by Mars

Tags: #consensual_kink #microfiction #pov:bottom #soft #tranced_bottom

Soft play with your head in their hands. A prompted short from my tumblr, circa 2017.

My head is rocked back and forth in your hands, slowly shaking my thoughts loose, slowly letting them fall out of my head. My neck has long gone limp, as has the rest of my body, letting you just tilt my head so gently in your hands, leaving me to think about nothing except how good your touch feels.

Your hands are so light and gentle, but your touch seems to soak so deeply into my skin, like water sinking into the driest soil. It’s like my whole body was begging for moisture, and I never realized it until you rained your body down on mine.

Your words begin to sound clearer now, they come back to my mind as the limpness fades away. You’re counting me up now, from five, four, three, two…

“One! All the way up!” You pause as I blink my eyes and try to move the hair out of my face. “How did that feel?” you ask.

“Mmm, amazing? Fantastic? Just everything…” I say, almost seeming out of breath from the after trance high. I look back at you with adoration in my mostly glassed over eyes, “Thank you,”

“Mmm!” You giggle and lean forward to give me a hug, which I embrace. You sit back when suddenly you get a twinkle in your eye, like an idea that popped into your head. “Do you wanna do it again?”

I nod immediately, “Mmm, yes please,”

“Then can I pull your hair for this one?”

I nod again, even more enthusiastically.

Suddenly your hand is behind my head, reaching into my hair and pulling it back. I gasp and my breath shudders. You’re now slightly taller than me, forcing me to look up at you as you pull my head back. The only response I can manage is a whimper.

You look directly into my eyes, instructing me to do the same with only your gaze. Then your hand suddenly pushes my head towards you as you command “Sleep!”

My body flops into yours once more.

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