Undercover: The Interrogation of Shauna Larson

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #conditioning #f/f #forced_orgasm #spy #dom:female #sub:female

A spy is caught during a dangerous, but important, operation. She’s been trained to resist attempts to control her mind, but is her training enough?

Undercover: The Interrogation of Shauna Larson

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

The light overhead was bright, painfully bright. Without it, the bound woman might have stayed sedated for at least a little longer. She’d been through such an exhausting, stressful ordeal. Being tackled down to the ground, the syringe in her neck, everything fading out as she’d tried to struggle as hard as she could…

All of her struggles had simply worn her out, and helped the drug move that much quicker through her system. It hadn’t helped her get away, and that fact was painfully obvious when she tried to stand and flee on instinct the moment she woke up.

Her arms and legs were strapped down tight. There was no way she was getting off of the sturdy, well-padded metal chair that was bolted down to the room’s floor. A strap over her forehead made it equally impossible for the bound woman to look anywhere but straight ahead. Nothing was visible in front of her, however. All she could see was the painfully bright light, and the darkness that existed beyond that spotlight.

“Shauna Larson.” A woman spoke, her voice refined and amused. It was impossible for Shauna, still trying to struggle, to imagine the woman speaking without seeing her eyes hooded. That woman was the reason she was in this mess to begin with. “Of course, we both know that isn’t your real name. The sooner you confess, the sooner you get to be out of that chair…”

Out of this chair, to where? Your lap? Your bed? Kneeling at your feet? Shauna sneered, her eyes narrowing. Your tricks won’t work on me. I’ve been trained to resist mind control. When I get out of here, and prove you’re a member of MIND… Shauna struggled uselessly, slowly feeling her awareness solidify around the concepts of resistance, and of maintaining her identity. You won’t get away with this, so enjoy having me naked while you can.

Her athletic body glistened under the bright lights. Her earlier struggles had worked up a fair bit of sweat, though some of that could have been part of whatever they’d used to put her temporarily out of commission.

“I don’t expect you to make it easy, of course? Just giving you the option. By the time I’m done you’ll be telling me everything I want to know… including who sent you.” The woman sighed. Her voice came from every direction around Shauna at once, making her feel almost omnipresent. The effect was powerful and intimidating, as though she were so much larger and Shauna herself was so much smaller. “Anything you’d like to say before you start? Like your real name?”

“My real name is Shauna Larson! I wasn’t sent by anyone! This is all just a big misunderst—ahhhh!” Her whole body clenched, tensing up so tight as she began to twist and arch in her bonds. Her eyes opened so wide as the powerful current raced through her body, making every muscle clench, and every nerve burn.

When it ended, she was quietly panting, her short, curly brown hair sticking to her face. Her brown eyes were hooded, her lips moving in a vain attempt to gather herself.

Low, feminine laughter echoed across the small room. “Are we really going to play that game? Do you really think their training will be enough to protect you from me? The more you struggle, the more your mind will break. You won’t recover. You won’t be going back to a cushy desk job or early retirement. You’ll just be a shell of a woman—my shell of a woman. Do you understand what that means?”

A lot more than I’d ever tell you… Do you really think that is going to work on me…? Shauna frowned, trying to shake her head only to find it impossibly stuck.

She could recite her cover identity. She could recite the reason she had for why she’d been caught where she didn’t belong. It didn’t matter. All that mattered now was holding on to her mind long enough for either another agent to rescue her, or for their target to make a mistake.

“I’ll make this simple. Tell me your name, and we can switch to a more… lax interrogation. You can have something to drink. You can be comfortable. Doesn’t that sound nicer?”

The offer was tempting, but not because Shauna was already starting to crack. More comfortable accommodations meant it would be easier for her to break free. Any drink would undoubtedly be drugged, but it wouldn’t be her first time pretending to nurse a drink to humor a madwoman. This wasn’t her first field op.

If the woman making the offer was anyone other than Anastasia Harmond, the owner of Harmond Enterprizes, Shauna would have taken her up on the offer. Their information on Harmond was spotty at best, but they knew she was powerful and dangerous.

Managing to escape the agency’s earlier attempts at infiltration meant she was that much more dangerous. Letting down her guard for even a moment could prove mentally fatal.

Shauna remained silent.

“Thank you for making this more interesting, Shauna.” Anastasia laughed a low, husky laugh as the current raced through Shauna’s body again.

