Stupid Boy, Powerfull Cock

by HypnoTimeMe

Tags: #dom:female #dom:male #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #exhibitionism

Liz can’t stop hearing her master’s voice, she just doesn’t know where it is coming from. Is it Jason, but he is an idiot. Maybe his cock is smarter than the boy who carries it.

Special Thanks to Qxvw198 for proofreading this story

"Thank you for helping me" Jason smiled at his RA, as they both carried boxes into his dorm room. "It was such a weird week, I almost didn't get in to the school you know."

Liz tried to act calm. Cum Slave.  Holding her breath. "Oh really..." She walked next to Jason desperately trying no to look at his cock. It was so big... Jason was wearing shorts, but his bulge was so large. Jason walked as if he had no shame. He carried the box on his cock as if it was a shelf, his arms keeping balance. "Oh..." Liz tries to regain her composure. "What do you mean you almost didn't get in?"

"Well," Jason started walking down the hall to his room. "Jenna, the entrance advisor, sent me a letter saying that I was too dumb to come to this institution. My grades were not high enough. She sent a letter specifically for me, telling me that only a guy could have the audacity to try to get in, but I wasn't dissuaded. She probably thought I was some misogynist, but she was wrong. I love women. In fact all my friends are women. So I drove down and...."

Liz tried to pay attention, but she was zoning out so much. There was something messing with her head.  She kept imagining herself happily sucking his cock. Please help me. She heard something in her head. She felt like she was going crazy. It was a need. You love me. Liz was scared, but the idea of leaving Jason felt even worse. You worship me. "Cock," Liz felt the words escape her mouth.

"What" Jason asked confused.

"Nothing" Liz tried to excuse herself. "Please continue." Liz desperately paid attention to the story, trying to not zone out again. She continued listening as they entered his dorm room. As they walked in Liz hoped more than anything that Jason would make a move. She clumsily closed the door behind her, still carrying the box. She had never wanted a boy so much.

"So yeah, after an in-person meeting she agreed to let me in and then she and some other advisors even helped me out with my condition. I was right. I knew that if she only met me, then she would like me. This has happened a lot" Jason put the box down, his cock now more clearly visible. Liz noticed a small spot of precum stain on his shorts.

"I see. Is that how you ended up in the girls' dorm?" Liz asked, trying to look at Jason's eyes. Master deserves any girl it wants.

"Yeah, all the guy ones were full, so she put me here. She got this double room just for me and even got me an Alaskan King size bed just for myself. She told me it wasn't normally allowed so don't tell anyone..." Jason put his finger in front of his mouth as if shushing someone. "You know, just between us..."

"Of course. I would hate...." Liz looked down for a second, feeling her mouth salivating. Anything for me. "I would hate it if you got kicked out.  Your secret is safe with me."

"Thank you so much, now I'm going to unpack." Jason said, "so if I could have a moment".

Liz froze. She didn't want to leave. "Um... I can help you... I'm here to help..."

"No don't worry... please just leave." Jason said desperately.

"Is this about your condition?" She asked, hoping that would help her stay. "I'm your RA. It's part of my duties." she lied.

"Really? You already know what my condition is. Thank god, I hate having to keep this secret." Jason moved his hand under his pants and started masturbating. "But don't worry... I can take care of it myself, please. I mean... I can't, but I have to learn..."

Masturbation means you failed. Liz felt something was wrong, as if her mind was being pulled into a dark abyss. I deserve more, I deserve slaves. "No I insist" Liz quickly got in her knees and pulling Jason's shorts down, replacing his hand with hers. She is in awe of his cock, she had seen nothing like it before. Good Girl. She felt a chill of pleasure run down her spine. "So tell me more about your condition. Is this helping?" Liz started looking lovingly at Jason's cock. To her surprise, she started kissing the tip of his cock.

Jason took a second, trying no to moan. "Yes..." a small, high pitched moan came out. "Oh it feels so good." He put his hands on the desk behind him to keep his balance. "Yeah I got it soon after my 18th birthday, it makes me so horny all the time, every girl I see... I need release. I used to be smart, but now... it takes all the blood from my brain. It's so hard to think about anything else. Thank you so much for helping me. The worst part was that I had to break up with my girlfriend. She told me that my cock was doing something to her. It was taking away her free will. I had to break up with her.  It wasn't right. Either she was lying or I would have been an asshole. Thankfully I found other girlfriends who didn't have that problem and took care of my condition. I really thought I was going to have to learn to take care of it myself in college, but you are a lifesaver."

Liz looked adoringly at Jason's cock. "Anytime you want." Anywhere. Anything I want.

