The Program

by Magister Amentia

Tags: #exhibitionism #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female

Isabelle had the resolution to get into a healthy and fit lifestyle. As she researched and looked into the best way to get the results she wanted, she found The Program and went through an unexpected but rewarding transformation.

Isabelle was into the program for the little changes, but she didn't expect it to be so... Intense.
Few months ago, as the year turned, she she made a resolution to eat more healthy and get fit. She was the kind of person that didn’t like going for easy and fast results. She was a smart girl, high school valedictorian, top three in her college class. Now that she was halfway through her masters, filled with anxiety and stress juggling her thesis and a shitty job that didn’t pay nearly enough. As a new year began she decided it was time for a change. 
So she began researching for a way to get the best results no matter the effort or the time. And looking through her social media she found that many of her former classmates, male and female, went through amazing transformations. 
There were pictures of her male ex-classmates in the beach with muscle bodies, even the engineering nerds. The women were posting pictures of themselves in the gym with crop tops showing their chiseled abs and their perfect bodies. 
Looking at all her former classmates and friends looking so hot made her think that maybe she was bi. 
She began contacting a few of them, asking them how they were and reminiscing about their time in college before asking them about how they achieved their perfect body. Most were dismissive saying, “I just don’t think it’s for you, you know”, Isabelle thanked them anyway but kept with her research. 
Finally she reached to her best friend, Lizzy, the one that took the second place from her and the one that had gone the most incredible transformation. Isabelle wouldn’t dare to call her a bimbo since she was a very smart woman despite giving up her career to become a mother and a housewife, but…
But she could not put another word for the body she was featuring in her profile picture now days. 
Nonetheless she contacted Lizzy and set an appointment to meet her at a nearby café.
Eagerly she told her about The Program. It was an invite-only website that she had signed up and so did most of their classmates.  
“Are there any side effects?” Isabelle said taking note of everything Lizzy told her. 
Lizzy giggled, Isabelle didn’t remember ever listening to her laugh that way. 
“Uhm, like, I don’t think so?” She said taking a sip from her double mochaccino with whipped cream. She took a dollop of cream and licked it very suggestively. 
Isabelle felt a bit uncomfortable. 
“I mean, I feel a lot more horny lately, but I think that’s mostly the post-pregnancy hormones, you know? even my tits are bigger, full of milk to feed the twins.” She added squeezing her breasts together. 
She could only remember her wearing baggy sweaters and didn’t know if she had grown a cup or two but they were definitely bigger.
“But other than that is great! I mean look at me, after giving birth I thought it would be difficult to get back in shape but I feel better than ever.” She said in a chirpy voice and took another sip from her coffee. 
Isabelle took notes. She was skeptic but she could hardly argue with the results. She told  her about all the other girls as well how much weight they had lost and how their lives had improved. It was almost as if The Program had cleaned their skin, watered her crops and even cured their depression. 
She chortled and covered her mouth to hide her laugh. Lizzy didn’t realize since her babies began to cry. 
“There, there,” She leaned over the stroller and hugged one while handing the other a bottle, “You don’t mind if I feed them, right?” Lizzy didn’t give her time to answer before she pulled out her breast and showed Isabelle her darkened and hard nipples. 
The baby suckled and drank. Lizzy closed her eyes, but released a very audible moan. 
Isabelle stopped writing and gulped unable to take her eyes away from  the same age as her. 
“You seem sensitive, does it hurt?” Isabelle asked licking her lips. 
Lizzy seemed dazed and out of herself, her voice gave a pleasant purr, “Sorry?”
“Does it hurt? I mean, when they drink?” Isabelle leaned closer not knowing why she was so interested in her former classmates tits. 
“No,” Lizzy said with a vapid smile on her lips, “It feels… incredible.” 
Isabelle nodded and stared at her friend’s placid face. Then she gathered her things while talking as fast as she could, “Well, thank you it was a pleasure talking to you after such a long time, I will be seeing you bye.”
Lizzy watched her go, “The pleasure was all mine,” Was all that she could say in a husky purr as Isabelle left the café and people around her tried not to stare. 
The young woman could not believe how turned on she was, but she could hardly deny the results of The Program Lizzy spoke about. 
When she arrived home Isabelle opened the website and made sure to input Lizzy’s referral code. It seemed safe enough and not a scam, and it also seemed to work very well for everyone.
The only thing that was worrying her was how erotic the end of that conversation became. How distant and vapid her intelligent friend had become. 
“But Lizzy was always a perverted slut,” She said out loud trying to reassure herself, “I am sure it will be okay.”
The landing page was very standard, images of fit men and women, testimonials, things like that. 
After she signed up with her personal email she was led to a small introductory video. The instructions told her to use headphone so that the tutorial would be more effective and guide her through The Program. 
It played as with any other exercise program with an instructor/trainer, a woman in her thirties wearing yoga pants and a sports bra, she explained the classic stuff of willpower and determination, building habits. It was shot in a calm garden with the sound of running water and birds as well as soft music playing on the background. 
She moved on to explain in more detail the satisfaction rates as well as statistics. Isabelle took note of everything. 
But after a while the music began to get into her head, it was too calming, too soft and relaxing. As much as she tried to focus, she ended up spaced out. 
The moment the tutorial was over, the pen she was holding fell down. Blinking several times, she cleaned a bit of drool from her chin and moved on to the next page. 
The soft hum kept playing in the background of the page and Isabelle didn’t find anywhere to turn it off, but even so she didn’t mute her computer or take off her headphones. 
She filled out a questionnaire with everything from her height, weight, her goals. All the standard stuff for a health and diet program, or at least it was the standard until the second set of questions appeared. 