Her mind was still too groggy to process how the current was entering her body. All that mattered was that she could feel the hot, tensing bite sting through so much of her at once. Her naked thighs clenched so hard around her naked pussy, and her breasts shook from their exposed position at her chest. The pain was intense, but she’d been trained to resist pain. She’d been trained to resist pleasure.

The pain didn’t stop.

Gritting her teeth only worked for so long. Soon Shauna was screaming, her eyes hazy as she struggled to hold on through the pain. Her toes were curled, her fingers grasping desperately at the chair under her arms. She’d prepared for pain, taught herself to dissociate away so it felt almost as though it was happening to someone else, but something about this agony was somehow entirely new.

It didn’t feel like something external was hurting her. It almost felt like it was just her own body punishing her as that pain made her body tighten more and more. She shook, her lips trembling as the agony only continued to intensify.

“Tell me your name. Any name. And the pain stops.”

Shauna panted, trying desperately to shake her head even as the pain redoubled again. It felt like agony spreading through her every nerve, all of her muscles aching at once. She tried to fight it off, but it only grew stronger. Before she could stop herself, the words passed through her lips without her permission. “Shauna Larson! My name is Shauna Larson! I told you my name is Shauna Larson…!”

All at once, as suddenly as it had begun, the pain stopped.

I shouldn’t have… done that… At least I gave Shauna b-but… I can’t give her victories… I can’t teach myself that she’s stronger… That’s how they wear you down, how they get inside, how…

“Very good…! You see… I can be reasonable. Allow me to give you a reward for continuing to make this interesting, Shauna. It really wouldn’t be worth all the effort this took if you were boring…” Anastasia’s voice hardly sounded like she was in the middle of an interrogation. If anything, she sounded more like she was playing a fun new game.

No one would ever say that Anastasia hadn’t earned a certain level of arrogance with all of her successes in the business world, but few women could pull off sounding so much like they deserved to be arrogant. Shauna strained to keep her body faintly tense, to not allow herself to relax too much. Even if she was being granted a reprieve it was only as a means to make the next strike worse, and she knew it. The only way she would leave this room with her mind intact would be if she could keep that in mind.

Tense as she was, nothing she could do stopped the needles in the arms of the chair from piercing into her arms and injecting her with something that burned so pleasantly.

There was no telling what drugs a powerful woman like Harmond might use. It was one of the risks. Shauna had dealt with mind controllers who just used basic hypnosis to achieve their untoward ends, and those cases had always been so simple. Even if they’d gotten her under, it was easy enough to keep her mind alert. It was easy enough to use that state to reinforce her own resistance instead of their control.

Drugs slanted that playing field.

Shauna didn’t even know how many drugs she’d been exposed to during her training. It was important she be resistant to substances or she’d be too easily broken. Her athletic form, tight and toned, was another element of that training. Her body could endure. Her mind was a fortress.

The drugs tingling their way through her arms and through her blood felt good. She’d half expected them to be terrifying, to distort her reality so Anastasia’s voice could offer her a reprieve from that, too. Instead it just felt good, good in a way that made everything feel wet and smooth. Her eyes hooded, but Shauna’s toes stayed tightly curled. She needed to visibly give something, but that faint tense feeling was enough to keep her focused.

She’d been trained to be the best. A little pain, and a little chemical assistance wasn’t going to break her so simply. Shauna was better than that.

“What were you doing in our server room, Shauna Larson?”

“Mmmm I got… lost… I was looking for a conference room…?” Shauna grinned as she spoke, her cheeks slowly pinkening. Her hips lazily squirmed. “I toooold you… this is all a big misundersta—nnnnnnhhhaaaaaa…!”

Shauna’s cover story was interrupted by another strong current, but this felt so much different. The drug was making her whole body feel so warm, so sensitive, and that current didn’t feel worse for it. If anything, it felt… better. Her nipples could feel that current curling inside of them, pulsing and throbbing so loudly. She’d never felt quite so aware of the curves of her breasts and how good it felt to feel them sway at her chest as she shuddered with the intense power that coursed through her.

Her thighs trembled, squeezing almost protectively around her sex. She wanted to ignore the feelings, to be anywhere else, to retreat to that mental solitude she’d practiced so many times before, but it was so hard when her clit was throbbing insistently. It was so hard to escape the feeling of her body shaking in both agony and desire.

