The Production

by Magister Amentia

Tags: #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #hypnosis #sub:female

Charlotte’s husband rented their house as a set for a film, but he didn’t tell her what kind of film, nor that her favorite pornstar was going to star in it.

The doorbell rang across the house. 

Nervous and excited, Charlotte practiced the breathing exercises her acting teacher taught her back in college. Inhale, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Exhale, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The previous day she went to the salon and got her black hair stylized in a bob cut with lights that made her look like a younger Charlize Theron. Her make-up was sensible, and while she wore a crisp white suit, she made sure her blouse was open enough to show her assets proudly.

The door rang again and, with another deep breath, she opened the door. 

“Hi, good morning.” She said with a wide smile, leaning on the frame.

“Good morning, miss,” The crew pushed themselves inside, barely looking at her. An underwhelming feeling invaded her. 

Her expectations were different when her husband told her he had rented their home for the small production of an indie film. She thought she could mingle and talk with the crew. Maybe she could meet a celebrity. At the very least, it could become a quaint little story of how she met a future star in their earliest film. 

She even imagined herself being discovered. But at this very moment, while the production completely ignored her, inside her mind, she laughed off the idea. 

Walking into the kitchen, she focused on preparing a jar of lemonade. Charlotte thought she had left all those silly dreams behind when she married an accountant. With a sigh, she squeezed lemons, thinking of all those failed auditions she took before he met him. It wasn’t that she was unhappy, she simply thought “what if?”

Most of the crew were punctual, efficient and fast, arranging the lights, setting the scene. Including the director and the cameraman, they made a crew of five. 

Charlotte tried to approach the director with a glass of freshly made lemonade and was completely ignored. He was talking over the phone with angry dejection. She sighed once again and walked with the lemonade to the living room and tried to talk with the rest of the crew. They thanked her for the drinks, but excused themselves and went back to work.

She served herself a glass, sat on a stool by the kitchen bar and watched them move. 

The director spoke through his teeth to the person on the phone and from time to time yelled orders to the crew; her house had a minimalist style, with a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean in the distance. The crew was almost done with the camera and the lights around the living room to maximize light and take advantage of the view. 

The director cursed the person on the other side of the line. He hung up and threw his phone over the leather couch. 

“FUCK!” he sat down on the couch and took off his sunglasses and rubbed his eyes. He was wearing a gray suit and had dreadlocks that looked awfully familiar to Charlotte. She approached him for a second time with a glass of cold lemonade.

“Lemonade?” She said with a kind smile and a soft voice. 

She could not half place him, but she knew he looked familiar. 

“Thanks,” the director said and drank his glass of lemonade in a single gulp, carefully leaving the empty glass over a coaster. He sighed and did the same breathing exercise that Charlotte had been doing before everyone arrived. 

Breath in, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.

Exhale, 1, 2, 3,4,5. 

He threw his head back on the couch. 

It only took about ten minutes, and by then, everyone was done with their duties. The lights were set; the camera was in place and everyone but the actors were ready to roll. 

Even the girl with a makeup kit was ready and waiting for the director to give new orders while she scrolled through her phone. 

Charlotte sat down by his side. She could see his muscles under the tight suit, his shirt was open, and she saw his dark skin and pecs under a gold pendant. “Everything okay?” she poured him more lemonade. 

The director scratched his head in frustration. 

“No,” He groaned.

Something snapped in place as she finally recognized him. 

It was the same groan and expression Charlotte had seen many times when her husband worked late and she was left alone in the empty house. Charlotte had dreamed of those lips kissing her. She had drooled while thinking of that cock between her legs. She had fucked him countless times in her mind.

Charlotte looked down at his crotch and blushed, feeling lightheaded. 

She was sitting next to Anton VanCock. The star of her favorite interracial porn films. 

Fuck. Charlotte thought to herself. 

FUCK! Charlotte cursed her husband. 

