Mindful Mindless App

by Magister Amentia

Tags: #exhibitionism #f/m #hypnosis #mindfulness #sub:female

Jess has been following a new improvement program very dutifully without questioning the tasks that she has to complete.

The alarm on Jess’ phone went on. Groggily, she woke up rubbing her eyes, reached for the device, and checked the time.

It was already 9am, and the sun was coming in gently through her window.

She was late for work, but she didn’t feel stressed out or worried.

She felt relieved; she had wanted to quit the financial analysis firm for months. Maybe this was the beginning of her new life.

She stretched herself over the bed and threw the covers off her naked body. Her golden brown hair cascaded over her chest.

A slight shiver ran over her from the base of her spine. She had no memory from the past day. There were some new tattoos she didn’t recognize. An elaborate design of a hearth over her shaven mound. She traced the slightly pink, sore skin with her fingertip. ‘Oh well, they are cute.’ She thought to herself and sat on the edge of the bed.

Jess began fiddling with her phone, checking her notifications. There was a reminder from the mindfulness app she had installed a few weeks ago to deal with her anxiety.

-Morning Selfie-

She turned on the camera and lifted the phone to get a cute picture.

After making sure she came out perfect, she hit send and felt a jolt of pleasure through her entire body as the little box automatically crossed.

Jess looked at her own picture again and noticed that it came out perfect; sure her nipples were showing, but it looked artsy, like a model, roused, long hair; luscious, red lips slightly parted.

She added a monochrome filter and upload it as her new profile picture across all her social media. Of course cropping out below her neck.

Jess zoomed in to her nipples. There was a little detail she had forgotten.

Looking down on her own body, she flicked the small rings on her nipples.

Recently, the app had suggested that she get nipple piercings, something about how breast massages could induce the production of endorphins to keep her mind at ease, and the rings made her more conscious about her breasts and nipples which helped to prevent breast cancer.

But mostly, the text focused on how there could be an increase in sensitivity and dopamine from constant arousal, and that was the part that sealed the deal for her.

There was another ping from the app, a reminder for her to begin the daily routine it had prepared for her.

-Keep hydrated-  the app read.

She pulled a glass of water and drank until she got satiated. Spilling a few drops that slid down between her breasts and onto her belly.

She crossed the little box.

She shivered, every little task completed filled her with a feeling of fulfillment and pleasure.

Without noticing, her middle finger traced the path the little drop left over her skin, getting lower until she found it ended on her belly. She kept going down and found that it wasn’t the only place in her body that was getting wet.


-Fit life, happy life- was the app’s next step, Jess jumped off the bed, the app was right, before she had downloaded it she had let herself go. The app also said that endorphins from exercise were a good way to fight anxiety. Lately, it also said that endorphins were a great aphrodisiac.

Jess wasn’t sure about that, but she always ended up feeling hornier when she finished the routine.

The app led her through a predetermined workout set; she began with a guided mediation.

Breathing in.

Breathing out.

Her chest rising.

Kneeling on the floor. Open palms.

She breathed and repeated words that didn’t really stick in her head.

Naked the whole time.

The app made another pinging sound. It was time to record and share her workout.

She began with simple exercises, some calisthenics, jumping jacks. She looked at her reflection on the small screen. The app made sure she performed the exercise adequately.

At the end of the set, there was a ping.

She got down on the floor again, spreading her legs for the camera as she flicked her clit and rubbed her pussy, arousing herself and getting close to orgasm.


The app changed the exercise. Push-ups with dumbbells.

Jess jumped down to the floor and rushed through the next exercise. Breathing heavily and sweating.

Another ping.

The app began its ‘rest’ countdown, allowing her another edge, slightly longer this time. Jess knelt on the floor, her legs spread, she pushed two finger inside her, she could see the Jess on the camera flustering and gasping. Sweat and juices falling to the floor between her fingers.

Ping. Next exercise.

Jess groaned with sexual frustration.

Jess kept up with the workout. She was heaving and panting on the floor, sweating, dripping, and drooling as she became a tired and desperate mess ready to orgasm by the end of the routine.

She really wanted to cross the next box.

