Helping Suzy forget her Ex

by Magister Amentia

Tags: #bimbofication #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #sub:female #tattoo

Suzy has been down since she was dumped by her asshole ex, but Amy couldn’t sit and watch her cry. With some hypnosis Amy got more than she aimed for.

There was little left of Suzy’s mind.

Her best friend made sure of that.

She pushed the Hitachi wand against her pussy.

The massager sent such pleasant vibrations all the way to her mind, making her roll her eyes and let her tongue hang from her mouth, drooling all over herself.

The screen notified her of another donation.

Despite her mindlessness, this was what she always wanted anyway. After her boyfriend broke up with Suzy, Amy just couldn’t withstand watching her cry over the asshole.

And so, one time Suzy was crying on her couch, Amy said that maybe she could help her relax with some techniques she learned to help her forget.

Sobbing, Suzy agreed.

Amy guided her with her voice softly as Suzy breathed deeply on the couch.

It wasn’t something that happened overnight, but little by little, it grew.

Almost daily Suzy went to Amy’s place and asked her to help her forget.

Nor was the result that Amy wanted. Not at first. It was a side effect of how Suzy responded to the relaxation and hypnosis.

As Amy helped her relax, she noticed how Suzy began getting aroused. The heavy breathing, the way Suzy squirmed when Amy gave her a suggestion. And yet, Suzy’s inhibitions released without Amy even suggesting it. After each session, Suzy’s wild side began taking over.

Amy told herself she had no other choice but to help her friend along the way.

Suzy arrived one Sunday morning and asked Amy if she could help her with one of their usual sessions. It was early morning and Amy had barely woken up; she offered Suzy a cup of coffee but she refused, asking if they could begin soon.

Amy let her lay down on the couch, guiding her breathing and helping her fall deeper until Suzy’s conscious mind was practically shut down. It was then that Amy realized the way Suzy was dressed; she was wearing a little black dress and heels. Her earrings were big and expensive, and her usually long brown hair that she kept shiny and smooth looked disheveled.

Suzy chuckled and twisted pensively one of her long black locks before asking Suzy how was she doing with getting over her ex. Suzy confessed to having spent the night with a man she met the previous night at a party. After waking up, she left the guy’s place and ran to Amy’s place, and recognized feeling confused, excited, and very exhausted.

Amy tried to keep her cool and simply gave her a little push, believing that this development would help Suzy get over her ex faster, and maybe with a little exercise, she would go out more and forget him soon.

Amy suggested Suzy join a gym and exercise every other day, to help her not get so easily exhausted.

After a while, Suzy became more comfortable with her own body and thanked Amy for that. The sessions kept going on a weekly basis without new developments.

That was until Suzy came to Amy’s place wearing a pink crop top, black tights, and a brand new tattoo showing on her lower back.

“I always wanted to get a tattoo,” Suzy admitted, “I just never felt brave enough to get one.” She hugged her and gave Amy a big kiss on her cheek. “Thanks. I would never have gotten it without you.”

Amy tried to keep calm, but she was too excited to slow down, watching her best friend transform into a... bimbo, awoke something dark inside her.

She suggested Suzy increased her relaxation exercises and gave her some voice recordings she could try to listen to before going to sleep.

It was then that Suzy voiced her few concerns, telling Amy how she felt like she was becoming a different person, and how she was horny all the time.

Amy gave her a reassuring smile and simply asked her, “Remind me, why did we begin with these exercises?”

Suzy looked at her meekly, “To help me forget my boyfriend?”

Amy hugged her and stroked her long brown hair, “And have you thought about him recently?”

Suzy’s mind began drifting away “” she muttered.

“Good girl,” Amy whispered in her ear, eliciting a spasm from Suzy’s body, “you should try it for a week, see how it goes.”

Amy nodded in her arms.

Suzy helped her down on the couch and let her rest.

After a few days, Suzy visited Amy for her personal sessions. Having listened to Amy’s voice recording for a week, Suzy fell into a trance the moment Amy told her to relax.

