Scent to Paradise

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #aphrodisiac #f/f #fantasy #dom:female #magic #pov:bottom #sub:female
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Eleanor’s travels through the multiverse bring her from a technologically advanced future to a place without any visible society at all. Thanks to meeting a woman named Ormr, this trip might not be so bad after all…

Scent to Paradise

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

On a distant corner of the multiverse sat a realm that was virtually untouched by technology more advanced than mills and basic agriculture. Grassy hills stretched far and wide, dotted with the occasional tall mountain or dense forest. From a glance it was a paradise, free of pollution, and relatively free of conflict. Though great wars of spell and steel had once waged across the landscape such conflicts had long since given way to a great, lasting peace.

While it was often a place of mild climates, allowing for long periods with only gentle warm rains, it was a land on occasion known to have harsh rains fall from dark clouds. Lightning struck at tall trees, cracking them in twain as the thunder rolled through those hills and echoed deep inside of mountain caves.

That was the sort of weather that was in full swing when Eleanor, a nearby highly advanced lamp post, and about five square feet of metal flooring appeared on one of those tall, imposing mountains.

Where the dimensional hopping woman had been a moment before, the clothing she wore had been connected with a highly sophisticated atmospheric system that rendered her all but immune to the elements. Where she was now, the college-student turned explorer was in a much less well-prepared state.

Now, the thin, transparent-and-blue jacket she wore over a small top that was little more than a gray-and-black bra left her wholly at the mercy of the hard, heavy pounding rain. Her legs were nearly bare, and it would be generous to say that the white-and-transparent skirt that covered barely half of her thighs did any good at all. The shimmery, silver thong she wore underneath barely hid away anything at all, and the many devices strapped around her thighs had no network for their interfaces.

At least the light, stylized silver boots she wore meant she wasn’t at the mercy of the muddy mountain path. Were she dressed in the sandals she’d worn several hops back when she’d been in Midas City, the metal underfoot would have only offered a rather temporary respite from the surrounding soaked earth.

Eleanor shivered, quickly pulling up the flimsy jacket to cover her hair. It wasn’t much, but having a wet back sounded much better than drenching her dirty-blonde hair. “Okay… Okay…! I wasn’t expecting that…! I guess I should have expected my time in… What should I call that last place… Heinlein number five…? To come to an end but—fuck!” Another lightning bolt struck, this time at the highly advanced, futuristic light pole that had found its way through the dimensions with her.

Thankfully it seemed to be well insulated, or the steaming, molten pole that curled in on itself indicated Eleanor would be in a far worse state.

“Shit! Gotta get inside…!” She cast a quick glance out away from the mountain, seeing the nearby forests, and dips in the landscape where the heavy rain had created small, temporary rivers and lakes. “Looking a bit Peter-Jacksony here…! Maybe Tolkien number th—wah!” Another blinding flash of light preceded loud rolling thunder, and before she could think Eleanor was rushing away from the edge of the mountain towards a nearby cave mouth. “I can take a hint! I’m high up, and this storm is bad! I get it, I get it!”

She ran deep enough into the cave for the ground to be dry, and leaned back against the smooth wall with a heavy sigh. It seemed impossible that someone wouldn’t have equipped an outfit like hers with some kind of battery backup, some base intelligence to adapt to alien environments… but it hadn’t been developed for that. Her circumstances were… unusual.

Most people didn’t suddenly find themselves torn through space and time.

The cutely chubby woman wrapped her arms around herself tight, teeth chattering as she felt a breeze flow under her minimal clothing. It had felt stylish when the generous people of the last world had given them to her—with no charge or expectation of repayment—but now she was cursing how much of her bare skin was exposed. Even if she hadn’t arrived in the middle of a storm, it was hard to imagine many scenarios where being outside in such a state of dress wouldn’t lead to her shivering and cursing her bad luck.

“At least I didn’t end up on a snowy mountain…! Small favors…!” Eleanor laughed, shaking her head as she rubbed at her arms to try chasing away the chill that gripped tightly to her bones. “Now I’m talking to myself… Great…! Stuck in a cave, horrible storm… great…!”