"My ex-girlfriends told me I shouldn't come to college, that I should stay with them. They tried to tell me people at college were mean. I was worried, but so far everyone is so nice." Jason said happily.

Liz found it hard to concentrate. The taste of his precum had intoxicated her.   It was the most wonderful taste she had ever experienced. Her mind filled with cock. She found herself staring at it. As she opened her mouth, she was surprised by her response. "I think I'm in love with you." She snapped out of her daze for a second. Good Girl. You exist to worship me. She couldn't believe she had said it, but more importantly, she meant it. She felt a deeper love than she had for any person before, but she didn't love Jason, she loved his cock. It was her master.  It was all that mattered to her. She existed to please it.

"Really" Jason said ecstatically. "I thought it was all in my head. I'm a romantic. I love you too." He confessed. "Would you like to date me? Do you want to be my girlfriend?" He was clearly anxious.

Liz was desperately trying to wrap her mind with what was happening. She didn't want to mess it up. She put it together: Jason is so stupid that he doesn't realize the effect he has on girls, but if he finds out, then he won't let her pleasure his cock because that would be immoral. Most guys would be desperate to get a girl this willing to fuck them, but Jason... If Liz didn't reassure him, then some other girl would just lie to him and that girl would get him. Liz looked up and smiled. "Yes Jason I would love to date you." Nothing but a fleshlight. "There is this thing I loved doing to my last boyfriend, so I'm excited that I get to do it again." Liz lied.  She took a deep breath and started deepthroating Jason as best she could. Deeper and deeper each time. Pain shows that you are doing well. She felt her eyes start to water, but she didn't want to stop. She didn't know if she had the will power to be a good slave so she took Jason's hands and put them behind her head, hoping he would push her farther down.

Jason smiled and started guiding her head, seemingly with little regard for her ability to breath. "Oh what a coincidence, this was also some of my ex's favorite game as well" He pushed her head deeper and deeper.

Your body is mine, show it to me. You have no shame, you are a naked toy for me.  Liz started taking off her shorts and panties, trying to take them off without her mouth leaving her master. Finally she got them off and threw them aside. Getting to her shirt, she realized that she wasn't wearing a button up. It was hard to think while getting face fucked so she did the first thing she thought of without having to stop sucking Jason. She simply ripped the shirt apart, throwing it aside as well.  Her bra quickly followed. Good Girl, show yourself off. Liz felt so much joy now that she was naked, knowing she had done well for her master. Sucking Jason's cock as deep as he wanted, feeling the pain each time. The pain showed that she did well. She had no shame as she knelt in front of him. She tried to get in a better position, sticking out her ass so that Jason could see it and her master could get harder. 

Liz finally pulled back from deepthroating her master's cock. "Don't worry, I can be anything you want."

Still kissing and worshiping it, never letting go with her hands, she looked up and smiled, starting to hit her face with Jason's cock. "Your dumb slut is so happy that I get to worship you. I can't wait to make you cum, I'm already salivating... I'm your toy for you to fill with cum."

Jason smiled as well. "Oh thank you... but...."

More. More. Liz started worrying. "But what... am I not good enough? I will do anything. I can take it deeper, my pussy, my ass, anything you want. Please." More. More. Two More. 

Liz went back on deepthroating Jason, holding his hand making it more intense and personal.  He finally gave out a scream in pleasure. "Oh god, you are so beautiful." He moaned.

Liz got ready to get her reward, her master's cum. She needed it more than anything she had ever needed before, but no. There was just a bit more of precum. What was wrong? Did she do something wrong? More More More More. Liz pulled back "What do you want... I will do anything to make you cum. My pussy, my ass. You want more? I will give you more."

Jason giggled. "I tried to tell you. You see, since I got my conditions I have built up tolerance and...."

Liz couldn't believe it. Two more Girls. That is what her master meant by More. Jason could no longer cum unless he was being pleasured by three girls at once. As soon as he said it, she knew who to get. Two freshmen, a petite Asian called Mei and her busty black roomate Kayla. Liz had run out of the room to find them as fast as possible. She was still naked. Her master was hard and she needed to please it, every second of waiting was a failure. Their room was directly across from Jason's.  She knocked as hard as she could. "Girls I need to talk to you!"

"Um...." the answering voice paused. "Please come later, we are busy." Mei said.

"No, it is important!" Liz said, before being interrupted.

"We are busy," Kayla reiterated.

