Dangerous Addiction

by HypnoTimeMe

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/m #sub:female

Brea finally got the girl of her dreams, all it took was getting her addicted to a mind-control drug. Sadly she has run out and needs to go now she needs to get more

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"I need more," Molly pleaded with Brea.

The two had been lying on Brea's bed, holding each other and sharing tender kisses. They weren't in a romantic relationship. It was all because of the candy. Once you tasted it, you craved nothing more than to make those around you happy and to fulfill all of their desires. Brea had introduced Molly to the candy a few weeks earlier. Brea explained its effects, but Molly had laughed it off, not believing her. That changed once Molly tried it herself.

Initially, Brea used it for simple tricks: making Molly bark, fetch items, and dance. It was all in good fun, and Molly enjoyed it. The desire to obey was so strong. To obey, someone had to give commands. Molly would have obeyed literally anyone. She did rather it be someone she trusted and Molly trusted Brea. Whenever she was apart from Brea, Molly couldn't help but daydream about being under the candy's influence again. She trusted Brea, who had even instructed Molly to obey only her, ensuring that no one else could control Molly. She felt entirely secure. 

Molly began visiting Brea's place daily, craving the candy's effects. As college students, they spent much of their time doing homework before engaging in more entertaining activities. (Even homework became enjoyable when Brea told Molly to do it while under the candy's influence.) As the weeks passed, Molly urged Brea to make her do increasingly daring things. The more audacious, the greater the thrill of obedience. Molly undressed for Brea, cuddled with her, and even kissed her. Molly knew that Brea was attracted to women.  While Molly wasn't, she reveled in making Brea happy. Molly's focus was on serving Brea and knowing that she'd done well.

Brea couldn’t believe she was lying next to Molly. Molly was a busty redhead a striking figure, her emerald eyes captivating and alluring. She had dreamed of this for months. Her full, inviting lips often curled into a bewitching smile. Her fiery red hair, cascading past her shoulders, was an irresistible beacon that drew the eye. Her voluptuous figure, accentuated by her natural curves, exuded sensuality and confidence, making her the epitome of allure. After Molly left, Brea touched herself thinking of Molly. She could ask her to fuck her, but she felt it was too far.

Brea was a thin, nerdy girl. She hoped Molly thought she possessed a more subtle charm. Molly did. Her delicate features were framed by chestnut locks that bounced with every movement, reflecting her lively spirit. Her soft brown eyes, often hidden behind her glasses, sparkled with intelligence and curiosity. Her slender frame was graceful and elegant, and her movements filled with an air of sophistication. The combination of her wit and endearing vulnerability made her uniquely attractive and irresistibly magnetic. Molly had noticed Brea before but never went up to her. She seemed like she didn’t want to be disturbed. They would have probably become friends without the candy.

Around 8 pm, Molly felt the candy's effects waning. "Please, you must have more here somewhere..." she implored Brea. "I have money. I can buy it this time." Brea had always refused to reveal who sold her the candy, avoiding the topic whenever it arose. Molly's anxiety mounted, and her hands began to twitch. "Please, I'll do anything for you. I just need it."

Brea looked sorrowful. "I'm sorry I did this to you."

"No, don't feel bad," Molly tried to reassure her. "I love this. I know that candy is addictive, but so are all drugs. And this feels amazing. If other drugs would make me do more homework, I probably would have tried them too." Molly attempted to lighten the mood with a joke. In truth, she had realized the candy's addictive nature within the first week. She had once tried to break free from it by canceling plans with Brea, but she didn't even last a day. Recently, she had simply avoided thinking about it. It was surprisingly easy to just turn off your worries while under the influence of the drug. If something was wrong, then Molly was sure that Brea would stop it. "If you want, I can wait here. You don't need to introduce me to your dealer."

"No," Brea replied sharply. "That's the problem. If we want more, I need to introduce you to him." She took a deep breath. Resisting was futile; she would soon be as desperate as Molly. Brea stood up and went to her closet. "Put this on," she said, tossing a set of white lingerie to Molly. She then took out an identical set for herself. "Let's go get you some candy."


Molly loved wearing the lingerie Brea picked, even if it was under her normal clothes. Brea had ordered her to wear something, and now she was obeying her by walking around. As they headed out, Brea told Molly to be quiet. Another easy task to complete. As they walked to the dealer’s house, Molly wished that Brea had asked more of her. She was fantasizing about walking around naked. Maybe with a collar. She loved the rush that came from obeying outlandish commands. 

Brea looked distracted as if she wanted to pretend that this wasn’t happening. 

Molly kept looking around, trying to guess where this dealer lived. To her surprise, they turned into the Opulent Oasis Hall. This is where the richest girls in the school lived. It costs a quarter of a million dollars for a year. Royalty and the daughters of major CEOs lived in this building. Molly couldn’t help but be intimidated by the lavish marble residency. For privacy, every window was blacked out. Molly followed Brea into the front entrance hall, using Brea’s ID to get in. Molly wanted to ask how Brea could have permission to enter this impressive building but had been ordered to be quiet.

