that, and I think you did well. Now, as for this suggestion about changing Atreias trajectory.”

“Yes, you said that you learned more about her past?”
“I have. She was a terrorist before the OCNI mutilated her.”
“Oh, well thats—”

“A little concerning, since she orchestrated the bombing of a factory,” Conysciea interupted waving a hand.

Vaciea leaned forward deciding to intercede, “I am not certain that's a reason too.”
“I’d say it characterizes her as somebody willing to harm innocent life for the possibility of harming an authority she disagrees with, what's to say she wouldn’t get involved with a rebel group if we don’t intervene.”
The group became lost in a heated debate for sometime thereafter.
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