When the Chips are Down

Chapter 2: Beta Testing

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #lactation #pov:top #scifi #sub:female #tech_control #betrayal #cyber_punk

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

“And… activate!”

“Bwuh…!” Sofia groaned, fluttering her eyes. The last thing she could remember she was watching television on the couch when something had suddenly bit her neck. Ada was no longer standing behind her, and the television was blank. “What… happened…?”

“Sofia bot!” Ada tapped on her phone, slowly licking her lips. “Strip.”

Her body rose quickly and without hesitation as she reached down her arms across her body, pulling her t-shirt up over her head. Her pale breasts bounced in the tight confinements of her bra. “Ada… Ada what’s happening… why am I… Ohhh…” Sofia shuddered, her eyes fluttering as her hands reached to unbutton her pants, and then forced them down from her hips.

Again and again, Ada tapped a button on her phone. Each time she did, Sophia’s hips jerked, and her eyes rolled back into her head. By the time her pants hit the floor, Sofia’s tongue was practically hanging out of her mouth. Every press of the button stained Sofia’s panties darker, and Ada didn’t stop tapping. Every sound Sofia made, Ada’s grin widened. She squirmed from her place on the nearby chair, looking up at Sofia with a look of pure delight.

“The direct body commands work… The pleasure reinforcement definitely works… On a scale of one to ten, how easy is it for you to think?” Ignoring Sofia’s pleas to understand, Ada asked her own questions instead.

“I… To… think… I… ohhhh… F-fuck… what’s… happening to my booodyyy… mmmm…!” Sofia’s hips jerked as she peeled her slick panties away from her pussy. Her lower lips were already so flush, glistening with an arousal she couldn’t comprehend. “I… Uhm… Like… a five…? It’s hard to… Nnnn…! Hard to… think when I keep… keep… nnyaaa…!” Sofia nearly fell to her knees, her pussy twitching between her thighs as she unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor. “A-aaadaaa…! F-fuck…!”

“A five…? Hmmm…” Ada frowned, but it didn’t reach her eyes that still sparkled with mischievous delight. “Let’s see what we can do about that. How do you feel about bimbos, Sofia…?”

Dark blue eyes fluttered. Her command to strip was completed, but instead of finding herself free of the control Sofia remained immobile. “Bimbos…? I… I don’t…”

“Sofia bot,” Ada pressed a button on her phone, and Sophia’s eyes opened wide, “You love bimbos. You’ve always been so jealous of the way they giggle and bounce and don’t have a thought in their heads. You wish you were a bimbo.” Ada tapped her phone again, and waited.

For several seconds, Sofia’s eyes fluttered. Her hips grinded at the air as her thighs continued to grow shiny and slick. When her eyes finally finished, they opened looking so much glassier than before. She even let out the softest of giggles. “I… Bimbos are… They’re sexy…? All… dumb, and silly and… like… I can pretend, but I’m not really… but I’ve always been a bit… I always wanted… that… Ada, why can’t I move… why am I naked…?”

“Because I deactivated your motor control during testing. Standard stuff.” Ada giggled, and Sofia shuddered, her thighs pressing together involuntarily. “Oh my. Yes, you take to suggestions well like this, don’t you? How would you like me to make you a bimbo?”

“Please…!” Sofia responded so quickly she almost interrupted a rather surprised Ada. “I’ve always wanted it! I… it doesn’t make sense for me to want it, but…”

Ada’s tongue slowly slid across her lips. A single command can completely reframe her mind around it. Her body is completely under my control. There’s nothing she can deny me.

Her thumb pressed down against her phone again, this time near the top. “This is a slider for your intelligence. With this specific setting? The lower it goes, the higher your libido compensates. It doesn’t need to do that, but I wanted it to. A bimbo doesn’t need to be a horny mess, but that’s what I want from you tonight, and it’s a more complete test of the chip’s capabilities, so…”

“The… chip…?” Sofia moaned in confusion as Ada’s thumb began to slide lower.

Immediately the effects were visible. Not only did Sofia begin to giggle, but her eyes hooded. Her hips rolled in the air as she quietly whined. Before, she’d looked aroused and confused. Now, her mouth hung open, and she giggled as confused sounds of arousal dribbled from her lips. The lower Ada’s thumb moved, the more a simple, vapid expression slid across Sofia’s face.

