The Adventures of Figura: To Change The World, Change Yourself

Chapter 2: Complications

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: Complications

For weeks, the arrangement Figura made with Denise Spence went off without a hitch.

There were complications with the job, of course. Dealing with police hassling the homeless was far more difficult than grabbing back a purse. Protecting the vulnerable was always harder than it seemed, but it was always worth it. Things felt like they were noticeably changing for the better. The new money that Figura’s contract was making wasn’t enough to sort out the homeless problem on its own, but things were only just starting to get going.

Figura h ad entered into this situation knowing full well that things wouldn’t be changing overnight. Important change took time. In the meantime, her days were a lot brighter from feeling like she was making a larger impact on issues she herself had overlooked.

When Denise mentioned less glamorous work, it hadn’t caused Figura to scoff, but it had made her realize she’d been hunting after a very particular idea of what it meant to be a superheroine, while ignoring many of the people who needed her help the most. Shifting her mindset towards more constructive ends was more rewarding, and it felt better, too.

A little over three months into the contract, Figura received a call just as she was pulling on her leotard. “Hello, Denise! I was just about to head over for my usual rounds—is everything alright?”

“No… No, everything is not alright, Figura.” Denise barely sounded like herself at all. Instead of comfortable and confident, Denise sounded… rattled. Anxious. “Something has gone very wrong, and you’re the only one I know to turn to. This isn’t one of your usual jobs, but it is the sort of thing that needs a superheroine… Will you hear me out?”

“Of course…! What do you need me to do?” Figura didn’t feel particularly close to Denise. She was a good boss, but in the end, that was what she was—a boss.

But anything that made Denise worry felt instantly serious.

Hearing Denise sign with relief was enough to help Figura feel a little calmer. “Thank goodness…! You see, a dear friend of mine… she’s a troubled girl, but her mother is even wealthier than I am… She’s always hanging around with a rough crowd, people involved in… dangerous things. I’ll spare you the details… mostly for her sake. Unfortunately these people are dropping the pretense that they’re interested in her for anything besides her connections… and they’ve asked for a lot of money…”

Figura scowled. A part of her cheered, excited to be involved in the kinds of heroics she’d always daydreamed about. She did her best to keep that part quiet. Excitement was the last thing Denise would appreciate in a moment so tense.

The heroic image of herself swooping in to some warehouse, busting down the doors, freeing a young woman to help turn her life around… It made Figura’s heart beat faster.

“I don’t want any heroics.”

And then, subsequently, her heart jumped right into her gut.

“The problem is that these people… Like I said, they’re dangerous. They have connections with the criminal underground in Sunford. Outside, too. Some people even think they might have connections with The Syndicate.” Denise’s frown was loud enough to be heard clearly over the phone. “That means metahumans. That means… I wouldn’t feel safe doing it myself, but I can’t do nothing when a young woman whose worst crime is being descended from money might… well…”

Figura sighed. Not having a big heroic opportunity was deflating, but it was downright horrible to imagine what might happen to this young woman if things went south. Big heroic moments were best when no one needed to be at risk…

I get it, world. This is me needing to learn that being a real heroine isn’t about big flashy displays of power. I’m trying to learn that… but it’s hard!

“So, you want me to deliver the money, then?”

“If… if you would. It would mean a lot to me.” Denise sighed, and Figura had no difficulty imagining the woman bent over her desk, looking on the verge of tears. “I’m getting the money together, right now. Unmarked. I don’t even want to say the number out loud in case someone might hear this. They said to send one person, and one person only… but they didn’t say who. As long as you don’t cause any problems, if I tell them you’ll be the one arriving with the briefcase…”

“Tell them.” Figura pulled on her gloves with her phone wedged between her shoulder and her cheek. “I’ll finish getting dressed and head right over. You can count on me.”

“Thank you… Thank you so much! I always knew I could. You’re the exact woman I was looking for when I contacted Beltran.” Figura was almost sure she could hear Denise sniffling over the phone, but she decided very quickly to pretend she hadn’t heard it. The collected businesswoman was unlikely to appreciate that very much at all. “I’ll make sure everything is ready for you. Thank you… so much.”

Carrying a briefcase full of money was an experience that always sounded like it would be dramatic and thrilling. There was enough money in the briefcase to buy so much—definitely everything that Figura owned.

While certainly exciting, if given the chance to do it again or not for any less worthy reason?

Figura would politely decline.

