Sharing his toys

by Magister Amentia

Tags: #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #group_sex #humiliation #sub:female #threesomes

Christy’s boyfriend was invited to his cousin’s birthday party. When he comes to pick her up she finds out that she agreed to do some things she doesn’t remember doing and might grow to enjoy.

Coming out of psych class, Christy checked the notifications on her phone.

She was tired after such a heavy lesson. Normally, she wore her dark-brown hair tied in a ponytail, but after that class, she felt she needed a break; she let her hair fall to her shoulders and began reading her texts.

“Are you free this Saturday?” It was her boyfriend, Esteban. He was studying a master’s degree in psychology. She fell in love with him in her junior year in college. Tall, athletic, and with dark eyes she loved to get lost in.

“I have a test on Monday, but I could use some time off.” She texted back. “What do you have in mind?”

He sent her a smiley emoji with a wink. ;D. She knew what that meant, she could picture the stupid grin on his face, she felt a pleasant shiver go up her spine.

“It’s a surprise, but there is a party on Saturday. A friend of mine invited me.”

A party? She wasn’t so sure about the grin anymore. Three years into their relationship and she already knew what that wink emoji entailed. But it wasn’t exactly a party that she had in mind.

“You might want to pick something cute to wear ;D” There it was again. That emoji. And he was almost telling her to wear something pleasing under her clothes.

Christy bit her lip and sent her reply.

“Whatever you say...”


She tried not to show how aroused she was under her skirt, but there was an itch there that she wanted to scratch. She clenched her fist and waited for his reply.


“That’s my good girl.”

She felt the stroke of pleasure fill her in the middle of the hallway; she stifled a little gasp and kept walking, her face red with shame and desire.

One of her classmates noticed her fluster and came close to her.

“Are you okay?” She asked. Christy simply nodded and held her breath, biting her tongue and trying not to cede to her shaking knees.

“Yes,” She finally mustered, “Just a cramp.” She lied.

The other girl pulled some pills from her purse and handed them to Christy.

“I know how bad they can get. Take one of mine, you can pay them back some other time.”

Christy nodded and watched her leave, feeling guilty for deceiving that girl while still coming down from a small orgasm.

Saturday came, and Christy was ready. She was on the verge of burning out due to studying eight hours for her psych exam; but by the time Esteban arrived she already showered, shaved, and was wearing a cute little outfit that she knew Esteban loved. She looked like a schoolgirl, a miniskirt, cute demi-bra, matching red-lace panties, and a little bowtie that made her feel like she was wearing a ribbon and she was a gift.

There was a ring by the door.

She picked up her purse and skipped down the stairs.

“Hello, Doll.” Esteban gave her a peck on the lips, hugged her, and fondled her ass.

Christy gasped into his ear.

“Hello, Master.” She said with an impish smile.

“Ready for tonight?”

“I... yes?” She said raising an eyebrow.

“Great, let’s go then.”

Christy climbed into the car. So far it seemed like a normal date, they talked about their last few days, their finals, a lot of little things as he concentrated on driving and she tried to concentrate on the conversation while he caressed the inner side of her leg like it was nothing.

Then he turned around the corner, getting his hand away from her leg, and asked.

“Remember when I asked you about your fantasies?”

“No?” Christy said.

“Last time I put you under.” He said.

Christy felt a bit unfocused and then came an automatic response in a drone-like voice.

“yes...” She whispered before she could feel her consciousness flooding back again.

There was that stupid grin on his face.

“what was that?” She said holding her hands between her legs.

“Just a little thing you asked me to make you forget.” He pulled on to a suburban street filled with parked cars. He kept ignoring her with a devilish grin while looking for a spot to park.

“What did I say.”

“Oh? Nothing much.”

Everything then. She felt her heart beating fast, her blood trying to rush to two different places at once, her face and...

“We are here,” He said as he opened the door and walked over to her side.

Christy kept staring at the floor of the car. Esteban opened the door of her side.

“What, what is it that-“She looked up to him

“You will see,” He offered her hand and she took it. “Let’s go.”

He helped her out of the car and hugged her close by the waist. She laid her head under his shoulder. She was feeling really anxious.

The street was filled with students carrying alcohol in different shapes and forms.

“Will we...” She ventured. It was a rhetorical question she knew the answer to.

“No alcohol tonight, doll.” He answered.

There it was. Tonight she wasn’t her girlfriend, she was to be his doll.

She shuddered and clung closer to him.

No alcohol meant he was planning on something that was more fun than getting drunk.

Three years of being his abetting, brainwashed subject. She enjoyed most of it, even the parts that made her scared of it. Especially the parts she was scared of. At the end of the day, it was always something she told him she wanted, but she was always too afraid of doing while conscious. Tonight she was his doll.

Christy walked under his arm as they got to the porch of the house.

“It’s my cousin’s birthday,” Esteban said, “His name is Carlos, I grew up with him and he is one of my closest friends. Almost like a brother.”

Christy nodded and thought to herself, “he can’t be thinking about that fantasy.”

She ventured to speak.

“So you and him...” Christy left the final pronoun on the air.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “You and him and me.”

Christy felt herself blush harder.

“Will you introduce me to him first?” She said, a bit of anger and excitement in her voice.

“You will know.”

Christy recognized a few of the girls from the party, they were her classmates, her friends. She could see a few of the guys from her classes too.

“Where?” She said. The back of her head screaming the answer at her.

