Subconscious curiosity

by Magister Amentia

Tags: #bondage #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #hypnosis #sub:female #petplay #sex_toy

Joana goes on a date where she finds that her subconscious is way more curious about her own body, and fetishes, than she cares to admit.

“I can’t believe what I’m doing!” Joana said, her voice bursting with amusement as she filled her asshole with a 10-inch dildo. Just a couple hours ago, she was having a very normal date with her co-worker.

And now she was laying on her back, legs spread, while he watched and recorded everything with her own phone from across the hotel room.

“Why?” Peter asked. He had a playful smile. It was an earnest question, but she saw the impish grin on his face.

Joana’s little black dress laid on the bed next to her purse and her heels, but nothing else. She chose it because the bright fabric matched her raven-black hair that she tied in a simple bun.

“My body is moving on its own.” Joanna giggled, shoving the dildo deeper inside. She threw her head back, enjoying the feeling of fullness that the toy gave her.

“And?” Peter pushed his question too.

“It feels good having a cock in my ass...” Joana blurted out automatically,   “... Master...” Joanna opened her eyes and giggled, “where did that come from?” Her hands kept playing with the fake cock. She pushed it slowly, twisted it, trying to find which way felt better.

As she pushed and pulled, she moaned and rolled her eyes back. She found a way to pleasure herself so deliciously, her jaw slacked.

“I don’t know, am I your master?” Peter said.

“I don’t know, it feels right calling you Master, Master.” Joana kept thrusting the dildo into her ass, her toes curled as the toy filled her with satisfaction.

“I guess I am your Master then.” Peter chuckled and paced through the room.

Joane giggled again, “Where did I get this dildo?”

“You brought it in your ass,” Peter said matter-of-factly. “Do you want something to drink?” He lifted the room’s phone and dialed.

Joana pulled and pushed, slowly, faster. She enjoyed the feeling of a cock in her ass; she gasped as she registered the answer and the question.

“No?” She looked up at him, another push deeper and another moan, “When?”

The moans could be heard through the speaker, Peter ignored her question and ordered, “Two martinis and a bottle of champagne, please, room 304. Thanks.”

Joana panted, her hands working her asshole non-stop. It was so delicious; she didn’t want to stop.

“Right,” Peter thought to the question she made, “We went out after our date and you bought it.”

“After our date...” Joana’s hand slipped, and the dildo fell from her ass, leaving it gaping in need.

Her pussy was glistening wet, but she didn’t feel the need to touch it. All her desire was focused on her asshole.

“... That’s the last thing I remember, I got back from the bathroom and we got dessert...” Joana turned on the floor and raised her ass. Her face on the floor, she grabbed the toy and slowly pressed it back into its place.

“That’s when you gave me your panties,” Peter said, pulling the blue lace panties from his jacket’s pocket.

“I did what?” Joana saw the evidence on his hand but didn’t believe it. Her hands pushed her down, she was making noises of pleasure she never imagined doing, she was a mess, drooling on the rug.

“Yes,” Peter said. “You lifted your skirt to show me,” He searched his phone and showed her, “And even posed for a picture at the entrance of the restaurant while we waited for the valet.”

He showed her the picture. It was her alright, her eyes seemed a bit, off. Like she had been sleepwalking. She loved that look on her face. She closed her eyes and panted as her hands picked up the pace.

There was a knock at the door, Joana’s cries were getting louder, and didn’t show any intention of quieting down.

Joana knew there was someone at the door; she didn’t want to stop. She couldn’t stop.

Her only desire was to feel better.

To be seen.

To be slutty.

She smiled and bit her lower lip.

She twisted on the floor, getting on her back, showing her tits, her ass, her pussy.

She cried louder with pleasure.

“Room service.” Peter opened the door. The bell-boy, a kid no older than 19, stared at her.

“Put the champagne on the counter, please,” Peters said without emotion.

She locked eyes with the kid.

He seemed flustered and awkward, trying not to draw attention to his pants. The kid stammered and handed him the drinks and the bill.

Peter signed the bill and smiled.

“Not tonight, kid.” And closed the door.

Peter sipped the glass and placed the second one along with the champagne.

“After we left the restaurant, I asked you what you had never dared to do.” He sat by her side, looking at her with amused eyes. “You said you had never dared to walk into a sex shop.” He took a sip, “Open.”

