The Orchard´s Flowers - A Resort story

by Magister Amentia

Tags: #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #petplay #sub:female

Betty is on a lovely vacation with her boyfriend. On their last day, Betty goes on a walk by the beach on her own and finds herself following a smell that slowly awakens her arousal.

It was a lovely evening to spend walking by the beach holding the hand of her boyfriend, Betty thought, and leaned on his shoulder. She was wearing a thin white blouse over her white bikini, a pink beach skirt, and a wide white hat, while her boyfriend was wearing only his swimming trunks. 

“Isn’t this lovely?” He said, almost reading her thoughts. 

“It is,” she said, pulling him for a kiss on the cheek, “I wish these vacations would never end.” She sighed as she felt the cold water of the sea touch her feet. 

“I know,” He hugged her close, “We have to go back tomorrow. We had our fun and we can always come back another year. But we still gotta work so we can come back.”

Betty left his arm and ran ahead of him, splashing water everywhere around her and giggling. 

“Why don’t we move here?” She said with the sun on her back. 

“Here?” He walked slowly, extending his arms wide. “By the beach? Would we camp here and fish for food?” He said mockingly, “I don’t think my pale complexion would agree with that.”

“You can code from anywhere in the world, come on.” She kept walking backwards. 

“I could do that, but wouldn’t you miss your family?” He extended his arm towards her. 

“We can visit them once a year.” Betty gave a little turn and smiled. 

“That would be a lovely dream,” he said and rushed towards her, hugging his girlfriend, nuzzling her neck, kissing her. 

“It can be our dream” She hugged him back.

“We will see.” He cupped her face and caressed her short, blonde hair. 

“Come, we still have things to do.” He pulled her by the hand and led her away. “We need to go back to the hotel and get prepared for the trip. And we have that dinner reservation tonight.” 

Betty took a step and then stopped, taking his hand between hers and kissing it. “You can go ahead. I still want to explore a little more. Can you take care of everything?” She pleaded, making puppy eyes that Travis was never able to say no to. 

He sighed. “I will take care of our clothes and everything else, but you better make it to the restaurant.” He kissed her lips. 

“I will,” she said, walking backwards down the beach. 

“You better,” He yelled as he walked backwards from her. 

Betty waved at her boyfriend and turned away, taking in the scenery, the diverse resorts and hotels lining up the shore. The beach was mostly empty. She kept walking until she passed a couple of breakwaters until she reached a secluded hotel just on the side of a river. 

She could not make her way to the other side without swimming across it. 

The sun was setting. “I guess it’s time to go back,” she said to herself. 

As Betty turned around, there was a peculiar citric aroma that pulled her attention.

“Where is that smell coming from?” She sniffed the air. It was faint, between the salt of the sea, the smell of her own lotion, and that of the river water, but she still managed to follow the aroma back to the river like pulling from a thin string.

“I think it’s coming from upstream,” she said to no one in particular and kept going, trying to track the source of the particular aroma. 

There was something to it, familiar in an intimate way. It triggered memories of Travis, of roses, of his cologne. But not quite. It was deeper than that. It made her think of the moments she spend with him. 

She kept going, past the small resort and towards the street. It was distant, but each step took her deeper down into more vivid and erotic memories. 

In her mind, the smell awoke the feeling of passion she felt when she gave herself to Travis for the first time, his hands over her body, his fingers around her neck. The way his tongue twisted between her legs. 

She moaned and shivered in the middle of the street before realizing that people were staring at her. 

Blushing, she hugged herself and said, “Lo siento,” to anyone that would listen and rushed ahead. 

“I can still go back,” she thought, “but then again, I really want to know what is that smell and where is it coming from.” 

Betty felt warmth overcoming her, her breathing was getting heavier, she needed to know what was that thing, why did it feel so good to follow it. It was doing things to her body and mind. 

The breeze stopped, and for a second Betty lost the trail of the sweet and citric aroma.

