Valerie’s punishment

by Magister Amentia

Tags: #bondage #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #sub:male #sadomasochism

Valerie left her Master to go back to her husband, Hector. but now she had a sudden change of heart. Because of that, Hector had to tie her down…

Valerie was in pain.
Her husband, Hector, had decided to tie her up. To restrain her and keep her from leaving their house.
He was keeping her away from her master.
And it was awfully painful for her. 
He listened to her whimpers and cries as she tried to get off from Hector’s bindings on both her arms and legs. Hogtied, wearing nothing but the ropes against her bronzed skin. She looked at him with tears on his eyes, pleading. 
But Hector didn’t budge. She stared at her with a single thought on his mind, something was off. Since she came back home, she had been extraordinarily serviceable, docile. And ultimately very horny. 
And today, he was sure she wanted to leave. But, why? Why go so far as taking off her clothes? Why did he need to spread her legs apart. 
Why was he so hard and not doing anything. 
Finally he had put on the mouth gag. 
Something he never even remembered buying, where did it come from? Did she bring with her?
She tried to mouth something. 
Hector awoke from his stupor, staring at his wife, he caressed her brown hair away from her face. 
“I should take a picture,” He mumbled. 
Valerie’s eyes went wide, she shook harder, tried to shake her head, to tell him no. But her hair was tied behind her back in a ponytail that was pulling the anal hook in her ass. 
She mouthed, turning red. 
“No!” and “Phwease.”
Hector ignored her please and pulled out his phone, aiming it at her he felt his cock twitch in his pants and a smirk form in his lips. 
“Smile,” he said enjoying the look on her face. Her helplessness.
He wandered around her, taking picture after picture, spreading her ass, groping her, caressing her skin. 
Her whimpers slowly died down becoming soft moans. 
“Phwease” she still said. 
He didn’t know he was capable of this. He enjoyed watching her squirm. Finally he stood behind her and knelt to take a picture of her shaved cunt. 
She had never done this before she disappeared. She was wet. Despite her pleads, she was getting wet. 
A single finger caught a droplet of her fluids sliding to the floor. She tasted it. After so many months of her being gone. He was enjoying this. He wanted to savour all of it. 
He took another picture spreading her pussy lips. 
Then the phone vibrated. 
Valerie tried to look behind her, her face was red, her eyes begged him not to open it. 
He ignored her and checked who was it.
The latest message read, “I see she is ready.” 
Hector realized he had sent all the pictures to an unknown number. 
“What?” He said out loud, but his fingers moved independently from him. He wanted to ask who was it? What did it mean, but the only thing that he sent was…
“Yes.” And attached the last picture of his wife, wet, tied and waiting. 
The app told him the person on the other side was typing. 
“Excellent. Val simply can’t make up her mind. I gave her a choice to leave or stay by my side.”
The message came and Hector could not help but stare and read without moving. 
“She could have stayed as a housewife, but if she really wants both she will have to learn a lesson.”
The next message arrived immediately. 
“I will be there soon.” 
“I am sorry you got involved like this. But I hope you enjoy it.”
“Be kind to your guests, let them work.”
“And Hector, you may film and take pictures if you want. You have my permission.”
Hector panicked. What was going on. He tried to leave the phone and rushed to untie his wife. She seemed pleased, almost relieved. But someone knocked at the door. 
He froze.
“Coming,” he said, leaving Valerie tied, naked and dripping in the middle of the living room. She cried as he walked to open the door. 
At the door, a young woman wearing a transparent latex dress stood between two men. 
“Hector, right?” She said with a high pitch, “I’m sally, Val’s sister. May we come in?”
She cocked her head and waited batting her eyelashes. 
Hector nodded and stood aside. He stared at Sally’s breast’s and he could see the nipple rings under her latex dress. 
Besides the short brown hair, Sally didn’t look anything like Valerie. As Val was small, Sally was tall, her legs were long and toned and her skin was of a darker tone. 
The three of them walked inside the apartment and as Hector closed the door behind him the two men began to undress. 
“You did a great job Hector,” Sally said walking through the living room, her latex gloved hands caressing the furniture until she found a spot she liked on the couch in front of Valerie, her voice was soft as she looked from her to him, “Master is going to be satisfied with your efforts.”
She smiled at him and patted the spot on the couch besides her, “Sit.” She said, and Hector sat by her side. 
“Do you mind if I take your phone,” she said.
Hector handed it to her.
“You are a great photographer. No wonder Master took a liking to you. I like this one,” the two of them went over the pictures he took of his wife and stopped at the one where she laid with her eyes that seemed half lost in pleasure, half pleading. 
“We are ready.” One of the two men said, they were fit and already half erect. 
Sally looked up at them and smiled. 
“Do you mind if I record this for you?” She said laying a hand on Hector’s leg, “I used to be a photographer as well, and if we don't get this on video you are going to regret it.”
Hector nodded. 
“Excellent. Now do you mind getting on your knees for me?”
Hector did as he was told. 
Sally spread her legs, there was a little brown bush between her legs. He could see the silver of a clit piercing that contrasted with her brown pussy, her hands reached out as she positioned her legs over his shoulders. 
She caressed his hair and pulled him closer, “stick out your tongue,” she said, “You know what to do.”
Hector began lapping at the pussy in front of him. Paying special attention to her clit crowned by the silver piercing. 
Behind him, he could listen to Val’s whimpers, he could hear some tussling and movement. 
Then he heard a soft yelp. 
Groaning of the two men. 
And slowly the yelping and whimpering became louder. 
He tried to look back. 
