The Bunny’s Girlfriend

by Magister Amentia

Tags: #bondage #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #bunnygirl #clothing #exhibitionism

Emilia is dressed as a bunny girl when Lana finds her in a mansion for a private party. Lana tries to rescue her, but does Emilia want to be rescued?

“Why are you dressed like a bunny girl?” 

That was a weird question. Emilia blinked several times trying to make sense of it. She closed her eyes and frowned trying to go over it once again. 

Firstly, she tried the last part of the sentence. It made no sense. Bunny girl?

She tried to picture it, but the first thought that came to mind was something fluffy and cute. A bunny that was also a girl. 

That didn’t seem right, cute as it was. She thought of a sexy outfit, something that barely covered her body, with ample cleavage, fishnet stockings, and black bunny ears. 

Emilia opened her eyes, she was wearing black mesh gloves that reached all the way to her upper arm. She stared at her hands, the cloth had some pretty vine-like design. Running her fingers over her body she found she was, in fact not wearing a bunny girl outfit. 

Not in the traditional way, at least, she was wearing dark pasties over her nipples. Over her legs, she wore black mesh stockings with the same design as her arms. 

And between her legs, she wore a black mesh thong that barely covered her pussy lips. 

Her usually dark and full bush had disappeared, and she had no memory of ever shaving it. 

Everything felt cloudy. Fuzzy. 

And there was something else, instead of her bush, there was something over her mound. Black ink, although she could not make out the full design looking back. She reached down and touched it. 


The voice brought her back from her reverie. 

She tried to focus on the voice. It was a room dimly lit. There were cushions around, a pleasant smell, and soft music playing. 

“What am I doing here?” She said out loud, dizzy and almost slurring her words.

“That’s what I would like to know.” The familiar voice said. 

Emilia tried to focus, there was so much fog inside her mind, and it was giving her a something like a headache, it wasn’t painful. Felt like her mind was full of cotton.

“Who are you?” She said, unable to recognize the person in front of her. It was a woman’s voice, a silhouette that seemed familiar but she couldn’t quite place. She giggled. 

“What the fuck did they do to you?” The voice said, “don’t you recognize your own girlfriend?”

Emilia focused on the girl in front of her, she looked concerned, but despite everything, she looked cute. She had brown locks of hair falling down her shoulders, her slender physique was covered in a flannel shirt and she wore a silver piercing over her right eyebrow. 

Something bothered Emilia. She said, girlfriend. She did look familiar, and looking at her distraught, almost angry face caused her some pain, but for some reason, it didn’t seem real. After all, she was a bunny girl, right? Didn’t she say so herself?

“Emilia? Why are you dressed like that?” The girl took off her flannel shirt to reveal a tight white blouse underneath, it contained her round and firm breasts. She seemed to remember their shape, her almond skin, the light-brown areolas with erect nipples. The way she moaned when they were pinched and tugged.

“Lana?” Emilia said, the word, the name felt numb on her tongue. Like there was something she didn’t want to remember. She didn’t want to think of her while she was here. That was the deal. 

“I-“ Emilia tried to step away from her, but Lana placed her shirt over her shoulders. 

Emilia tried to shrug it off, “I am a servant here,” She said, “That’s my role. That’s my purpose.” Her mantra made her feel calm, she repeated it softly, closing her eyes, “I am a servant here, that’s my purpose.”

Emilia’s voice drifted off, droning the words automatically, “I am a servant. That’s my role. That’s my purpose.”It relaxed her whole body and made her feel hot and happy. 

Lana frowned and grabbed her wrist, pulling her, “I can’t believe this. We need to go. Now.” 

Emilia let herself be led, she simply drifted off and repeated her mantra. “I am a servant, that’s my role, that’s my purpose.” She heaved the words softly as her heels clicked on the floor. 

Ahand reached to grab her wrist and the flannel shirt fell off her shoulders. 

“Emilia?” A deep voice echoed, “What are you doing in the main room?” His hand was calloused, yet tender, it was a strong and intimate grip that she knew very well. 

“Master?” She chirped and lifted her eyes. She grabbed his arm too. 

“Emilia, who is your friend?” He said, his voice echoed kindness, but there was something behind it, anger? Annoyance? Had she displeased him somehow?

“She says she is my girlfriend, Master,” Emilia said looking at the floor. 

He touched her chin and lifted her face, making her look into his dark eyes. 