“I should stop.” She said out loud, panting, dragging her feet. “I should stop.” She repeated, taking one small step forward before coming to a halt. “I really should go back,” she said to herself, thinking of Travis’ cute face. 

Taking a deep breath, she took a step back and turned away. 

Then the smell hit her in full force, going all the way deep into her mind. 

Hugging herself, she fell to her feet. She wanted to touch herself. She groped her breasts. Her nipples were hard. Her pussy was wet. 

With some difficulty, she got up, her skirt getting stuck on her feet and the knot coming undone. It flew away with the breeze. 

“I need to know,” Betty said and moved ahead, massaging her tits. 

The smell was everywhere now, inside her mind, filling her with desire and clouding her with lust. She was swimming in a fog of need. 

She walked past a small backyard door and into a tiny orchard surrounded by buildings. 

The smell was coming from here. 

She pulled the string from her white bikini and let it fall to the ground. 

“I need this, what is this.” She touched the closest tree to her and pulled a flower from a branch, taking a deep breath.

She shivered. She could not control herself anymore. Her hand darted between her legs and threw the bottom of her bikini away from her as she dropped to her knees, rubbing herself and throwing her ass into the air. 

Betty became a bumbling mess. 

There was some rustling behind her. 

“Amá!” someone yelled from behind Betty, “Otra gringa se metio al huerto!”

The young woman looked over her shoulder to see a tall young man wearing only his pants and a hat. He was carrying a basket filled with the same flowers that Betty picked up. 

A yell replied from somewhere close by. “Pues hazte cargo, tenemos que trabajar!”

“Esta bueno amá!” He said and got close to Betty, leaving the basket of flowers behind. 

Betty watched as he approached. She grinned, her eyes filled with need and desire. She wiggled her ass and said, “Please?” 

The young man sighed and dropped the basket full of flowers he was carrying. He took a step behind her and watched her trying to decide and finally spanking Betty. 

“Fine,” He said, his hand running up her back, “But you will tell me what you want,” He said in a perfect American accent. 

“Would you please fuck me?” She said, her face on the floor. 

His hand slipped between her ass and spread her pussy. 

“Where?” He said, pushing one finger inside. “Here?”

Betty moaned and nodded. 

His finger slid out and ran up towards her ass, pushing it inside. “Or here?” he had a wicked smile. 

“Anywhere, please, just, fuck me, please.” She humped the air. 

“Very well, but you will have to do as I say from now on, understood?” He said, striking her ass again and eliciting a moan from Betty. 

“Yes, yes, yes,” she said, “Please, please, please.”

He pulled down his pants. His cock was already half erect. Even like that, he was bigger than her boyfriend.

“Now, lick me until I get hard, and you will have to get on top and fuck yourself after that, I have been working all day harvesting, and I am tired, so if you want to cum you will have to work for it.”

Betty lurched with animal hunger, shoving her face beneath the young man’s cock, licking his brown cock and balls. Kissing him from the base up and bobbing her head. She had never done this with Travis before. She usually thought it was degrading. 

Right now, thinking was the last thing Betty could do. 

She moaned as she took the worker’s member between her lips. He tasted his salty sweat. His musk was mixed with the inebriating smell of the flowers. 

She suckled his cock, like he would give her some sweet nectar. She needed him, whoever he was. 

He caressed her head and moaned, “Fuck, Puta, que bien chupas.” 

Betty moaned. She recognized the sound of praise in any language. 

“Stop,” He said and pushed her head back, “That’s enough.”

Betty panted and drooled. She wanted to keep going, to feel his cock in her mouth, down her throat. 

“Sit.” He said, like she was some sort of dog, a bitch.

Betty followed his orders and stopped, sitting with her hands between her spread legs. 

“That was very nice,” He said, patting her head. “I am hard enough now,” Let me lay down and then you can ride me, understand?”

She nodded. 

“Understood?” He repeated lower this time. He expected a response. 

Her speech had left her a long time ago, but she knew what he expected. She was a bitch, his bitch. 

She barked. 