“No, no, no, too soon Hector, you were doing great. Keep going, don’t worry I will be sure to watch it again with you before I let you cum. 
He heard Val’s moans, growing louder. 
“Your wife was a bad girl, Hector. She said she would come back to master after spending time with you. But she didn’t return on time. Master gave her an ultimatum. And well…”
Hector licked Sally’s labia and sucked her clit. 
“Fuck that’s good.” 
“She had to choose. There was no problem with that. But then again, she had to text me and tell Master to beg his forgiveness.”
She pushed his head closer to her pelvis.
“We would not have entertained such lack of discipline, but then…” She moaned louder, watching Val get fucked.
“…Then you called Master.” She said looking down at Hector. 
“That’s why I came. That’s why I am your reward.”
Locking her leg behind his neck, Sally moaned softly without letting go of the cellphone. 
“Turns out, it was you who called master.” Val’s moans became increasingly louder and Hector could hear the groaning of the two men moving and making wet sounds in the back. From time to time he could hear a smack and a loud whimper from his wife’s voice. 
Sally kept going, “That's why I came. I'm your reward.” She winked at him from her position on the couch and sent him a kiss. 
“I hope you enjoy it.” Her hand slid down her body until she touched Hector’s cheeks. 
Finally there was a loud groan followed by Val’s voice. 
“Please… please… I won’t do it again.” She said between panting, “Let me cum!” She said. 
Sally took off her leg from Hector’s neck and patted his cheek to motion him to stop. 
Hector followed Sally’s movents as she got up from the couch, “Give me a minute, honey.” Sally said and walked slowly over to Val’s place in the middle of the living room, her heels clicking on the wooden floor until she reached her and knelt in front of her. 
Val’s  face was covered in cum. 
“I am so, sorry Val. This is your punishment. We can’t have you enjoy this too much.” She cupped her chin and took a dollop from her face to taste it. 
“Keep going,” She added looking at the two men that were disciplining Val.
“Now where were we?” Sally said as she sat down in front of Hector, he opened his mouth and took out his tongue. 
“Right, that’s enough with that Honey, I bet you need some relief as well. Why don’t you sit over here and take out your pants. I want to give you a better reward.” 
Hector moved as fast as he could getting completely naked before sitting in the couch. 
“You are not half bad,” Sally said grasping his cock with a latex-gloved had, “I don’t see why she would go out and fuck someone else with this talented tongue and cute cock.”
“Some sluts are just like that I guess.” Her hands moved up and down as they watched Val getting manhandled, turned over and used and just as they saw that she was about to cum they stopped and slapped her ass or her tits. 
“I bet it was so lonely those months she was away being trained by Master.” Sally took up the pace, “Let me make it up to you.”
She opened her mouth and leaned over, he could feel the stud in her tongue as she massaged his cock. 
He groaned and tried to reach for her hair before she batted him away. 
“Not the hair,” She said and went back down on him. 
Val stared at him, her eyes filled with pleasure and sadness. 
Was she asking for forgiveness? Or was she simply that desperate for pleasure? Hector wondered before he felt Sally’s tongue engulf him all the way down to the base. 
“Fuck,” He groaned as he watched his wife being positioned in front of him. Her ass was full,  sitting on a cock that was not his own, her hands tied behind her back, the same knot he had tied himself. 
He could not help but wonder, why had he done it? But it didn’t matter, the view, the pleasure. 
It was the best. 
She moaned. 
“Please, let me cum.” She begs him before another cock is shoved into her mouth. 
Hector winced at feeling Sally scrape her teeth under his cock and smile at him. 
“I believe Master would not mind if you let her cum. You are her husband after all.” Sally said, her hand pumping on his cock. 
“Or…” She said getting up, “Would you rather,” Her hand moved across her body, until her hand spread her pussy lips, “cum in me?” her hand didn’t stop moving. 
Hector stared at Valerie, his wife, she was red all over her body, from the pleasure and the spanks and slaps. 
Then he stared at Sally. 
With a single motion he pulled her close by the waist and impaled her with his cock. 
“AAAaaahh.” Sally moaned. 
A moment later she looked over her shoulder, “Seems he made his choice.”
Val whimpered, another shot came inside her mouth and the man pulled his cock out of her mouth only to place the gag back. 
The other man groaned and came inside her ass, his cock coming out of her anal cavity only to be replaced back with the anal hook. 
“Good boys,” Sally said, “why don’t you get going, bring her back to Master, I will be done soon.” 
She leaned in and made sure Val took a look at Hector kissing her, biting his lip and sliding her tongue all the way down his throat. 
The boys tied her back, placing a vibrator against her clit, the soft hum would not make her cum but would keep her on the edge. 
They opened the door and left. 
Sally hugged Hector close, from his groaning she could feel him getting close. 
“Let it all out, let her go.” She whispered in his ear, “Cum for me.”
And he did. 
His cock twitching inside Sally’s pussy, he could feel him fill her up. 
She caressed the back of his head as his orgasm dissipated. 
Slowly, she got up from him, his cum dripping from between her legs. 
He motioned him to lay down on the couch and patted his head, “You did a great job Hector, such a good boy,” and gave him a peck on the cheek. 
“Here is my card. I will be meeting you once a month. Sadly Val will have to be retrained for some time so she won’t join us. And next time you see her you might not recognize her.”
She grabbed the phone and smiled, “Almost forgot, I promised to watch the video together didn’t I, give me a call and we will set an appointment.” 
“See you, Honey.” She patted his head and Hector listened to her heels clicking on the wooden floor before she left him falling asleep with a pleasant smile on his face.

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