Suzy’s mind had accepted Amy’s suggestions quite easily. Amy suggested she should get more comfortable, Suzy absentmindedly pulled off her top and pants and began touching herself.

Amy observed her with perverted excitement. Crossing one leg to remind herself to keep some restraint; she spoke in the soft, sultry voice she used for the recordings, “Are you comfortable Suzy?”

Suzy pushed her middle finger between her labia and pinched her clit. With a quiet moan, she answered, “Yes...”

Amy took a seat beside Suzy, and with a gentle motion settled Suzy’s head on her lap.

She caressed her face, her thumb running over her lips.

“Good girl,” Amy purred and watched Suzy shudder.

Amy’s right hand roamed over Suzy’s naked body, trying the different triggers she had installed in her best friend. And just like with the recordings she had provided, she made sure Suzy didn’t remember anything when she woke up.

She let Suzy finger herself, Amy’s voice guiding her pleasure, telling her how to touch herself, how deep her fingers could go inside her cunt, how strong she was to pinch her nipples, and for how long.

Finally, she let her best friend cum, enjoying how Suzy squirted over the couch.

Amy licked her fingers as she tasted Suzy’s cum and cursed herself for not preparing a towel, despite knowing Suzy was a squirter.

Amy felt her own desires almost take over her, but she held back. The fun wasn’t in taking advantage of Suzy, but watching Suzy become something new. Suzy’s after-orgasm trance left her flustered and panting, but soon enough she was back to her calm, docile self.

As Amy dressed Suzy, a new evil idea came to her mind.

When Suzy woke up she admitted that recently, in the aftermath of their sessions, she always felt silly and drowsy, a little stupid even.

Amy covered her mouth with her hand in a pensive position to hide her amused smile.

“Go on,” She said, trying to sound serious.

Suzy looked at her best friend and then averted her eyes.

“And I am enjoying it,” Suzy said and fidgeted in her place.

Amy nodded and told her to come closer, giving her another hug.

“That’s okay,” She reassured her, “I think we are making a lot of progress,” Amy stroked Suzy’s hair, “And soon you won’t have to worry about anything.”

Suzy melted into her friend’s arms, knowing she could trust her.

Suzy kept listening to the new recordings Amy kept sending her, letting her guide her through a new phase of her life. A carefree life.

After a few more weeks Suzy burst through Amy’s door with bags of new clothes, bleached hair, and pink sunglasses.

“Bestie!” Suzy threw her arms around Amy and hugged her, Amy could see and feel Suzy wasn’t wearing a bra under the tight, strapless pink top.

“Look at this!” Amy shouted and showed her the new tattoo she had on her left arm.

Amy followed the intricate floral design over the shoulder as it spread to Suzy’s back.

“And that’s not all,” Suzy said and pulled down her top, revealing how the tattoo went under her breasts and her newly pierced nipples.

Amy felt a rush of pride and arousal invade her.

“I just couldn’t help myself.” Suzy said, “I was out shopping and saw the tattoo parlor I got my previous tattoo and I, like, felt compelled to go in.”

“And look at this,” Suzy pulled down the leather skirt she was wearing, displaying another tattoo over her pubic mound, another colorful floral design.

It wasn’t obvious at first, but the flower spelled a name.

“What do you think?” Suzy said.

Amy’s hand touched the inked skin marking Suzy as her property. “Amy’s”

“I felt, like, I should show my appreciation for how much you have done for me and, like, this way I can REALLY show it, you know?”

Amy shivered and nodded.

Suzy strode through Amy’s apartment, naked as she was, and kept going, “but like, I think I spooked the artist or something since I moaned the entire time.”

Suzy grabbed an apple and took a bite.

“I think I came like four times.” She giggled.

Amy sat down and kept her legs shut, trying not to touch herself.

“He was cute,” Suzy remarked.

Amy took a deep breath and prodded for a final test, “I see you are over Mark.”

“Who?” Suzy said.

“Your ex,” Amy explained.

“Ah...” Suzy pranced towards Amy and sat by her side, “I just... Forgot about him.” She touched Amy’s leg. “I think it’s all thanks to you,” and placed one hand over Amy’s chest.