“It’s okay, pet. You have done nothing wrong,” He patted her head, caressing her hair, and she pressed her head into his hand. 

“Lana,” He said, speaking to the girl that still held Emilia’s hand, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Can’t say the same about you, whoever you are,” Lana said with spite. 

“You were not supposed to see her like this,” Master said. Emilia always recognized her Master, he was the only important thing in the world when she visited the club.  

“What are you doing here?” He said touching Emilia’s lips, she kissed his fingers. He smiled. She was happy that he wasn’t angry at her. 

“I came to look for my girlfriend,” Lana said pulling Emilia by the arm. She pulled back and grabbed her Master’s hand. 

“And how did you find her?” He said, “Please let go of her, she doesn’t want to leave.”

“No!” Lana said, “I don’t know what did you do to her” She grabbed Emilia tight, the words came out with anger and frustration, “what kind of drugs you gave her to-“She looked at her from her heels all the way to the top of her head and said, “-to make her this, but you won’t get away with it, I will take her back and you will go to jail for it.”

“You seem to misunderstand something, Lana, you seem to think Emilia didn’t come here of her own accord. This isn’t the first time Emilia has come over to the party. She is a regular, and has been since long before she met you.”

“Liar!” She snapped and took a step forward to slap his face. 

Emilia rushed in front of her, adrenaline and anger dissipated the fog inside her mind. She caught Lana’s hand in the air. 

“Lana, please. Don’t make a scene, I don’t want to hurt you.” Emilia said with sadness in her eyes. She reached for Lana’s face with her other hand. 

There were a woman and a man dressed in black suits behind Lana at this point, she never saw them approach. 

“I don’t want you to get hurt,” she added, looking at bodyguards. They were tall and imposing, both lean and strong in opposite ways, while he was broad, she was sharp. One was a white bald man, while the woman was dark-skinned and had long curly hair. 

“Is everything okay, Master?” The two of them said in unison. 

“Everything is fine, Emilia’s partner came to visit, she was just trying to find a secluded spot to spend with her lover and me, isn’t that right, Lana?”

She looked into Emilia’s eyes, she was pleading. 

“Yes,” Lana said seething, not yet admitting defeat. 

“Excellent, please follow us,” Emilia’s Master said and led the way. He placed a hand around her waist and kept her close. 

Emilia’s mind was still a bit foggy, but she could make out most of her surroundings through the dim, warm light that illuminated the halls of the club. She could hear moans echoing from Master’s other toys and guests.

They walked up the stairs, and she could see guests having fun by the pool, girls bending over and men getting serviced. It made her wet. 

She looked back to see Lana hugging herself. She was livid. Emilia felt a pang inside her heart and tried to give her a reassuring smile. 

Lana looked away. She didn’t know how to react. 

“This way please,” Emilia’s Master said, he opened the door of his room, it had a minimalist vibe. There was a king-sized bed, unmade, and a drawer with pictures on top. 

When Lana looked at them he thought they were pictures of his family. But then she looked more closely and there was a picture of a younger Emilia with a wide smile, suspended by ropes on top of the same bed. 

“She was my first,” he paused and tried to find the right word, “subject that is, that’s from back when we started all of this.”

He sat down on the edge of the bed. 

Emilia knelt by his side. 

Lana stood in front of them trying to wrap her head around all of this. 

“You see,” He said stroking Emilia’s hair, “She’s always been that girl. Long before she met you. You were not supposed to see her like this.”

“All those work trips,” Lana said, the reality dawning at her. 

“She came here to be herself, to let go and decompress.” He said, he was caressing the back of her neck, she looked like his pet on his lap. “She was also, sort of working.”

Lana took a step forward, “What were you doing in that room?” She said looking at Emilia. 

“Master?” Emilia looked up at him. 

“I was talking to you,” Lana said, her anger spiking. 

Emilia looked down, he patted his head and made her look him in the eyes. She relaxed and closed her eyes. 

“It’s okay,” He whispered and looked at Lana, “She can’t remember.”

“What do you mean?” Lana took another step forward, she was about to explode. 

He looked at her straight into her eyes, it was exasperating how calmly he spoke, how he held the same monotone cadence with his voice. He lifted his hand, she focused on his fingers. 

“It was part of the agreement. It was what she wanted.” He said, his fingers moving down, slowly, but not stiffly. Lana followed the motion with her eyes. 

She took a deep breath and stood in place. 