Like before, the feelings seemed to stretch on forever. Quickly Shauna lost all track of time as she writhed, trying not to grind her pussy down too hard against the seat of her chair as she clutched tighter at the armrests. Her body was drenched, and no longer just with sweat. The ache was feeling more and more like the most perfect erotic feeling, eclipsing the painful feelings she’d been enduring before. Her hips moved as if to earn more of that feeling even as they shook, and her nipples felt tighter at her chest than they ever had before.

Ooohhh… What… What is she doing to me…?! Shauna tried to focus on her curled toes, on her cover identity, on her many experiences as an agent where her mind had seemed to be in tatters.

This wasn’t the first time it had felt like her mind was feeling distorted and coaxed into a more runny, fluid state. She tried to think back to the time in France with the woman who blew a soporific smoke over her face, or the time in New York she’d been pinned against the wall of an elevator with a bullet vibe held against her clit.

Remembering those moments usually helped Shauna remember her training. That usually meant that she felt stronger, and safer. Knowing her mind had been tested before and always been found sufficient was reassuring.

In that moment, her body trembling in agony, clenching in pleasure, and writhing in the mixed state of both in one, those moments brought no solace at all. If anything, they reminded the helplessly bound woman of other times her mind had felt right on the edge of surrender. If any of those women had pushed a little harder, been a little more stubborn, would her mind have started to feel the very edges dissolving away?

She wasn’t sure, but she tried not to focus on those thoughts. She tried not to feel the way that her body kept arching more towards the sensations even as they continued to ache. She desperately resisted the urge to even recite her cover story.

There was no way to excuse being in that server room. Harmond Enterprises was a leader in the communications industry for selling highly secure connections between extremely wealthy clients. Those channels were how her superiors believed Harmond was both acquiring wealth hand over fist, and working to organize with other members of her multinational criminal empire. She was there to hack in, and retrieve valuable proof.

Now she wasn’t even sure where the USB was, or what information they might be able to determine from the software she’d used. It had been all internal, all developed just for that job. She’d been too slow to destroy it.

“What were you doing in our server room, Shauna? Tell me, and we can make things better for you.”

Shauna tried to deny the stronger and stronger voice that was fighting against her own. It wasn’t sure if it wanted more or less of the strong feelings shuddering through her body, but it knew that the last time she’d given any answer the pain had stopped. It was such a powerful feeling, overwhelming her senses. If it kept up for much longer it felt like she’d shatter apart…

Why do I want to know what that feels like…? I don’t…! My name is Shauna Larson, and I was lost…! My name is Shauna Larson and I—

“My name is Shauna Larson, and I was lost…!” She practically howled her answer, her voice twisted with both pleasure and pain.

Never before had Shauna felt the need to consider if she was some form of masochist. It ached, her muscles sore, her skin feeling like nails were digging in too sharply all across her body, her nipples feeling twisted too far, her clit pinched too roughly… but it wasn’t altogether bad. As horrible as it was, it didn’t become harder to resist. It became easier to enjoy. She’d been trained to resist pleasure, and to resist pain.

Something about this combination was more than she could easily bare.

“Very good, Shauna. It sounds like you really were lost. Let me help you relax.” The current stopped the moment Anastasia spoke, and it was followed up by a pair of needles stabbing just below Shauna’s shoulder blades.

Like before, the feeling was warm and quickly permeated its way through her. Shauna quivered, her eyes hooding lower as she failed to restrain her low, quivery moan. Her lips rubbed together. It felt good, but she almost longed for that intense stimulation. It was as though she could feel pleasure from every small place on her skin at once, her scalp, her dripping cunt, her breasts, everything… but it was so much less without that stimulation.

“You keep giving me those answers, Shauna… But we both know they’re wrong. This might help you with that little problem. I’d like us to be much… closer.”

“Closer… Mmm… N-no… Don’t wanna be… ohh…?” Shauna’s thoughts slipped past her lips before she even knew she was speaking them. The act of her lips moving, of expressing herself, simply felt so natural and sexy. She was craving stimulation, and even such small touches sent a thrill between her legs. She tried to bite her bottom lip to keep herself from saying more, but Anastasia didn’t want her to speak, anyway.

Anastasia wanted Shauna to watch.

The wall in front of her, not just a small screen, but the entire wall became a slowly swirling spiral. No… Not just the wall… Every surface is… Spinning… Twisting… Sucking at my mind… Sucking… at… my… o-ohhh…

Without much visual stimulation, simply the bright solid light, Shauna had easily been able to ignore the way it wasn’t just the nerves she would have expected being made more sensitive. Instead of feeling sharp sensation coursing through her body being the only feeling she couldn’t resist, the sight of the spiral that felt like it came from everywhere at once was latching around her brain just as tightly.