Another bolt of lightning hit somewhere, farther away from the mouth of the cave, and Eleanor shuddered as the sound of thunder rolled through the cave. There was no telling how long the rains would last, and she wasn’t exactly prepared to camp out in a dark cave. She wasn’t even sure if any of the small tech-trinkets she brought from that advanced dimension would even function. None of them could make her any food, nor any means of keeping warm.

Things seemed dire, without any hint of how she might solve those problems. Eleanor had encountered her fair bit of hardships on her travels, forced to confront issues without any preparation, but moments like this still felt dire and cruel. She had no idea what to do.

Before she could sink deeper into despair her ear twitched at a sound from deeper in the cave. Her mind filled with all sorts of horrible things it could be. She didn’t believe it would be a giant, cave-sized worm, or a dinosaur made purely of teeth, but it could still be a cave full of hungry predators. As much as I don’t blame animals for needing to eat, or for thinking I’d be invading their territory… it was this or dying in the storm…! Please be friendly, tamed, ridable lizards or something… normal!

Instead of bestial roars, or the sound of hissing reptilian tongues, Eleanor heard unfamiliar words from a language she couldn’t understand echoing off of the cave walls. Her eyes widened. That was much better than a pack of hungry big cats or predatory super geckos.

Even if Eleanor couldn’t identify the words being spoken (or even a vague approximation of the language) there were plenty of reasons to feel calmer. First, it was a woman’s voice. As bad as it was to let down her guard at the sound of a woman, Eleanor was hardly immune to such follies. Second, the woman’s voice sounded warm and curious more than angry or frustrated. If she viewed Eleanor as an unwelcome guest then she was certainly doing her best to be polite about it.

Finally, and perhaps more importantly, if a woman was inside of the cave then that likely meant it was hardly a bad place to wait out the storms. Without ease of communication cohabitating might be difficult, but survival was a higher priority at the moment than comfort. Comfort a few hours ago was why Eleanor was so uncomfortable now.

“Uhm… I’m sorry…!” Eleanor called back, careful to not speak too loudly and to keep her tone mellow. “I don’t understand what you said, but I’m… just passing through…? I didn’t mean to intrude, but I really don’t have anywhere else to go…!”

Sounds of light footfalls emerged from deeper in the cave. Eleanor was already straightening up, smoothing out her jacket and skirt as she wished she could do anything to make a better first impression. She was at least fairly certain that what little clothing she wore looked good on her. She adjusted her black framed glasses, and put on her brightest smile. It reached her blue eyes as they peered eagerly into the cave.

Eleanor wasn’t sure what to expect, but she still found herself surprised by what she saw. Instead of a woman in a hempen cloak, or looking like she too had quickly entered a cave to escape the elements, the approaching woman wore fancy, stylized purple-and gold clothing. Worries that her own state of dress might scandalize felt more distant as she noted the woman’s short skirt and the equally minimal amount of cloth she wore over her chest.

The woman wasn’t voluptuous, more tall and slender, but that only emphasized the curves of her hips and her breasts. Her long black hair was like obsidian, and her eyes, orange like flames. Her skin was a reddish brown, looking almost as though she were carved from impossibly supple and smooth terracotta.

To say that she possessed an unearthly beauty would be an understatement, and inaccurate. She looked more as though she were a woman born of the earth, and perfected in a reflection of the majesty of nature itself. At the same time, she looked sophisticated and intelligent. Eleanor had no doubt that the woman was well-spoken. The language barrier just made it harder for her to be sure what she was trying to communicate.

Eleanor shrugged again, and motioned to her ears before sadly shaking her head. “Sorry! I… I can’t understand you…! Can you understand me…? I’m not trying to get in your way, I—!”

Without another word, the dark haired woman moved her hand through the air. Sparkles of blue, yellow, orange, and green energy followed behind her fingers as they danced in front of her face. It was a beautiful display, as though she were conjuring carefully controlled fireworks. Once she was done, the woman smiled, whispered a few words Eleanor didn’t even try to understand, and motioned in a gentle, inviting way towards Eleanor.

