Milly's Runaway Suite - A Resort Story

by Magister Amentia

Tags: #bondage #dom:female #dom:male #f/m #sub:female #sub:male #clothing #exhibitionism

Milly ran away form an arranged wedding. A man from the resort was kind enough to offer her a place to stay while she decided what to do with her future.

Standing on the balcony, the sea breeze blew behind Milly’s back as the sun caressed her naked skin. She ran a finger over her recently trimmed bush as she pondered how long had she been staying at the resort. 

Despite being on the Mexican beach for so long she had barely gotten tanned, and the little she had, was a perfectly even tan.

She thought, coiling her blonde hair around her index finger.

Her hand went up and touched her nipples, she only wore her bikini that first week, the one she had paid for with her daddy’s credit card. 

Since then she had moved up from the simple room and into a suite after Rogelio, the hotel manager, offered to let her stay at a beautiful suite. 

She wanted to have a final fling before going back home and having to marry the boring son of a senator that her father had chosen to be her husband. 

Milly took a look at him and decided she wanted to have him that night, tall dark, and wearing the white linen of his uniform, that contrasted with his brown skin.

She motioned him with her finger to follow her, it was her last day at the resort, the one one of her friends had recommended, Rogelio nodded and followed her back to her hotel room. 

Milly wasn’t a virgin, not by far, and it was the best sex she had. For some reason, his musk, and the orange and vanilla cologne he was wearing, mixed with the smell of her sun lotion made her head drift a little. 

He seemed reliable, very sexy without his clothes, and his cock still half-erect after hours of fucking. 

She felt like she could tell him anything. 

And she did, she began to stroke his cock as she told him about his life, how she wanted to leave everything behind and just do this all the time. She wanted to break up her engagement, flip the finger to her controlling father and just fuck him all day every day. 

Rogelio grabbed her from the back and caressed her ass, bringing Milly up for a kiss. 

She felt light-headed. 

“Why don’t you?” He asked. 

It seemed so simple. 

Yeah, why didn’t she?

She was a grown-up woman. There was nothing her father could do if she wanted to move to another country. She was already in another country. 

She was sure there were many reasons why, but as soon as Rogelio slid his cock back between her pussy lips, she could not think of any that mattered. 

Hell, she couldn’t even think of her name. 

He handed her her phone, it was dialing, a video call. 

She could remember the moment that her “fiancé” Answered the phone, the look on his face as she was broke up the engagement with a cock inside her, moaning and yelling at him to go fuck himself and he should be less boring if he found one just like this. 

Then she called her father and did the same. 

At the end of the day, she thought she would regret it. 

But with Rogelio by her side, she really didn’t. 

He prepared a new room for her, he told her it was one just for this kind of deal, it was more usual than she would think, so they dubbed it, The Runaway Suite. 

She smirked and kissed him. 

The next day she felt free, and just like that, she stopped wearing her bikini when she got out of the room. No one cared, most of the guests went around just like that anyway. 

And every night she would go back to Rogelio on her own suite while she figured out what she was going to do with her life. 

“Why don’t you work at the resort?” He asked as he slid two of his fingers inside her pussy. All his propositions always involved shoving something inside her pussy. 

Milly couldn’t only mumble “How?” as a response. 

“Doing this.” He said, spreading her legs and sliding his member inside her. 

Milly moaned loudly. 

“A whore?” 

“A member of the staff,” he said into her ear, “You could stay here as long as you wanted and get tipped the same way we do.”

Milly felt him cumming inside her, “Yes,” she moaned as she accepted another of his proposals, and fell asleep dreaming of working for the resort. 

The following morning Rogelio woke her up, he told her she would have to go a rigorous training if she really wanted to become part of the staff of the resort. 

She stood naked in front of him, she still had some shame left, but she still wanted to do it, blushing she nodded and let him work on her. 

He began applying makeup on her face, a bright red lipstick, eyeshadow, he brought in one of the girls that worked in the salon and helped her fix her hair. 

When they were done he dressed her in her new uniform and apply the signature perfume that all the members of the staff wore. 

He would have her follow members of the staff through the hotel. 

She had to stand watch and take notes as another staff girl helped guests through their activities at the resort. Then she would follow her and watch as she got her tips from the husbands and other men in front of her.

In those first days she would only watch, and only later on would she get to be tipped by the guests. 

