Winning a Chance with Sabrina

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #magic #masturbation #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #celebrity #popstar
See spoiler tags : #betrayal #possession

Popstar Sabrina runs a contest to meet one lucky fan, but she never could have anticipated it ending up like this…

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Sabrina smiled brightly as she walked into the video. She was dressed all in bright, sparkly, skintight clothing that showed off enough of her skin to taunt and tease, but not enough to promise or reveal. Her hair was tied back in a pair of twin tails on either side of her head, half of it dyed a deep, rich, ruby red, the other half a pastel blue. She wore a pair of contacts that made one eye yellow with a long vertical pupil like a cat, and the other giving her a blue eye with a horizontal, goat-like pupil.

Her look was certainly unique, and it was why even with so many people having the name Sabrina before her, simply saying her name in casual conversation meant everyone knew who she was. If that wasn’t enough, then almost everyone in the world knew at least some small corner of her discography or her occasional film and television appearances.

She was almost as famous for her work as she was for her voluptuous curves that strained her flashy wardrobe at her chest, at her hips, and especially at the round curves of her ass. Plenty who didn’t appreciate her saccharine sound or her overproduced acting appearances would tolerate her just for a glimpse at her overflowing assets. The young 20-something sat in a place of talent and beauty few could ever hope to reach.

“Hey everybody! I’m here today to announce a once in a lifetime opportunity!” Sabrina gave the camera a dramatic wink and a bright, bubbly smile. “How would you like to be flown out to spend a day one-on-one with your girl Sabrina? I probably won’t be singing, but that’s not really the point of this little giveaway!

“Y’see, I really care about each and every one of my fans… but I don’t have the time to meet each and every one of you individually!” Sabrina pouted, snapping her fingers dramatically before she twisted her toes down into the floor. “I’d love to, really—there’s just too many of you, and not enough of me to go around! But if you enter this little sweepstakes, it’ll just be you and me! We can hang out, and talk about whatever you’d like! We won’t be going anywhere big and flashy either! This is a chance to really connect! I really hope a lot of you will sign up! If this goes well then maybe we can do this again after my next tour!”

Sabrina winked, and a lens flare sparkled at the end of her long, luxurious eyelashes. The video was such a good resolution that it perfectly captured the texture of her smooth, supple, tan skin. While half of her appeal was largely wholesome, it was an open secret that she was only as wholesome as she was to inspire thoughts of the listener having the chance to ruin that wholesomeness themselves.

“All you need to do is send in your name, and your contact info! The contest is running all month, and then we’ll get in touch to see when it works for you! This won’t be some big thing with a lot of cameras! It’s just going to be me and you, so don’t let me down!” Sabrina shot the camera a pair of finger guns, and when her thumbs pressed down, the video effects made red and blue hearts spill out of her finger tips. Everything about the video was cheesy and corny, but that was the point.

On offer was a day with Sabrina, and that meant her larger-than-life personality.

“I look forward to meeting you! And hey, even if you don’t win? You’ll get an exclusive preview track before anyone else in the world… so sign up, give it a listen, and hopefully?” Sabrina looked left, and right, and then leaned in close. “I’ll be seeing you soon!”

With a final blown kiss the video ended, and pink lips curled into a sweet smile.

“Right this way…!” Sabrina motioned towards her large, lavish living room. Calling it anything less than lavish or swanky would be dramatic understatements. From the large television that covered the majority of a wall, to the plush, large furniture, there were few places half as inviting. “Make yourself comfortable, and we can like… hang out, whatever sounds nice to you!”

Since the video, Sabrina’s look had changed. She still was wearing one cat-eye and one goat-eye contact, but instead of wearing her hair in twin tails it now hung long, nearly to the small of her back. It was still half deep, ruby red and half pastel blue. Dressed more casually, she wore a loose black t-shirt and a short, glittery black skirt.

Following close behind was a woman who almost defied description as being exceptionally plain. Her brown hair was absolutely unremarkable, falling just over her shoulders. It was neither too messy, nor too neat. The color wasn’t too light, or too dark.

