The Adventures of Figura: To Change The World, Change Yourself

Chapter 5: Self-Help

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 5: Self-Help

“Look into the mirror, Figura. Look into the mirror and tell me what you see.”

Figura groaned. Her brown eyes were glassy, lidded so heavily that they were barely open at all. “See… Figura…? Eyes… look so… gone…”

Sedam laughed into Figura’s ear, fingers slowly stroking along her shoulders as the heroine stared helplessly at her own reflection. Her lips hung open after she finished speaking. Without someone to tell her to close them, all that mattered was that she’d been commanded to speak. After that, her mind was too blank to fill in any gaps on its own.

Lost in her own reflection, Figura’s hazy, hypnotized mind could do nothing but wait for more outside stimulus. She melted into Sedam’s touches to her body, groaning tiredly as thumbs pressed into her shoulders just hard enough to hurt and then feel good as her body loosened.

Arousal still throbbed through her body without coherent thought. Her nipples were so hard at her chest, standing out against the teal-and-sky-blue of her leotard. Her thighs kept clenching and shuddering, squeezing desperately around nothing. Figura’s body had more volition than her mind, but all it could do was roll its hips, and squeeze its thighs uselessly as she soaked her leotard with craving and need.

“Look deeper.” Sedam’s voice was a forceful, husky command into Figura’s ear as her hands wandered down along the heroine’s curves, finally resting on her hips. “Look deep inside of your eyes. Your mind is so sleepy, so helpless, so obedient right now. I want you to see that. See how obedient you are, how aroused you are, how helpless.

“See it, and let the sight of how powerless you are make you wet.”

“Ooohhhh…” Figura trembled. Her thighs clenched harder. Her eyes fluttered, never quite opening or closing. “L-look… deep… sleepy… helpless… obedient… a-aroused…


Figura hissed the word with the same sharp intensity Sedam gave it and the force of the sound shook across her entire body. It pulsed in her stiff, aching nipples. It steamed inside of her twitching, quivering pussy. It made her toes curl and her shoulders slacken.

At Sedam’s instruction, her own arousal and obedience were the only things that she could see inside of her eyes. She was commanded to stare forward, and she could see herself stare back. There was no denying that she was trapped, but she was oblivious to that fact. There were no chains in her mind—just weakness and need. Lacking any will of her own, Figura’s mind was eager for instruction.

Staring into her eyes, she could see that void like a neon light shining across everything. It was brighter and more intense than her memories, or her morals, or anything else.

So… helpless… so… sleepy… obedient… so… aroused… so… gone…

“That’s right…” Sedam’s honeyed whisper was encouraging and warm as her hands drifted down, stroking the inside of Figura’s shaking thighs. “You’re helpless. That means you need help. That means you need my help, Figura. You need me to help you. You need me… to take control.”

“Take… control…” Figura moaned, her breathy voice sounding like a sleepwalker obeying the compulsion of a dream. “Need… you… control…”

Figura moaned again as Sedam’s wet lips and firm teeth closed around the base of her ear. They tugged and sucked, making Figura’s eyes flutter as her hips jerked. Her breathing was ragged, and her body glistened with sweat. Every moment was lost in a deep haze of arousal that swirled and pulsed inside of her, making Figura more vulnerable to her hypnotist’s constant, insistent touches.

She still couldn’t find release in those touches, but she was too lost to understand that was a thing that she’d wanted. Pressure built up inside of her, longing for release, but it was impossible for Figura’s sleepy mind to interpret anything she felt as more than weakness or a craving for more.

Her eyes were still locked on those of her reflection. The woman in the mirror looked more pitiful by the moment, her eyelids crooked and her mouth twisted. Pleasured sounds filled the air, and Figura couldn’t even understand those sounds were her own.

Sedam’s fingers trailed along the seam of Figura’s clothed slit as she moaned lower into Figura’s ear. “Your mind, like your body, is so… malleable…”


Figura whimpered. Her eyes opened wide, only to fall hooded again as Sedam’s touch softened and slowed. Somewhere, deep in her mind, Figura still knew that she could change her shape. She knew that how she looked could change from moment to moment. Looking into her eyes, she could see that same aspect of herself reflecting off of her brain.

If her body could change into anything, then her mind…

“Your mind is weak, Figura…” Sedam sighed, almost like she was disappointed, as she curled her fingers under Figura’s leotard. “I want you to see that. See only that, as you listen to my voice. Don’t see the mirror. Don’t see your eyes. Only see your weak mind.”

“O-onnlyyy m-m-myyy w-w-weeak m-m-miiiiind…!” Figura cried out as fingers slid smoothly across her glistening lower lips. “S-so… w-w-weak…!”