The fucker rented her house to an interracial porn production and didn’t tell her a thing. Of course, he wouldn’t be there to receive them. He didn’t have the guts to confront her about it. 

She felt hot. She felt indignant. She felt-

“Fuck,” she said out loud. 

“Right?” Anton said. 

Charlotte noticed Anton had been talking, and she had not heard a single word he had said. 

She poured herself a glass of lemonade and drank to hide her shame, indignation, and arousal. 

Anton sighed once again, got up from the couch and clapped his hands once. 

“Ok people, sorry about this. Pack everything up,” Then he turned to Charlotte and bowed his head, “Thanks for the lemonade, and please,” He took out his wallet and pulled a few hundred-dollar bills. “Tell Dan I’m sorry for the inconvenience and that I'll still pay for the location. But we will be out of your hair now.” 

Charlotte took the money and stood up, not understanding what just happened. 

“Wait, why are you leaving so soon?” She said, almost stumbling against the coffee table, rushing to hold Anton by the arm.

“I told you. We don’t have a lead actress.” Anton turned to her and held her arm. “She is contracted with another company, one of the bigger ones. I fought because I wanted to make my own thing, have more creative control. You know how it is, Dan told me you were an actress yourself.” 

“I wouldn’t say I was ever professional…” Charlotte blushed and pulled a stray hair away from her face. “Anyway, what happened to your star?” She tried to change the topic away from her.

“My former company keeps making it harder for me to actually work. I left because I wanted to make things different, better, but they keep stealing the talents I hire. They keep barring me from locations and the list of people willing to work with us keeps getting shorter and shorter.” He poured himself another glass and drank it all once again. “If this keeps up, I won’t have the money to pay the crew anymore. If we leave now, maybe they can book another gig for the afternoon.”

He sighed. “What the girl doesn’t know, being new in the business, is that in the long run she is getting screwed over.”

He laughed nervously, “And way harder than I ever would.” He sighed and picked up his phone, to check the time.

Charlotte gave the dejected Anton a big, hard look. 

What was Dan thinking when he told them they could work here. She would have had to watch Anton and another girl…


Charlotte felt a warm need spread across her. A stupid idea came to her mind.

She gulped down. 

“Wait.” She said and didn’t say a thing. 

Anton waited. 

“Yes?” He said, putting his phone away. 

He gave her a once-over. He bit the end of his glasses. 

She was fidgeting in place, her right hand was playing with her wedding ring. He knew that look.

“Say, would you like to become a professional actress?” He took a step closer and touched her face. “I could use someone as…” He looked at Charlotte, from her open cleavage to her eyes, “cute and sexy as you for this, you could help me save this production.”

His fingers slid to the back of her neck. 

Charlotte froze in place. Her eyes fluttered for a second. She bit her lip and tried to shake her head. 

He made sure she looked into his eyes. 

“Of course you can choose your own “nom de plum”, have you ever thought about it?”

She nodded. 

Anton pulled her closer. 

“Would you like to join our production?”

“Uhm….” She stared into his eyes. 

“Just say yes. We are ready to roll as soon as you want. We have outfits you could try.”

Charlotte was transfixed by his eyes. It was like they were pulling him closer. 

“What about the lines and such?” Charlotte said in a whisper. Her hand touched his chest.

“You have training, you can improvise your lines. And with editing, it will make sense after post-production.”

“I can’t- I… I have never- It’s been years-” Charlotte felt her mind racing. She tried to babble another excuse. Any excuse. 

“Do you want this?”

“Yes.” She said out loud without thinking. 

“Then you don’t have to worry a thing about it. I will guide you. We can begin with some breathing exercises to help you calm down.” His other arm hugged her close, by the small of her back.

Charlotte nodded along. She could feel her heart beating fast. He was so close she could smell his cologne. It smelled of citrus and something else, something that she wanted to taste. 

“Would you like that?” He said softly. 

“Yes,” she replied in a whisper, melting into his arms. 

“Good,” Anton said and released her. “We should begin immediately.”