And at night, he would train her in other areas. 

It was that first night that Rogelio would bring toys into her room, he would have her bend over the bed, lifting her ass, and with delicacy, he would spread her cheeks and slide cold lube on her anal cavity using his fingers.

He had her wear a plug for the first time. 

He would have her tied as she sucked him and was wearing a vibrator at the same time.

So many things for the first time, Milly remembered, getting wet remembering all of them. 

The first time they would have anal. The first time he would bring another man for her to serve, as part of her training, of course. The first time she would get to serve a woman. 

That one she loved the most, who would have thought. Maybe if her friend Arianna would come back to the resort she would get to show her thanks for recommending such a wonderful place. 

Touching herself as she remembered how every morning he would dress her and have her follow him, sometimes wearing nothing but a collar or a nametag clipped on her nipple. 

And finally, he would let guests have her, he would stand by the side watching, evaluating her performance. 

And at night he would discipline her. Teach her how to be better. 

Until she was just like he wanted her to be. 

And that was why he was the manager. 

So many men until last night. 

The night her ex-fiance finally found her. 

And Rogelio brought him to her room. 

He wasn’t mad. He just wanted to watch again. He wanted to see the way Rogelio and the staff could take her. He wanted to join and see the pleasure on her face. 

That was last night, now she stood naked by the balcony, caressing the dry cum on her chest and little silver thread that was dripping from her legs from all the reminiscence. She took a few steps towards the room where her ex-fiancé was still sleeping, his cock with a morning wood. 

Poor thing, Milly thought. He was still a guest at the hotel, and she had a responsibility toward him, keeping him happy and satisfied until he left. 

She smacked her lips and climbed on the bed, pulling the sheets, she found his half-erect member. Lily’s lips enveloped him, she began to move her tongue, slowly. She didn’t want him to wake up yet. But she wanted him to feel it, to enjoy his dreams. 

He stirred in his sleep, moaning. Finally waking up and caressed her blond hair. 

“Good morning,” He said. 

“Good morning,” Milly replied, taking out the cock from her mouth and keeping up with her hand. “What else do you want me to do for you today, sir?” She said playfully kissing his chest, his nipples. 

“We still have some time before you have to check out.” She added kissing his neck. 

She felt him getting stiff and his cock twitch. 

He kissed her forehead. 

“I don’t think I want to leave?” 

Milly raised an eyebrow.

“Really?” She kissed the corner of his mouth before climbing on top of him, letting him feel the velvet folds of her pussy for a second time. 

“Would you like to stay?” She moaned. 

“I think I would. I’m not cut for politics. I want what you found,” He said. 

“I don’t think you have it in you.” She groaned, grinding her hips on his cock. She pulled his arms up. 

“Do you think you can take it if a guest wants you to lay down and punish you?” She grabbed his hands above his head. 

“Do you have it in you to take it if a guest wants to bite these cute pink nipples?” She did as she said and made him groan in pain and pleasure. 

“Maybe you do,” Milly said. He did have stamina after all. 

“Well, we better get your training started.” Milly smiled wickedly, her eyes glowing with happiness and lust. She would have to ask Rogelio, but maybe, just maybe, she would be taking care of him until he could take any and all the guests that would like to tip a cute twink. 

When Rogelio arrived to check on her after she didn’t report her absence, in her suite, he found Francis gagged, blindfolded, and tied to the bed, panting. Milly explained everything.   With a kind smile, Rogelio made arrangements so that she would have the whole week to train her former fiancé; he came back and handed Milly a collection of toys to make sure he was prepared to enjoy his stay and service at the Resort. 

“He is still a guest for the day, take care of him.”

She kissed her manager and went back to the bed, taking out an anal plug from the box of toys and coating it on lubricant. Milly was sure Francis would enjoy her new life working in the hotel. 

Weeks later another young bride-to-be arrived at the hotel. As they were serving her as a couple they learned about her getting cold feet and running away the day of her wedding. Looking at each other they invited her to meet Rogelio, to see one of the suites. She offered her to stay at her place for a day or two, that way she could learn the ropes, maybe go out dressed as maids.

Rogelio provided the outfits and let the couple show the newest runaway around the hotel. The three of them could spend the day making rounds through the rooms, making beds, cleaning, and maybe getting a little dirty with some of the guests. 

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