by Mars

Tags: #dom:capitalism #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #microfiction
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Flash Fiction. Amy’s only been working at her new job for a week, but the CEO wants to offer her a promotion, and it’s a big one.

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Wrote this as a piece of flash fiction, all at once. Hope you enjoy!

“Secretary, I won’t ask again. Please send Ms. Amy in, and then take the rest of the night off.” Amber spoke in a frustrated voice into the intercom.

“Yes, ma’am. Sorry to keep you waiting, ma’am. Sending her in now, ma’am.” Franklin cooed though the phone. Amber didn’t know why she keep him around. That was a lie. She kept him around because he was a pretty face she got to see every morning when she arrived in the office, and because he was actually quite useful for offloading work onto. He just had a terrible sense of timing, either too quick or too slow, never seeming to be quite with the clock.

Before she could ponder him more, the door to her office buzzed open and in came a shorter woman with her binder, nearly hunched over like she was trying to duck under everyone’s gaze. A badge with a green stripe was attached to her blazer that was a size too small, signifying her intern status. Her long, straight brown hair covered half her face, and her oversized glasses nearly took up the other half. She glanced hesitancy around as the door behind her slowly shut.

Her hands were shaking, and she looked as if she might fall over as she navigated the room in her heels, wobbling like a baby deer on stilts. She was nervous, anxious, disoriented.

Excellent, thought Amber.

“H-Hello, Ma’am. Is something wrong? I was- I wasn’t sure why you w-wanted to see me of all people…” Amy stammered through her words, needing to adjust her glasses mid-sentence.

“Mmm, Ms… Amy, was it? This is your first week of work here, I’ve been told. I saw you Monday morning when you were taking your tour of the building with the other starting interns. I happened to notice you looked quite nervous…”

Amber clapped her hands together. “Ah, but where are my manners.” She stood up from her spot and walked around her rather large desk, offering a hand to the brunette. She was over a foot taller than Amy, which put the intern almost eye level with her breasts. “My name is Miss Chambers, owner, founder, and CEO of Chamber’s Wears, one of the largest clothing and wears companies in the world.” She extended her hand again.

Amy finally got the hint, and reached out and shook Miss Chambers’ hand, narrowly avoiding dropping her papers in the process. “Ah! Oh my goodness, was I really that noticeable? I’m so sorry Miss Chambers!”

Amber continued to hold on to and shake the smaller lady’s hand, smiling kindly. “Oh, no. You have no need to be worried, Ms. Amy. I just wanted to make sure you felt welcome and at home here! How was your first week, by the way? Did anyone give you any trouble?”

“N-no, ma’am.” Amy looked down at the extended handshake but didn’t pull away. “It's just that I'm a little overwhelmed. I've never worked anywhere as large as this, and I'm not really used to large groups of people either. I apologize!"

"Oh well I'm so sorry, Darling. I do understand we move quite quickly here, it's the nature of successful business.” Amber gave a small laugh, “And so many faces to see and recognize and to remember, it can be overwhelming! My, why I remember my first internship, I was so worried. Distraught, even. But look at me now. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully here, dear."

“However,” the executive pulled the two closer together, her breasts threatening to smush into the intern’s face at their current height, “If you are having issues with so many people, there is a chance I could offer you… Perhaps a different kind of position?”

Amy tried to lean backwards to get out of the way, but Amber smirked when she saw her staring a bit too long at her chest. “I-I mean, I just started, ma’am. But I wouldn’t be opposed if you had,” Amy gulped, “something else in mind.”

A mischievous smile crossed the boss’s face. “Come, darling. I want to show you something.” Still not letting go of her hand, Amber let the subordinate to the floor to ceiling window that was the backdrop for her office. The view was incredible, looking straight down the sunset as it kissed the horizon, setting over the endless city.

“My mother was a photographer. She wasn’t very successful, but I’d like to think I got some of my enterprising spirit from her, because she could work a photoshoot or a wedding like nobody’s business. Photographers call this time of day ‘the golden hour’ for the qualities it brings to a photo taken in the light. Such beautiful moments can be made in the time between when the sun touches the horizon and when it drops underneath it.” Amber paused, letting the room grow silent. “What do you see when you look out at the city?”

Amy’s mouth was agape. She had never been this high up in the building before, or in any building for that matter. “I see… Everything! I can see the block where I live, I can see the park where I walk, the diner where I eat. I can see my whole world from here.”

Amber smirked. “Oh, my darling. You’re perfect. So adorably perfect, and so perfectly dumb. You’ll do wonderfully, I knew you would.”

“W-What?” Amy was so taken aback, she actually dropped some of her papers. They scattered across the floor, but Miss Chambers’ grip on her hand keep her rooted in place, unable to chase them. “I’m sorry? Did I say something wrong?”

Amber just continued to look out the window at the view, cool and not even sparing a glance at Amy. “I know your position. I know you live alone, that this job offered you just enough of a signing bonus so you could pay your rent this month, and that without this job you’d be broke in a matter of months if not weeks. I know that you need this job, and I know thanks to some careful scouting and some carelessness on your part, something else about you.

“You see, when you came here two weeks ago for your job interview, you connected your phone to the corporate wireless internet here. And since I have the money, I can see exactly what everyone who is on that wireless internet is looking at, and do you want to guess what was open on so many tabs on your phone?”