Charlotte’s head was spinning, her hand fell to her side as Anton’s embrace left her. She felt the weight of her wedding ring. She took it off and left it on the coffee table. 

“What about a contract?” She asked. 

“Dre,” He snapped his fingers, a member of the crew rushed to Anton’s side, “Contact the lawyer and have him send us a contract for Charlotte, please? Make sure she gets all the benefits that bitch Selina was supposed to take, including revenue.”

“Got it.” Dre took Anton’s phone and got to work. 

“Miranda,” Anton called to the make-up artist, “be a dear and help Charlotte change into something more comfortable, get her ready for the camera.”

Charlotte saw the world moving incredibly fast. 

“After you are done with her, you can do me.” Anton said and began to take off his suit. “I will check the camera and sound with Tom and Paul.” 

“Everything is ready boss.” Dre came back with a tablet and a pen and handed it to Charlotte. “Just sign here, initials here and here, and at the end of the document.” 

Charlotte was breathing fast. Miranda was pulling lingerie and comparing it against her body, asking her if she saw anything that she liked. 

Anton took off his shirt. 

“I- I think-” Charlotte pushed the makeup aside and picked up her ring from the table. 

The director saw her and called out to her. 

“Hey, hey, easy there,” He pushed his way back to Charlotte, “just breathe.”

Charlotte took a deep breath. 1,3,4,5,6,7. 

“Here,” Anton handed her a glass of lemonade, “drink something. Are you sure you want to do this?” He said caressing her back. 

Charlotte looked up at him. 

She nodded. 

“Okay then, we can leave the contract until after we are done. You can take everything more calmly, we won’t release anything without your consent.” He said. 

Charlotte exhaled. 1,2,3,4,5.

“Ok.” She nodded again, trying to calm down. She grabbed his hand.

“Would you like me to help you? I know some relaxation techniques that we use in the business to get in the mood, just follow my lead, ok?”

Charlotte squeezed his hand and exhaled deeply. 

“Ready?” He asked, holding her hand. 

“Ready.” She was shaking and staring at the little ring she left on the table. 

“Just breath, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Relax.” Anton took her hand and placed it over his leg. 

“Exhale 1,2,3,4,5.” His thumb began making small circles around her wrist. 

“Relax,” He guided her, watching her breath slowly and deeply. “Let go of all your worries. You just need to focus on my voice, good?”

“Good,” Charlotte replied after exhaling. 

“Keep going, breath deeply,” Anton’s hand went over her arm, caressing it softly. 

“Follow my voice,” He said with a deep baritone voice, “I will guide you today. You don’t have to worry, relax, let go of any feeling of stress, feel it leave your body as you exhale.” 

Both of them exhaled. 

“Good, keep going, relax. It will feel good, you can follow on the pleasure, just follow my instructions and let yourself be pleasured, let me take care of your body.”

His hands ran up her arm and touched her neck, caressing the back. 

“I will put you under, just relax and let us work, then I will give you the instructions and lines for you to follow.” His hand caressed her face, his thumb resting on her forehead. “You understand?”

Charlotte’s face slacked. “Yes,” She said exhaling. 

His thumb slid over the bridge of her nose and she fell into a deep trance, her eyes fluttering before her body went completely limp. 

In what felt like a deep dream, a second or an afternoon passed. 

Charlotte was vaguely aware of what was happening. 

Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw Miranda pulling down her pants. 

The next second, she was wearing a different set of panties and bra, blue and transparent. 

She closed her eyes and opened them again. 

Miranda was between Anton’s legs. 

“Shhh,” He said caressing her face, “I will be with you in a moment, don’t worry, she is just my fluffer. I would send her to you but I can see you don’t need it.”

His finger went between her legs. Her panties were crotchless. She moaned. Anton’s fingers were wet, and he licked them. 

“Sleep,” He said and made her drop, running his thumb over her forehead once again. 