Making her way down to the park on the very edge of Sunford didn’t take very long at all. No one was waiting for her, but Figura imagined whoever was picking up the money wouldn’t want to stand out. For all I know, they’re blackmailing someone to pick this up. Remember what Denise said. No heroics. Just exchange the money. Save the girl.

This is no time to let your desires for traditional, flashy heroism get the better of you…!

Seeing nothing better to do, Figura sat on the park bench as she’d been instructed. While she could have made herself look like anyone, or so many things, she kept to her more ‘vanilla’ look and waited impatiently. Her hands squeezed tighter at the handle every moment she waited.

“Hello there… Figura, if I’m not mistaken…?”

Figura’s ears pulled towards the back of her head as the woman’s voice suddenly cut through the silence. It was husky and low, humming with confidence and poise. Instead of speaking, the heroine timidly nodded. Now that it was time to do what she needed to do she found herself suddenly shy. Being a heroine involved a lot of being diplomatic, but the reality of just how serious this situation was felt more inescapably heavy.

“Good. It looks like you came alone… and you brought the money, just as you were instructed.” Arms wrapped around Figura from behind, and she tensed. All she could see of the woman was green sleeves peeking out from under a loose brown jacket, and carefully manicured nails, each painted a different vibrant color. “Was it hard finding the place? You seem… tense.”

Restraint never felt so important before. Frustration and anger welled up inside of the heroine, but she did her best to push it down.

You’re not here for you. You’re here for the girl. Don’t blow it. Denise, and her young friend…?

They’re counting on you.

“It… it wasn’t very difficult. I’ve been here before… Nnn…” Figura quivered as the woman’s breath blew across her ear. “Do you… Do you want to check that I brought—”

“Shhh…” Lips brushed her ear. Figura tried not to shiver anymore at just how intimate the woman’s whispering voice felt right against her ear. “You’re so tense, Figura. A strong, capable heroine like you… you aren’t afraid of me, are you?”

Figura’s pale cheeks darkened as she shifted around on the bench wholly against her own will. “I’m not… I just… I’m here on business, and I don’t… I don’t know who you are…”

The woman laughed right into Figura’s ear, and there was nothing she could do to stop herself from shaking like a leaf caught in a strong breeze. “You are here on business! And it’s true… You don’t know who I am… not yet.” Wet lips pressed against Figura’s ear, staining them with something just as vibrant, and just as red as the nail polish on the woman’s ring finger. “Let me introduce myself, so you can relax…”

Every syllable she spoke made those full, red-painted lips brush Figura’s ear again. She wanted to be upset about it. She knew that she should be upset about it, but instead…

Instead, she was clenching her thighs and squirming in place, desperately trying to keep her breathing under control. Being treated like this normally would have made her upset—more upset the more it happened. Somehow all of her frustration, all of her perfectly justified anger all felt like it was turning into heart between her thighs.

“My name is Evanthe…”

O-oohh… Evanthe… That’s a pretty name… Doesn’t sound evil, or bad, and her lips… Fuck, her lips feel so…

As Evanthe blew across Figura’s ear, the shapeshifter’s body shuddered even harder. “Th-thank you… That… That does make it easier to… to relax… S-so, how do you want—” Before Figura could get out the rest of her sentence, she found a pale, smooth finger pressed firmly to her lips.

“Shhh, Figura… Shhh…” Full lips pressed to her ear again, harder, firmer, and Figura struggled out a whine. The feeling was so warm, so wet. She was already breathless, her thighs falling open as her grasp on the briefcase loosened. She was all too aware of her nipples stiffening under her teal-and-blue leotard. “You’re still tense…! This is no way to have a professional meeting. I want you to be at ease. I want you to… Mm…” Evanthe laughed into her ear, a low, bedroom laugh that made Figura groan as the sound rolled into her ear and curled through sensitive places inside of her brain. “Feel good… Does my voice make you feel good…?”

“Y-yess… Yes it really does…” Figura struggled to slow her breathing, to grasp at some feeling of calm, but everything like that felt so impossibly far away. All she could easily feel was arousal and warmth and need. “I… I like your voice…”

I like your lips even more… Mmm… I should be so angry, but instead I’m just… so…


Before, she’d needed a reason to squirm, but not anymore. Figura couldn’t keep her thighs together, nor could she stop her hips from rolling forward. Her eyes were lidded, only dimly aware of the sight of the park in front of her.

She was far more distracted by the sound and feel of the woman behind her.

