Honor Students - Edith's live sessions

by Magister Amentia

Tags: #bondage #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #clothing

Edith’s school labeled her as a “trouble” student. Since a new teacher got transferred and found out her little secret, she suddenly became an honor roll student.

When Edith began her senior high school year - for the second time - she wasn’t what anyone would call an honor student.

But just weeks away from finals, Edith seemed to had turned around, getting the highest scores in every test. Even now, after her 20th birthday, she was leading live study sessions for everyone in her class.

Mr. Brown, her teacher, told her parents that all she needed was a bit of discipline and someone who knew what she really wanted.

All of his pupils in the “troubled” class seemed to have changed since he arrived at the school.

Edith closed the door of her room. After a day of arduous hours of study she deserved some time of her own, her little rewards, Mr. Brown called them.

She turned on the laptop.

Edith walked to her wardrobe and chose a cute “schoolgirl” outfit, her old pink plaid skirt. A blacktop that hugged her body so tightly she might as well not wear a thing, her nipples were indiscreetly outlined by the fabric. She made a little twirl in the mirror. Something was missing.

She pulled high kneesocks over her legs and pink heels, fixed her twin braids and smiled.

Edith climbed on top of the bed and logged in.

Everyone was already waiting for her. A private study chat for all the students in Mr. Brown’s class that finished their work on time.

Edith might be the smartest kid in the school now, but she never stopped being the sluttiest.


Edith had an exhibitionist fetish since before she met her Master. It was just that Mr. Brown knew how to harness her desire for exposure for good.

Weeks before classes began again, Edith was already doing cam shows and going on walks wearing a blonde wig, a facemask, and short skirts without panties or bra.

It was during one of those walks that Mr. Brown recognized her.

“Edith?” He called when she bumped into him. Her blonde wig fell off, and he noticed her brown hair and bright eyes. She tried to run, but she tripped, letting Mr. Brow get a very intimate show of her freshly shaven pussy.

He smiled

“Edith, I think you should come with me.” He said and led her to a nearby cafe.

He opened the door for her and pulled a chair for her to sit. He ordered for her and himself.

People stared at them like it was the weirdest date. He dressed soberly in a scholarly dark jacket and red tie. He was young, not older than 30, but contrasted with the way Edith was dressed...

Behind them, Edith could hear someone whisper “whore” and she knew they were talking about her.

Edith turned completely red and wholly wet.

She didn’t know if she wanted to run or touch herself in the middle of the cafe.


Edith looked up to Mr. Brown, snapping his fingers in her face.

“Did you hear anything I said?” He didn’t look angry. He showed her a kind smile.

Edith shook her head.

“I said I am going to have you in my class again next year, and I finally figured how to help you,” He sipped his coffee, “If you allow me.”

He pushed a cup towards her.

It smelled of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Edith finally found the courage to speak.

“Are you blackmailing me?”

Mr. Brown looked shocked.

“Blackmailing you?” he shook his head and hands. “No, no, no. Quite the opposite, Edith,” He placed his shoulders on the table, leaning in he looked into her bright brown eyes, “I want to enable you.”

Edith stared into his eyes. It felt like they were drawing her in.

“And call me Sir, Edith.” He said with a soft basso voice.

Edith shivered, she got lost in the wicked twinkle in his eyes.


Edith watched the boys in her class join the “study session”. All of them were like her, seniors that were held back.

All of them were watching her, hard cocks in hand. She mounted her pillow and began grinding her naked pussy.

Edith could almost smell and taste their cocks.

She saw Molly too; she used to be her partner in crime, now she was the best in math and science. And she was pushing a thick dildo up her bushy blonde pussy. She panted while watching Edith hump and moan.

Edith already wanted to taste their cum, Molly’s lips, feel them deep inside her. She wanted to be an active slut once again.

She could barely wait for the graduation party and the after-party.

Her unfocused mind drifted off for what Mr. Brown, her Master, had planned.


Years before, Edith had a hard time trying to remember the dates in history lessons. That was no longer a problem.

The first week, Mr. Brown explained the basis of his training.

She placed her phone on the counter, a little timer, and played a recording of Mr. Brown’s soft monotone basso voice.

Last year, Edith fell asleep in all of his classes.

This year, Edith kept her hands between her legs, intently listening to the recordings. There was no need to study, he repeated most of his lesson, but he guided her motions, he told her what to do with her hands, what to write, what to repeat out loud.

On the day before the first test, Mr. Brown handed her a small remote vibrator. He told her she had to wear it in class.

Edith nodded and did as he told her.

Sitting at his desk, Mr. Brown controlled the intensity. Subconsciously, and absolutely pleasantly, Edith knew the answer to all the questions.

When she handed the test, Mr. Brown nodded and smiled. Edith clenched her legs together and excused herself to the bathroom.

She tried to run, but Mr. Brown pushed the vibrator’s intensity to the max.