“She didn’t want to remember anything that happened here. She just wants the pleasure, the catharsis of letting go.” His hand moved up again. It moved along with his words, with the same cadence and rhythm, “Do you understand?”

Lana nodded and blinked, she felt her anger and tension evaporate. 

“Yes,” She said, “I- I think I do.”

“Good,” He said letting his hand drop. 

Lana felt like something dropped to the floor. Something changed. She felt a bit more at ease, less apprehensive. 

“It’s been a couple of years but she can’t let go of the feeling.” His hands moved in the air, like a conductor, or maybe trying to grasp the right word, “it’s like floating, she says.”

“Floating?” Lana said, almost in a whisper. 

“Yes,” He added, “You know the feeling? The moment you can just surrender and feel in the moment?” His hand dropped again. 

“Yes.” Lana said softly, nodding, she followed the movements of his hands.

“Just relaxing, feeling stripped and helpless. Vulnerable.”

His hand moved, fluttered. 

And then it dropped again. 

Lana felt something drop again. She gasped.

“Have you ever felt that way? Someplace, somewhere, maybe someone you can just…be open with?”

His fingers slowed down and gently fell. Like a feather. 

“…yes.” Lana’s said weakly. 

Her mind was slowing down. She felt relaxed. She felt naked.

But something in her mind was still bugging her. There were shadows and doubts and questions. She phrased them more calmly. She closed her eyes. 

“What was she doing in that room?” Lana said, she pictured Emilia in that room on the first floor, alone, waiting, practically naked. Just another object, another piece of furniture to be used. 

The image made her fluster. In that memory, in that split second where she saw her lover kneeling. She wanted her, more than ever. 

A knot formed on her throat and she shook her head.

He clicked his tongue and she opened her eyes. 

He spoke with his deep, calm voice, “She was waiting for someone to walk in, so she could serve them however they desired.” 

Lana looked at Emilia, placidly laying her head on his lap. He was caressing her hair down to her back. 

Lana cleared her throat, “You mean, fuck them?” Emilia said plainly. No anger or jealousy in her voice. It was just a fact. 

“Not necessarily.” He said, his hand moved side to side, like an orchestra director’s palm, “There are many ways she could serve them. Maybe she would be asked to bring a drink. Or maybe companionship, laying down, and listening. You know she is a great listener, don’t you Lana?”

Lana nodded, following the movement of his hands.

“Yes,” She said, his hand motioned down, and Lana knelt on the floor. 

“Get comfortable,” He said, “you are a great listener, aren’t you?” He caressed Emilia’s head, “just like Emilia.” 

“Yes, I think so?,” Lana said, kneeling on the floor. It was a comfortable position. Kneeling on a little pillow, relaxed.

Emilia’s Master kept going, “And yes, maybe she could be asked to get on her knees like you are right now, and maybe she would be asked to lick.”

Emilia opened her eyes, getting on her knees in front of him, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock, licking it with delight. 

“I am a servant, that is my role, that is my purpose.” She said between licks. 

The words echoed in Lana’s mind. Those words sounded familiar somehow, like she had heart them before. 

Lana felt something in her chest, jealousy? Desire? She wasn’t sure, but she didn’t move. 

“Or maybe someone would ask her to bend over and she would graciously do it.” He said caressing Emilia’s face as she bobbed up and down his cock. 

“Do you want to fuck my pussy Master? My ass?” She said looking up at him with empty eyes. 

“You are doing great pet. Keep going.” He reassured her and leaned down to kiss her forehead, “Do you understand Lana?”

“Yes,” Lana said, she tried to focus on her girlfriend’s face licking a cock in front of her, but she could not look away from his hand dancing in front of her.

“She’s always been like that. Since we tried this out in college, back when we were lovers.” He caressed her head. 

“We broke up, but she tried to stay away. But she was already addicted. She could not live without this. Without letting go of control. Without surrendering to my will.” 

Lana stared at them, the way her mouth bobbed up and down, rhythmically, his words echoed with that same deep echo, “Letting go… surrendering to your will” Lana said. 

“She is the one that came up with the idea of everything,” he moaned and grabbed her hair, “the club, the arrangement, the way she forgets about all of it when she is outside.”

Lana listened, but she was too focused on the way Emilia took his cock, how she was touching herself. Her own mouth felt watering. Her pussy was getting warm and wet. 

He sighed, “She can even get tied, as you saw on the picture,” He added, “And she can always say no…” he chuckled, “not that she ever does.” 