It felt like a mouth closing around her nipples and her clit at the same time, tongue slowly swirling around and around as it suckled harder and harder. The spiral started out white and black, a classic dramatic contrast, but the white began to shift through other colors, greens, purples, and blues, making deeper parts of Shauna’s mind pulse and throb.

Colors pushed into her mind, grasping tight as moans dribbled uselessly from her lips. She’d been trained to resist mind control, but none of her training had prepared her for anything so intense, so relentless, or so powerful.

Things like spirals weren’t supposed to even work as anything besides a kind of visual fixation. Shauna had stared into spirals before. She’d stared into them while riding a sex toy, while having powerful women whisper into her ear, and she’d felt the kind of powerless they’d wanted her to feel. That had been like a gentle caress compared to the helpless fucking the colors and the warmth were giving her mind. Her attempts at resisting did little more than exhaust her body and mind.

Words began to flash at the center of the spiral, and each flash of a word correlated to a sharp buzz of that current sizzling through all of her body at once.

The words were too quick for her to see at first, too indistinct, more just bright flashes, but she understood the stimulation. She understood the raw sexy feeling that made her shake and groan as she writhed against the chair and squeezed it that much tighter with her hands. Colors cycled, and the flashing words seemed to appear with no particular pattern, no particular moment either dependent or independent of the colors.

So busy trying to determine the pattern, to find some way to resist it and break free of the magnetic pull, each flash thrust those words deeper and deeper into her sopping brain.


A jolt shook through Shauna’s body, making her eyes flutter and her thighs clench tight. She didn’t realize that she’d never tried to close her eyes to escape the spiral. It felt too good to watch. Her instinctive curiosity needed to be sated. The drug was too strong.


Shauna moaned, her eyes losing their focus as they stared deeper and deeper into the spiral that tugged their gaze far beyond the distance of the actual spiral. Her mind was being twisted tighter and tighter and then being ripped away, leaving her thoughts in shambles. All of her training was forgotten.


Her pussy twitched, dripping more needy lust down over the chair beneath her. She felt like a slut, but not just physically. Every inch of her body wanted to be used, but so did her mind. She wanted that spiral to tug her deeper, to fuck her mind in ways that all of those other women had wished they could reach. She wanted to feel her mind fucked apart until all she was could be described as wanton and needy.


The bonds holding her down to the chair felt less and less unpleasant the longer she writhed in their tight, inescapable grasp. Being unable to struggle free made her feel more helpless, more trapped, more like she had no other choice but to embrace the feelings that were coursing through her.

So many colors, so many flashes, and Shauna was drooling from the corner of her lip as she tried to prepare for the next flash. She was ready to clench, to shake, to arch, to do everything she could to feel more of it, to surrender deeper, to be a wanton, needy…

You are Shauna Larson

There were more words now, sentences, and the complicated ideas should have been too much for her mind. Her own thoughts had long since silenced. Her mind was bare of defenses, the last of them dissolved under that current after they had begun to drop on their own as those words reached deeper. All her training served to do now was to remind her the things she could do to make things worse so much faster.

If she moaned louder it meant giving in. Giving in made the sensations better. Giving in made giving in better.

Worse than that, the lines of who she was felt so much less distinct. She could remember saying she was Shauna Larson. She could remember being Shauna Larson, but there was so little to those memories. It was almost like—

Shauna Larson is Not Real

            She howled in pleasure. The current was again switched on, unending as she shook and shuddered through the endless convulsions it forced through her body. All she could do was squeak and gasp as the spiral twisted and words flashed deeper and deeper inside of her mind.

If she was Shauna Larson, but Shauna Larson wasn’t real… Her identity felt like it was cracking, shattering like ice over a deep pond. She was standing at the center, and if it kept breaking apart she’d be lost in an instant. The ice would freeze back over her, and she’d never grasp control of her mind again.

How she could both be a person, and that person could be unreal didn’t make sense, but the flashing words had the desired effect.

I’m… not… real… Obey… surrender… slut… s-s-slaaaave… Shauna… Larson… Not… real…


            Shauna screamed so loudly that she shook even more, that all of her drenched body was a writhing, glistening mess as her pussy gave in to the pressure that had been welling up inside of her body for so long.