Jess tried to upload her routine to the app, her fingers wet with her lub and sweat. She uploaded it, but she failed to check the box before the next ping.

-Hot shower- the app ordered.

Her knees gave up, she tried to touch herself but something held her back. She ended up licking her fingers clean, crawled to the couch to help herself up, and walked to the shower.

As warm water fell over her body, she used the excuse of soaping her body to cheat some pleasure out of it. The app played a relaxing tune, and she hummed along and her arousal got under control. Three deep breaths and she stopped touching herself to shave her legs and her pubes.

When she finished, she got out and saw herself over the mirror; it satisfied her with how her body was coming along.


The app asked for another selfie.

She took the picture of herself in the mirror.

Jess had a smile that was filled with sexual frustration, biting her lip, cupping her breast, and pulling her pierced nipple. She didn’t notice that from between her parted legs there was a silver strand leaking from her pussy.

The photo got uploaded, and the box automatically crossed.

Jess felt the jolt of pleasure burst from her pussy. She almost dropped her phone as her hand went straight to her pussy and she bent over the sink.

She saw her orgasmic reflection in the mirror, a contorted smile filled with bliss.

Her body melted to the floor and where she picked her phone. There was a small pop-up from the app. She opened it, panting.

It recommended another piercing for her clit, but she was still a bit unsure about that, though the idea of having something that kept her constantly stimulated was fascinating. She put a pin on it and got up from the floor.

Moving on.

The next task didn’t have a box to cross.

As she was getting dressed, the app recommended her to wear clothes that made her look good, accentuating her assets, to keep her feeling good instead of functional clothes.

Accessible clothes in case she needed to touch herself to relieve stress.

Jess began modeling some lingerie and took another selfie when she finally settled upon wearing a cute black demi-bra with matching lace panties, and uploaded it to the app.

She settled for a cute blue mini skirt that showed her legs, a sheer crop-top that allowed her chest and piercings to really pop-up, and decided to not wear the heels today.

She applied makeup. And walked to her kitchen.

The next item was breakfast, also without a box to check.

The app reminded Jess of her low carb high protein diet.

She walked to the kitchen to prepare herself something, when there was another ping.

-Breakfast appointment- the app notified her.

It was a new item Jess had never seen; she clicked on it, it simply had a set of instructions.

Breakfast for two:

Menu - Spinach omelets.

Mixed fruit.



Set the table.


It was weird, but Jess was curious, every item had a tiny box that Jess just needed to cross; she did just as the app ordered.

She made enough omelets for two. She prepared the coffee and cut a plate of strawberries, bananas, and peaches.

She toasted two pieces of bread.

As she crossed each item, she felt the quasi-orgasmic satisfaction of a job well done.

She picked up the plates, set the table, and was about to check the last box when there was a ding from the door.

Jess left the phone on the counter of the kitchen. The final LOCKED element got checked.

She danced barefooted to open the door.

“Good morning.”- Said a tall man wearing a navy blue blazer and a white shirt that contrasted with his darker complexion; his black shoes shined and appeared expensive under the matching navy blue pants.

Jess giggled, showing the man inside and to the table.

She went back to the kitchen, grabbing the dishes and setting everything.

The man sat down at the head of the table. He had a wide smile. Jess felt an impulse to kiss his cheek as she placed the plate in front of him.

She grabbed her own plate, but she didn’t sit with him.

Instead, she got on her knees and crawled under the table, placing her plate on the floor between his legs.

“Do you mind?” She asked with a pleading smile.

“Not at all,” He said, looking at her in the eyes.

She placed her hands on his knees, careful not to hit her head against the table. She pulled down the zipper using her teeth, her hands fishing his cock from within his trousers.

Licking her lips and fixing her hair, she opened her mouth and began pumping his cock; he was already half-hard.

Jess took out her tongue and gave it a little taste. She heard the stranger release his first moan. She was proud of herself and her cooking. He was enjoying it so much. It was time for her to dig in as well.

She opened her mouth and brought his whole cock inside.

He moaned again.

So did she.

‘Delicious’ Jess thought as she bobbed her head.

There was a ping.

She would not read it right then, but the noise reminded Jess how important it was to get a daily dose of fresh cum. It was good for the skin, rich in protein and anti-oxidants. And it could also work as an anti-depressant.