Joanna opened her mouth. From the glass, he dripped some of his cocktail into her mouth.

“So I drove you to one. That’s when I asked you to pick something.”

Joana panted, her eyes unfocused. She was no longer following what was happening. She simply wanted to keep pleasing herself with the dildo.

“You chose the one you are holding right now,” Peter said. “You even decided to walk out of the store wearing it.”

Joana was getting lost in the narration. It all seemed distant, like it didn’t happen, like a dream.

“The salesgirl looked at you a bit embarrassed at first, but she offered to help.”

Her eyes looked at Peter, but she was trying to picture the girl, a cute round face, red behind thick glasses. She imagined... remembered?... the girl coating the dildo with lube while Peter did the same with her hole.

“She gave you her number” Peter added. He showed her a picture of her back, a phone number written with a marker on her lower back.

“I...” Joana was drifting on and off with the pleasure, “I don’t remember any,...” She pushed. “well, most of it.” She pulled. A needy yelp echoed through the room.

“It feels amazing.” She moaned and bit the hem of his pants. “It all seems like a dream.” She grunted through her teeth and kept thrusting, increasing the pace. “This feels amazing. I never had anything on my ass. It never felt. Unf, this right.” She was drooling on the floor once again.

Peter smiled, he bent over and caressed her face; he undid his shoelaces and took off his shoes.

“You were in a trance.” He said and pulled off his belt and his pants.

“A trance?” Joana’s pace slowed down.

“A deep trance,” Peter said as he took off his tie.

“A deep trance” Joana echoed, her hands monotonously playing with the dildo.

“I wanted you to enjoy this,” Peter said and took off his remaining clothes.

“Enjoy this,” Joana repeated, her mind drifting off, her eyes fluttering and closing down.

“To have pleasure from anal sex,” Peter said as he took her hand, stopping her, pulling the dildo from her ass.

“Pleasure. Anal.” She droned.

“That’s why your body is moving on his own.” He stroked her cheek, “Your subconscious wants this for you.” He kissed her neck.

“I want this,” Joana said.

“To feel good,” Peter told her. He grabbed her arms and pulled them above her head.

“I want to feel good,” Joana said, thrusting her hips up.

“You want to feel good,” Peter repeated. Getting his cock in place, he was on top of her.

“I want to feel good,” Joana moaned.

“If I am your Master, what does that make you?” Peter asked, his hot cock laying on top of her wet pussy.

“I... your slave?...” What was left of Joana’s mind ventured.

“My slave?” Peter moved his cock.

“No... doesn’t... feel... right.” Joana panted.

Peter lifted Joana’s hips.

“Pet?” He said, thrusting inside her anal cavity.

“Pet.” Joana panted and nodded.

“My pet,” He said, picking up a pleasant rhythm.

“I’m your pet.” Joana moaned

“You belong to me, my pet,” Peter groaned.

“I belong to you, Master,” Joana agreed.

Her mind was empty except for the feeling of being penetrated.

She accepted his words inside her mind, into her soul.

She belonged to him.

He was her Master.

Her body belonged to him, her ass belonging to Master.

Joana was a pet.

His Pet.

She echoed the words out loud.

“I am your pet.”

He kept fucking her ass, faster.

“I belong to you, Master,” she said in a whisper.

Peter grunted.

“I am your pet.” She said.

He came inside her.

Her mind went white. Joana arched her back as the orgasm hit her like a wave. She felt the warmth filling her inside.

Nothing but ecstasy and warmth.

Both of them heaved.

Peter slid out of her, slowly.

Joana groaned, feeling her hole empty.

As the feeling began to recede, she drifted away. She loved that feeling.

She felt fulfilled.

As she dozed off, a whisper escaped her lips, “I belong to you, Master.”

On Monday morning Joana woke up still naked under the sheets. The last two days overlapped into each other. She cuddled closer as she began feeling hot, thinking about what they had done. She was laying on top of Peter’s lap. He stroked her hair.

“Good morning,” He said.

Joanna stared at the dildo laying on the floor. Her ass empty.

“We should get ready for work,” Peter said, caressing her hair.

Joanna didn’t want to move. She pouted and played with his semi-hard dick.

Peter smiled and chuckled. “Would you like to get a buttplug on the way?”

Joana looked up, her eyes sparkling.

“Woof” Joana barked in agreement.

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