The Lustful Codex


by Magister Amentia

Tags: #bondage #dom:male #exhibitionism #humiliation #sub:female #sub:male #clothing #cuckold #curse #fantasy #group_sex #sadomasochism #threesomes #urban_fantasy

A suburban home in the North Eastern US. 9:00 AM. Sunday. Three weeks after the incident. 

“I’m thinking of getting a tattoo,” Denise told her husband. 

He looked at her from over the newspaper; she was cooking breakfast, naked except for a blue apron. “What did you have in mind?” He said flatly and went back to reading. 

“Last night Jerome told me a queen of spades tattoo would look great on my lower back.” She said, shaking her toned ass. 

For a woman in her late thirties, she was looking better and better each day, her auburn hair tied in a ponytail that reached just below her neck. Denise gave her husband a mischievous smile. 

“He did?” He peeked over the paper and nodded while imagining how she would look with that kind of brand. 

“What do you think?” She asked, taking off the eggs from the pan and onto the plate. 

Raul coughed and placed the newspaper on the table. “Does it matter? He is your master.” There was a trace of mocking jealousy in his voice.

Denise set down the plate in front of him. “He said I should ask your opinion first,” she said, and crawled beneath the kitchen table and between his legs. Her hands fished her husband’s cock from his pants as she looked up to him, her eyes pleading, his member resting against her cheek.

“You are my husband after all.” the young wife said before gulping down his cock. 

Raul felt her wet, warm tongue embrace him, and his body shivered in pleasure from his pelvis to his head. A strange note of sobriety hit him as he smelled the warm food on his plate. “I should eat this before it gets cold,” he said, and tried to focus on his breakfast. 

Denise slid off and licked his cock up to the base. Holding him with one hand, she said, “Think about it,” before going back to service him. 

While Raul drank from his coffee as Jerome walked in, his torso naked and water still dripping from his body, he was wearing only a towel that he used to wipe his crotch.

Raul noted his presence and caressed his wife’s head. She rarely used to do this, and now she could bring him to the edge in a few minutes. 

Jerome stretched his body, leaving his semi-erect member on display. He approached the table and patted Denise’s head gently, without interrupting the loving act. “Good morning,” he said. 

“Good morning,” Raul replied. 

Denise pulled out her husband’s cock from her throat, and with a dopey smile, she kept pumping with her hand and said, “Good morning, Master” before bringing back the cock to her mouth.

Jerome took a seat at the table across from Raul and asked with a kind smile, “What’s for breakfast?”

The housewife opened her eyes wide at the realization; she left her husband’s cock alone, drool dripping from her chin, and got up, careful not to bang her head on the table. 

“Just a moment, Master.” She said and washed her hands. She grabbed a plate and served Jerome.

She stood on the side of the table, her tits sticking out from the sides of her apron. Jerome ran the back of his hand over her naked ass. 

Denise bit her lip and waited until Jerome picked her fork and brought food to his lips. 

He smiled. 

Denise felt a rush of pleasure go over her. 

After a few moments, she finally dared to talk. 

“Can I make my husband cum, master?” She said in a meek, cock drunk voice. 

Jerome kept eating, his eyes closed, enjoying the taste and the feeling of his pet’s naked skin as he released a second pleasant moan from the taste. “Great job Denise. Delicious as always.”

The praise hit her like a small orgasm, making her lean over the table to keep herself from collapsing, “Thank you, Master.” She whispered. 

With little difficulty and fidgeting in place, Denise resumed her stance, her hands behind her back.

“What did you ask again?” Jerome said and looked into her blue eyes. His stare was deep and kind. 

Denise gulped and stared between his legs. A strand of her own juices dripped down her leg. “Uhm…” she looked down to her modestly erect husband, his cock twitching, “my husband?” She signaled his cock, still wet with her saliva. 

“Right,” Jerome smiled, bringing another bite to his lips. 

He took his time stroking her ass; he laid down his fork and cleaned his mouth with a napkin. 

Denise waited expectantly. His engorged cock was thicker and bigger than his husband’s. Water dripped from his firm chest. He looked different from when he arrived weeks ago. 

Jerome sipped his coffee.

“You may...” He said. 

She dropped to her knees before he could finish the sentence. 

“… But first,” He continued, caressing the back of her head, her hair, and touching her neck just below the skull, Denise shuddered as if he was sending waves of pleasure directly into her mind with her middle finger, “I want you to make me cum first,” his other hand grabbing his erect dick. 

Drool dripped from the corner of her mouth, Denise nodded and crawled back under the table, her hands took the dark cock with reverence, the wife’s lips parted slightly, kissing the circumcised dick devotedly, her tongue touched the underside as she engulfed her Master slowly. 

Denise's left hand went between her legs while her right hand touched the base and began pumping the cock with soft strokes. 

Meanwhile, as Denise worked under the table on her Master’s cock while her twitching husband’s cock was behind her, her husband and Jerome kept eating. 