Liz could have shared that she heard a moan coming from the room, but there was no time to think and it had to be them. She felt it, the image of them in her mind had been planted by her master.  They are what it wanted. Liz ran toward her room, to find her spare keys for all the rooms in her floor. As much as she was hurrying, she took a moment to close the door behind her when she got in her room. She felt so guilty, wasting time like that, but she didn't want people watching her run around naked. Now that Liz was farther away from her master, she giggled to herself about the absurdity of the situation. Her last boyfriend broke up with her for being a prude but now she was running around naked just to suck an idiot's cock. She went to her drawer to find the keys. As she looked, she felt out of breath. She had sprinted faster than she ever had. "Anything for master." she whispered to herself. She finally found the right key. Liz considered getting dressed, but that would take too long, so she ran back outside completely naked and dashed back to the girls' room.

When she threw open the door, she heard Me and Kayla moaning to themselves. "Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me..." She slowly walked in, not wanting to scare them. She found the girls naked on a pair of bean bags. They had their eyes closed and they were fingering themselves. "What is happening?" Liz asked.

Mei panicked, realizing Liz had gotten into their room, but she didn't want to stop. She was in heaven, fantasizing as her master fucking her over and over again.  "Please leave, we are fine. We are... is..." Mei finally opened her eyes as she realized she didn't know how to explain herself. "You're naked!" Mei said, surprised. 

Kayla finally reacted. "What!" She opened her eyes as well.

Liz smiled. "You girls hear master too, don't you?''  Both of the girls nodded.

Mei's voice was full of excitement. "Wait, do you know who our Master is?  How can we please him? Tell us please..."

Liz felt relieved.  She didn't have a plan to convince them, but Master had taken care of it. "Don't worry girls. I will show you."

"Jason we are back" Liz walked in with Kayla and Mei on each side of her, showing them off. To her horror Jason was at his desk watching porn and Masturbating. She felt a cold chill rush down her spine.

Jason turned around in his swivel chair, his cock in full view, "Sorry Liz... I know you asked me not too but, I was just so horny... it's my condition."

Liz stood there in disbelief.  She had told this idiot that she was going to bring two naked girls to pleasure him and in the tiny amount of time she was gone he gotten bored and started looking at porn. Liz swallowed her pride. "No it's my fault. I shouldn't have taken as long." Liz apologized, but the worst part was that she meant it. Those seconds she had wasted closing her door... She had failed just because of her modesty.

"Hi I'm Mei.'' Mei extended her hand. "Well I was telling Liz earlier today that I wanted to find a boyfriend.'' Mei lied. "But there were no good guys around. I was in despair, but then she ran in and told me about you. I'm so lucky, do you want to date?" Mei went straight to the point. 

"Um... sure" Jason tried to respond before Kayla interrupted him.

"I'm Kayla. I would also love to date you." Kayla tried to contain herself. "I was dating a guy until a couple seconds ago, but he was awful. I literally just texted him that we should break up just so I can be with you."

Jason looked confused. "What I don't want to do is something like that... Even then I would hate being a rebound."

Kayla panicked. "Oh no it's not like that. I hated him. He was the worst, I only agreed to go out with him because I was too scared to say no. After four years, I finally built up the courage. So it is not bad, really. In fact, you are my hero, you saved me."

"Then yes, I would love to date both of you." He said happily.

Liz noticed that Jason had stopped looking at her.  She couldn't let these girls get fucked before she did. "I have an idea. '' She chimed in. "Why don't we get comfortable in bed so you three can get to know each other while I ride your cock. You know, to try to contain your condition, so you can concentrate on the conversation."

Kayla and Mei understood what had just happened but tried to hide their anger as Jason nodded.

The girls followed Jason as they moved to his King bed and he lay down in the center. Kayla and Mei got on each side of him, his hands immediately going to their asses as he started groping them. "Thank you Master." Mei moaned. 

Liz got on the bed and crawled to his cock, getting on top of it and slowly starting to slid herself down onto it. "I belong to you master." She whispered, worshiping Jason's cock. "I'm nothing compare to you. I exist to serve." It felt better than anything she had ever felt as she tried to get lower and lower on his cock with each bounce. Trying to keep her moans as quiet as possible, not disturbing the other girls, who were trying to trick Jason into let them serve his cock as well.

As the girls stayed on each side Jason was clearly very nervous. "Sorry, it's just that you two are very pretty. I want to make a good impression. I really want friends in college."

Mei and Kayla resisted rolling their eyes. Mei broke the silence with a giggle. "Oh don't worry.'' She took Jason's hand and moved it down from her ass to her soaked pussy. "You are making a great impression. So tell us, what do you like?"

Jason takes a second. "Well... since I got the condition I have spent most of my time dealing with it. So a lot of time with my mom, sister and ex girlfriends" His face went red. "I guess I shouldn't bring them up... on a first date." He paused again. "Sometimes, I try to play video games or watch shows when I'm alone but I inevitably get horny and just masturbate and watch porn until someone relieves me." He said matter of  factually. "Do you girls like porn?" He asked.