“You already know.” He said and left her side for a second to say hi to one of his friends.

Christy looked around. People with the typical red cups. She thought about cellphones; Everything began spinning around; she tried to reach Esteban when someone came from behind her and went past her to say hi to her boyfriend.

“Hey! Cuz!” He hugged Esteban.

“Carlos!” Esteban hugged him back. “Happy birthday, Cousin.”

Christy took three tentative steps.

“Come here, Love,” Esteban extended his hand to her.

Love, that was good. He was introducing her as his girlfriend. She felt a great sigh of relief leave her body.

“Good night, my lady,” he greeted her very gentlemanly, kissing the back of her hand.

“You remember Christy?” Her boyfriend said.

Remember? Christy felt herself spin out of control once more.

“She is the perfect doll, isn’t she?” Carlos said, and Christy knew that was it.

All the anxiety, fear and doubts left her body with that simple word. Everything left inside her head was her desire, her arousal.

She had heard him say that before. She had been introduced to him before.

She was wearing her little ribbon. A little birthday present.

“How may I serve you tonight, Master?” Christy curtsied and knelt before him. She began taking off her blouse but leaving her little bowtie on.

“Do you like your present?” She said in a singsong voice that she had rehearsed in the mirror every day for the past week.

She didn’t know why until now.

Esteban helped her out of her skirt.

Everyone was staring at her.

She felt herself getting hotter with anticipation.

Carlos caressed the side of her head, combing a stray lock of brown hair back behind her ear. He pulled the ribbon and opened his gift. “She is perfect, Cuz.”

She kept looking up at him, doe-eyed, her sight filled with lust and programmed devotion as her boyfriend kept undressing her.

Carlos began taking off his shirt. The doll on her knees helped him, taking off his belt, unbuttoning his jeans.

Soon she was diving nose-first against his crotch. It was another man’s cock, a stranger’s cock.

Her boyfriend stood behind her and pushed her head against him.

Esteban began taking off his briefs, letting his dick spring against the side of her nose.

The musk invading her head made it harder to think. She opened her mouth and let the member slid against her tongue. His balls, under his cock, she kissed the tip before letting her mind shut off and gulping it down her throat.

Carlos moaned as he felt her tongue massage the base.

“Oh, fuck.”

“Happy birthday, Cuz,” Esteban said, lifting his girlfriend’s ass and pulling off her panties. He was already wearing nothing beneath his waist.

Around them, phones began to pop up.

Esteban looked around and tapped on Christy’s shoulder. She opened her eyes.

“Look around,” He said, “isn’t that your classmate?”

He pointed to the mousy girl with glasses on the side of their show; she had her phone out and was recording horizontally while her right hand was moving inside her open jeans. Esteban kissed Christy’s back and winked at her.

He made a show of taking off his shirt and positioned himself over Christy’s ass.

“Good girl,” Esteban said. “good girl,” And pushed deep inside her pussy.

He began thrusting his hips, slowly at first, teasing her.

But soon he forgot to be delicate and began using her like a fleshlight, his hands on her hips controlling her motion to please him.

“Cuz!” Carlos groaned.

“Cum inside her,” Esteban grunted.

Christy’s mind came back online. She knew what was happening. She knew everyone was watching; she was getting fucked by her boyfriend and his cousin while people were recording and touching themselves.

She was a show.

She was a slut.

She was their doll.

Christy looked up at Carlos as he thrust inside her mouth, holding her head forcefully but lovingly.

Cum. Cum. Cum. Was all she could think about.

Carlos held her in place as he emptied himself down her throat.

Christy hugged him close, her body going limp as she swallowed it to the last drop.

Carlos touched the side of her head and Christy let go of him, his cock sliding slowly between her tight lips. He collapsed on the floor.

Christy knelt forward and cleaned the last drops, his balls, and crawled towards his chest, kissing him as she was getting fucked.

“Thank you, Master,” She licked the corner of her mouth. “It was delicious.”

She kissed him.

Esteban picked up the pace. Christy moaned, but Carlos didn’t let go.

He felt her tits on his chest, her eyes rolled behind her back.

“Cum, my doll. Cum.”

Esteban pumped her pussy and began filling her from behind. She felt the cock twitch inside her.

Finally, she collapsed between her two masters.

Panting, Esteban fell on top of her and whispered something over her ear.

The night wasn’t over, but it was as much as she managed to remember.

But the pleasure and the soreness echoed the following day.

On Monday after the exam, Christy knew she aced it. She walked out of the classroom only to be pulled to the side by a familiar face.

It was the same girl that gave her the pills for her cramps. She was blushing deeply behind her glasses, her blouse was a bit open and her skirt was out of place. The girl kept twisting a strand of her mousy-brown hair.

“Say, about the other day...”

Christy blushed and looked away.

“Remember those pills the other day?” She asked.

Christy sighed.

“I need a favor.”

“Sure here-“ Christy searched inside her bag for the pills.

“Do you think you could pay back the favor by introducing me to your boyfriend’s cousin?”

Christy looked up at her. A stupid grin just like her boyfriend was on her lips.

The girl took a step back.

“Sure. Do you have time this Friday?”

Christy wondered if another of her fantasies would come true.

“What was your name again?”

“Lily.” The girl said meekly.

Christy began picturing a little collar with a heart that could read Lily and her contact info.

“But first we should practice some of the things we learned on the course.” She said taking her hand and leading her to her place.

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