“Good girl.” He sat under the tree and threw his pants away. His cock was erect and she could hardly wait. 

“Come here,” He said and patted over his legs. 

Betty crawled up to him and got over him, slowly opening her folds to let this stranger inside her. 

And she loved it. 

Moaning, she lowered herself before she moved and fuck herself with the thickest cock that she ever had. 

She moved and grind her hips, making sure his cock rubbed her g-spot inside her. Her hands next to her breast. 

He got close to her and bit her breasts, licking her nipples with her moan, making her howl. 

“Good girl.” He said when he took her tits from his mouth. 

She wiggled herself on top of him and yelped with delight.

He hugged her body close, thrusting his hips to build up his own pleasure. Betty was ecstatic. There was nothing in her mind but the pleasure of being fucked like a bitch in heat. 

And everything was because of that sweet flower.

The young worker hugged her by her lower back and kissed her breasts, nibbling her nipples, he pushed his hips against hers. 

“I am almost there,” He said. “Get ready to cum with me.”

Betty barked again and nodded eagerly. She wanted to feel his cum inside her. She wasn’t on the pill. Travis and she were planning to have kids as soon as they got married. 

But that didn’t matter. 

What mattered was making him come, her owner, her master. 

He grabbed her by the neck and kissed her. 

She felt him erupt inside her, his cock spasming against the walls of her pussy. 

She moaned in delight as her own orgasm exploded. 

Lights filled up her head. A sort of enlightenment hit Betty, the citric smell of the flowers, the sour smell of sex. The salty breeze of the sea, the smell of his body. 

The sensations inside her. Everything hit her all at once. 

She would live here forever. She was not going back. If she could, she would become this man’s pet, whatever he wanted. 

The young man panted in her ear. 

Betty blinked several times. For a moment, her mind went back to normal. She just had sex with a stranger and let him cum inside. She wasn’t worried, she even wanted to have his kids. 

She collapsed on top of him. 

“Thank you,” she said, closing her eyes. 

She caressed his chest and kissed his neck. 

Then she felt another spasm inside her from his twitching cock that made her moan. 

There were steps and someone close by. 

“I wish I could stay like this forever,” Betty said as she drifted asleep, barely registering the conversation that followed

“Amá, puedo quedarmela?” The young man said, “I swear I will take care of her.” 

The woman leans down and sighs, leaving her basket of flowers next to her. 

“What are you gonna do with another gringa jariosa? Mándala de regreso. Dale una de las flores para que se la de a quien quiera y no tenga problemas cuando salga moreno el niño,” the woman said, throwing a piece of cloth on top of betty.

“Okay, amá, I will do that.” The young man took Betty in her arms and carried her unconscious body like it was nothing. 

Minutes later, she woke up in her bedroom. Betty could remember everything that happened that afternoon, like it was a dream. 

Betty woke up feeling wet and well fucked. She walked into the shower and cleaned herself from the grime and mud from the orchard. One finger spreading her folds to let cum drip from her pussy. She was pregnant now; she was sure of it.

Then the door opened. 

“Betty?” It was Travis. “Betty, are you taking a shower? Where have you been?”

“I just took a stroll downtown,” she said, moaning as she touched herself to the memories that flooded her mind. “Maybe next time you should join me.” 

He sighed, “You left me to eat all alone our last night, just so you could wander around? And what are these flowers? There is a card, “I hope you enjoyed your walk through the orchard of our resort.” What resort-”

Suddenly, it was completely silent. 

Betty walked out of the shower and didn’t bother to dry herself. She opened the door and found her boyfriend on the floor, panting as he jerked himself with a vacant look in his eyes. 

She cupped his head between her hands and kissed his forehead, opening his mouth and pulling out his tongue with her fin. You, you will find out soon that I can be very convincing. Also, you are going to be a dad.”

“But maybe, for now, you can use that pretty tongue of yours and after you wake up, I can take you for a walk.”

She guided him between her legs. 

Betty was not going to leave. As for work, maybe she could find work at one of the resorts. 

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