Raul heard the sloppy, wet moans of his wife as she bobbed her head up and down on Jerome’s cock. He tried to focus on his plate, but the sound of Jerome’s groans made him painfully aware of his cock’s neediness.

The husband sighed and restrained himself from touching his cock. He couldn’t touch it himself. It was something Raul and Denise had agreed upon a little while after Jerome arrived at their home. He would only touch himself if Denise allowed him to, and Denise would be the one to provide all the pleasure he needed. 

That is, after she asked her Master’s permission. 

Raul focused on his plate and took the last bite of greasy bacon. Jerome had a big grin as he did the same. Raul picked up the plates from the table and saw how Denise’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she touched herself and licked Jerome’s balls. 

He washed the dishes, and still with an uncomfortable erection that he could not return to his pants, he turned to leave the kitchen.

“Hey,” Jerome called, his hands on the head of Raul’s wife, “Why don’t you jerk off?” He groaned, “It’s your wife after all.” 

Raul looked at the mess that was his wife under the table, her pale ass completely exposed, her cum dripping between her fingers and to the floor. He gulped, his cock jumped. 

“I don’t think that’s-” He said and watched Denise pull the cock from her mouth. 

“Go ahead honey, you have my permission.” She said, pumping her Master’s shaft, staring at her husband’s modestly sized dick. 

Raul walked back to the sink and leaned against it. “Thanks,” He said and gripped his member as he matched the pace with which his wife moved her head. Denise’s tongue coated Jerome’s member from the base to the top, her eyes glued on her husband as her lips kissed her Master’s balls.

Jerome drank the last of his coffee and patted his slave’s head. 

Denise took out the cock from her mouth and stood in place, kneeling, tongue out, drooling, and panting. 

Raul, pumping his cock, approached and took the cup from Jerome’s hand. “Let me,” and left it back on the sink before helping his wife stand up from beneath the table. 

Her eyes were filled with lust, and she could barely recognize her husband. Her legs were shaking and her other hand was still between her legs. 

“Come here,” Jerome said. Standing up, he pulled Denise close by the waist. He kissed her open mouth, sucking on her tongue. Finally he posed her like a doll over the kitchen counter, spreading her legs. He made her face her husband. 

“Ready?” Jerome asked both of them. 

“Yes,” Raul meekly gasped, his sight distant, focused on his wife’s eyes. 

“Please…” Denise breathed. 

“Good toys,” Jerome said and trusted his cock inside the housewife’s pussy. 

Denise moaned in a sweet, high-pitched voice, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Raul gasped as he watched his wife get impaled by her Master.

Jerome’s big hands slid over her hips, holding her in place as he pounded her from behind. One finger found its way to his clit and circled it, making Denise’s mind melt from the pleasure. 

Mindlessly, Denise pushed back her pussy down Jerome’s cock while he led the motion to his liking. 

Her increasingly loud moans filled the kitchen, Raul’s groans echoed her voice. Her mouth hung open, pleading for something to fill her. And yet her husband could not fathom to take three steps ahead, grab her head and push his cock inside her mouth without her explicit permission. 

“Fuck!” Denise voiced, “please!” 

Jerome’s left hand slid up her back and down to grab her swinging tits. He pinched her nipples. 

Denise yelped. 


Jerome smiled at her husband, his focus completely on her face. Nothing else mattered but her pleasure. 

Her pleasure was his pleasure

That was what Jerome told Denise to program into her husband. 

“Master,” Raul groaned, echoing her words, pleading, softly at first, “please.”

His cock twitched, pre-cum leaking and dripping to the floor. 

“PLEASE, MASTER,” Denise screamed in pleasure. 

“Master, please,” Jerome echoed. He was leaning closer to his wife, his hand gripping the border of the sink tightly, his other hand pumping his cock with desperation. His fingers grazing hers.

“I will make you into my perfect slaves,” Jerome groaned as he approached climax, the determination in his mind growing. 

It was hard not to succumb to this pleasure. To this power. 

Each time he came inside Denise, the power took a stronger hold over him. 

Each thrust making him hornier, stronger. A glowing red voice in his mind, overcoming his inhibitions and granting his desires. 

“I will be your perfect slave, Master,” Denise moaned. “Please! Please! Please!” Her voice pleaded louder with every thrust. 

Raul dropped to his knees, his voice harsh with frustration. “Please!” He grunted, pumping his cock, unable to cum. 

“Cum for me,” Jerome said with labored breath as he came inside Raul’s wife, inside his slave.

Denise released a loud moan, her legs shaking. She convulsed in place as Jerome filled her pussy, impregnating her. 

Raul came on the floor. The release made him jerk his head back, his cum bursting all the way to Denise’s feet and legs. 

Jerome felt energy fill his body. From his pelvis up to his spine and to his mind, the lust inside him grew.

Images of Denise growing pregnant with his child filled his mind, sigils tattooed over her body. 