Kayla was surprised by how forward he was. Especially about his porn watching. Kayla had thought porn was disgusting and dehumanizing to women, but if Jason liked it. "Oh I can't spend a day without watching." She said with excitement in her voice.

"Oh me too... I love it every day" Mei followed Kayla's lead.

"Really, what kind?" He asked.

Kayla felt as if she had nothing to say. She thought that porn was just for the male's gaze, men and women fucking. What was special about it? She felt something inside of her. Her master speaking through her. "I love watching girls being punished by their master for disobeying." She said, feeling her own mind rewiring.  She suddenly meant it.

Mei smiled as her mind was adjusted too. "Oh my god. I love watching girls being punished by their master for disobeying as well."

Liz gave out a moan as she tried to speak. "You two girls.... Oh my god... We are so alike. Do you girls like Mind Control porn?"

Mei agreed. "Oh my god, it is so hot. You know what my favorite thing is?"

All the girls feel their Master talking thru them all at once. "When they talk in unison." They all giggled. "Master we are your multiracial harem, full of dumb cock-obsessed slaves. Use us however you want." Mei and Kayla giggled.

Liz started fucking her master faster and faster "Yes we are... it's all we are... We need your cock, we are obsessed. I'm nothing but a slut to serve. I'm nothing but..." her moans started getting louder and louder. In any other time she would have cum already, but it seemed like she was waiting for something. She felt her master twitching. "Thank you Master. I made you happy.  Thank you for the reward. I don't deserve it '' She felt Jason cum inside her pussy, and her orgasm was finally allowed to arrive.  She screamed as her twitching body collapsed on top of Jason. Her breath gave out. 

Jason's cock slid out of Liz and stood up again, still as hard as before. Mei pushed Liz off of Jason. "My turn." She got up from Jason's side and gently started mounting him, feeling his cock slowly pushing into her virgin pussy. "It's better than I imagined." Mei felt her brain melt away as her hips moved on their own.

Jason tried to move Liz, her tired body obediently getting on his side.  The first words out of her mouth were, "Punish me master."

Jason looked confused. "Why?"

"I took too long earlier, you had to masturbate... It was my duty. I deserve to be punished. Spanked me, hit me... I want it." Liz begged.

"No, it's just my condition." Jason tried to correct her.

"You idiot, this is a kink thing, just punish me." Liz lied. It felt wrong, but this idiot had to be convinced. She deserved to be punished.

"Okay... You deserve to be punished, you worthless slut." Jason spanked her softly.

"If it doesn't hurt it doesn't count." she moaned. "I'm your worthless slave.  Treat me like one." Jason slapped her a bit harder, her ass becoming a little red. Liz begged more. "Again, harder..." Jason complied. "I deserve this... more... I was selfish and worthless." Jason swung as hard as he could. "I deserve more." Jason continued spanking her and Liz begged for more time after time, until she knew that she would still feel this pain for days. She remembered that she had paused to close the door behind her when she had run into her room.  She had cared if people saw her naked. Why would she? Her wishes don't matter. She should have just broken into Mei and Kayla's room and kidnapped them if they weren't willing. Women were objects. "Thank you Master. I deserved to be punished." 

As Mei watched Liz get punished, she felt her pussy getting filled with her Master's cum. "Yes Master, use us however you want." Just like Liz, Mei collapsed in her overwhelming orgasm. After a moment to partially recover, she switched spots with Kayla so she could start riding Master. Mei happily got next to Jason as his hand slid down to her ass. Kayla started getting lost in the pleasure. Mei understood what was happening.  Her mind was still mush. "Master, make Kayla a pet... Destroy her mind." Mei said, knowing it would make her master harder. "Make her become your pet, a dog who can't talk. Would you like that?"

Jason started nodding. Soon after, Kayla felt her brain disappearing from the pleasure.  She started to hang her tongue out and pant. Soon, her moans turned into little barks. "My brain.... I'm your pet.... woof... woof..."

Mei and Liz talked in unison. "We are anything you want. No brains, just wet pussies." When Jason came a third time, Kayla also collapsed onto her master. Kayla tried to say thank you but it came out as another bark.

Jason giggled. The three girls instinctively scooted down to his cock and started licking it, cleaning it. His cock was still spitting random strings of cum, which the girls happily licked. "Girls'' Jason smiled down. "I think I'm going to nap... I'm spent."

The girls didn't stop looking at their Master, not making eye contact with Jason. "Sure Honey, nap... we will take care of you" Liz said as the other girls nodded.

Jason smiled knowing he had such wonderful girlfriends.

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