Before she could even attempt to understand what was happening, the light show began to dance around her body. It swirled between Eleanor’s legs starting at her feet, and around her head. It moved around the loose locks of hair that fell in front of her face, and between her body and her arms. While for a moment she’d worried it was some form of attack, it quickly became clear that whatever was happening had no ill intent. The other woman’s smile was too calm, too warm, and almost seemed faintly apologetic.

After several moments of swirling around her, the lights all vanished with no further fanfare. They were simply there one moment, and gone the next. Eleanor’s mind raced to explain what had happened.

Someone less… scientifically inclined might be tempted to call that magic! Lucky for me, I know magic isn’t real! Eleanor looked over her body for any discoloration, finding one thing her largely transparent clothes did right. It was easy to see there was nothing wrong with her body. Some sort of… holographic projection? Maybe she has some sort of scanning device in her clothing? It wouldn’t have been beyond the last world I came from…

“My apologies. Your tongue is unfamiliar to me. I pride myself in being somewhat of a polyglot, but I have no idea from where you might have come.” The dark haired woman sighed, slowly shaking her head as she gave the gentlest of shrugs. “While under other circumstances I would suggest you leave, I get the sense that is not an option… so… would you care to join me?”

“I’d love that tha—I can understand you!” Eleanor grinned. Her luck seemed to be turning around already. “I don’t know how you did that, but thank you…! I would love that…! It’s… very cold, and very wet outside, or I promise, I’d leave you be!”

Laughing, the woman turned and motioned for Eleanor to follow her. Blue eyes scanned along her back, drinking in the backside of the other woman’s body. Her legs were so smooth, looking slender but firm. Her ass looked tight, athletic, yet the skirt did much to soften her general look. “I’ve never seen a woman so impressed by a simple comprehension cantrip… But you must be from far, far away. Please, come with me… It isn’t far. You will be warmer there.”

A blush rose to Eleanor’s cheeks, but she continued to follow close behind. The concept of a comprehension ‘cantrip’ still seemed beyond impossible, but it felt rude to argue that point with a woman who was saving her from death by exposure. “I’m Eleanor!”

“You may call me Ormr, Eleanor.” Ormr’s voice flowed melodically, making the simplest of things she said sound so incredibly lovely. It was impossible for Eleanor to not find herself smiling more the longer she listened. “I am in a somewhat… delicate situation at the moment… So you’ll have to forgive me. I wasn’t expecting… guests. Even before the storm struck, I was here to isolate.”

Teeth closed around Eleanor’s bottom lip as she worried what might have driven Ormr to hide herself away. She seemed far too kind to not warn of infection. Similarly, it seemed unlikely she would invite Eleanor deeper into the cave if it was a dangerous place. She hardly seemed like a dangerous criminal, either.

Maybe she’s here as some part of a religious or other cultural ceremony…? A lot of people experience a time of isolation before being given greater titles of respect or other responsibilities? Eleanor shrugged.

As much as the situation should have been worrying, Eleanor had survived entirely too many bizarre events to be worried by a pretty woman in a cave. She seemed unlikely to suddenly pull out a weapon, or to fill her head with an impossible amount of an impossible substance that would leave her memories in a desaturated haze.

Whatever reason had driven the woman into the cave, Eleanor was confident it wouldn’t be too bad for her.

“Really, I am sorry for dropping in on you unannounced! If I would have known, I would have sent you a letter ahead of time!” Eleanor smirked, though there was no bite in her words—at least not directed towards Ormr. If she could bite at whatever dimensional force decided where and when she was suddenly somewhere else? She would have definitely bit hard enough to draw blood even if she was only limited to words.

“You have me yet more curious as to how you came to be here! But such explanations can wait… please… make yourself at home. I’m sorry that I haven’t much to offer you but would you like a cup of tea…?” As they rounded a corner, Ormr gestured deeper into the cave, and Eleanor gasped.

She’d been expecting a tent in the cave with some small manner of supplies. Ormr’s brief talk of isolation had Eleanor imagining she might have been only mildly more prepared than she was. Instead she saw something much to the contrary.