“Maybe I should thank you for that.” She whispered before nibbling her best friend’s ear, “Like I thanked the tattoo artist.”

Suzy climbed on top of Amy and pushed her chest onto Amy’s face, hugging her close. She felt Amy’s arm slid over her back.

“We should take this off first,” Suzy said unbuttoning pulling out Amy’s blouse. She kissed her deeply before she could mutter anything else.

Her hands danced down, undressing her. She pulled off her jeans and panties.

“Although you don’t have a cute cock like him, your pussy looks way more delicious,” Suzy said and licked from the bottom of her pussy to her engorging clit.

“It is delicious, at least better than the tattoo artist’s cum” Suzy blew softly over Amy’s pussy and kissed her bean gently.

She felt her twitch and her hands glided over her legs. One arm slid behind Amy’s back and pulled her closer while her left hand massaged Amy’s labia.

Her middle finger slid inside her friend’s pussy, followed by another finger.

She kissed her, licked her.

Amy’s legs rested over Suzy’s shoulders.

Suzy smiled under her. Holding her between two fingers inside her, and her thumb pressing her clit along with her tongue.

She felt Amy’s leg tense up.

Then Suzy stopped.

“But I think you deserve something better.” She got up from the floor and went to the bags she was carrying when she arrived.

“Close your eyes,” Suzy said, and Amy complied.

Amy heard Suzy step closer to her. She felt her grab her legs and pulled her closer.

“You helped me much,” She kissed her thigh, “much more,” Suzy said with a sultry voice.

Amy felt something press against her pussy lips.

Slowly, Suzy pushed the dildo inside.

She began gently rocking her.

“Please Mistress,” Suzy said with a vapid smile, “Let me please you.”

Amy’s eyes rolled back as Suzy thrust her hips.

“Let me serve you,” Suzy moaned. “Let me fuck you.”

Amy wasn’t thinking anymore, letting herself be fucked by Suzy.

Picking up a slow and frustrating rhythm, Suzy kept going, watching Amy’s breast heave.

“Mistress...” Suzy hugged Amy closer and kissed her.

Amy moaned and nibbled Suzy’s pierced nipples.

“Mistress...” Suzy kept fucking mindlessly.

“Please...” The dildo slid off her pussy, to Amy’s frustration.

“Please...” Suzy whimpered, falling to the floor.

Amy grabbed the strapless dildo and slid it inside herself.

Finally, she turned Suzy on her back. Spreading her legs, Amy pushed herself inside her best friend.

“Please... please... please...“ Suzy repeated.

Amy kissed Suzy and kept thrusting. She was almost there.

“Please...” Suzy kept going, her head lolling to the sides, “Make me cum.”

Amy thrust her hips faster.

“Make me cum, Mistress...” Suzy moaned, “Make me dumber.”

Amy grabbed her best friend’s breasts.

Suzy’s voice raised as the pleasure grew inside her “I just love this feeling. Make me your toy, your slave.”

Amy smiled and kisser her slave, her toy, grabbing her arms and pinning them above Suzy’s head. Her left hand pressing the tattoo with her name.

“Cum, please, cum!” Suzy begged.

Amy rocked her and kissed her deeply, her tongue dancing inside her mouth.

“Cum for me, my toy,” Amy said. She grabbed her by the back and lifted her, one hand on the back of her neck, the other on the base of her back, Amy pushed deep into her.

“Cum” Amy ordered.

Suzy began shaking uncontrollably, convulsing, her pussy spasming on Amy’s cock as Suzy’s mind emptied.

The two of them passed out in the middle of the living room, covered in each other’s sweat and cum.

The following day Amy began giving her the final touches, making Suzy get a new haircut and dying her hair pink.

She bought Suzy’s clothes and began making her cosplay.

And from time to time she makes her do some cam shows to make some money on the side and keep herself entertained.

Even renting her to some of their male friends, after all, Amy can give a simple suggestion and Suzy would always surpass any and all of her expectations.

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