“Welcome back Brea. We were getting worried.” The receptionist said as the door locked behind the girls.

Molly’s eyes widen. The receptionist was Princess Arabella of Wessex. She was literally a part of the British royal family. Why was she here as a receptionist? As they walked over to the desk, Molly was able to notice her clothing, or lack thereof. She was completely naked, and the only thing on her was writing from a permanent marker. On her left breast, there was a crude drawing of a name tag that said, “Hello my name is Bella.”  On the right breast, it said, “I’m here to help and answer questions.” The writing looked awkward like Bella had done it herself while looking in a mirror.

Bella looked at Molly. “Is this your first time?”

Molly panicked and looked over to Brea, who was glaring into the distance. She couldn’t respond to the question. It was a weird feeling. On one hand, there was anxiety from normal social conventions, but on the other, the longer she remained quiet, the more pleasure she felt. Especially in a moment like this, where it was inconvenient to stay silent.

Bella giggled. “Bre, I think you told Molly to be quiet.”

Brea snapped back into reality. “Oh yeah, sorry. Molly, you can talk.”

Molly burst out. “Can I ask questions?” she asked Bella excitedly.

“Of course. It says so right here.” She says, pointing at the sharpie in her breast. “Though I would appreciate it if you filled out this document.” Bella looked at Brea as she gave Molly the  “Tell Molly to answer honestly”

Brea complied and made Molly answer honestly. Molly started answering the questions, feeling a little rush each time. Almost every answer was already filled in, she was just confirming the information. They had her name, height, birthday, class schedule, sexual history, kinks, usernames, passwords for most accounts, and a lot of other information. Molly didn’t worry about it, she trusted Brea, so it must be okay. She looked up at Bella and started asking. “Why are you a receptionist and why are you naked?”

“Well…” Bella started asking. “When Jason took over this building, he couldn’t have the normal stuff around anymore. They may have questions about what he was doing. So he fired them and replaced them with the people who already lived there. He made me a receptionist. I’m naked with Sharpie on my tits because that is the last thing Jason asked me to wear for work. I think he meant it as a joke, but a command is a command,”

“Is he forcing you to be here?” Molly asked. The questionnaire moved on to more personal questions like, “What is your biggest fear?” and “What makes you feel alone?”

“No, he isn’t forcing me. He commanded it and I obeyed. But I obeyed because I wanted to. It feels good. I’m sure you understand. Brea doesn’t make you do anything. You want to. This is the same. I’m so happy to be able to help Jason, his work will make so many people happy,” Bella explained.

Brea laughed. “Oh, you believe that BS! Come on, Jason just wants girls to fuck. That is it.”

Bella refuted, “I’m much more fulfilled since I tasted Jason’s candy. I’m happy I can feel the pleasure of obeying.”

Brea rolled her eyes. “Weird that Jason took over a female-only dorm full of rich pretty girls and not the co-ed ones full of STEM students. Real humanitarian”

Bella stayed quiet, clearly a bit angry about the response.

Molly finally broke the silence.  “So, what do you do if someone who has not tasted Jason’s candy comes in?”

“Well…” Bella starts again. “You need an ID to walk in. If someone rings the bell, I put on clothes and let them in. The door to get through this room is locked too, so no one is getting through. We need to make sure no one sneaks in and uses the amenities.”

“Oh right,” Molly said excitedly “You guys have a theater, pool, gym…”

Brea interrupted her. “She means the girls. They are the amenities. Jason uses them whenever he wants.”

Bella spoke with pride. “Of course. Chemistry is hard work and Jason needs to de-stress. I am more than happy to let him use us. We are helping him change the world. But even if you are right Brea, why would I stop? It feels good to serve. It feels good to work around and run the building for Jason. It feels good to work out so that I’m ready to be used by Jason.”

Molly finally returned the clipboard to Bella. As soon as she did, Brea grabbed her hand and lead her to the elevator. Molly looked back at Bella, “Pleasure to meet you.”

“I’m sure I will see you around” Bella called back as she clicked the button to let the elevator open.

The girls got into the elevator. Brea was clearly irritated, but Molly didn’t seem to be able to tell. “I liked Bella,” Molly said earnestly. “I’m happy to talk to someone who understands what I’m going through. Most girls wouldn’t understand how good it feels to serve.”

Brea turned to Molly. “Don’t you think what is happening here is wrong?”

“No,” Molly declared. “I mean, Bella is right. This is just like what you did to me. I trust you fully. So this must be good too. Right?”

Brea didn’t know what to say. Brea looked at Molly and knew what she was going through. She had stopped the part of her brain that made her worry. She wanted to tell her that “Yes, this is wrong,” but what would that accomplish? She would panic, but in less than a day she would be back begging for candy. It was better to leave her in this state. Sometimes, Brea was jealous of Bella. At least she believed nothing was wrong. Why would she take that from Molly?

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