Figura couldn’t remember falling prey to Evanthe’s chemical seduction or Sedam’s overwhelming hypnosis, but she didn’t need to remember anything to see her mind as nothing more than defenseless. It needed someone to take control, and it was too weak to make a sound decision.

Whatever voice whispered into her ear could guide her however it wanted. Whatever words pushed into the wet cement of her brain could give it any shape… and then command it to take on another.

Weak… mind…

“Good girl…”

Figura groaned as the words stroked someplace needy and soft and helpless inside of her brain. She couldn’t remember why it felt so good. She only knew that it did. She only knew, on a level so much more physical than intellectual, that she wanted to be a good girl. She wanted to feel that again.

“Each command you obey…” Sedam’s fingers teased at Figura’s body, their movements seeming to promise a deep, filling thrust, only to withdraw and leave the needy, quivering heroine all the more pitiful and needy. “Teaches you to obey… Trains you to obey… You can’t fight it…”

“I-I… I can’t fight it…” Figura moaned. She felt limp, standing not under her own power but suspended by Sedam’s will and fingers as they stroked between her legs. “Too… weak…”

“That’s right! Good girl!” Figura let out a louder cry, and Sedam laughed. “You’re so eager for your reward, so ready to give yourself. You are a heroine… a heroine going out of her way to protect and help others… So you’re going to help me. Say it, Figura.

“Say it, and feel how true it is.

“Say it, and feel my fingers and your moans pushing the words deeper inside of your helpless little brain.”

“I’m… going… going to help youuuu… ohhhhh…!” Sedam’s fingers at last pushed deep within her folds, and Figura could see them inside of her mind. She could see them stirring up her brain, and rubbing that truth across the very core of her being.

For Figura, there was no mirror in front of her. All that she saw were the things that Sedam commanded her to see. All that existed were the things Sedam wanted to exist.

“Spavaj.” Sedam’s voice was commanding and firm. It was accented, but Figura couldn’t recognize it. All she could do was feel her reality blur. Her eyes grew heavy. Her body felt warm, but not just from arousal. It felt like something was enveloping her, squeezing her, tugging her down.

She couldn’t hold onto anything. Her mind was too weak. Her need was too strong. Sedam’s word echoed through her mind, and she could see it filling more and more of the empty, obedient void.

Before long, that word took up more space than anything else, and then there was only that one word. All she could do was whisper it under her breath, a mantra that made her feel so tired and helpless and weak. It didn’t feel like she had a mind at all, or that she was even real. A single word held her spellbound, lost in its dreamy perfection, as she submitted to it again and again.

“See your reflection again. Obey.”

“I… obey…”

Figura couldn’t remember how long she’d been whispering that single word. Had Sedam been speaking to her the whole time? She remembered listening, but only in the same way she could remember a fading dream. Her mind was too weak to hold on to the idea, and soon she could only see her reflection.

Her brown eyes looked so dull, so utterly devoid of intelligence or self.

“Each time you change your body for someone, you become more what they want you to be.” Sedam’s fingers weren’t between Figura’s legs anymore. Instead, they were stroking across her chest, squeezing at her clothed breasts. Figura moaned, arching into her grasp without understanding what she was doing.

Figura’s whole reality was her own reflection, and Sedam’s voice. The idea of hands, or breasts, or a meaning to the heat that throbbed through her and pleaded for more sensation weren’t things she could grasp.

All she could do was listen and obey.

“E-each time… change… my body… more… what they want…”

“Changing your body… changes your mind…” Sedam pinched and twisted at Figura’s nipples through her leotard. The heroine howled, eyes nearly falling shut as she thrust her chest forward, insistent for more. “But I don’t want your mind to have only one shape. Not permanently. It’s better if your mind is just as flexible as your body. It’s better if your mind learns how to be elastic, to take a new shape, to bend, and then...

“When the fun is done…” Sedam released Figura’s nipples. The heroine panted, moaning at the loss of sensation and the relief. “It’s better if you can snap back into place. It’s better if I can make you whatever I want, without having your mind snap, or shatter, or break.”

Figura nodded, every movement of her head difficult and slow. Her eyes threatened to fall shut, but were too obedient, too helpless to Sedam’s commands to actually do so.

She was awake, but she was very much lost in the dream Sedam shaped around her mind. Exhaustion could not free her from the dream. She was too weak, too helpless to escape. She didn’t know when she’d learned that, and it wasn’t a thought she could articulate, but her body and mind knew it the same way her body knew she needed to be touched until everything felt better.

“Turn your eyes hazel, and feel your mind stretch. Feel your mind shaping, shifting, as you watch your eyes change.”

“Ch-change… each change… more… what they want… what you want…!” Figura shook, pleasure quivering across her body as she watched the deep brown of her eyes change. Not quite brown, not quite green, her eyes changed until they were a perfect reflection of Sedam’s.

