The resort - Emily's retreat

by Magister Amentia

Tags: #bondage #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #sub:female #exhibitionism

Emily takes a vacation to a Resort in Vallarta, Mexico. But for some reason she can’t control her libido nor her lust for the people that work in the hotel.

The cab from the airport to the hotel took Emily bordering the coast to a secluded area of Puerto Vallarta. She took a deep breath, letting the salty breeze blow on her long blond hair. The driver offered to help her with her bags, but she declined. She pulled out her baggage and searched for the front desk.

They handed her an unusual brochure at the lobby, while she waited in line for the check in she read it. The Resort had some unusual services included.

Besides the normal restaurants, spas, room service, and traditional activities that they offer at places like this… they had a tattoo parlor, free of charge for guest at the hotel. There was something called “relief classes”. And a program called “companion member” that lasted a full day, though they charged a small fee for that one, not higher than taking a chocolate from the minibar.

The lady at the front desk took her information and handed her the keys to her room.

“What is the companion member program?” Emily asked.

The receptionist gave her a bright and conspiratorial smile. Odd, Emily thought.

“If you want, I can get you a free sample sent to you tomorrow morning,” She said with a wink and began typing before Emily could say no.

When she was done, she waved her hand and a tall, muscular black man in a white guayabera approached Emily and helped her carry the bags to the room. He smiled and led the way to the elevator.

He was wearing a particular coconut lotion that called Emily’s attention.

“He smells good...” Emily thought to herself, standing as close as possible without seeming too obvious. They got off at her floor and she walked behind him. After a while it was almost intoxicating. She felt herself blushing and didn’t know why she was getting aroused and absent-minded. When he opened the door, she bumped into him. She apologized and tried to give him a big tip, which he rejected.

“We don’t work for that kind of tip. If you really want to tip me, you could ask for me at the reception desk for the companion member program, just ask for Omar,”

Emily settled in, trying to relax. Lying down on her bed, she felt a bit flustered after talking to Omar. She took off her clothes and changed to something more fitting for a tropical vacation in Mexico.

From her suitcase she pulled out a white bikini that she bought last time she went on vacation with her ex. He chose it tight, knowing that it would show more of the curves of her body. She scoffed. There was nothing she could do about it, it was the only one she had.

Before she could finish tying her swimsuit, she heard a lot of noise coming from the room next door.

She got close to the wall and heard a loud scream, “OH MY GOD!” that startled her, followed by loud moaning.

Emily banged on the wall, trying to get them to lower their voices a bit. And yet, as she listened to the moaning grow in intensity, she rested her ear against the wall. She was already naked and aroused below her waist, and Emily found it very easy for her hand to drift over her leg, touching the coated folds between her legs. Her finger slid easily inside her warm pussy. Droplets falling to the floor from the motion of her hand as she thought back to Omar’s body against hers. She imagined it was her making those noises and the black valet was pounding her.

The smell of his coconut lotion still lingered in the room. She took a deep breath and pushed her fingers deeper inside, moaning just like the woman on the other side of the wall. She pounded the wall with her fist, her face against the wall, Emily’s voice began pleading, echoing the girl from the next room until they began moaning in unison. “Harder” the both of them begged, almost yelling.

Emily came, gasping onto the white paint, her tits against the wall, her top barely hanging by a thread.

She regained her composure after a few breaths and noticed there were giggles on the other side of the wall. She coughed and tied her swimsuit before rushing out of the room, her ears red and filled with shame after being part of a presence less threesome. As she closed the door, Emily heard the moaning and banging resume as if nothing happened.

She fixed herself as best as she could on the elevator mirror. Her hair was a mess, and she noticed she was still dripping wet, a strand of cum sliding down her leg. Even worse, as she looked her reflection up and down, she noticed her bikini was out of place. When she reached to fix it, the doors of the elevator opened and a young couple walked in.

Emily blushed and looked down to the floor, but not before taking a glimpse of the girl’s face and her mischievous smile. The doors opened again at the lobby and the couple walked away chuckling.

Emily stood behind in the elevator. She was breathing again, her mind raging over the last twenty minutes.

She had enjoyed every second of it. She couldn’t remember the last time she had an orgasm like that. And she couldn’t remember the last time she had the time to touch herself, not since she left her boyfriend.