Emilia stopped and took out the cock from her mouth, “I am a servant, that is my role, that is my purpose,” she said with a bright smile while she stroked her Master. 

“Yes you are, my cute little pet,” He said with a groan. 

His hand dropped again. Lana followed it and felt as if her whole world slipped away. She felt heavy, her eyes fluttered. It was hard to focus. 

“Lana,” He said, his voice distant, “Why are you here?” 

“I wanted to see Emilia,” She said, her own voice felt alien to her. Like it was someone else using it. 

“Why?” He said. 

“I-” She struggled to find the right words, “I don’t know. I wanted to see my girlfriend.”

“How did you find her.” He said. 

“I used a tracking app on her phone.”

“How did you get in? Who gave you the password?”

Lana felt like she was flopping through the dark, then she said something but it slipped away before she could register what she said. 

“Interesting,” He said, “Do you understand what you just told me?”

“What did I say?” Lana frowned.

“You just told me the password.” He got up and walked up to her. “Can you say it again?”

Lana repeated the same words, she felt them in her tongue, but she could not think them. They slipped away. 

“That’s okay, Lana.” He said, getting down on one knee, touching her chin and looking at her attentively. 

Lana didn’t move, her mouth felt slack. 

“Emilia,” He said, looking over at her “What did you do?” 

Lana looked at her girlfriend behind him,  she had a mischievous smile. 

“Tell her what you did, Emilia.” His voice was stern, he made a motion and Emilia got on all fours, she crawled, slowly, sensuously. 

“You have to understand, Lana.” She moaned the name, “It is addictive.” Emilia said, gettin closer. “I tried to give it up. I really tried, even before I met you. I tried it when I met someone else.” 

Emilia knelt next to her, Lana felt calm and relaxed, her lips slightly parted. Emilia took a lock of Lana’s hair and tucked it behind her ear. 

“But I can’t. I just can’t live without their hands going over my body. Without the pleasure.” She chuckled, “I am a slut.”

He grabbed her hair, 

“His slut.” She moaned and caressed Lana’s face, “That’s who I am, my love.”

She brought her close, hugging her and pressing her naked chest into hers.

“I was born for this,” she said, “To feel this pleasure.” Emilia kissed her, deeply.

Lana moaned.

A single strand of drool connected them. 

Emilia unbuttoned Lana’s blouse. 

“And I listened to you. I listened and listened, and felt your desire, your pain.”

Emilia unhooked Lana’s bra, letting out those sensitive nipples that she loved. She pinched her nipples, making Lana moan. 

“And this kind of pleasure. I just knew I had to share it with you, that you would love to let go.”

“…Let go” Lana said. 

“That you would love to be like me.” Emilia touched Lana’s lips and kissed her. Her breath was hot and filled with lust. Her tongue went deep inside Lana’s mouth. Emilia embraced her, made her shiver in place. 

Lana’s fingers twitched. 

“And I just can’t live without you anymore.”

Her Master chuckled, “Be honest.”

“I just can’t live without this pleasure anymore.” She whispered into her ear, “I just had to break you. Take you and corrupt you. Just like you wanted.”

Emilia kissed Lana’s neck, her tits. 

“I needed to make you all pliable and docile,” her hands went lower, to the abdomen, to the rim of her pants. “like a doll ready to be played with.”

Someone walked in, another girl dressed like Emilia, she handed a drink to their Master and walked away.

He sat back on the bed and sipped his drink, slowly, like he was watching a show he had seen a dozen times. 

Emilia unbuttoned Lana’s pants, her fingers slid down, touching her clit, gently rubbing and pinching. 

The other hand slid down between her own legs, rubbing the same way she was pleasing Lana, she panted, “But I also love you, and I want you to feel this as well. I want you to surrender, just like you always wanted.” Emilia said as she pulled down her panties, “Which is why I did this.”

Two finger’s slid so easily past Lana’s slit. 

Lana moaned. Emilia smiled. 

“I knew you were curious about me, about my past. I tried to keep you away, but you kept prodding. And eventually, you found out. I never thought I would find you like this in front of my computer, begging for release.”

“I know you don’t remember,” Emilia licked Lana’s juices from her fingers, “I made sure. You didn’t.” 

“But I had to make sure, I needed to know you were like me. Which is why I let you follow me.” 

Emilia pulled away the pasties protecting her erogenous zones. She began to touch herself, kneeling in front of Lana, watching her empty eyes. 

