Hypnos Academy of Persuasive Psychology

by Mcskeletor217

Tags: #cw:noncon #pov:bottom #dom:female #dom:male #sub:male

We all know that society is ruled from the shadows by secret organizations influencing the minds of the world rulers. But when a member passes their seat to the next generation where do they learn it all. And what sort of hijinks to they get up to while they are there

My new years resolution this year is to be more creative, so I plan on updating this once a week. However I am notoriously bad at keeping interest in things. So if you like this story, and want more, let me know. Thanks, and enjoy! ☺

Chapter 1

"Good morning class, and welcome to Online and Digital Methodology. Before we get started I want everyone to welcome our newest Olympian. Heron, would you like to introduce yourself?"

Heron Sykes stands up from his desk.

"Hello everybody, my name is Heron Sykes I just transferred from Dominion University-"
This caused a chorus of boos from the rest of the class. "I know right?" Heron continued. "I'm so happy to be here at Hypnos Academy-".

"I hear they put obedience triggers in the entire student body over there, What's yours?" asked a Blond girl sitting in the front row. A mischievous smirk on her face.

"N-no, nothing-"

"Shame" the girl cut Heron off as she relaxed in her seat.

"Calm down" Ms. Moore said, regaining control of her class. "Nobody here would be caught dead in Dominion University, including Mr. Sykes here. He has seen the light, and joined us here on mount Olympus. And we all know the first rule of behavioral training, don't we?"

"Don't punish desired behaviors" the class chimed in simultaneously

"Right, so I want all of you to give Mr. Sykes here your warmest Olympian welcome. Mr. Sykes you may take your seat." A wave of quiet shuffling washes over the classroom as Heron takes his seat again.

"Don't worry Heron" Whispered the red haired girl next to him "I'm sure someone will get a good boy buried in your head soon enough. You're going to love it here." Something about her voice sent chills up his spine. He wished she hadn't stopped talking.

"Now, since there are a couple of things I need from everyone here, instead of calling roll today I'll need all of you to send me an email. Make sure you include your name, student number, class number, and major. Oh and Heron, I'll need your student registration file. We'll get started as soon as I have everyone's information. Please begin."

Sounds of typing filled the room, and Heron began drafting the message.

TO: ava.moore@hypnos.edu
FROM: heron.sykes@hypnos.stu.edu
SUBJECT: Roll Call
Heron Sykes
Student No. 185269
Class No. 003
Therapeutic NLP

"What the hell is a student registration file though" Heron whispered to himself

"Need help finding your files?" asked the girl next to him. Hearing her voice was like sinking in honey. Heron took note, this girl was dangerous.

"I'm sure I can figure it out." he responded, scanning the desktop.

"Don't be proud Heron," she said as she scooched her chair over to his. "That's no way to make friends." She wrapped her arm around the back of his chair and pointed at the screen. "There, open the class folder". she leaned in closer and whispered "My name's Samantha by the way." Heron couldn't suppress the shiver that ran through him. Nor could he ignore her little laugh at his response. He flushed as he opened the folder for class 3.

Bartholomew Williams, Brittany Wiles, Hillary Stewart. "My name isn't here"

"You need to generate it, there should be a file on the top, underscore new stew dot sleep." Sure enough, there it was, right on top. _NewStu.slep. Heron double clicked the file and an error popped up. Error: cannot launch _NewStu.slep without headphones

"How does it know I'm not wearing headphones, and why does it need them anyway."

"Weird huh, you'd think with all the money these schools have they could make some working programs. But..." Samantha reached for the headphones on Heron's desk as she continued. "You need them to generate the file," she held out the headphones for Heron "and you need the file"

Heron took the headphones and put them on. He double clicked the file again and held his breath as the computer hung. Then he got the chills, shivering again.

"Samantha! I don't have your email. Keep to yourself until it's finished." Ms. Moore chided, jarring the two of them from their task.

"Sorry Ms. Moore" both Samantha and Heron said in unison. Looking back at his screen his heart sank. The folder was blank, what did he do. ''Uhh... Ms. Moore" Heron raised his hand, and she came over to his station.

"Yes Mr. Sykes" she leaned on the desk over him, looking at his screen.

"I was trying to generate my student file, uh Samantha was walking me through it. But uh... when I clicked the... thing to generate it, the folder just cleared itself out."

"Don't worry, they're all backed up. I'll just get it from the registrar. Send me the rest of your infor-"

DONG the class PA chimed. "Ms. Moore?"


"Can you send Heron Sykes to the counselling center please" Heron's face blanched. How bad had he fucked up on his first day.

"Right away."

"Thank you"

The PA cut out, and Ms. Moore turned back to Heron. "Send me your information, and take your things with you to the counselling center."

He nodded sending the email, and taking his backpack as he left.

"See you at lunch gremlin" Samantha teased, watching him walk out.

Heron walked alone down the empty hallways, following the signs for the main office. He was supposed to be quiet, not be noticed. And yet in the first class of the first day, he destroyed an entire folder's worth of important files, and had been sent out because of it. Ms. Moore and the entire class knows his name and face, for sure. Especially that girl, Samantha. He could already feel her influence. Was she even trying? She had to be, nobody was that passively enthralling. He was going to need to be very careful around her.

He walked into the main office and locked eyes with the receptionist.

"Heron Sykes?" She asked. Heron nodded. "Down that hallway, second door on the right. Your counselor wanted to meet you." He nodded again, thrilled at the idea of two more school officials that could pick him out of a lineup. He knocked on the indicated door, and a familiar voice answered.


Heron opened the door and could hardly believe who was on the other side. "Dr. Tyler?"

The man behind the desk adjusted the name plate sitting on top of it, and beckoned him in. "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Sykes" the office door swung closed behind him as Heron took a seat opposite the Doctor. "Be careful what you say around open doors Mr. Sykes. I recommended you because I thought you could be discreet. Don't make a fool of me."

"Yes sir Doctor Tyler, sir" Heron's eyes felt like they were weighted, and he was having a hard time raising them to meet Dr. Tyler's own.

"Good, now on to business." Dr. Tyler shuffled some documents together and stowed them away. "I see you've generated your student registration file." The words were dripping with malice as he said them

"Yes sir. Is that a problem?"

"A problem? I don't know Mr. Sykes, why don't you tell me. Do you think it's a problem to walk into the second best mind control school in the world, open a file that requires you to be wearing headphones, and loose nearly an hour because of it." Heron's eyes shot up and looked at the clock. 8:55 am. Class just started at 7:30 how had he lost that much time. "Pfft, you hadn't even noticed had you. Mr. Sykes your school needs you, and it needs you to not turn into a drooling puppet on the first day." Dr. Tyler sighed, and took off his horn rimmed glasses, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Heron I put my name on the line recommending you for this assignment. I did it because I thought you had what it takes. But your performance today is making me reconsider. Be better Mr. Sykes or you will end up being nothing at all. You're dismissed." Dr. Tyler returned his focus to the various files on his desk. Heron considered trying to defend himself, but though better of it. Grabbing his backpack, he left the office and returned to the empty hallway just as the bell rang.


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