She then remembered the app had been arranging her dates like this since a week ago. Last night was with a tattoo artist after work. It was him that offered to make a design for her for free. She didn’t really think about it, just agreed.

Jess used her tongue. He was slightly bigger than the average in size, but she enjoyed that more since she had been practicing how to lick under his glans and reach all the way to the base as she deep-throated him.

He just couldn’t handle her special technique. He banged on the table.

She felt his cock pulse on her tongue and she retreated.

Keeping her lips on top of his head and stimulating fast to make him cum.

She grabbed her plate from the floor and placed it under his cock.

She caught as much as she could inside her mouth, but the few drops that she missed fell on her omelet.

She drank what she had caught. Enjoying the slightly bitter taste, the sticky texture.

She crawled from under the table and sat by his side.

He was breathing hard.

She cleaned the corner of her mouth.

“Cheers,” She said clanking her cup of coffee before taking a sip. Jess smiled to herself, filled with pride.

The app had told her that serotonin was released by pride and human contact. She liked to see the face of the man she had just pleased, taking his moans and cum as praise for her skills both with her mouth and cooking.

He smiled, taking a deep breath and a drink from his coffee. He had barely touched his food; the fork was on the floor and his body was limp while his erection was still throbbing under the table.

Jess fed her a bite from her own plate.

“How is your food?” she gave him a bite from her fork, a big cocky smile on her lips.

“Delicious,” He said as he accepted the omelet bite; his hand rested on her leg, caressing her tenderly.

Jess brought a cum covered piece of omelet to her mouth, squirming in delight and licking her lips as she tasted it.

The man took a sip from the coffee mug.

“you are a great cocksucker,” he said, “Uhm...”

“Jess.” She fed him another piece of his own omelet, unable to muster the will to get her leg away from his touch, to get up and get him another fork. She took another bite of her own omelet, savoring the cum, ham, and cheese. “Nice to meet you.” She said with an orgasmic smile.

“right, Jess, nice to meet you too. I’m José.” He kissed her cheek, “I loved your morning selfie.”

“Thanks,” Jess said, blushing a little. “You have a nice cock, very…”  She flicked his half-erect cock under the table, cleaning a droplet of cum from his tip and licking her finger clean, “… tasty.”

The two of them laughed and finished their meal. Jess cleaned her plate, licking with her fingers every trace of cum she could find. Her other hand most of the time under the table, keeping herself wet and on edge.

José picked up the plates. He kissed her on the cheek.

“That was delicious,” he said. His right hand slid over her leg and touched her wet fingers, brushing against her needy pussy, “Thank you” he brought his wet finger to his mouth.

Jess was barely keeping it together, making a sloppy, whimpering mess as she kept touching herself, desperately trying to reach orgasm.

Jose washed the dishes, letting Jess edge a little longer. He relished every second of her becoming mindless with lust.

He dried his hands as he walked back to her, opening her mouth he pushed a cloth napkin, gagging her mouth. She didn’t so much as complain as she moaned.

José began stroking his half-erect cock in front of her; He pulled her chair away from the table, Jess kept watching his hand go up and down on his member getting hard again.

“Thank you for everything,” He said. He spread her legs and removed her hand away from her pussy, “would you like your reward now?”

Jess nodded and tried to muster a coy “uh-huh”.

He grabbed her by the wrists and helped her up from the chair.

“Come here” He led her to the front of the empty table, her feet almost stumbling.

“Bend over” He said, not actually ordering her, but pushing her back against the table.

He was already fully erect again.

Jess tried to rub her pussy with her own legs until he spread them apart, sliding them with his own feet, that was when Jess rose her ass, humping the air back as she tried to rub herself against his crotch.

José lifted her skirt, letting his cock fall on her naked ass.

Jess moaned, she was standing on tiptoes, raising her ass. His cock felt hot against her skin. Ready.

She was dripping, both from her pussy and from the corner of her mouth.

He took a step back, his cock leaving her for a second. He still held her by her wrists on her back.

She whined with her muffled voice. Needy.

His cock pierced her pussy, he didn’t need to take off her panties, crotchless.