“Good… That’s very good…” Evanthe purred into her ear, her hands stroking slowly along the heroine’s clothed arms. “Then you can just listen to my voice, and I can help make things feel less… tense. I can help you feel more relaxed, feel better… and then we can worry about you giving me the money, when you’re ready to pay me… Doesn’t that sound reasonable…?”

“Yeah… Reason… reasonable…” Figura’s voice slurred faintly as lips pressed to her neck, staining her skin with more of that red. “Wh-when I’m ready… I can pay you… Ohh…”

A wet, slick tongue flicked across the other side of her neck, followed by another firmer kiss that lingered against her skin so much longer than before. Every moment they stayed against her, pressed so tight, felt like another moment that all of her frustration, all of the disdain she’d felt for the women responsible for this kidnapping, for this ransom…

All of that was turning into a deeper, needier, more demanding lust.

I can’t… I can’t remember the last time I was so… That I just needed to be fucked like this…! I’ve never needed it this badly, I’ve never… Never…

“But you aren’t ready yet…” Lips grazed along the shell of her ear, earning Evanthe a low, trembling groan from the horny heroine. “Mmm… You need more, first… So much more… Did you know that in Greece, where my name comes from… Evanthe means fair flower…?”

“N-no, I… I didn’t knooooooOOooow that…! Ohhh… Mmm…” Figura’s eyes fluttered, falling shut as those lips closed around the base of her ear and started to suck.

Warm, wet lips around her skin already felt good. The friction from that sucking, the way it rubbed her skin against Evanthe’s lips, made Figura’s ear tingle like her clit. Every moment, it felt more like a wet, slick, sticky mess.

It made it so much easier to forget why she was on the park bench in the first place.

“Mmm, well… It does…?” Teeth nibbled her ear, and Figura let out a sharp cry. “And I am a very fair flower… so I’ll give you just what you deserve for all of that money. You just sit there… and take what you’ve earned.”

Figura couldn’t open her eyes. They felt too heavy, and her body felt too hot, too warm. It was like something liquid, wet, and red was flowing inside of her, waves of it crashing against each and every sensitive place she had, swirling around, soaking through, and tingling its way inside.

Every breath she took was surrounded by low, needy moans.

“Ooohhh… What I’ve earned… Please… please…!” Figura’s moans were getting louder and louder. Her hips were bucking further forward, her thighs spreading so far apart that the briefcase nearly fell from her lap. “I need it… I need you… P-please… Evanthe… Please!

Evanthe’s tongue slowly slid along the rim of Figura’s ear, drawing out louder and more pitiful moans. “How could I decline a request like that when you’re paying me so well…?”

Paying her…? I’m paying her…? I don’t usually do that… do this… wait—

“Yessss…!” Figura cried out as Evanthe’s nails clawed up along her arms, then down to her breasts. The last, frayed threads of her thought fell part into worthless shreds as fingers closed around her breasts, squeezing and kneading them through the teal-and-blue of her leotard. The briefcase fell down to the ground with a thud, and Figura didn’t even flinch.

Hot breath filled her ear as nails twisted and pinched at her clothed nipples. “You’re a shapeshifter, aren’t you…? Show me a little fun…” Evanthe purred, her voice taking on an almost sinister tone. “Make your breasts so big I can’t hold them in my hands…”

“Nnnnhaaaa yessss…! Just keep… keep touching me…! I need you… Need you to touch me…!” Figura’s whining voice adorably cracked as the pitch rose too high. Her breasts swelled, stretching her leotard even more than before as her breasts took up every small bit of slack the tight garment had. Soon her modest chest wasn’t just filling Evanthe’s hands but spilling out of them, no matter how the woman tried to grasp. “C-can… Can only make them so big… dressed… is this… is this okay…?”

Laughter filled her ears as nails raked across her breasts. Figura howled, jutting out her chest, desperate for every little bit of stimulation she could earn. Her pussy was drenched. Her purpose was forgotten.

The briefcase on the ground didn’t matter anymore.

The only thing that mattered was how hot her body was, and how much she needed to be used.

Lips tugged her ear, and Figura’s howling breaths hitched. “It’s more than okay, my little shapeshifter… Mmm… Just how much of your body can you change, Figura…?”

“A-all of it…!” The heroine whined out her response with a voice that was so desperate to please. Whenever Evanthe wasn’t speaking, her lips were kissing, or sucking, or just pressing to Figura’s cheeks. Even there, her skin seemed sensitive enough to make the heroine’s whole body quiver and shudder. The level of arousal coursing through her body felt unreal. “C-can stretch… sh-shrink… Twist… Nnnn… A-anything… Wh-what do you wa—mmmm!”