Careful to take note of every reaction, from the increasing slickness, to her airier and sillier giggles, Ada drank in the sight in front of her like it was divine. Her own thighs rubbed together, and a hand slid up under her skirt to tease at her drenched panties.

Just a little more testing… Ada assured herself, her breath quivering. Then you can just use her. There are so many little settings you need to test, so many things you need to make sure work properly! This was the best idea… It’s been fun enough so far to thank Cassandra when I show my results, even if that woman terrifies me as much as she arouses me…

“Don’t worry about it. You’re not the kind of girl who understands computers anyway, are you?”

“Like… uh… computers…?” Sofia giggled. Her eyes were nearly closed, and even though she was standing the way she swayed looked as though she could fall at any time as she shook in a state of heightened arousal. “Those are like… Yeah…! You press the things, and like… stuff… Nnn… I just wanna… fuck… Mmm I feel like such a bimbo, like… a fuckable little bimbo slut who just wants to giiiiggle and griiiiind while someone suuuucks and fuuuucks me… Mmmm do youuu wanna fuck me…? I neeeed to be fucked…!”

Ada’s thumb brushed the bottom of her phone, and it let out a helpful chime.

“Mm. And how. Soon. First… I need to test this…” Ada tapped at her phone more, her fingers rubbing harder between her legs. “You understand, I need to be… scientific…”

“S-scientific…? Is that some new way to… to fuck… or… o-ooohhh…!” Sofia’s eyes rolled back into her head, and she arched out her chest. Her nipples were already hard before Ada began to tap at her phone, but that wasn’t the change Ada was testing.

Instead, small beads of white dripped their way down along Sofia’s breasts. Her eyes opened wide for only a moment before they hooded again. “Oooohhh… I’m all… milky…!”

“Uh-huh…! Some clients are really into lactation, for themselves, for their partners… I don’t know why anyone would want to use one of these on themselves, but I guess they’re encrypted enough, safe enough… It does provide a… unique form of bodily autonomy…” Ada might have been speaking words that would sound more intelligent written on paper, but the breathless way she spoke them, dripping with so much yearning and lust, made her sound nearly as vapid as Sofia. “You have such big tits… Mmm… I just want to suck…”

“Then suck…! Suck me… fuck me… Mmm I’m just a horny, stupid bimbo… Just like I always wanted…!” Sofia fluttered her eyes. She couldn’t move, not really. Trapped in place by the chip at her neck, all she could use to convince Ada was her voice. “I’m sooo needy… and like… You’re clearly in control…! So take what you want…! Fuck me…!”

Ada rose from her chair, her hand pulling away from her crotch. “Mmm… If you insist… I really should check how the deeper memory functions work, sensory manipulation… but you look so hot so… dumb… I just want to fuck you… to wreck you… my own Sofie slut…”

Your Sofie slut…!” Sofia moaned as Ada’s fingers delved deep between her thighs. “Fuuck me… Uuuuse me… Teehee… Mmm… I can’t move…! It’s kinda kinky…!”

Brown eyes hooded low as Ada tapped the button on her phone that made Sofia shudder and clench around her probing fingers with each tap. She watched the way Sofia’s bare breasts shook at her chest, glistening with so much sweat.

It’s amazing how easy it is to stop thinking of her as a person and just start thinking of her as a toy, as something just… lesser… something… mine Ada pinched at Sofia’s clit, rolling it between her fingers as she tapped her phone again and again and again. I’m sure that I was conflicted about this, at least a little… right…? I should probably feel a little bit bad about this, but… Fuck, she’s so hot, and I want this…! I really don’t care!

Lips closed around one of Sofia’s dripping nipples, Ada’s tongue eagerly lapping as she suckled. Sofia couldn’t even throw back her head, trapped in place by the irresistible control of the chip that laced its control right through her nerves.

Sofia’s body no longer belonged to her. She was still flesh and blood, still fun to squeeze and stroke and pinch, but volition and control were things further and further from her grasp. She didn’t even care, too busy moaning and shaking involuntarily as Ada’s fingers continued to cruelly force pleasure into her clit, her teeth tugging at her nipple as if to pull more milk from her breast that much faster.

