The Adventures of Figura: To Change The World, Change Yourself

Chapter 7: Discarding Passivity

by MadamKistulot

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See spoiler tags : #betrayal #dom:capitalism

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 7: Discarding Passivity

Once she was clean, Figura had another task to accomplish before she could do anything else. She’d spent all night being hypnotized, masturbating, staring at herself in the mirror. That whole time, she’d been wearing her leotard.

Without cleaning that, she wasn’t going to get a very warm reception by anyone.

Scrubbing the sweat and lubrication out of her costume helped give Figura something to focus on that wasn’t her needy body. She still hadn’t cum in what felt like a lifetime, and her body was still aching and throbbing with lust, but making each of the teal and sky-blue tiles shine took the right kind of physical motion to keep the heroine focused on her task.

It was hard to be certain that anything was getting clean when the scent from her own body’s still-burning need was so loud, but that did nothing to disrupt her focus.

I’m a heroine. I need to be stubborn. I need to hold onto myself.

I might not be strong enough to resist Sedam’s hypnosis, but… Figura quivered, her eyes fluttering as her whole body clenched. But I’m still a heroine, and I need to hold on to that. I need to hold on to myself. What I need to do is too important…

The crotch of her leotard was a deep, dark stain. It had been pulled away from her drenched pussy, but it had still been close enough to soak up so much of her lust. That stain felt like a reminder of just how fucked she’d truly been, and just how out of her depth she really was.

Whatever Evanthe had done to her still hadn’t worn off. Her libido was set to overdrive, and nothing would satisfy it.  Her body teased that this time she might be able to satisfy herself, that if she really rubbed her clit raw she might finally cum, but Figura didn’t listen.

Sedam had used Figura’s own focus against her.

Thinking about that bar, about Sedam’s breasts, about how many things she’d tried to focus on, tried to keep in mind… it was almost enough to make Figura dizzy as she scrubbed and scrubbed.

I can’t give up now!

Her uniform was finally getting clean. It wasn’t clearing her mind, but it did make it easier to believe she might actually be capable of doing something. Denise would be waiting to hear from her, but Figura wasn’t even bothering to check her phon. She didn’t want to talk to Denise again until she’d done something besides failing so laughably.

She’d already abandoned so many important tasks to see to this exchange twice over. The good she did for her community wasn’t insignificant. Homeless people, sex workers, and other vulnerable people counted on Figura to make sure they were safe.

Humiliated twice over, Figura was tired of waiting for the next drop-off location.

I need to go back to that bar. I need to go back to that bar, and I need to find Sedam, or Evanthe, or both…! I need to find out who they’re working for, who they’re working with, and I need… I need to stop them. I need to set the hostage free on my own. Figura’s eyes narrowed as she scrubbed harder. Denise told me this wasn’t a place for heroics… but things have gotten incredibly out of hand, and it’s all because of me.

They’ve already gotten so much money for her, so it isn’t like they can say their hostage is costing them money… One rescue attempt won’t put her at risk.

A heavy sigh made Figura slump. She let her uniform, no longer stained, fall from her hands.

If I fuck up, it’ll just give them a reason to raise their demands…

The thought of making her tits nice and heavy, so she could curl up in the corner squeezing herself with a dumb smile on her face, was so incredibly alluring.

Having her own large breasts spill over her hands was never something Figura had found appealing before. Even as Fiona, she’d toyed with her bust size to get a look or two, but never for the gratification of squeezing herself and forgetting the troubles of the world.

In that moment, though, as she stood over her soaked uniform, it took all of Figura’s willpower to keep her breasts the same size. It took so much self-control and focus to not lose all of her resolve.

She forced herself to close her eyes and take a deep, slow breath. The scent of her arousal still filled the air. Soap mingled with it, and she forced herself to concentrate on that instead.

That young woman is counting on you, Figura.

She kept her eyes closed, quivering as her thighs clenched.

You need to go out there and do what heroines do. You need to find the people responsible for this… not because punishing them is important, but because, unless you do… that young woman might never be free again.