Not contrasting, nor complimenting Sabrina’s skin tone, her fan’s was somewhere that looked neither tan nor pale. Her brown eyes matched her hair, not deep and dark, nor bright and shining. She was of a perfectly average height, with a shape that was also decidedly average without Sabrina’s dramatic curves or a more athletic, or lithe shape instead.

She even wore plain blue jeans, and a simple, white t-shirt. “Thank you, Sabrina! Gosh… I’m just so excited that I’m here…! This is like… your real place! You’re the real Sabrina! What could possibly be more exciting than… Oooo! That’s the couch where you gave your interview where you first revealed when your album ‘Shine’ was dropping… and that’s the painting that Kelsey gave you after she retired and said if there was anyone to carry her torch it was you…! Gosh… This whole place is so full of history! Everything’s so… such a big deal!”

Sabrina gave a good-natured laugh, her lips curling into a warmer, brighter smile. “You really know your stuff, dontcha? A real super fan!”

“Yep…! I’m definitely one of your biggest fans!”

A faint blush rose to Sabrina’s cheeks. “You’re sweet! Uhm, I really don’t mean to be a jerk, but… I’ve completely forgotten your name? I’m usually really good about that, but I guess I’m a little nervous. This is the first time I’ve done something like this, and I really want to leave a good impression.”

“Oh, no. It’s not you.” The fangirl shook her head, her bright, if calm, smile wholly undisturbed by the popstar’s admission. “People have a problem remembering my name! You know how it is. I have one of those faces that looks like someone you’ve seen before, but when you try to remember, you just come up blank!” She broke into giggles, and Sabrina laughed along with her. “My name’s Jane! It’s really funny. If you think about it. I don’t think it would suit me if it was very… fancy.”

“Fancy…? Oh!” Sabrina snapped her fingers, cutely, and rapidly, pointing both at her fangirl. “Plain Jane! I like it! You really own it! Well, Plain Jane, do you want something to drink? I usually just go with water, but that might be a little bit too… on brand for you?”

Jane giggled, shaking her head as she turned away from a potted plant she was giving an undue amount of attention. “Oh, no! Like you said? I own it…! Spartan, modest, homely… I’m not fussy! Water is great for me! Or some soda. I’d say I prefer store brand, but not even I’m that austere. I think if I was it would wrap around to being something more hipster, and that’s an entirely different aesthetic…!”

A red-and-blue eyebrow rose above Sabrina’s goat-eye before she quietly laughed. “Fair, fair…! Well, I’ll get us some water…? And then we can shoot the breeze for a while! Don’t worry about being too plain—I can be exciting enough for both of us!”

“Alright! Thank you, Sabrina! This is a really exciting opportunity…!” The plain woman made her way over to the long, red couch and fell back into its cushions with a movement that on anyone else might have looked dramatic, but Jane made it look incredibly ordinary. “Don’t worry about performing for me or anything like this. This isn’t about going to a show for me. Your contest was about spending a day getting to know you one-on-one, right? That’s why I’m here.”

Sabrina’s smile softened, and she gave Jane a nod before she made her way over to her nearby kitchen. Immediately her posture loosened, less as if the popstar were pulling off a mask and more as if she were loosening a belt that she kept a notch too tight.

When she returned, she was holding a pair of glasses, one that was adorably sparkly and pink, and the other a simple shape made of ordinary, clear glass. She looked between the two glasses for a moment, and held out the pink to her guest who accepted it with a smile. “And here you go!”

“Thank you!” Jane sipped at her glass before setting it down on the nearby coffee table.

Her face really does look like… so many people I’ve met before? Sabrina moved to sit across from the table on a small loveseat with the same red cushions. If I wasn’t making an effort to remember her name was ‘Jane’ then I think I already would have forgotten again! There’s something very strange about her, but I can’t put my finger on it. I don’t want to say she’s boring, or uninteresting. She seems nice! She just seems… almost… generic…?

From a far enough distance, Sabrina was sure she could mistake Jane for at least ten different people, but so up-close there was no way she could be anyone else.

Jane was too plain to be anyone else.