Between the taps of the device, and Ada’s insistent touches, it was a short time before Sofia’s voice cracked, and a flood of slickness flowed down her thighs. It would be impossible for her gaze to look any emptier, or any more distant, but her giggles were noticeably happier.

Bimbo Sofia Bot enjoys cumming. Not surprising, but it’s good to know just how effective this should be for pleasure conditioning…! Ada grinned around Sofia’s nipple as she continued to suck, her fingers dipping back inside to feel her toy drip wet and slick. So completely at my mercy… Mmm I might end up getting a raise out of this, or even a promotion…! This is definitely the most impressive device I’ve ever designed…!

Sofia moaned as if in agreement, her hips jerking forward as Ada rubbed deep inside of her pussy.

“Let’s see… Oh! I should test if your intelligence can come back. It’d be a bad thing if that… well… We’d need to sell it with different specs. Would it really be a downside to the right person? Just market it as a bimbo chip…!” Ada grinned as her thumb pressed back to the bottom of her phone, and slowly slid up towards the top. “Come on, Sofia…! Let’s see if your dummy little cunt brain can think anymore!”

“D-dummy… little… cunt brain…? A-ada…! I don’t care if I… if I wanted to be a bimbo, this… this isn’t just kinky this is…!” Sofia whimpered, her eyes fluttering. It was remarkable to watch the intelligence return to her eyes, and listen to her giggles be replaced with a desperate struggle to sound serious even as her hips bucked and her pussy squeezed Ada’s fingers. “You’re… This isn’t alright, Ada…! Yes, I can think…! I don’t have a dumb little cunt bra—”

“And the mute function works, too!” Ada grinned, wiggling her thumb in the air after another successful tap. “Not one I’d use much. I like you making sounds. A lot. Almost as much as I love touching you. Goodness your milk tastes so good, your pussy is so wet, your breasts are so fun… and you might help me get a raise! You’re the best roommate!”

Sofia stared at Ada with wide eyes filled with horror. The constant jerk of her hips couldn’t make her expression any less convincing. With her voice silenced by the chip, Sofia was unable to even whimper or whine, much less move her lips.

Trapped inside of a body that no longer obeyed her, Sofia could only stare pleadingly at Ada’s eyes as her fingers continued to rub and stroke inside of her. All of her attempts to fight past the chip were futile. She couldn’t even wiggle away from Ada’s hand, or stop herself from grinding into every touch like she wanted them every bit as much as Ada wanted to touch her. A tear slid own from one of her eyes without the quietest of sniffles.

“Aw… I’m sorry, roomie. I’m being kinda mean right now, huh? It’s one thing to be a fuck toy, it’s another to be… well… Completely conscious and helpless, right…?” Ada kissed away her roommate’s tear before softly kissing her lips.

Let’s make this more fun…

Ada tapped her phone as she held the kiss, and Sofia’s lips moved to reciprocate. Her hips arched forward, mashing her breasts tight against Ada’s body. Milk was still pouring from her breasts, and stained Ada’s blouse darker and darker the longer they held the kiss.

So much better… Mmm… her lips are so full… so soft… but I shouldn’t make her suffer… Ada tapped at the pleasure button on her phone again and again as they kissed, her fingers finally withdrawing from between Sofia’s legs. If she’s going to be my little robot dolly then there’s no need for her to be miserable. I like her happier a lot more than I like her miserable…

Once the kiss broke Ada tapped at her phone, and once more Sofia’s eyes grew wide. Her whole body stayed perfectly still, stiff as she waited for her new input.

“You’ve always thought your roommate was cute, and she’s playing some fun new game with you as her little robot. You want to play along. What’s the harm when it feels so good, huh…?” Ada grinned as Sofia’s eyes began to flutter, and her thighs clenched as if to squeeze the idea deep between her legs.

Another tap removed the effect silencing her cute robot dolly.

“O-ohhh… Ada…” Sofia moaned, rubbing her lips together as she swayed. “I… This is really fun. Do you want to maybe… I mean, I can only do so much if I can’t move… There are ways to reprogram your robot that don’t need her to show you how stiff she can be…”

“That’s an excellent idea, Sofie…” Ada hooded her eyes. “Let’s test some of those ideas…”

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