And that thrilling moment of the couple walking in and watching her… Did they think she was masturbating in the middle of the elevator? Did they think she was an exhibitionist?

Was she an exhibitionist?

She took a step outside and took a deep breath, trying to push all those thoughts away.

But one kept pressing forward, and it was that maybe she should thank her ex. It was a surprise when she found he sent her a coupon for this vacation, saying that he could not use it and that she needed it more.

Absentmindedly, she wandered through the hotel. She watched people lounging by the pool, making lines for the buffet, the usual. But something called her attention. It was the number of staff members walking around. Men and women, most of them muscular, young and beautiful. They were following the guests around, the only thing distinguishing the guests from the workers were the uniforms they wore, even if some only wore half of it.

A small palm roof building in the middle of the resort had a sign that read “information” along with schedules of the diverse activities the resort offered. Emily approached and asked about the “relief classes”.

“Of course,” The lady at the desk said with a smile, “They are imparted by a member of our staff, they are one-on-one and can be taken by the beach.”

She pointed her in the direction where she saw a familiar face waiting.

Omar was standing shirtless by the entrance of the beach.

“Hi,” Emily said as she walked up to him, “we meet again.”

“Hi,” he said and smiled, “Are you here for the relief classes?”

“Yes.” Emily blushed. The smell of his lotion hit her again, harder, this time mixed with the smell of the sand and sea along with looking at him shirtless. She couldn’t help but think back to the fantasy she had in her room.

“I hope you don’t mind me. We are a bit short on staff today. This way please,” He said and led her to the beach.

Emily walked behind him and tried not to stare at the naked muscles of his back.

The smell of his sunscreen lotion filled her mind. Omar was talking but Emily drifted off, not paying attention she simply followed him, and listened to everything he said.

He led her behind a small enclave of rocks. As he turned he said, “is this okay?”

Emily nodded. She was putting putting herself into his hands.

He walked behind her and spoke soothingly over her right ear, helping her relax. He began massaging her neck, her shoulders.

His fingers pulled the cord of the top of her bikini, letting it fall onto the sand.

Omar spoke gently and walked in front of her. Without letting go of her neck, he touched the small of her back and brought her closer to him.

Emily gasped and took a deep breath of his lotion.

His voice made her drift softly. Her eyes looked down at his swimming suit and saw the bulge beneath the fabric.

Her legs buckled, and Omar helped her down on her knees.

She pulled down his trunks.

He was hard and thick, the smell of his musk mixed with the smell of his coconut lotion. She closed her eyes.

Without knowing what she was doing, she opened her mouth and took out her tongue. His voice was soft and distant, it felt right to lick him; it felt nice to receive his member inside her mouth; it tasted as good as he smelled.

She reached for her chest and began massaging her breasts. He caressed the back of her head and kept talking, leading her, guiding her deeper into a more comfortable and pleasant place in her mind.

She was present in the moment, the feeling on her tongue, between her lips, the sun. The echo of the waves. Omar’s voice inside her head.

She listened and felt the waves of pleasure grow within her.

Moving her head in motion with the sound of the sea.

Omar’s cock was hard against the back of her throat. She was getting pleasure from giving him pleasure.

His voice guided her, increasing her desire, each wave hitting her stronger and harder until she came the moment she felt him tense. His member pulsed against her tongue and came inside her mouth.

Her back arched, he held the back of her head as she drifted into a pleasant stupor when Emily drifted off after the orgasm.

Emily opened her eyes and saw the sun setting over the sea, Omar gave her a proud smile.

“I hope you enjoyed your relief class,” He said and helped her fix her swimsuit.

“Yes,” Emily licked the corner of her lip and blushed. “Yes, I did.”

Omar tied her white bikini and felt her chest from behind, letting her release a cute little moan.

“You should make a date at the tattoo parlor,” He whispered into her ear, “before our appointment tomorrow.”

They walked back to the pool area where Omar excused himself and went back to his next client. Emily didn’t notice some of his cum was still covering her face and mouth until the lady at the information desk pointed it out.

Emily thanked her and absentmindedly took a dollop with her finger and enjoyed Omar’s taste once again. It tasted delicious and felt normal.