Charlotte felt her body distant, the touch of Melinda working on her face. Next moment her hands were between her legs, she heard something buzz and cut her pubic hair. The voice of Anton in her ear was soft and reassuring. He made her focus on the summer breeze from the Pacific coming through the open windows and caressing her body. 

She saw the lights from the production shine on her.

She could see the camera and the eyes of everyone on her half-naked body. 

Anton whispered something into her ears, an order.

She smiled.

“Action.” Someone said. 

Then everything went blank. 

Blank but good. 

It felt really good. 

She didn’t think. She acted. 

She smiled.

She followed orders. 

And all those orders gave her pleasure. 

She lost herself in the pleasure. 

“Cut.” The voice said again. “That’s a wrap.”

Charlotte opened her eyes. 

She felt sore. In a good way, she was sweaty, breathing hard, and there was a weird taste in her mouth. 

Anton was on the couch, completely naked. His cock was wet and semi-hard. He was drinking a glass of lemonade. He was breathing heavily and stretching over the couch with a droopy and satisfied smile on his lips. 

“That was brilliant Charlotte,” his smile was cute and wide, “you are a natural.”

It made her feel proud of herself, “Thank you.” Charlotte muttered. Her face was warm and her heart was beating fast. She didn’t know what she was a natural at, but she had an idea. “What just happened?” She asked, hugging her naked self. Her right hand searched her body. She was wet, her legs were shaking. She recognized the euphoria and blush that she only got after an orgasm.

Anton handed her a glass of lemonade.

She looked around and saw the team dismantling the set, the cameraman was reviewing the film and nodding to himself, Miranda was making more lemonade, she was half-undressed, wearing a lace bra, short-shorts and heels, she gave Charlotte a thumbs up with a wide smile that said: “you were awesome”. 

The make-up artist brought the lemonade, a change of clothes for Anton, and a silk robe for Charlotte. 

“Thank you, darling,” He said and kissed her in the cheek, “Sorry, I never properly introduced the two of you,” He hugged her possessively by the waist and kissed her neck making her giggle, “This is Miranda my girlfriend, fluffer and professional makeup artist.”

“Nice to meet you,” she said and handed Charlotte a robe that she put on immediately. 

The wife blushed even harder and covered herself as fast as she could. 

The crew picked up as quickly as they set up. 

“Can someone tell me what just happened? I remember relaxing on the couch with you, and then…”

She looked out the window. The sun was setting.

“And the next thing I know, I am naked and well fucked. What the hell just happened?”

“You really don’t remember?” Anton asked her, concerned, then he looked into his girlfriend’s eyes. 

“It’s okay honey, it’s normal. It was her first time. This can be overwhelming, especially with the lines memorized,” Miranda said and hugged her. “It will all come back soon. Right, pet?”

Charlotte felt a shiver running up her spine, “Right, Master.” She covered her mouth, incapable of knowing where that came from.

“See, she still remembers her lines.” Miranda giggled. 

Anton covered his mouth to hide his chuckle.

“Right, why don’t we-”

There was a car by the door. 

“Oh, no.” Charlotte gasped and clasped her robe closer, she panicked and looked for clothes, any kind of clothes, but the wardrobe was already packed and her suit was nowhere to be seen, “Where are my clothes?!” She whispered almost shrieking. 

“Miranda packed them, they were accidentally… well, you know,” Anton tried to approach Charlotte, his hands facing her. He touched her shoulders and serenely said, “Relax.”

Charlotte felt all her panic evaporate from her body. She was still anxious and looking from the door to Anton, but a soft warmth enveloped her. 

“It’s alright, your husband knows.” Anton caressed her shoulders and back. 

“What?” Charlotte said, looking into his eyes. They were calm and reassuring. 

The door opened. 

“Honey, Charlotte? How was the shooting?” He yelled from the entrance of their home. 

The housewife looked at the director’s face. He nodded at her. His kind smile was enough to let the leftover anxiety melt. 

“Over here, darling,” she called from between Anton’s arms, “We… we just wrapped up.” She said tentatively.