“So…!” Sabrina sipped at her drink in turn, swirling it around in her hand as she wiggled into her seat. “What would you like to do? We can talk about whatever you’d like… We can do some karaoke if you want, but I won’t be belting it out like I usually do. No exercises this morning.”

“That wouldn’t be fair to you at all, and it’s not what the contest was about! I’d feel bad if I said yes to that!” Jane shook her head. Her expression was strangely serious. There was no hint of her playing up the idea at all. It was clear that the idea of the contest as it was advertised was very important to her. “I’d love to talk about your experiences? I’m not a journalist, but you’ve gone all over the world…! You sing professionally, you act… I don’t have a solid set of questions, but I don’t just want to badger you either. I’d just like to talk, and see where it goes!”

How is this girl so perfectly what I was hoping for? Sabrina had to restrain a very suspicious feeling in the back of her mind. She’s a little… intense… but she really does just want an opportunity to pick my brain and relax. I was half expecting someone to want to order in something fancy, and then spend the whole time hitting on me. This should be a relief.

She could already imagine the positive reaction she’d get from the blogpost she’d already planned on writing after first announcing the contest.

“That sounds good to me! Fuc—er… Oops.” Sabrina blushed. “Sorry! I make a big effort to hold it in when I’m ‘on’, and we’re just relaxing. Does it bother you? This is the real Sabrina, just a bit… extra.”

“As long as I get to have a conversation with the authentic Sabrina?” Jane held out her glass for a toast. Sabrina held hers out in turn. “You can use any fucking words you want!”

Both women fell into giggles before sipping at their water in almost perfect unison.

For hours, the two women chatted—very largely about nothing in particular. Jane did want to talk about Sabrina’s experiences, and from that the popstar assumed her fan wanted to talk about recording, performing, traveling, but it was much more general than anything like an interview. More than once Sabrina was glad that Jane wasn’t interviewing her, because she couldn’t imagine how the bizarrely unfocused turns their conversation took could be very fascinating to read.

To her credit, Jane seemed incredibly happy. She never got too excited, but she was certainly always interested. None of Sabrina’s answers disappointed her, even when she had to sheepishly admit to something relatively boring.

Each time, Jane just seemed happy to learn some new fact about her. There was never any judgement or frustration.

It was almost concerning.

Even her initial manic behavior, identifying the various things around her room, seemed to be more an indication of Jane’s attention to detail than any intense or uncomfortable obsession. Jane was clearly her fan, but Sabrina wasn’t worried she’d made a poor choice by letting the woman into her home. If anything, she found herself wishing she’d met her sooner.

Jane didn’t add much to the conversation herself, but she didn’t refuse to share any details, either. It was more a matter of her answers all being like her look—exceptionally ordinary. There was no sudden moment of surprise, no strange reveal… just a rather extraordinarily ordinary fan wanting to share a calm, pleasant conversation with her favorite singer slash actress.

“Gosh, you’re just… so easy to talk to!” Jane smiled before she took another long sip of her water, emptying her glass. “It’s been really nice to get to know you! You’re way more exciting than I am, but that’s probably a good thing!”

“Well, I won’t say that it helps with my career, but I can strongly imply it with my eyebrows!” Sabrina wiggled them before giving Jane a wink. “But it’s been nice to get to know you, too! There’s nothing wrong with being less exciting. I mean, I’m not one of those performers that ever wishes her life was less interesting? I remember what it was like before I was touring or recording or filming all the time, and I never wanna go back to that, but… not everybody has to be me! You’re great, Jane. This has been really fun!”

The simpler woman’s cheeks burned a deep red as she shook her head and looked away. “Thank you…! I’m not insecure about it or anything. This is how I wanted to be! Simple. Ordinary. Unassuming! It’s been really fun… but…”

“But…?” Sabrina leaned forward, raising a concerned eyebrow.

“Mind if I use your bathroom really quick? I haven’t wanted to stop talking, but I’ve really gotta… ya know…!”