You can’t let that happen!

With a firm exhale, Figura opened her eyes and stared down at her leotard. She’d designed it herself to be inspiring and heroic. Seeing it so wet, cleaned from so much lust, she felt both fragile and enthusiastic at the same time. While she’d been unsatisfied with what she’d been able to accomplish as Figura, she could still remember what drove her to create the persona in the first place.

She had a gift, and there were people out there using their gifts to make the world safer. They were making a difference. People noticed them, and adored them, but it wasn’t just because they were pretty or flashy. They were doing something.

Looking at her leotard, she was faced with the twinned truths that she had made a difference, and that doing so made her a bigger target for women like Evanthe and Sedam.

But I’m not backing down. Not now. For that woman… for Denise…

Her mask sat nearby, and she looked over towards it with a weak smile. She’d managed to get through a shower without uselessly masturbating herself into another daze. It was a start, but there was more she needed to do.

I’m a heroine… I need to resist… I need to fight…

She reached down, and pushed her mask onto her face, sending a shudder along her spine and making her curl her toes. It felt right to have it there.

I need to hold on to Figura…

Her lips gave shape to the thoughts drifting through her mind. Her eyes fluttered. Feeling the arousal still clinging so deeply inside of her wasn’t comforting, but it felt better to be more secure in her role and her identity. It felt better to know what she needed to do and to believe that she could bring herself to leave her apartment.

Once this whole situation is behind me… everything will feel so much better.

It didn’t take too long to dry her costume, and then it wasn’t long before she was setting out. When she slipped out her window the sky was already starting to darken. Daytime had made things feel safer… and now, as night fell, she knew that things were about to get much more eventful.

Figura moved towards her only lead, not looking back once.

Arriving earlier than she had the night before, the dive bar where she’d met Sedam was still a dive bar. A little more light hitting the outside walls didn’t do anything to change the atmosphere.

Again, she avoided the chance to become a seven-foot-tall woman with large horns.

Again, she found it was already full of people.

A quick glance towards the place she’d sat before revealed that briefcase was gone. It wasn’t a shock, but some small part of her hoped it would be there. That wouldn’t have fixed everything, but it would hardly have been a bad thing to have recovered some of the money.

Like before, the small bar was loud with the sounds of its patrons enjoying themselves entirely too much. Figura didn’t see anyone she remembered from the previous night, but she wasn’t sure she could trust her memories, either. With how little she remembered of the way things had gone once she’d gotten dizzy, it was easy to believe she’d forgotten things that had happened before that, too.

Sedam could be watching me right now. For all I know, I could have just met her eyes and not recognized her. That’s how mind control works, and that’s why coming here was a very bad idea… but it’s the only choice I have if I want to make things right.

There wasn’t any live music this time. Instead, a radio station was loudly playing some generic, vaguely-familiar rock tune. She approached the bar, clearing her throat as she approached an empty stool.

“Excuse me… I’m trying to find a missing woman and I need some help.” Figura tried to look more stern than desperate as the bartender’s eyes met her own. “Do you have a moment?”

“What do you need?” The bartender was a tall woman with tawny skin and deep brown eyes. Her voice was firm, lacking any amusement or patience, her tone saying far more than her words.

“Last night, I…” Figura frowned. So many worries rose up in her mind, but she forced down the waves of uncertainty as firmly as she could. “There was a woman here—Sedam…? Brown hair down to here… curly? She wore glasses… a leather jacket, hazel eyes… She was here to get the ransom for a kidnapped woman, and I… I lost track of her. Do you know who she is, or anything about her…?”

The bartender looked ready to shake her head, annoyed, before her demeanor changed. Instead, she took on a thoughtful expression and stared out across the bar as if trying to make something jog her memory.

Hope rose up inside of Figura and she couldn’t keep a smile from her lips. Coming back to this bar was an obvious lead to follow, but she had fully expected it to be a dead end or too dangerous to pursue. If the kidnappers were smart they wouldn’t choose a place where they regularly did business. Denise was a powerful woman with plenty of resources at her disposal. Figura was just acting as a courier.