The words kept flashing, but the current didn’t stop. It only grew stronger the longer it was sustained, quickly overwhelming what little control remained within Shauna’s mind.

Even after she’d lost her grasp on her actual thoughts, on her actual identity, on the things that mattered to her, that hadn’t meant her mind had lost the capability to form ideas or words on its own. With so much endless pleasure, so many of those words flashing and filling up the expanding void in her mind, there was no longer room for Shauna at all.

Shauna Larson wasn’t real, and that meant her thoughts weren’t real, either.

Only those flashes, and that current, were strong enough to guide and direct the shuddering woman’s mind. It was so much less important that she resist, that she fight, that she find some way to hold on to the woman below Shauna Larson.

She was Shauna Larson, and that meant she wasn’t real.

Orgasm after orgasm stained the seat beneath her until her lust began to drip down along the front. Even as it ached, even as the pleasure became too much, it just became a part of that agony that had felt so terribly good before. There was no difference between pain and pleasure. It was feeling, and for someone who wasn’t real Shauna wanted to feel so much. She wanted to writhe in sensation, lost to anything but the quivering rhythm of the flashes and the unyielding, unrelenting current.

When it finally stopped, Shauna let out a final moan before she stared blankly ahead. Drool continued to tease down the corner of her lip. Her glassy, distant eyes stared deep into where the spiral had been.

It was gone now, but the twisting, the colors, the flashing words… all of the truths they’d taught her were now buried deep inside of her mind. There was no escaping them. There was no rearranging them to give Shauna some edge, some way to strike back. All she could do was obey, which at the moment meant quivering in afterglow.

“Who are you?” Anastasia’s voice was so soothing and soft. Her voice felt like the cooler colors that twinkled deep in the bound woman’s brain. She liked those colors.
            “Shaunnnaa… Larrrrsssssooon…”

“That’s right! You’re Shauna Larson…” Anastasia quietly laughed. Shauna felt the laughter echoing around inside of her sensitive breasts, and deep between her legs. She felt that laugh squirm into the tight depths of her ass, making her feel so filled. She felt it echo with those colors, making her eyes flutter more as she yielded to how wonderful it felt. “And Shauna Larson isn’t real. But Shauna Larson can still tell me everything I want to know, can’t she…? She can take control of the other things hanging loose inside of your brain… and give them all to me, can’t she?”

Shauna groaned. Alarm bells rang, but she didn’t understand them. The mental stimulation was just another thing to feel grazing her clit. There were things in her mind that weren’t Shauna Larson.

If Anastasia wants them… She can have them… Mmm I’m such a slut… obey… surrender… MMmmm… Shauna’s mind recovered under the soothing encouragement, but it didn’t heal to a recognizable state. The words that Anastasia had buried deep inside of her were stronger than anything that had been there before.

As it became easier to think, to act, it became easier to obey.

“Yessss…!” It hardly sounded like a betrayal at all to give those things over to Anastasia. Shauna wasn’t real—she was just a slut who obeyed and surrendered, a slave to the other woman’s whims. She existed to please and satisfy.

Why wouldn’t Shauna give Anastasia everything she could ever ask for?

“Good girl! Then who was Shauna Larson, before she was Shauna Larson… before she stopped being real… who was the woman that you used to be?” Questions that should have sounded terrifying or important sounded silly, like asking for the color of the sky or to be told the number she was thinking between one and ten.

“J-julia Nash… Mmm…” Obeying felt so sexy. Giving in to her slutty, submissive urges made Shauna feel even less real, but that was good. Being real meant having responsibilities, worries, and concerns.

All that slaves needed to do was obey.

All that sluts needed to do was fuck.

“Good! Very, very good!” The current rewarded Shauna, tugging out another sharp, loud scream of a cry from her lips. “You’re doing so very good. Now, Shauna… who sent Julia? What does Julia think she knows about me? The more you tell me, the better I can make you feel… the more I can destroy Julia Nash, so you never need to be her again…!”

Those words were magic, making Shauna’s clit throb and her whole mind shake in euphoria.

The scattered bits of Julia that floated in Shauna’s mind were all so stubborn, all so focused on resisting and having her own thoughts. Being Julia again would mean that she couldn’t obey. Julia definitely wasn’t a slut. She was real.

A chance to both obey and make herself an unreal slut forever? Shauna could barely restrain herself as she told Anastasia everything. She spoke so quick that it was hard for even the muttering woman to keep track of what she was saying or what any of it meant.