“That’s a shame,” He said and left the car keys and the briefcase. 

Anton let go of Charlotte, and her husband embraced her. 

“I really would have liked to see the scene. I rushed home as soon as Anton told me.” He kissed her cheek and ran a hand over her hair. 

“You look splendid,” He said, looking at her face with adoration.

Charlotte blushed with pride and averted her eyes, unable to suppress her shame. 

“You… you wanted to see that?” She mouthed, hugging her husband close, her fists clinging to his suit.

Anton tapped on his shoulder and coughed. 

“You might have missed the live performance, but if you want to see your wife’s acting skills. Well, that can be arranged.” He handed him a USB and approached to hug his friend. 

“Anton,” Dan said, holding his wife by the waist, he gave Anton a hug with his other arm, “Thank you so much for this. I told you, you are her favorite.” He was effusive and proud of himself. “When you told me you needed a set, I didn’t tell her because I wanted it to be a surprise. But I certainly didn’t expect her to become your co-star today.” 

The two of them laughed. 

“Glad to know you are very devoted to her, as you always were. You remember Miranda?” Miranda walked back in. She was wearing a mesh blouse, everyone could see her demi-bra with her erect nipples. 

“Hello, Miranda.” Her husband greeted her. 

“Hello Daniel.” She kissed him on the lips. 

Charlotte felt a wave of anger through her. 

“Miranda…” Anton said sternly. “You can’t keep doing that.”

“Sorry,” she giggled and gave a mischievous smile to Charlotte. “I just couldn’t resist. She fucked you while I just had to sit by the side and watch quietly. Besides, it’s been a while since I was with Daniel”

“She is your ex?” Charlotte said. 

“It was a long time ago,” Daniel said. “We were in high school.”

Charlotte gave him a warning look. 

“I swear. She chose Anton. As you can see.” 

“I chose his cock. The rest of him is sort of okay.” She said and poked her boyfriend’s side. 

“We have to go,” Anton said and pulled Miranda delicately by the wrist and led her to the exit, “We still have a lot of work to do.” He eyed Charlotte and winked at Dan, “and you might want to watch her acting skills.” 

They shook hands, and Anton kissed Charlotte’s cheek, Miranda kissed Dan’s cheek. 

“If you want to collaborate again, you have my number.” The two of them left through the door and they could hear the revving of the leaving car. 

Dan turned and took Charlotte’s face between his hands. He leaned in and kissed her, Charlotte returned the kiss and embraced her husband as closely as she could. 

“Did you have fun today?” He asked and connected the drive to his computer and made it so that they could watch the video on the tv. 

“I… I think I did.” She said, hiding her face behind a cushion from the couch, she didn’t want him to know she barely remembered anything about what they recorded. 

“Let’s see what my pornstar did today.” He had a whimsical smile as he hit play. 

“Action,” the voice called and Charlotte saw the woman on the screen take off her clothes. From beneath the simple blouse and skirt emerged a set of purple lingerie that she had never worn. 

She gave Anton a vapid smile and knelt in front of the tall black man. He was wearing a white shirt and black jeans. 

“Why don’t you let me help you get comfortable,” she said in a cheesy line that somehow she managed to make sultry. 

“Your husband won’t mind?” He asked. 

“I am sure he would enjoy watching having the pleasure he can’t give me,” She winked at the camera and pulled down his pants licking her lips. 

In the same living room, at her side, her husband laughed but touched himself, his hand reaching out to her legs.

“She is not wrong, you know?” He told her and kissed her neck. 

Charlotte nodded absentmindedly, her hand held her husband’s tightly. 

Her mind remembered the smell of Anton’s musk, the taste of his cock as the woman on the screen took him inside her mouth. 

Her husband slid one hand over her legs. “You are getting wet,” he whispered over her ear. She could not take her eyes away from the movie. 

“Am I?” she asked, one hand over his pants expertly unbuttoning him with one hand, “Well, you are already leaking,” She said playfully as she touched the tip of his cock and brought a dollop of pre-cum to her lips. 