This feels like the closest I’ve been to fixing this mess…!

A woman’s curves brushed against Figura’s back. Her lips hovered beside Figura’s ear. It happened quickly, too quickly for her to react. Before she could even think to turn, the woman was speaking in a deep, low, commanding voice.


Figura moaned as the thickly accented word dove deep into her brain. With just two syllables, her whole world became fuzzy and indistinct. She couldn’t make her eyes focus on the bartender in front of her. She couldn’t listen to what her moving lips might have been saying.

She couldn’t remember where she was, or who she was.

It wasn’t Sedam’s voice. That was the only thing that she knew for that slightest of moments before everything began to swirl and fade. Sedam’s breasts against her back would have been more dramatic, too, but she hadn’t had time to consider things like that. She was already growing warm, and falling away from herself.

Keeping her eyes open was impossible.

Her eyelids were growing heavy so quickly, heavier than her breasts had felt when she’d awoken in front of the mirror. The muscles keeping them open were too weak, giving away almost instantly as her lips trembled and her whole body slackened.

Warmth pulsed through Figura, starting at her ear and reaching up across her scalp before it reached down through her spine. Heat melted at her consciousness. It tugged her down to a place so deep that she didn’t even know what obedience was, and yet that was all she was and all she could do.

I’m a slut… a slut for Sedam’s hypnosis…

Can’t… resist…

The words rose up inside of Figura’s mind as she lost control. She could barely even feel the woman’s breasts squishing tighter against her back—at least on a conscious level. Her body could feel it, and Figura moaned again from the heat that the sensation sent between her thighs. Despite the heat, Figura’s voice was quieter, softer, weaker, more pitiful…

Figura felt weak and pitiful as the last bits of her sense of self drained away from her, leaving her little more than a trembling body waiting for the woman’s command.

When things came back into focus, Figura found herself lounging across from a woman with messy, wavy brown hair. It fell around and across her face, obscuring her blue eyes, looking less unkempt than more like she’d just rolled out of bed. Her leather vest was half unzipped, showing off her cleavage in a very distracting way.

Fishnets clung to her arms in place of sleeves.

“I… was… at the bar…?” Figura slurred, still feeling half-asleep as she struggled to speak. The sound surprised her, and she mewled in confusion.

“You were. I heard you talking about some trouble… and I figured I could help.” The woman on the other side of the table smiled, lifting up a drink to her lips and taking a sip. “I’m Deset. You’re Figura, right…?”

“Figura… I’m… Figura, yes…?” Figura furrowed her brows, her lips rubbing together. “You did… someone did… what happened to me…?”


Figura moaned, the world fading, draining away.

When it returned, the woman was leaning back, smiling calmly as she looked to the brown-haired heroine the table. She was so pretty, and looking into her blue eyes made Figura wet.

She couldn’t remember the bartender, or lips at her ear.

Instead, she remembered arriving, asking around about Sedam, and a beautiful woman standing to motion her over. She’d taken her seat, and then been spellbound by how beautiful the woman was with her arms and legs wrapped up in fishnets, covered only by such a tiny pair of leather shorts.

She’d introduced herself as Deset, and Figura couldn’t stop rolling that name around in her mind. Deset. Something about it felt meaningful, and everything about it felt sexy.

“So you’re looking for Sedam?” Deset took a sip of her drink, and Figura nodded with eyes more hooded than she realized. “I might be able to help you find her, but… She’s a dangerous woman, you know. She’s a powerful hypnotist, and she has powerful friends. She could do anything to your mind if she gets her hands on you. Are you ready to risk that…?”

Figura didn’t hesitate. She nodded right away, a very serious expression replacing the one that seemed like shew as waking from a nap. “Of course. I’m a heroine. I’m stubborn. I won’t just give up.”

Deset grinned as another woman sat beside her, placing a drink in front of Figura. “Good. Then let me introduce you to my friend.”

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