Though the chamber looked at a first glance to be natural, the high ceiling and faint indentations made it seem more as though great claws had hollowed it out. A structure shaped much like a campfire was at the center of the room, but there was no open flame. Instead, there was a large black marble with an orange-and-blue flame dancing at its center. Above it hung a tea kettle, and beside it sat a small table with a fine cup sitting atop it.

To one side of the room was a wooden bookshelf with several leather-bound tomes. On the other side of the room was a large bed with several blankets draped across it. Large, plush pillows were littered across it in a manner that made it look both lazy and incredibly comfortable.

Small stones placed in holes around the walls of the room seemed to cast a warm, comfortable light. How it seemed so perfectly comfortable, akin to the midday sun without being too bright at any one point in the room, was beyond Eleanor.

This world has far too many mysteries to it for me to hope I could come to a quick understanding just after showing up… Eleanor knew there was an explanation for how all of it worked. There always was. She was still so grateful that she could put off asking the woman a million questions—for the moment.

“Tea… yes… tea would be nice…!” Eleanor slowly looked around the room, her eyes so wide. “Nice cave…!”

Ormr laughed again as she refilled the cup, and then held it out to her guest. “Why thank you… I was preparing for this moment for some time. I would have liked to put it off awhile longer—I had such plans, you see—but one can hardly choose when biological processes occur…”

Before, Ormr had been in the dark cave tunnel and very little light had illuminated her. In the light of her private chamber, not only did she look more beautiful, but more details were obvious. Her well-defined cheekbones were so much more prominent, but more dramatic were her long, pointed ears. If Eleanor didn’t know any better, she would have called her an elf, or wondered if she’d gotten lost going somewhere from a planet known for having a weak atmosphere and battles-to-the-death using bladed polearms.

“I really hope I didn’t show up at a bad time. It’s hard to explain, but I promise, this wasn’t my choice at all.” Eleanor frowned as she lifted the cup to her lips, and took a slow sip. The tea was unlike any drink she’d ever tasted. It was sweet, smooth, savory, and had a certain warmth to it that couldn’t be explained by the campfire-marble. “Mm! This is really good, thank you! But like I was saying, I was just walking, and then I was… here.”

“I sense no deception in you, Eleanor. Please, relax. You are my guest, and I will not show myself to be a wicked hostess…” Ormr grinned, her eyes gazing over Eleanor openly as she took another sip of the warm drink. Her cheeks pinkened, but she did nothing to hide her body from the woman’s curious gaze. “You dress quite… curiously. Are you an… entertainer?”

Though the word spoken was innocent, the way Ormr spoke made Eleanor imagine she would never use a word that sounded crass or inappropriate in polite company. “No, this was standard where I was. I’m a student, actually.”

Ormr’s eyes brightened as she moved first towards the chair beside the campfire-marble, only to frown when she realized there was no second chair. It was easy to see that she had not expected guests. Nothing came in pairs, and while Eleanor’s gaze fell upon several crates that appeared to contain fruits and other foodstuffs there seemed to be little in the way of duplicate comforts.

Instead of the chair, Ormr moved over to the bed and sat upon it with a smile. She patted beside herself, her eyes hooding low. “A student? I would love to hear what you… study. You’re unlike any student that I have ever met…”

Eleanor quivered as she looked to Ormr’s eyes and accepted her invitation to sit closer. It wasn’t just their orange color that made them look like flames. The details of her irises, and the shape they took around her irises, looked almost like a fire frozen in place. Her pupils seemed wider than before, and deeper. They were so infinitely deep, and dark. When they grew, they looked less round, and almost… serpentine.

That didn’t scare her. If anything, Eleanor found the detail more beautiful, more fascinating. Given her ears, it was clear that Ormr was hardly human—at least not in the precise ways Eleanor was human. She was curious what other differences they might have.