God, she wanted to taste Anton again. 

“Fuck,” she groaned as her husband pushed two fingers inside her. The girl on the screen was expertly pleasuring the black man. Her tongue licking under the base, she could barely fit him in her mouth. 

Drool dripped from her chin to her tits, but she kept looking up into his eyes.

Anton caressed her head and she cooed at his touch. 

Sitting on the couch, she stroked her husband’s cock and she touched her lips, her mouth-watering, she touched her chest and pulled on her nipples. 

Anton did the same in the movie. 

“Did you like that?” Her husband asked in a ragged voice. 

“Yes,” she confessed absentmindedly. 

“Come here,” her husband and Anton said at the same time. 

In the movie, Anton lifted her and threw her over the couch. 

In real life, her husband grabbed her and made her sit over his lap. 

“Ready?” The two men asked. 

“Yes,” Charlotte said. 

Her husband played with his cock over her pussy, grinding it against her clit and over her slit. 

“Do you want him to fuck you again?”

Charlotte stared at the screen and tried to guide the cock into her pussy. She whimpered. 

Her husband was more assertive than usual and pulled her hands back. 

“Answer the question.”

In the movie, Anton pushed past her pussy lips in a closeup, making Charlotte scream and moan. 

Charlotte whimpered at the teasing from her husband. 

“Answer me,” He slapped her ass, “do you want him to fuck you again?”

“Do you want to become a pornstar? Do you want to be fucked like a slut?”

“YES” Charlotte yelled and ground her hips against him, trying to match the pornstar on the screen, “Yes, yes, yes. Please”

Her husband pushed his cock inside her. 

She threw her head back and kissed him. 

“I want you to be my pornstar,” he said, pulling on her nipples. 

“I want to be your pornstar,” Charlotte repeated. 

She ground her ass over his cock, mimicking the motions in which Anton had fucked her that afternoon. 

Her husband didn’t fit her as deep as Anton did, but she loved how dominating he was. 

He pulled her hair and Charlotte moaned, but she stared at the woman on the screen, screaming in pleasure. 

She remembered and could feel every motion that she felt that afternoon, her mind slipping down her memories and melting into the pleasure, the one she was experiencing as her husband spanked her over the coffee table. 

The way Anton manhandled her over the couch, him bitting her breasts, kissing her neck, taking a passionate kiss from her mouth. Using her, enjoying her body. 

Her husband held her hands back, but he kept teasing her clit, moving his hands to her breasts as Anton fondled her. 

Her mind getting mixed up between this moment and the other, she didn’t care who it was that it fucking her. 

She didn’t care if it was Anton or her husband, Dan. 

She just wanted to feel this pleasure forever. 

To be used, to be fucked, to be a star. 

Her husband came inside her. 

Anton did the same, but he pulled out with the condom on. 

She remembered that part. 

Charlotte collapsed onto the floor, exhausted, sweating.

He touched her face and leaned in. She remembered what he said, “smile for the camera,”

She looked up and she did, giving a vapid, empty, and satisfied smile. 

She kissed the base of his cock and began to stroke him and lick him clean. 

Someone said “cut”, but she kept stroking the black man until the recording stopped.. 

In the living room with her husband, she laid on the floor, staring at the satisfied and tranced woman. 

She woke up a little, noting how her husband was getting hard again from watching her please the man on the screen. 

She gave him the same smile and kissed his balls, the base of his cock, and gave him a lick, tasting his cum and hers. 

She remembered Anton’s taste. But she liked her husband’s more.

She climbed on top of the couch as another scene began. 

“So,” she asked, straddling her husband, giving him a passionate kiss with the taste of their cum in her mouth, “When is the next production?” her eyes filled with lust. 

“Whenever you want, my love,” her husband said and kissed her breasts, her neck, and her face before getting her cock inside of her again. 

Her new life as a pornstar had begun.

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