She dropped on her knees the moment she crossed through the door.

Everyone in the class was amazed to find she had a perfect score on the test. They asked her if Mr. Brown finally gave in to her; they asked her if she sucked his cock for the grade.

“It was only study and effort,” Edith said without an ounce of indignation. She was still a slut. But now she was his slut, even if he wouldn’t touch her.

She followed with the plan her Master had devised for the class.

“Say, if you want…” Edith licked her lips, “we can have a study session after class, I can show you everything I’ve learned.”

Most of them were skeptical, and a few joined in her suggestion.

She tutored a couple of students at first, when they were done she handed them a code for a zoom meeting.

“I am tired,” She said stretching, her tight pink blouse barely containing her tits, “Why don’t we keep this up tonight?”

Just Tommy joined her that night. She watched her hump and cum over her pillow.

With a pleasure-filled face and sultry voice she approached the mic and said, “If you get a perfect score on the next test, you can join me next week,” She sent him a kiss through the cam and logged off. He became a devoted student since that day.


Mr. Brown kept giving her daily private lessons, but after her second partial she could no longer cum after the recordings finished.

She confronted her Master about it.

“You scored 90 in your previous test” He said while grading the other members of the class without lifting his eyes.


“But nothing, I can’t have you earning a reward for not doing your best.” He said. “From now on you will keep going as is, earn your orgasms with good grades.” He said and made a dismissive motion for her to leave.

Edith walked out and slammed the door on her way out.

“At least I still got the study sessions with everyone,” She said to herself and walked to the library. When she saw Molly joined her group. She smiled.

She tutored everyone in the group, paying special attention to Molly.

She knew Molly was like her, and she could use some of her special help.

After everyone left home, Edith invited Molly to her place where she played the first recording for Molly and knelt between her friend’s legs.

She heard the voice of her Master; she felt Molly’s breathing relax and tasted her melting pussy.

Molly came over and over again as knowledge flooded her mind.

And yet.

Edith’s arousal kept growing, but her hands drifted away from her own pussy.

Molly woke up from her trance panting.

“Let me do it for you too.” Molly said, ecstasy on her face, she reached for Edith’s face but she batted her hand away

Edith stood up and open the door with a frustrated smile.

“Maybe next time,” Edith said, flustered and gasping, “I have to study tonight!”

Molly understood and left Edith alone.

Edith climbed on her bed, placing a textbook in front of her and a pillow between her legs. She began reading and humping. Unable to reach an orgasm.


“Please, please, please” Edith begged on her knees in front of Mr. Brown.

“Edith, Stand up.” He ordered sternly.

Edith did as she was told. Her hands were fidgeting over her skirt; she felt the need burning inside her. She was wet and horny all the time. But she was also at the top of her class.

“Let’s go somewhere else,” Mr. Brown said and led the way. Edith walked steps behind him, clutching books over her chest. While her school outfit was more somber now, underneath her skirt she was wearing a buttplug and was desperate to use any other stimulation that would make her reach orgasm, but she needed her Master’s permission to do so.

“Edith,” Mr. Brown said as they walked out of the school, she rushed to catch up with him, he continued, “we are almost at the end of the school year, you need to hold on a little longer.”

“But, Master-“ Mr. Brown gave her a fulminating frown “I mean, Mr. Brown-“

He sighed, and Edith stopped.

“Edith, let me make you a new proposal, just like I did when we began,” Mr. Brown paced ahead, “if you are the top student by the end of the year,”

He stopped and gave her a once-over. A wicked grin formed on his lips. He approached and whispered into her ear so no one around would hear.

“-and after that, when you graduate, I will finally make you mine.”

Edith stood clutching her books. She was breathing fast, she could feel her heart beating fast.


“Next week are finals,” Edith panted onto the scream, she was sweating from the effort of rubbing herself to orgasm on her pillow. Her voice was pure desire, “the ones that ace their exam will get a ticket. And we will meet for a special celebration” She said and sent a kiss over the camera, accompanying it with a little wiggle of her chest before she cut the stream.


Edith wore a vibrator to her final test. She kept her cool the entire time on the max setting, and everyone in the classroom could hear the sound and knew where it was coming from. The smell of her musk filled the enclosed space.

Everyone was particularly tense, not because of the test but because of the sexual frustration they had accumulated.

Edith told them to keep themselves from cumming this last week. It had come to a point that she cared more about getting the most of her party than the finals.

She slammed her test on Mr. Brown’s desk with a satisfied smile and waltzed out of the classroom swinging her hips. She was wearing the same pink plaid skirt she wore in their last week’s study session.

Before closing the door, she blew a salacious kiss to the classroom.

Everyone immediately became more focused on their respective tests.

When Edith arrived to her locker, she pulled out the vibrator in the middle of the hall, not caring if anyone saw. Everyone that mattered was occupied with the test. As she opened the door, she found a gift box with a pink ribbon waiting for her.

