Blind date

by Magister Amentia

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:male #f/m #microfiction #multiple_partners #sub:female #sub:male

Gabriela is on a date with her new suitor, Rodrigo, who has prepared a surprise for her.

Rodrigo had warned her he was quite kinky.

Although warning might be the wrong word.

But first, Jennie was glad he looked like his profile picture, square jaw, short beard over dark skin and a cute smile.

The restaurant was crowded. After a satisfying dinner, Rodrigo and Jennie began talking of their likes and dislikes, small talk from a first date. Under the candlelight, Jennie asked about his kinks with a flirtatious smile.

She told him about her own kinks, which made Rodrigo laugh but when he began talking about his, she was blown back.

Rodrigo explained how he liked to play with hypnosis. Jennie was fascinated. He talked in a soothing voice; he talked about trances, about how everyone experienced them on their daily lives; she focused on his voice, on how distance everything else felt; he told her to focus on the dancing flame between them.

By the time Rodrigo was done talking, Jennie was clutching the hem of the skirt.

He looked at her from across the table; she had glossy black hair, long lashes, and bright red lips. But he loved her honey-colored eyes. Her white blouse with short sleeves and black, tight skirt made her look cute yet professional.

But it was the look she had in her eyes and slack jaw that told him how suggestible she was.

He couldn’t help but smile.

A side effect, an intentional side effect, was the way Jennie she kept her hand under the table and under her skirt. No one around them noticed, but she was unconsciously touching herself.

The only giveaway was the moment where Jennie began to pant.

Rodrigo signaled the waiter to bring the bill. He noticed what Jenny was doing but didn’t say a thing. Rodrigo left him a big tip.

As the waiter walked away Rodrigo got up from the table and towards Jenny’s side of the table.

He was wearing a form-fitting white shirt under a blue blazer and tight jeans.

He leaned by her side and spoke with a sly smile on his lips, “Would you like me to take you deeper, my sweet thing?” Rodrigo cupped her chin in his hand and made her look into his deep black eyes.

Jennie nodded.

His, she was His; it was all that Jennie registered.

Rodrigo threw pulled her hand from between her legs and kissed it, it smelled and tasted of her sex, “I’m going to kiss you, and you will fall deeper. You will register nothing after that until the next time I kiss you; then, you will fully wake up.”

Jennie allowed him to guide her. She felt his lips touch hers. She felt hot; she felt his tongue inside her mouth.

She felt like the kiss lasted an eternity...

The next moment she felt his lips leave her mouth.

Everything was black.

She tried to move, but she felt the ropes against her skin.

She felt naked.

One second before she was in the crowded restaurant and now she was undressed and was lying on top of a table.

Jennie pulled her restraints again.

“Easy there. We don’t want you to fall down.” Rodrigo’s voice was near.

Jennie felt confused, she didn’t feel afraid or anxious. She was just disoriented.

“We?” She tentatively whispered.

“Don’t worry” he placed a clamp on her nipple. It was uncomfortable, but not particularly painful.

“It will be just like in your fantasy, but this,” he clasped her other nipple, “this is a part of mine.”

Emily moaned.

Rodrigo’s hand grabbed her breast, “It wasn’t easy to convince your ex to join us,” She felt his nails course the circumference of her nipples, making spirals in her skin.

He tugged her restrained and erect nipple and added, “But he is almost as suggestible as you.”

Jennie felt herself turn red. Something almost like anger filled her.

“My Ex!?” her indignation came out like a moan.

“Don’t worry, he is basically... a living dildo.” He chuckled.

Rodrigo poured some oil on her, massaging her breasts, her sex, Jennie felt fingers probing inside her labia and her anus.

She wiggled in her restraints. All that teasing was making her increasingly wetter.

“We have to make sure you are properly lubed,” She felt Rodrigo’s breath over her pubes, “it would be a terrible thing to hurt such a Good Girl.”

Jennie felt waves of pleasure course through her.

She twitched in place. Her mouth opening and closing like she was having a seizure.

She felt pleasure, but it felt empty, leaving her with a growing, desperate desire to have something inside her.

“I’m sorry, I hope you don’t mind me leaving a little trigger inside your mind, I kind of like you and if we go on another date it would be very sensual to do that to you in the middle of the street, don’t you think?”

Jennie groaned with sexual frustration. It was almost a snarl.

Rodrigo smeared oil over her legs, making sure they were completely open. Then his fingers slid under her thigh and bellow her ass. Lifting her, he placed her legs over his shoulders, allowing him to spread her cheeks.

He kissed Jenni’s clit at the same time he began fingering her ass.

Jennie moaned with all the teasing, and with her legs she tried to pull him closer. But Rodrigo stopped.

Finally, he pushed a metal plug inside her ass.

It was gold, Jennie gasped, “Please...” she pleaded short with breath and wiggled in place.

“Almost done. Only one more thing…” He placed one finger on her lips, “Open up…”

Jennie did, and a cock went inside her mouth.

It had a familiar shape and a nostalgic musk she knew very well.

She savored the taste of her Ex’s cock.

Lost in the momentary bliss of old memories that filled her mouth and her mind, Jennie began using her tongue. Surprisingly, the feeling echoed in her. She never knew she could feel that kind of pleasure just from using her tongue.

But her enthralment was broken as Rodrigo invaded her pussy.

He thrust inside and upwards.

Jennie felt her whole body spasm, she could feel her own heart beating faster.

The girth and length of his cock filled her better than the cock in her mouth.

He had been telling the truth. Her ex was as lifeless as a dildo. But Rodrigo, on the other hand... He was relentless.

Using his palm to push over her mound, his thumb circling her clit. Another hand massaging her breast.

She felt full, stimulated in every nerve of her body.

Her ex began twitching.

Sperm began flooding her throat. She almost choked.

His cock left her lips, still ejaculating over her tits and face. Jennie heard him fall back.

Rodrigo pulled her from her nipple chains and grabbed her by the neck.

He fucked her in place, embracing her, holding her nape, and thrusting deeper.

He whispered something that didn’t quite connect.

His hips pushed his cock deeper, faster.

Cum dripped from the corner of her mouth.

“Good girl” He grunted into her ear and pulled the clamps off her nipples.

The trigger, the pang, the release, everything hit her all at once.

Jennie screamed at the top of her lungs

Rodrigo burst inside her. He held her close as both of their orgasms peaked.

She fell on top of him; they were on top of a bed.

Jennie felt her orgasm subside. She was panting.

Rodrigo held her nape, her hair.

He kissed her; it tasted of cum; it tasted of sweat; it tasted like mint and like his ex and like him. The kiss lasted an eternity.

His lips left hers and she opened her eyes;

It was night, and they were just outside her house.

“Did you have a pleasant dream?” Rodrigo smiled at her from the driver’s seat.

Jennie felt herself grow red. She couldn’t answer.

“I really enjoyed myself tonight,” Rodrigo continued “if you want… We can do this again another day. You have my number.”

Jennie nodded and hurried off the car.

“Oh, one more thing, your ex? if you want to use him as a dildo again, just text him and call him Good Boy.” Rodrigo winked from his car, “He won’t remember a thing after that.”

Jennie’s mouth fell to the floor. She looked down and looked for her keys.

“Good night, my Good Girl.”

Jennie fell to her knees at the porch of her home. She shuffled with the keys and managed to open the door before her hands went inside her pussy. With some effort she crawled inside just as waves of pleasure hit her one after the other, flooding with memories of that night. Her raising moans called the attention of curious eyes of her neighbors before she kicked door closed and Rodrigo drove away, leaving her a drooling mess.


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