“Good girl!”

Figura cried out again. She could only see her eyes, but they weren’t her eyes. They were brighter, with a pattern of color that felt so much more complicated. Looking into them almost made her feel dizzy, like she could feel the hypnotist’s power shining into her mind the longer she stared into them. They were her own eyes, but they weren’t. They’d been reshaped, and with them, a part of her brain had changed shape, too.

“You’re too weak to stare into my eyes, Figura… and those are my eyes, aren’t they?” Sedam nibbled at her other ear, and Figura groaned her agreement with a sound that tried to resemble a word but instead came out as submissive yearning. “When my eyes look into yours, they see only what a helpless slut you are… a slut who can’t resist my hypnosis.”

“C-can’t… can’t resist your hypnosis…! Mmmmnnnn…!”

“And changing the look of your eyes like that, changing that piece of your mind… you used your own power to make it so you can’t resist.” Sedam’s hands drifted wispily along Figura’s breasts, stroking, squeezing them with a gentle grasp. Figura arched into the touch, swaying, as useless, pleasured babblings dribbled out of her. “If I wanted, I could change you again, so you could resist, but…

“I don’t want that, Figura.” Sedam squeezed tighter, and Figura groaned louder. “I don’t want you to be able to resist me, or my hypnosis. I want you to be vulnerable, and weak. In fact, I want you to do things, things to betray yourself, things to make you more of a weak, needy, helpless slut. The big thing I don’t want… is to lose Figura.

“Don’t want… lose… Figura…?” The heroine moaned. She couldn’t understand. She needed to obey, and she would obey, but the words made absolutely no sense.

Nonetheless, they took their place in her mind, becoming irresistible truth. When she understood them, she would obey them. She knew she was a slut who couldn’t resist Sedam’s hypnosis. Confusion wasn’t a superpower.

Laughing, Sedam kissed from one side of Figura’s neck to the other. “I don’t want to lose the stubborn woman I met in the bar. I don’t want to stretch you out of shape so much that if I commanded you to go back, you might have the wrong hair… or brown eyes, but the wrong shade… I want to be able to force you to take any shape that I want, while keeping Figura intact in your mind.

“So, we need to seal your shape in place, Figura.” Sedam’s nails clawed roughly over her hips, earning sharper cries and louder howls as Figura tried to arch towards both hands at once. “The last thing I want is to see you again and have you drop eagerly to your knees. I want you to fight. I want you to feel ashamed of the slut you are. I just don’t want you to be able to resist.”

“Not… not able to resist…” Figura moaned in understanding. It was a blurry understanding, one she could only grasp with Sedam’s help, but it was a command her mind could obey. “Seal… stubborn… shame…”

Nails clawed down and back, digging into Figura’s ass. She moaned. She was still trapped in Sedam’s hazel eyes staring back at her from the mirror, reminding her that she was a helpless slut who couldn’t resist Sedam’s hypnosis.

For Figura, it felt as though that truth was fucking itself into her brain, making her more vulnerable to the hypnotist’s words every moment she remained locked with those hazel eyes. If she couldn’t resist hypnosis, then whatever Sedam did would work. She was so powerless, so weak. There was no way she could fight.

“So, to make sure you don’t lose that…” Sedam grasped one of Figura’s hands, and placed it over the heroine’s exposed pussy. “Change your eyes again, Figura. This time, I want your eyes to be green while you masturbate and remind yourself just who you are.”

Hazel eyes shifted, turning to piercing green eyes that stared back into piercing green eyes. Figura shuddered, her mouth falling open as she quietly moaned. “I’m a slut… I’m a heroine… I’m Figura…” Her voice was shy and sedate, quivering under the force of her own gaze.

The eyes staring back at her were so familiar, but she couldn’t recognize them.

She couldn’t think enough to recognize anything.

“Don’t stop rubbing, Figura.” Nails dug in harder as Sedam rubbed her body against Figura’s back. “Tell yourself every important little thing about Figura. We don’t want you to forget, and your humiliation has only just begun.”

“O-ohh… y-yess…” Figura’s fingers flicked at her clit, her body shuddering. She wasn’t aware that she was in her own apartment. She had no idea how long Sedam had been controlling her. The only things she could keep solid in her mind were Sedam’s commands. “I’m Figura… I’m a heroine… stubborn… won’t just give up… want to help people… I’m a slut… I can’t resist Sedam’s hypnosis… I want to make the world a better place… When I change my body, I change my mind…”

Hazel eyes hooded as Sedam’s fingers wandered slowly across Figura’s body. They were in no rush, enjoying every curve, and every supple, yielding surface.

Figura continued to drone on into the night, as Denise’s judging eyes bored their way deeper into her soul as they peered out from Figura’s face.

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