“I had to prepare you, I had to put you under every night and made sure you forgot every morning.”

“And here you are,” Emilia whispered with a smile, “kneeling in front of me. Wet, horny, mindless.”

“I want you to join me. I want you to become like me. Please Lana, my love, tell me you want it too. I can’t live without this!” Emilia grabbed Lana’s hand and made brought it to her chest. She reached for her neck and caressed Lana’s face with her thumb, “I can’t live without you.” 

Finally, Emilia’s Master stood up. He got naked and walked toward the two kneeling girls. 

“Do you remember now? those nights, Lana?” Emilia said shivering with nervousness and excitement, “Do you remember how I kept talking to you, pulling you deeper and deeper?”

Lana nodded. 

Emilia smiled and looked up at her Master, his cock was gorgeous and it stood in front of her, between her and her girlfriend. 

“You remember my words, my voice, how I touched you. The way I guided you?”

Lana nodded again, she could remember the pleasure. 

“That’s exactly what happened to me, I surrendered, I drifted off, I just followed the pleasure.”

Lana gasped. She kissed Emilia’s thumb as she guided her closer. 

“I sought this pleasure.” Emilia said, “Just as you do now.”

Emilia kissed her Master’s cock.

“I wanted this,” She said, kissing it again, she brought Lana’s face to him. 

“Do you want this?” Emilia asked. 

Lana stood there, her eyes empty, but she looked at her girlfriend, and then up. 

“Yes.” Lana moaned,  “I want this,” she said and kissed her Master’s cock. 

Emilia shared a kiss with her girlfriend and her Master’s cock. Licking the tip, licking her girlfriend’s tongue. 

“I know you do.” Emilia said, caressing her body, “You’ve told me all your fantasies, your secrets. I know all of your desires. And I want to make them come true.”

Emilia kissed her girlfriend’s neck, letting Lana’s lips focus on their Master’s cock. 

“I will tied you down,” Emilia said into Lana’s ear, “I will blindfold you. I will have men and women waiting to fuck you.”

Her hands roamed her body, Lana kept bobbing her head, drool dripping on her chest and the floor. 

“You will never know whose cock you sucked, whose pussy you licked,” Emilia said playing with Lana’s clit. “You will drift off, only focusing on the pleasure you feel.”

“You will be just like me.” Emilia punctuated pushing two fingers inside Lana’s pussy. 

“Just like all the other toys I broke for my Master.”

Lana moaned with her Master’s cock in her mouth. Her eyes rolled back in her head. 

“Is that true, Lana?” Their Master groaned, holding Lana’s head back, “Do you want to be just like your girlfriend? Do you want to become a mindless pleasure doll, like Emilia?”

“Yes,” Lana whimpered, trying to get back to the task at hand. She wanted to feel a cock in her mouth, she wanted to keep feeling Emilia’s finger inside her. 

She wanted to bask in that pleasure. 

“Yes,” She said, looking into his eyes. Emilia looked up at him too. She kept playing with her pussy, her other hand reached and began to stroke her master’s cock. 

Lana instinctively reached for her breast, she wanted to feel her body used. Hands caressing her breasts, her neck, she needed more. She wanted to please. 

“Would you like to serve me? Lana?” He groaned. He felt himself growing close. 

“Yes, Master.” Lana whimpered, playing with her nipples, her whole body was shaking, shivering in need, “Please master, I want to serve you.”

Emilia’s hand sped up, she heard him groan and felt him tense up. He twitched under her grasp. 

He came over Lana, over Emilia, coating their faces and their chest. Strings of cum landing on both their mouths. 

Lana felt electricity run through her body, she did a good job, and she pleased her Master. Waves of pleasure coursed through her body making her convulse and throw back limply against Emilia. 

And Emilia simply smiled, licking the cum clean from the corner of her mouth. 

Lana slowly came back, gasping, there was something inside her head. Words that repeated over and over inside her mind. The password. She remembered them. 

“I am a servant,” Lana said, “That is my role, thank you, Master, for giving me a purpose.”

“Good girls,” He said and patted their heads. Then he turned to Emilia, “Emilia, we are not done yet, we have to welcome her. Get her on the bed, clean her.”

Emilia beamed with a smile, “Of course, Master,” And helped Lana to her feet only to lead her to the bed. 

She licked her Master’s cum from her chest, from her face, sharing a kiss that tasted of him.

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