Kigurumi Diary

by Mamaea

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Five Months can bring a lot of changes, when aliens are invading. Tabby kept a diary.

Oct 24th 2553:  So there's these aliens, Giant hyperadvanced plants.  Unfortunately, I know what happens when a more advanced species colonizes a weaker.  Poor Rinans.  Not much I can do about it, but if humanity is on a countdown anyway, I might as well spend my money on that tiger kigu.  Not like having savings will matter when subjugated, might as well make the most of the time before the plants get here, and kigurumi are adorable.

Nov 15th:  The tiger onesie is wonderful.  It's so comfy, warm enough that I can save money on heating my apartment, and baggy enough that I don't have to see my shape!  Very nice to lay around in, thinking of getting another just so that I can cycle my washing and keep one on all the time.

Dec 6th:  Laid off work, upper management is panicking and closing everything down to run away.  Doesn't make much sense.  The plants are already in this sector, it's not like humanity really has a chance.  No point in tiring themselves out or hurting each other for, what, a few extra weeks of freedom?  The upside is, with no job and everyone running frantic, I can spend my last few days relaxing. There's no reason for me to change out of my onesie.

Dec 17th:  So the Affini.  Nobody warned me the plants were hot.  I mean it makes sense, if I were a shapeshifting mass of vines, I would definitely spend most of my time as a hot woman.  Still, if I'd had any warning I might not have answered the door in my tiger outfit.  Mortifying.  She didn't seem to mind, cooing over the cute kitty pattern and marking census forms, but now my first impression will always have been Tiger Onesie.

Dec 20th:  Her name is Hemerocallis Lilium, and she spent the entire trip to my new housing teasing me.  Kept pretending to be all disappointed to see me in drab boring clothes, asking where the cute kittysuit is.  Even offered to help me change into it before she left.  This is my reputation now, a fuzzy tiger to laugh at and gossip about.  Kind of worth it though!  This new 'habitation unit' is like six or seven times the space my old apartment had.  I don't have to worry about water or electricity, and there's a little box that they told me I can ask if I need anything.  The furniture is a bit big, but the giant bed is so comfy.  I don't want to prove Callis right, but there's a mass of pillows that demands comfy pajamas.

Dec 27th:  Caught in the onesie again.  I'd say it was intentional on Callis' part, but honestly it was bound to happen.  The giant couch is a bit hard to climb but is absolutely littered with nice lounging spots.  She came by to check up on me, and must have freaked out to see me sprawling across the arm of the thing, because she grabbed me, said something about risky falls, and didn't let me go for what must have been hours.  I'm guessing hours.  Everything got fuzzy, so it's a bit hard to put an exact timespan to it.  Being held was just, nice.  She's so nice.

Jan 3rd 2554:  Callis helped me print out a map to a Vet she knows, then spent the next twenty minutes arguing that I shouldn't change first.  I kinda, snapped a little.  Yelled about how I didn't want to be paraded around as a joke, a punchline for her to show the Vet so that they could have a nice laugh at the silly terran in unmanly clothes.  I feel bad about it now.  Why would an alien culture know or care about Terran clothing norms.  She held me through my post-tantrum, even though I yelled at her for no reason.  We're going to the vet tomorrow, and I can wear whatever I'm comfortable in.  I'll have to try to compile something while she's gone for the night. All my other clothes are really drab.

Jan 4th:  Class-Gs are a thing!  The vet appointment went well, but it's kind of overshadowed because xenodrugs can do so much more bodyshaping than i thought was possible!  The vet offered to get me set up so I could come down to the office every few weeks, but Callis offered to just get my prescription grafted to her vines so she could produce it as needed.  She stops by my Hab all the time anyway, it seemed like a good deal.

Jan 13th:  Callis has all sorts of xenodrug grafts.  I noticed the other vines during my Class-G injection and asked about them.  It's hard to remember that she genuinely thinks I'm cute, and isn't laughing at the silly terran on enough Class-C to try to cook dinner for her plushies.  It's probably good that Callis stopped me from using my stove in that state, even if the hand-feeding was a bit weird.

Feb 23rd:  There's a Floret who lives nearby who has gotten her Owner to turn her into a snake lady.  She's so cool.  I'm still not used to the whole "Owners and Pets" dynamic the Affini seem to like, but I see how it could grow from a cultural caretaking mindset.  It's still weird to see her go out in nothing but a skirt and collar, even if she doesn't really have boobs to cover, as a reptile.  None of the other Affini seem bothered by her clothes. Maybe Callis is right and I really can go out in my kigurumi.

March 19th:  Callis has been calling me Tabby, because of the stripes.  I like the name a lot, actually.  I wonder how easy it would be to become Tabitha in Affini paperwork.

March 24th:  I was looking at available biomods, and I can become a full-out catgirl really easily actually.  I don't even strictly need a pet implant, though the process is a lot longer without, and they can't easily hook up the ear-swivels without an implant to connect it to.  I don't need to be a pet to be a catgirl.  So the question is, am I really considering signing my rights away just for more efficient biomodding?  Maybe if it's Callis.

March 26th:  Tabitha Lilium, First Floret.  It sounds, really nice actually.  I'm gonna ask Callis, next time she comes over, probably tomorrow.

March 27th:  I'm not sure if Callis was reading my diary or if I'm just predictable.  She had the paperwork already when she came through the door.  Everything is signed and filled out.  I'm Tabby Lilium, First Floret.  Mistress Callis is going through my stuff to help me pick what to bring with me when I move into her Hab.  I think I'm gonna recycle most of my clothes.  Not the Kigurumi though.  I'm keeping those.


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