Jerome’s cock twitched inside Denise. With a satisfied groan, he pulled out his cock and let go of her; she gasped and collapsed to the kitchen floor over her husband’s lap. 

Raul caressed her hair. She heaved with a satisfied smile. He couldn’t hold himself back and kissed her forehead.

Jerome felt his mind getting clearer. He took a deep sigh and filled a glass with water. After he drank it empty, he said “Did you give a thought about the tattoo?”

Raul caressed his wife’s forehead. She was laying just above his relaxed cock. He took a second to see her whole body. Thinking how the tattoo of a queen of spades would look over her lower back. He shook his head. 

“Yes,” Raul said. “I don’t think she should get a tramp stamp.” His voice was decisive. 

Jerome nodded, “You are right.” His eyes took a fresh look over Denise’s body, thinking of the image that appeared inside his head moments ago. His cock twitched, growing erect once again. 

Denise stretched her body lazily and got on all fours in a feline-like motion. Raul caressed her cheek and took her chin, guiding her into a loving kiss. 

Denise smiled and returned the kiss before breaking it and crawling back towards her Master. She kissed the tip of his cock and began lapping it, cleaning it with her tongue. 

Jerome slid down to the floor, patting Denise’s head, her auburn hair entangling between his fingers. 

Denise laid down on his lap, licking her Master. 

“Yes, I don’t think she should get a tramp stamp,” Jerome said caressing her cheek, his erect cock resting against her face, “Maybe something more graceful…” he trailed off, his fingers going over her side and finding their way down to her mound. 

Denise moaned.

“Something over her mound…” His eyes were distant, watching an image that wasn’t there yet. 

Raul’s cock twitched. With a tentative motion, he approached and gulped down. “how about something tasteful over her left breast,” the husband suggested, his hands stroking his wife’s leg. 

Jerome looked at him. His motions were submissive and docile. He had taken his new role too well, too pliant. 

Despite the two men speaking about decisions over her body, she hadn’t complained nor disagreed. She stretched, her feet touching her husband’s cock. With a sly smile, she took a soft bite from her master and called their attention. 

“Why not both?” She said. 

Her hands went and touched her mound. She looked into her husband’s eyes. 

“I could get his name tattooed above my pussy with a little hearth,” she winked. 

Then she looked up at her Master and said, “and maybe, even get some piercings, here,” her hand stretched and pinched her Master’s nipple, “and here” she pinched the other. 

Jerome groaned. 

“Obviously on my body.” She added with a giggle. 

“Your body?” Jerome said, lifting her and pulling her mouth to his and fervently kissing her. 

When they broke the kiss, Denise was panting. Jerome’s fingers were already over her pussy, and she pushed her hips to welcome his touch. 

“I’m yours Master, my mind, my body, my soul, all of me is yours,” Denise said, her eyes glazed with docile lust.

Raul’s eyes were just like hers. He stared ahead. His mind was empty except for the pleasure of his wife. 

his fingers stroked her clit

Jerome took the scene in and clicked his tongue, realization striking in the back of his head how much things have spiraled out of control since he found the book. 

-How great it feels.- A voice echoed inside his head. 

Jerome shook his head. His hand left her pussy. Raul ventured to lick the wetness from his fingers. 

Jerome coughed. “We will see,” he said, “I should get back to work.” And got up.

Raul woke up from the trance-like state. Noticing he had a weird taste in his mouth, he fixed his suit and helped his wife stand up. 

“Thank you, darling,” Denise said and fixed her apron to cover as much as possible.

“I should leave for work too,” Raul said, and kissed her with a peck on the cheek. Denise blushed. 

Jerome got up and drank another glass of water. 

This was wrong. 

“Goodbye, Love,” Raul said and walked towards the door. 

“Bye honey, have a good day at work.” Denise picked up the pans and dishes she used to cook and focused on washing them. 

“See you tonight, Jerome,” Raul said before closing the door. 

“Right, see you tonight,” Jerome said and drank another glass of water. He picked up the towel and covered the lower half of his body with it. 

Everything was wrong. He thought to himself. 

Something pushed him to kiss Denise on the lips. 

She returned the kiss even more passionately than him. 

“I will finish with this and serve you in a while, Master,” she said, pushing her breasts into his chest. 

“Yes, right, see you in a moment.” He rushed out of the kitchen and found the book open in the living room. 

He went back to try to decipher what was happening. 

Three names glowed in red ink, along with characters in a long-forgotten language that only Jerome knew how to decipher. 

He stared at his own name and the title of Master and the names of his slaves: Denise and Raul, the two of them glowing with their newfound roles. 

As the days went by, Jerome’s lucid moments grew fewer in between. The book was taking hold of his life, of their life. And while Denise worked, maybe he could find a way to make it stop before he succumbed forever to its power, or got killed by the people that were looking for the book, and the reason he ended up with the married couple that was now his devoted slaves.

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