This time, Figura’s mouth was silenced by the other woman’s full, red lips. More liquid red sank into Figura’s lips, burning its way through her skin and drowning her mind deeper in a sea of inescapable lust.

When the kiss broke, Figura could barely even breathe. Her eyes still couldn’t open. Every inch of her skin was drenched, some of it with both sweat and sex. Her bare thighs quivered and clenched around her leotard with a visible dark stain between them. Her lips shook, achingly wanting to seek out another kiss, but too powerless to do anything but tremble.

All of Figura’s heroic composure was gone, replaced with the expression of a desperate, needy slut.

“You let me worry about what I want, Figura…” Evanthe slid a single finger across Figura’s lips before she hooded her bright, brown eyes low. “All you need to do is relax… I’ll help you know what it is you need to do. How does that sound…?”

“S-sounds… S-so… So… so fucking hot!

“Good…” Evanthe slid her fingers deep inside of Figura’s mouth. “Suck… Mmm… Wrap your tongue around my fingers. I want to see just what you can do with the size and shape of that…”

Figura tried to reply, a muffled “whatever you want” turning into little more than a series of incomprehensible sounds. Evanthe laughed, but only for a moment. When Figura’s tongue stretched out, coiling smoothly around the woman’s fingers, even she couldn’t resist an urge to moan.

“Oh… Oh my… Oh, we are definitely going to make use of this… And since you’re paying me so much, it would be unfair if you didn’t get a look at me, wouldn’t it…?” Evanthe pulled her fingers from Figura’s lips with a loud, slick pop before moving to stand in front of the heroine. “What do you think…? Am I worth all of the money you paid for a night with me? Am I worth all of that and more…?”

“Oohhh fuck yes you are…!” Figura was breathless as she stared at the beautiful, orange haired woman. She was tall, but not too tall. Her build was both curvaceous enough to hint at more under the heavy jacket, and yet made more formless and slender by the way it overwhelmed her presence. When it dropped to the ground, it was easier to see the swell of her hips accentuated by her tight green skirt, and the swell of her breasts in her pretty floral halter top.

“Perfect…” Evanthe hooded her eyes as she grasped Figura’s shoulders, pushing her down onto the bench until her head was resting where she’d been sitting before. “Show me what that tongue can do, Figura… Show me everything it can do…!”

“Yes Evanthmmmmppphh…!” She was desperate to be touched, but Figura was burning with lust, with raw sexual desire. When Evanthe straddled her face, making it clear she wore absolutely nothing under that skirt, Figura was just as easily distracted by the other woman’s pussy as she was by her own.

She was paying so much for Evanthe, she needed to show her everything she could do. It made sense in her lust-drunk mind, even if it might be utter nonsense.

Her lips wrapped around the flower-woman’s clit, suckling hard even as her tongue stretched to curl around and flick at the very tip without any difficulty at all. Figura’s years of perfecting the manipulation of even the smallest parts of her body were finally paying off.

“That’s… Ooohh…!” Evanthe grabbed handfuls of Figura’s hair, squeezing it so tight that, even through her lustful haze, she needed to cry out. “Make your hair longer…! Mmm… make it… make it blonde…! Mmm… you’re paying so much for this opportunity… so make it perfect…!”

Figura moaned her acknowledgement as the hair from the top of her head turned a beautiful golden blonde, growing long enough that, if she were standing it would have reached her ass. Above her, Evanthe laughed and moaned as she grasped long locks of blonde hair, using it as leverage to grind herself down into the impossible touches that were already making her so wet.

Her eyes crossed, even as she laughed so loudly.

No one who heard them wanted to get close enough to see what was going on. Anyone who had a good enough idea enjoyed the sounds of the moaning villain from afar as she grinded the heroine’s head down against the seat of the park bench.

“You’re going to make me cum until I’m sore… then you’re going to be so relaxed that you’ll give me all of that money… mmm… for being the most fun you’ve ever had… You’re never going to forget this… You’re never going to forget me…!” Each word Evanthe moaned soaked deep into the supple, vulnerable mind of the melted heroine who couldn’t stop herself from sucking and licking, squeezing the woman’s clit with her tongue in ways no other woman could. “And don’t worry… You feel horny now? It’s only going to be so much worse when you can’t cum for a week…!”

Evanthe’s laughter turned into loud, deep moans as her pussy soaked Figura’s face in a mess of wet, slick lust.

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