“Congratulations” It wasn’t signed, but she knew who it was from.


Edith graduated top of her class. When she got to pick up her diploma, she wore her Master’s gift around her neck, a black choker with a small tag with her name on it. Her classmates whistled and hollered as she shook hands with Mr. Brown.

At night everyone waited for Edith to appear for the graduation party, but she was nowhere to be seen.

After a while, they noticed Molly was missing too.

Music was blaring, and the dance floor was full with everyone but Mr. Brown’s class. Suddenly one by one they left the party.

A message began circulating from one member of the class to the next.

It was their after party ticket with a specific address.

Condoms were non-optional, the invitation said.

They arrived to an old house on the other side of town. No one would recognize them there.

The doors opened and Mr. Brown made them wait in the foyer until everyone arrived.

After the last kid closed the doors, Mr. Brown allowed them to walk in.

Molly and Edith were waiting in the middle of an empty room. They were wearing their graduation robes and the chokers, no, the collars Mr. Brown made them wear.

“Have fun everyone, be responsible.” Mr. Brown said and walked out of the house.

Edith and Molly pulled off their robes. Edith was wearing a white garter and stockings with a transparent demibra, while Molly wore a matching “outfit” in black.

They walked ahead and met their classmates, “You made us” they looked at each other, “And our Master, very proud.”

Edith and Molly knelt on the floor and helped the closest guys off their pants.

“It’s time to give everyone their reward,” Edith said and pulled a cock into her mouth.

There were 16 people in Mr. Brown’s class between men and women, not including Molly and Edith. All of them aced their final exams.

Edith wanted to taste all of them through the night. But despite their expertise, she could only please so many at the same time.

By the time she was done getting her second dose of cum out of Billy, the rest of her classmates had already paired off.

Some men didn’t shy away from coming out that very night, George and Oliver were making out while Wesley sucked their cocks.

Molly was bi, and was enjoying the lips of Evelyn, the lesbian of the class, while getting Tommy from behind.

Edith saw Sandra on her knees between two guys, and she was supposed to be the catholic virgin.

“Move, slut” Edith pushed Sanda aside and grabbed one guy by the balls, taking him for herself. She stood against the wall and settled his cock against her pussy.

She didn’t even remember his name, but she had waited for this long enough. She didn’t care as long as they were hard and full of cum.

He banged her against the wall until Tommy, little Tommy, her first tutoring partner approached. Edith looked down and saw his rigid cock. He wasn’t so little.

Edith fixed her hair and bent at the waist. She let the other guy keep fucking her with an irregular cadence that was distracting but quite pleasant.

Tommy handed her a condom, she opened it and placed it in her mouth, with a slow motion, and the rhythm the man fucking her allowed, she slid the condom up his cock using her lips.

The guy behind her emptied his balls inside the condom. He pulled out and Edith grabbed him by the balls again. “Wait,” She said, taking Tommy out of her mouth.

Edith sat Tommy down and slid herself on his rod. She moaned so pleasantly that the guy she was grabbing by the balls twitched and began getting hard again. She pulled off the condom with her mouth and dumped the thick cum on her tongue. Edith winked at him and moaned harder as Tommy pushed deeper than anyone before.

The guy walked back to Sandra, who was fucking someone else already. He kissed before he pushed his cock into her mouth.

Edith arched her back as she rode Tommy. She panted and screamed as she neared her orgasm. Tommy grabbed her by the hips and bit her nipples, making her shriek and clench his cock as he came inside her. Gasping, she fell on top of him. The two of them exhausted and covered in sweat.

Oliver walked by drinking a bottle of water and watched the two of them panting on the floor. He approached Edith from behind and caressed her ass; she made a soft sound of approval. Spreading her cheeks, he placed a new condom on his cock and pushed inside her ass.

Edith yelled with pain and pleasure. Tommy was still half erect inside her. She never pushed anything bigger than her buttplug up her anal cavity. And now she had two cocks filling her at the same time. She grabbed Tommy’s shoulders and moaned in his ear.

Oliver winked at Tommy and fucked Edith with hard, fast thrusts.

Edith’s nails scratched Tommy’s chest.

Oliver fondled her breast and pulled her for a kiss.

She came once again. Loudly and kissing Oliver.

It was better than she had ever dreamed of.

She could get used to being an Honor Slut.

The party dwindled down as pairs were formed and left.

Tommy was left alone between Molly and Edith, but even he had to leave when the sun came up and Mr. Brown walked through the door.

Molly and Edith were covered in dried cum from their chest, back and hair.

Tommy closed the door, Molly and Edith crawled up to their Master.

He caressed them and attached leashes to both of them.

They snuggled against his legs.

“Good girls,” He said. And led them up to the bedroom.

They purred happily. They were his fucktoys, his pets. And above anything, if he wanted, they would be Honor Student Sluts for him.


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