She told Anastasia everything that Julia knew about WAKE, the World Authority on Knowledge and Enforcement, and how they’d been following Anastasia’s exploits but didn’t have any proof they could use to stop her. They’d sent Julia to become someone who wasn’t real, to infiltrate her servers, to steal the information that could bring her and her clients to justice. She told Anastasia about their mind control resistance training, and all of her clearances, passwords, everything.

Even as a field agent, Julia had learned so much. She’d been taught so much. But she wasn’t important anymore. She was just a memory.

“Perfect… Just perfect…” Minutes later Anastasia was speaking again, only the voice wasn’t coming from all around the room anymore. Instead, the voice was only a few feet away. Heels clicked on the floor, and soon Anastasia was straddling the naked, bound woman’s body as her hands roamed over her tight physique.

Shauna moaned, her eyes fluttering as she writhed into each and every touch. She would have spread her legs further if she could. She arched against the professionally dressed woman with long brown hair tied back in such a fancy braid. She was older than Shauna, older than Julia, but she wore her age as a mark of refinement rather than a blemish. She was so tall, taller than Shauna, and that made the difference in power between them feel even more pronounced.

“If Shauna isn’t real… You don’t mind if I make you my little slave, do you…?” Anastasia pushed up the other woman’s face with a finger under her chin. Her other hand squeezed and kneaded at a bared breast, thumbnail flicking at the hard pink nipple that capped the tanned flesh. “You don’t mind if I use you as my own personal little slut, do you?”

“N-nooooo…! Use me… fuck me… m-m-make me obeeey…! Not… real… Your… slave…!” Hearing the words in her own voice was dizzying hot. Shauna couldn’t hold back the cry as Anastasia’s lips met hers, and that clothed, slender body rubbed against her.

It was only a moment before Anastasia’s fancy clothing was ruined, soaked through with so much lust and sweat as the two women writhed together. Tongues danced, lips pressed so flush against each other, so tightly as they writhed. Anastasia’s knee shifted to press between Shauna’s legs, the stockings she wore feeling so perfect against Shauna’s drenched pussy.

Fingers pinched and tugged at Shauna’s nipples, pulling them so taut. All she could do was scream and writhe, arching into her owner as that knee worked its way so tight between her thighs. She was breathless, and utterly lost. She existed to surrender and obey.

The opportunity to be nothing more than a slut, a slave, for the powerful, dangerous woman was more than she could have asked for.

Anastasia’s dark brown eyes hooded low as she leaned in so close. Her nose rubbed along Shauna’s, her hips moving to rub her knee firmer, quicker, against Shauna’s sex. “You’re going to betray Julia’s entire organization. You’re going to help me get more helpless, sexy little pets just like you. You’re going to feel so good doing it, that by the time I’m done with you…? Being my little traitor-slut is going to be the most perfect fantasy you’ve ever had… and you’ll be living it out…!”

“Ohhh yesss…! Please…! Want… need… not… real… give… please…!” Shauna’s mind was shorting out from the pleasure. The drugs were still running through her system, and the raw intensity of nails digging into her nipples was too much for her to take.


Shauna screamed, soaking through Anastasia’s stockings. Every act of surrender, of obedience, helped to solidify the tight grasp the woman’s words had over the very structure of her brain. Who she was, what that meant… those things were out of Shauna’s control, and that was the way she wanted them to be.

All she wanted was to obey. All she wanted was to be fucked. The things that Julia worried about felt so silly when Anastasia biting at her neck was nearly enough to make Shauna cum all on its own.

Julia had so many opportunities to be overpowered, so many times when powerful women had tried to co-opt her brain for their own purposes. Every time she’d found some way to rise up. She’d struggled free, delivered the information she’d been paid to find, and then at most spent a weekend being deprogrammed from any lingering influences.

If she destroys Julia… if she breaks Julia apart… O-o-ohhh… I’ll never need to be deprogrammed…! I can just be a slut, I can just—


Shauna’s obedient approximation of “thoughts” were cast aside as Anastasia’s knee drew back only for fingers to thrust deep inside of her. She clenched tight around those fingers, her hips writhing as her eyes glazed over more and more, turning so wholly blank of will or intellect. She didn’t need those things, not if Anastasia was going to be in control of what she did and who she was.


The last lingering remnants of Julia’s self-restraint stained Anastasia Harmond’s fingers.

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