Amy’s heart stopped for a split-second. “It’s- Is it the…. Porn?”

“Not just porn, darling.” Amber’s smile widened. “Erotic. Hypnosis. Porn.”

Amber could feel the intern’s heart sink next to her. A deep red blush would fill her cheeks and rapidly spread across her face. Amber continued. “You see, there is nothing a little money can’t buy, and it was trivial to pay every social media company under the sun to hand over all the information they had on you, and that data showed me so much. It showed that you love to watch hypnosis porn, that you fantasize about being hypnotized, taken, and used like a common whore. It showed that you listen to an impressive number of hypnosis files nearly every chance you get, making your already stupid mind even more weak and suggestable.

“Does that sound familiar, Ms. Amy?”

Amber felt the sweat start to run on the smaller woman’s hand, but she still refused to look at her. She loved to watch her sweat.

Amy spoke in nearly a whisper. “I-It does, m-ma’am.” The suddenness of the situation was sure to be doing numbers on the intern’s psyche.

“Hmm.” Amber tightened her grip, her nails starting to pinch at skin. “Let me tell you what’s about to happen, Ms. Amy. You're about to get a promotion. You'll be making significantly more money, and as such your role in this company will become much more vital.

"You'll be moving out of your dump of a place soon, and into some company owned housing, where you'll be much better off, and where you won't have to worry about things like buying those dreadful rags you call clothes, because everything will be set up for you.

“You’ll be making plenty of new friends soon, all within the company, and you’ll be getting very close with a number of your coworkers. What do you think about that, dearie?”

Amy gulped again, then spoke as fast as the words would come out, “I mean, with all due respect ma’am, that sounds fucking incredible! But, how would that all happen, and what do you mean ‘set up for me?’ And what would be my new position?”

“Oh, officially, your new position will be 'Executive Administrative Assistant,' but I prefer the more accurate term, which is that you'll be my personal mindless hypnotized sex slave.

“You’ll be mine to use and abuse as I see fit. I could have you getting me off reliving my stress under the desk, I could have you tied down to a bed and immobilized to use you as a fleshlight. Somedays you’ll be my stupid little personal assistant who has a knack for forgetting her underwear, others you’ll be on your knees worshiping me as your literal goddess. You’ll be brainwash, brain drained, and completely rewritten as a reprogrammable toy for my pleasure, and you’ll have absolutely no choice in the matter.”

Silence filled the room, leaving only the echo of her words to fill the air, which shivered with invisible tension.

Seconds ticked by, maybe even minutes. Amber felt Amy’s heart race though the pulse in her hand.

Finally, Amy spoke.

“Ma’am, I want to say this right. That is straight up the hottest fucking thing you could ever do to me and I just want to say I consent to that so hard, oh my god.”

“Well, it se—ah!” Amber’s voice cracked, “Wait, what? Are you actually saying you are so into that, you fucking want that unapologetically and you’re giving me fucking permission?” The boss’s tone was suddenly completely different, almost like breaking character.

“Well, I mean, I thought you had just read the smut fics I wrote ma’am, because this is almost exactly the plot of one of them. I mean, you’re like super-hot and when I first saw you I had to stop myself from drooling and like, I, uh—”

Amy awkwardly trailed off. More silence followed.

Miss Chambers cleared her throat, resteeling her face and resolve. “Well, I will admit that was unexpected, but not unwelcome. I’m glad you’ll enjoy this then.”

Very softly, she could just hear Amy whisper “Thank you,” as she turned suddenly and grabbed the submissive woman’s other hand. In an instant Amy’s back hits the wall with a Thud! Her head also bounces off the surface leaving her a bit dizzy, and she starts to pant slightly, partly from shock, and partly because she stopped holding back just how aroused she was the whole time her Boss-and-soon-to-be-Owner was talking about hypnotizing her.

A sneer crossed Amber’s face as the taller woman pinned her hands to the wall above her head. “Well, isn't that lovely. The little pervert has a crush. I guess that makes things easier, though I was looking forward to watching you struggle as I drain every ounce of will, self, and personally from your barely useful body as I brainwashed you till you couldn't think so I could make your body my perfect fucktoy. Well, I guess I could always program some faux resistance into you later. Such a shame I have to do all this extra work."

Amber pressed tightly on the body of her captive, pinning her in place. She pulled a crystal on a chain out of her coat pocket, and with angry smile, dangled it right in front of those wide eyes, which latched onto it immediately.

"Now, my pet. It's time to begin your new job orientation. Just watch the pendent, very closely, and I trust you'll know what to do."


Amy woke up to the view of the city, with her face pressed against the glass. Mistress Amber was inside her, using her, fucking her, and it felt so amazing. She couldn’t do anything but moan through the incredible pleasure. Her body wordlessly begged for more from her gracious new Owner.

“You know, anyone looking up could see you, slut. That glass is crystal clear. Does that make you the slightest bit embarrassed?”

Amy gasped as she trying to speak, “N-No, Mistress! I exist only for your pleasure, all else is irrelevant!”

The Mistress smirked “Good girl. You learn quickly. I’m going to have fun with you.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”


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