After watching the sunset, she was still feeling full after her snack with Omar. So she followed his advice and walked to the reception once again, only to find the lady there already made an appointment for her.

When she arrived at the tattoo parlor, no one asked her what was it she wanted. The artist, a petite, tattooed woman with sand colored skin, short black hair and piercings in her nose, lower lip, and ears, led her to a chair and welcomed Emily with a deep kiss.

“I am Rosa, nice to meet you.” She said and climbed on top of Emily.

“I don’t think you are here for a tattoo,” Rosa said pensively, her hands caressing her cheek. Her fingers danced down to her neck and pulled the little string, letting Emily’s tits loose.

“What would you recommend?” Emily gasped, unable to process all that was happening.

The artist looked at Emily for a moment, one finger tapping her cheek.

“These look very nice,” She said, grabbing one of her tits. “firm, big...” she pinched a nipple and made circles around it, “perky” she giggled just before licking it and bitting it.

“I think they would look great with some piercings,” Rosa said from below.

“You do?” Emily’s voice was breaking with fear and excitement.

“Yes...” Rosa climbed off Emily and grabbed her tools “take the rest off.” She ordered. Emily complied and pulled down her bikini bottom.

Rosa knelt and ran one finger on the inside of her legs. She stared at Emily’s pink pussy and the trimmed bush she was hiding. Her latex gloved hands caressed her labia gently.

She blew wind over her heating pussy. Emily moaned, which made Rosa smile.

“I think this place could use a piercing too,” Rosa said, playing with her clit.

Emily clenched the arms of the chair, and threw back her head, bitting her lips, trying to stifle a moan.

Rosa giggled, “You know this is a free service,” She kept playing with Emily’s pussy with one hand, “but we really like our tips. Do you mind if I take mine now?”

Emily nodded and bit her lips, unable to control herself under the relentless teasing.

Rosa’s hand began roaming Emily’s body. From her naked ass, to her neck, to her lips.

Emily shook her head, gasping as Rosa pushed two fingers inside her. Rosa took out Emily’s tongue with her fingers and began sucking on it.

She was an artist in more ways than one, and she wasn’t gentle like Omar. She was forceful and playful.

She came over and over, with the fingers and mouth of the Latina artist.

Before Emily’s orgasm subsided, Rosa pulled Emily’s tongue again and before she could feel any displeasure Emily felt a quick succession of pangs without noticing Rosa had finished her work.

One pair of silver nubs on each nipple, one above her clit hood, and one on her tongue.

Rosa took Emily’s hand and walked her out of the parlor. “I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay,” she said before kissing Emily one last time at the entrance, taking a moment to enjoy the brand new little nub inside Emily’s mouth. She handed her the swimsuit back and slapped her ass. “And I hope you choose me as your companion member tomorrow.”

Rosa closed the door and closed the lights.

Emily wandered through the hotel halls, her top on her hand, until she found the way back to the elevator. She didn’t notice the stares of some of the staff and other guests. Emily called the elevator and walked in. She had yet to enjoy the pool or swim in the sea, but she was already exhausted.

She pushed the button to her floor but before the doors closed another couple walked in. They stared at her newly pierced, naked tits and the dried cum on her face.

She gave them a languid smile.

The girl noticed the erection inside her partner’s trunks and pinched his arm. They forgot to press the button to their floor, waiting for Emily to get off and noting the floor she was staying on.

Emily collapsed on her bed and dreamed of Omar that night.

The next morning she woke up to the sound of the phone ringing.

It was the receptionist.

“Alarm service,” She said with a way to chirpy voice for any time in the morning, “I hope you are enjoying your stay with us, we have a complimentary package of one-day Companion Member Program reserved for you, have you given any thought to whom would you like to train you today?"

Despite all she had done yesterday, she hadn’t even gotten to swim in the sea or the pool. Not even the buffet. But none of that really mattered to Emily right now. She took off the bottom of her swimsuit and began warming herself.

“Yes, I would like Omar to train me today, could you send him to my room?” She said, need filled her voice.

“Of course, I hope you enjoy your stay with him,” said the receptionist, Emily could hear her smile through the speaker.

“Thank you, I will.” Emily moaned and waited for Omar to arrive.

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