Both women giggled together, Sabrina’s voice sounding musical while Jane’s laugh, while pretty, remained as ordinary as the rest of her. “Of course! It’s right down the hall? Second on the left. I can refill your glass while you do, if you want. You want a snack or anything?”

“Water refill? Yes. Snack? No thanks! You can have one if you want!” Jane leapt up to her feet, hopping between them as she flashed a smile. “I’ll be right back! Sorry!”

Sabrina wiggled her fingers to the fleeing fangirl before she rose to her feet, moving to the kitchen., with both of their glasses. She’s definitely unusual for how… not… unusual she is… but that’s sort of charming. I don’t think I could have hoped for a better day out of this. Maybe we’ll keep in touch! It’ll probably be good for my mental health to stay in touch with a fan who can be this enthusiastic but not creepy about it. How lucky am I to have fans like this?

She made her way back to her chair, replacing Jane’s glass on the coaster beside the couch. The day was still young, especially with how well they were getting along. Sabrina’s mind wandered across other things to suggest for them to do that wouldn’t be a performance, but found that most of the things she enjoyed anymore in one way or another came back to her career.

Becoming a singer had been driven by her love of singing, acting because she always loved to get dramatically into character…

For the past few years, since her career had really taken off, Sabrina couldn’t think of much she did that wasn’t somewhat of a performance. The thought would have been worrying if she didn’t love what she did so much. It was stressful, and it came with a fair share of drawbacks, but she couldn’t say she wanted to do anything else with her life.

“Hey, can I take a selfie with you…?”

“Huh?” Sabrina fluttered her eyes, torn out of her thoughts by Jane approaching her chair. For several moments she strained to remember the woman’s name even as she looked right at her face. In fact, looking at her face made her name harder to remember. As she looked away in embarrassment the answer came to her right away. “Sure thing, Jane…! I should have suggested that sooner… Selfies are a lot of fun! I usually take more in a day, but I haven’t wanted to break the vibe of just being chill…! C’mon, get close!”

Jane grinned, nodding as Sabrina rose from her chair. Soon they were hip to hip, Jane holding her phone out in front of them as Sabrina rose her hand to flash a peace sign. “Alright…! So… Just gotta line it up… Uhm… Say… Shine! I really loved that album! One… two… three…”


Jane’s flash was turned on, and Sabrina found herself blinking rapidly to try seeing past the bright light. Something sounded strange about the way she’d said the word ‘shine’, but Sabrina couldn’t quite put her finger on why.

Far more confusing was Jane’s phone being in her hand, held out as though she were about to take a selfie all on her own.

Jane was nowhere to be seen.

“W-where… Where did you… go…? Sabrina shivered, glancing back at the phone. The picture only showed one woman, Sabrina herself.

Relax, Sabrina.

A feminine voice echoed through the popstar’s mind. Sabrina spun in place, looking for the source of the sound, but she saw nothing out of the ordinary. It was her house, with her things. Nothing was out of place. Nothing was visibly wrong at all.

Jane was still nowhere to be seen.

Her glass still sat in front of the couch, but it hadn’t been touched since Sabrina had returned from the kitchen. She glanced over to her own glass sitting on the side of the table closer to her. “Okay… I know I wouldn’t just bring two glasses of water for myself. Some people think I have a bit of an ego, but I’ve never needed two glasses of water at the same time, so… Uhm… Uh… Unless I just imagined spending a day with a fan… after that contest…”

I said relax, Sabrina… I’m right here.

Sabrina moaned as a wave of fatigue rolled over her body. A feeling of pressure pulsed right between her eyes, feeling almost like the push of a finger. Before the popstar could react, she found herself falling back into her chair, her head feeling as though it was pushed back against the cushion behind her.

It felt less as though the feminine voice were giving her a suggestion, and more as though it were a command. When it spoke, Sabrina felt it not as an option, but as a need. The strength had drained from her body, and no matter how hard she tried to react as dramatically as she felt she should… nothing happened.

The voice told her to relax, and now, Sabrina was relaxed.

Her eyes were hooded, her lips hanging half open. She felt so… dizzy. Warm. It was as though she were curled up in bed, wrapped up in nice warm blankets, only the feeling was… inside. The pressure between her eyes pushed harder, stroking in tight, small little circles as quiet, low groans fell from her lips.