Her eyes went blank, her mind filled with bliss of being filled, her head and back arched.

He began slowly to thrust his hips. Taking up a decadent rhythm. She matched his pace, trying to get him as deep in herself as she could.

She moaned louder. He released one of her hands and she immediately darted to her clit, what was left of her consciousness wondered how that clit-piercing would feel in moments like this.

His free hand went and grabbed a fistful of her hair, making Jess release a pleasant, muffled, scream.

Each thrust brought her closer to orgasm.

But she couldn’t

He picked up the pace, faster, harder.

His hips hitting and pushing his hard cock deeper inside her cunt.

She moaned.

She tried to scream.

Convulsing out of the need to cum.

But Jess couldn’t cum on her own.

It was the price of the app.

She wasn’t able to orgasm on her own, all the orgasms had to be earned through her punching the little boxes or...

Her partner had to allow her.

José stopped. To Jess’ dismay.

Taking his cock from her slippery pussy with a loud pop.

Jess felt absolute despair.

She whimpered, banged her hand on the table, begged with the gag slipping off.

“Phweas, phweas, phweas” she tried to say wiggling her ass.

José pulled her hand and made her turn over the table. He grabbed her legs and lifted them.

Jess’ face illuminated. Her eyes were drunk with lust as she watched him throw her legs over his shoulder and position his cock on top of her clit.

José gave her a sly grin and began grinding his cock against her clit, making Jess desperate.

“Phweas” she kept begging with her gag, with her eyes.

He pulled back.

And rammed his cock all the way in, his tip hitting her cervix with that hard thrust.

She yelled and arched her back up, her eyes rolled back, a pleasant smile on her gagged mouth.

So close.

So good.

She tried to use her hips, but he had all the control over her body, grabbing her by the hips, holding her legs in place. He began thrusting and picking up the rhythm.

He began grunting and growling. Fucking her hard and deep.

She felt her herself loosing her mind, her tits bouncing every time he pushed his hips against her.

She grabbed them and began playing with them, pulling the piercings.

His hands switched places. He traced her tattoos, went between her breast, squeezing her left tit. He was almost there.

He pulled her against her, thrusting as he lifted her from the table.

“Cum” he grunted in her ear, “Cum with me Jessy.”

“Cum” He said as he took off the gag from her mouth and kissed her.

Jessy felt him release inside her. An explosion echoing in her pussy and her mind.

She came moaning in his mouth, eyes closed, her body convulsing limply against him.

José held her and kissed her neck, letting her down gently over the table. He took a seat as Jessy slowly came down from her own orgasm, drooling over the mantlepiece. Their cum leaking on the table and dripping to the floor.

Her hand slid mindlessly to her pussy. Touching herself and spreading her pussy for him to see.

She smiled when she noticed what she was doing.

“You just came and you want more?” He asked, chuckling.

“It was a nice breakfast. Thank you for the desert” She said holding eye contact with him. His cock twitched.

He pulled out his phone and took a picture.

“Do you want seconds?” She asked with a grin, biting her lip.

“Would love to,” He said and kissed her still sensitive pussy where she was touching.

She moaned.

An alarm went off.

“Would love to,” he said biting her.

“Would love to,” he said pulling her piercing.

“But” He said and kissed her.

“I have to get to work.” He killed the alarm.

“Tch,” She said and got on top of the table.


“Yeah, I have to do the same” Jess said and helped José get dressed.

She grabbed her phone on the way to the door.

“Thank you for the breakfast, Jessy, I hope we get matched again.”

“Me too” she said and gave him another passionate kiss.

She stood naked on the door of her apartment and watched him leave. Her neighbor from across saw her. She smiled and waved before closing the door.

She opened the app and saw that her morning routine was complete.

She celebrated and played some music, dancing as she cleaned the dishes.


She checked the app. It was time for her afternoon routine.

Her new instructions told her to get ready for work.

Jessy cleaned herself, reluctantly got dressed and cheerfully walked out. She looked at the profile picture on the app.

A new match for her.

She looked cute.

And she would meet her at her new job.

Jess loved this app. Finally she could be mindful, stress free, and live every moment of her life.

And even better, every moment was filled with mind blowing sex.


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