How big was her chest, in a scale of 1 to 10 how sensitive are your nipples. When was  the last time you had an orgasm? Would you say you cum more easily from penetration or clitoral stimulation. 
Those were very invasive questions, but she kept filling them and listening to the soft hum in her earphones.
Before she knew it she was done answering all the questions, half of them she didn’t even remember. 
The page loaded and finally informed her it had a plan ready for her to follow to achieve her goals before the end of the year. 
Excited, Isabelle downloaded the plan on her phone. Every video and exercise began with a guided meditation with the calming soundtrack that she rapidly grew accustomed to. 
After the meditation, the program would guide her through a series of exercises programed for that day. 
 Every week she would receive a newsletter with a progress tracker and some quotes to inspire her, the first one said that small changes in her habits could reap the biggest results. 
And it did. The following morning she had her usual breakfast of milk, cereal and a glass of orange juice followed by her setting up her yoga mat and playing the first video on her phone. 
She breathed, relaxed. 
She listened to the voice of her instructor. 
Focusing on the music humming on the background. 
She breathed, letting air fill her chest. 
She exhaled letting the stress go. 
She nodded as her instructor’s voice made her fall deep into trance…
Then she dozed off. 
Next thing she knew her alarm was going off, she was sweaty and sore. She barely remembered her workout at all. 
It was already half an hour later and she would have to shower quickly to get on time to her job. 
The water was cold and she was thankful for it, for some reason she felt horny, her pussy was dripping and even with the freezing water, her fingers slid easily over her clit trying to scratch that need. 
Frustrated and sore she rushed and went on with her day job. 
Retail is not particularly easy or stress relieving, but it was all she could do while working on her thesis, the afternoons were free for her to study and go to class or review with the professor in charge. 
As the day went on, and the hardships of handling costumers piled up on her; Isabelle found herself instinctively reaching for her phone during her break, fiddling through social media and watching Lizzy in her fabulous milf body, bitting her lip she closed the app and decided to play the meditation video from The Program.
She breathed in. 
And the rest of her shift melted away in a pleasant, hazy daze. Before closing, a client approached her and told her what a pretty smile she had. Normally she would dismiss such comments, but this time she giggled and thanked him. 
Back home she played the meditation file over and over again while she opened her books and sat down to study and work over her thesis. 
Stretching, she looked at the clock and despite feeling like only a few minutes had passed she already had three pages written; hightlited several pages of different books and taken copious notes. Despite all that, she still felt relaxed and full of energy.
And despite the late hour, she didn’t feel any hunger. Then she reached to the side and found a protein mix that she didn’t remember preparing or even buying. 
She gulped, feeling a bit nervous about having some time lagoons in her mind. But the music was so soothing. 
So relaxing. 
Isabelle breathed in and decided that the small changes were for the better. 
Closing the books she walked to the bed, and threw away her clothes to the laundry basket. 
She wasn’t sleepy, she was energized. But it was late and she needed to sleep. The Program remarked the importance of a good night sleep. So she climbed on the bed and left the phone charging on the side. 
But the music never stopped. 
Isabelle needed to do something with all that energy.
She turned off the lights and threw a pillow over her head. Tossing and turning she was not comfortable or ready to go to sleep. 
The music was helping, but it wasn’t enough. She needed to- She needed to-
She took the pillow from her face and placed it between her legs. 
“That’s better” she thought as she tried to get into a more comfortable position. Laying down, with the pillow between her legs. 
Isabelle pressed her chest on the mattress, trying to focus on the music, But the pillow was rubbing her in a way that felt almost like she was naked. 
And that’s when she realized, she was naked. She never grabbed her pajamas. She simply climbed on top of the bed and listened. 
She tried to stand up, but the feeling of the fabric, the pillow rubbing her clit in just the most delicious way. 
An image formed in her mind. It was Lizzy in front of her, her mouth gaping, her blouse open to let her big and full chest heave. She wanted to taste those dark nipples. She wanted her hand between her legs. 
Isabelle rode her pillow, with her mouth gasping for air, repeating her friend’s name over and over “Lizzy,” as she teased her clit and her nipples. 
She wanted to kiss her, she wanted to grab her by the neck and lead her down between her legs so that Lizzy would worship her pussy, licking, riding her face. 
As she rode her pillow, teasing and playing with her pussy and nipples, there was a soft voice in the back of her head. It sounded familiar. 
Focus on the pleasure. You are pleasure. You were made for pleasure
It drilled the words in her head. Echoing back and forth with Lizzy’s naked image in her mind. Her soft thighs, her toned ass. Her hard nipples. 
You’re pleasure. You were made for pleasure. Focus on your pleasure. 
The voice sounded like Lizzy, caressing her head, with that cadence that reminded her of the meditation file. Soft, relaxed, pliant. 
You were made for pleasure. Focus on the pleasure. You’re pleasure. 
In Isabelle’s mind, Lizzy held her close. Kissing her, leading her down between her legs. Touching and pleasing her. But now it was her turn. Now she had to please her. She was made for pleasure. 
She leaned down, her tongue out, she needed to please Lizzy, to make her cum. Then she would cum. She was made for pleasure, she was pleasure, she needed to focus on the pleasure. 
So close. 
Isabelle drooled and bit the pillow, imagining Lizzy’s body, her sex, the short dark pubes, her voice guiding her. 
And then the voice. The one on the back of her head, Lizzy’s voice, it whispered. 
Isabelle convulsed, grasping the sheets, holding her pillow tight between her legs. The moans and guttural sounds of her orgasm drowned by the pillow against her mouth. 
Cum. The voice repeated. Cum for me. 
Another wave of pleasure hit Isabelle. Making her feet curl and her back arch. Her whole body clenched as waves of electricity coursed through her body. 
Cum for me, my pleasure doll. The voice whispered and vanished. 
Isabelle passed out, listening to the soft noises of nature that had accompanied her orgasms.

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