“What’s… Happening… To… Ohhh… M-mee… What’s… How… Help…”

Shhh, Sabrina… You don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Instantly, Sabrina’s confused voice fell silent. Her mind was still buzzing with questions, but when she was told she didn’t need to worry anymore it became impossible for her to argue. She didn’t need to worry anymore, and it felt pointless to worry out of spite.

Instead, her head lolled on her neck as the pressure continued to push, making Sabrina feel softer and smaller. Her mouth still couldn’t manage the effort to close, and the feeling of force was beginning to feel… sexy. With no reason to worry, and with no choice but to relax, she had no resistance to the sensation, and the longer it lingered, the more it touched her, the more sensitive she became.

The touch was stroking between her eyes, but somehow it felt as though that place were so much more sensitive, so much more vulnerable, so much more… intimate.

Her hips began to roll, her thighs clenching, and her toes curling. She still couldn’t bring herself to speak, but it was so easy to moan. Whoever, or whatever was touching her felt more and more blissful. The longer it stroked, the smaller she felt, and the less important things like thinking or memories or identity seemed.

Her day with Jane quickly became a blur as drool teased down from the corner of Sabrina’s lip. All she could do was feel the pressure as it rubbed spirals into her very brain, stroking submission and pleasure right into her defenseless mind.

That’s right, Sabrina… You’re mine now… I got to know you so well, and now I’m in control. You’re going to let me take over, like a good girl, huh…? Nod, like a good girl…

Sabrina found herself nodding before she even began to understand what the voice in her head was saying. She felt too relaxed to even wonder who was talking, but she still wanted to know what was happening. It didn’t worry her, not at all, but it did arouse her. Her panties felt so damp, slick and clinging to the warmth between her legs. Whoever the voice was, she was taking over, and Sabrina was going to cooperate.

It wasn’t that she particularly wanted to, but she didn’t want to resist, either. It was so difficult to feel like a real person and not a possession, like a shell that was filled up with something so much more powerful. Sabrina’s skin was tingling, throbbing with erotic heat, and that was before she felt her fingers begin to twitch.

She wasn’t trying to move her hands at all, but each shuddering, faint movement was like electricity coursing through her nerves. The motions at first were jarring, almost painfully, but the intense feelings of pleasure pulled Sabrina’s eyes back into her head as she let out a sharp, loud cry. Her back arched, her stiff nipples straining against her top. Her thighs shuddered apart, and not all of the motion was involuntary. Something had moved her thighs, but it wasn’t solely the pleasure, nor had Sabrina tried to move herself.

Something was inside of her, and it was learning how to control Sabrina’s body like a hand adapting to a new glove.

You’re already so wet, Sabrina. You like being my host. Tell me your purpose is to serve. Tell me that your only reason to exist is to obey. You have no choice, Sabrina. You have already become my thrall…

Laughter, the kind of laughter that belonged in a bedroom full of wet, writhing, naked flesh echoed inside of Sabrina’s mind as her lips moved on their own. “I… l-like being your host… My purpose is to serve… My only reason to exist is to obey…!” When her task was completed, the pressure between her eyes grew even more intense, and Sabrina let out a sharp cry as she felt her body wracked with the pleasure of an intense orgasm that made thinking, or perceiving, completely impossible.

When her body stopped convulsing, the pleasure no longer overwhelming every corner of Sabrina’s weakened mind, she found her position changed. Her top was popped up over her breasts, and her bra yanked down to reveal their tanned curves. One of her own nails was slowly tracing around a nipple, making it throb and pulse with pleasure and desire.

Her other hand was down between her legs, yanking her panties aside.

You’re my host, Sabrina… Or hostess, I suppose… but now, I think I’m going to take getting to know you to the next level. It’s time to become you, Sabrina.

Even hearing such words whispered seductively through her mind, Sabrina couldn’t muster the energy to react. All she could do was feel and watch from the corner of her own mind as her own fingers began to trace slowly along her lower lips. There was no rush to the touch, and no insistence. It was much like the touch of a lover wanting to learn every inch of her flesh, only the feeling was the familiar sensation of her own hand.

Sabrina was too relaxed to restrain her moans, or her cries as her own nails twisted and tugged at her nipple. Her thighs shook harder as her hips rolled forward to make her drenched pussy meet her eagerly exploring touch.

For a while, it felt to Sabrina like that might be the rest of her eternity. Even if she could feel her hands moving, and feel her body responding, she felt no drive to act on her own, and no connection to the parts of her that could move. The voice had called her a hostess, but she was a passenger, trapped and forced to feel but with no input, and not enough of her own force of will to struggle.

She could merely enjoy the pleasure.

The pressure between her eyes was gone, but the pressure in her belly rose higher and higher as her fingers began to play across her clit, and her hand lifted her breast to present her nipple to her own lips. Sabrina found her mouth closing around her nipple, her teeth nibbling, her tongue flicking. At first it had felt strange, if so eerily worrying when that voice spoke inside of her.

Now, as she moaned around her own nipple, her teeth massaging the tender nub, her fingers flicking and rubbing so firmly at her pearl, she could only relish the pleasure.

It felt so good to feel herself being touched without needing to think. It felt so perfect to be a hostess to a being that was so much more powerful than she was.

Her reason to exist was to obey the entity inside of her, and she liked being her host. Her purpose was to serve, and it felt so soothing that all she needed to do to serve was to let go and allow the voice inside of her to take control. She didn’t need to offer her a drink, or sing, or dance, or do anything at all. None of that mattered to her anymore, and it didn’t seem to matter to the woman inside of her, either.

She seemed far more concerned with the way that Sabrina’s voice twisted and squeaked as she pinched at the tip of her own clit. She seemed to care so much more about how it felt to flick her nipple back and forth with deft, quick movements of her tongue.

Nothing else mattered but what the woman inside of her wanted.

Sabrina’s lips pulled free of her nipple, and her lips curled into a grin even as she continued to moan. “Mmm… Fuck… Your skin tastes so sweet… Your pussy feels so good… Mmm you’re the perfect hostess, Sabrina…! You should thank me for the opportunity to finally carry out the reason you were born… to be a fun little thrall for me to fill!”

Thank you, so much… Thank you for the opportunity to finally carry out the reason I was born…

Sabrina could no longer use her own lips to speak. It didn’t even feel as though she were thinking, not when the only thoughts she had were those the woman possessing her insisted she have. It didn’t take thinking to feel her own pussy clench around her fingers, or to feel her own quickened heartbeat. She didn’t need to be in control of her own mind to know that any moment, if she didn’t stop rubbing at her clit, she was going to cum and soak the red cushions of her chair with her lust.

“Mmm good girl…! You’re such a good girl…! You were a deeper woman than I imagined, but that doesn’t really matter anymore. Now, you only exist to please me… and I think when we cum you’re going to fall into a long sleep until I need you again…!” Hearing her own voice speak words she didn’t think first didn’t worry Sabrina.

They aroused her.

Her purpose was to obey, and if her owner wanted her to sleep, then she would sleep. If her owner wanted her to cum, then she would cum.

She didn’t even think an acknowledgement, but it didn’t matter. She had no choice in what was going to happen to her, and she didn’t want a choice. All that mattered were her lips closing around her other nipple, her teeth massaging her sensitive skin, and her fingers rubbing her clit raw.

When they came, the pleasure of Sabrina’s orgasm crashing through both of them with waves of warm, melting heat, the remaining, lingering presence of Sabrina’s consciousness drifted away.

She didn’t know if she would ever awaken again, but it didn’t matter, either.

Her purpose was to obey, and she liked being a host, or a hostess—whatever the woman inside of her wanted her to be. What mattered to her was that she had been given a command, and she would obey.

Sabrina’s lips wore a sweet smile as her tongue licked the lust from her fingers. Gray eyes peered out past a cat-eye, and a goat-eye contact.

The day was still young, and there was so much of Sabrina to learn.

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