A sweet, musky scent drifted along her nose, and Eleanor’s eyes hooded as she slowly, deeply drew it into her nose. A shudder rolled down along her spine as warmth blossomed through her body. Mmm… I wonder just how… compatible we are. I wonder how her skin tastes… It looks really smooth, really soft… Mmmm she’s really, really pretty…

“Oh, I study… Physics…? It’s basically how the world works, the basic laws of nature, applied math… you know…” Eleanor waved her hand as if that explained everything as she took another sip. “I’m sure whatever you’re studying here is way more interesting… maybe you could teach me.”

“Maybe I could…” Ormr grinned, leaning faintly closer. She wasn’t merely taller than Eleanor. She was tall. She towered over the smaller woman without doing more than sitting close.

Without thinking, or even noticing, Eleanor found herself inhaling deeply as she enjoyed Ormr’s company. That musky scent in the air was unlike any that she’d ever inhaled before, but the things it awoke in her body were hardly unknown to her. Each sniff, each breath of that thick, heady scent had her thighs clenching, and her eyes wanting to hood lower as the warmth in her body burned hotter and brighter.

Eleanor found herself purring as she finished the small cup of tea. She arched back, the translucent jacket falling open even more. The gray-and-black covering her breasts was hardly skintight, but it did do more to emphasize than hide them away. “Well… You’ll need to show me your credentials, then…”

Arousal burned hotter and hotter inside of Eleanor as she drew that scent deeper and deeper with each casual inhale. It felt less as though she were taking in another hint of the scent, and more as though the inside of her sinuses were drenched with it. The fragrance was so warm, so primal, so raw. It wasn’t floral. It wasn’t gentle. It was a smell of sex, a smell of sex that didn’t just hint sex had occurred, or could occur, but that demanded it occur.

Her thighs fell open, her hips faintly rising as they pressed out the glittery fabric that clung tight between Eleanor’s thighs. Ormr glanced down, eyes trailing along her thighs, between then, and then back up to meet Eleanor’s. “You really have no idea why I’m here, do you…?”

“If you want me to know that? You’re going to have to tell me.” Eleanor grinned, her lips curling as her hips began to idly roll as if to earn friction from something that wasn’t there. A thin sheen of sweat glistened across her body, and her own pupils were expanding to eclipse more and more of her beautiful blue eyes. “I’m not a mind reader, Ormr… If you want something, you’re going to need to say it.”

Desire pulsed inside of Eleanor. The taller woman felt so powerful, so intelligent, so sexy, and Eleanor wanted to feel herself pinned down to the bed that was every bit as comfortable as it looked. She wanted it, but…

She didn’t want to make it too easy for Ormr. She didn’t want to give her no struggle at all. She wanted to flirt, and then feel just how serious Ormr was.

As much as she wanted to be overpowered, she wanted Ormr to earn taking her.

“Mmm… What if I don’t want to say it…?” Ormr rested a nail just under Eleanor’s chin, pushing it up in a way that made Eleanor shudder. “What if I just want to… show you…? What if you showing up, here, now, is just the perfect sort of coincidence that I’m not going to let myself pass up, even if it’s hardly ladylike… and I so pride myself on my manners…?”

Eleanor’s eyes hooded lower, her lips rubbing together. She set the teacup down carefully on the stone floor of the cave. “Well if you can’t explain it, maybe you don’t want it bad enough.”

Ormr’s eyes widened, and for a moment Eleanor worried she’d teased the other woman too far. The incredulous look spreading over her features was one of a much more dramatic nature than the bratty submissive had encountered before. Most women who exuded the raw authority that Ormr wielded so effortlessly had plenty of experience dealing with women like her and were quick to show Eleanor her place.

It was hard to feel the worry over her arousal. It was there, but even that worry felt twinged with lustful heat. It was more a worry that her thighs wouldn’t have anything to squeeze around, to grind against, as opposed to any worry of danger.

The dimensional traveler was too turned on to be afraid of any real harm coming to her.

Before she could apologize, or even start, Ormr began to howl with deep laughter. Every chuckle, every small little sound, echoed and shook through all of Eleanor’s body that felt so slick and tender. Her thighs clenched tight before her legs slowly spread back apart, her eyes hazy and hooded.

Eleanor had enjoyed the company of so many women, across so many dimensions, but she’d never felt so… hot. Her skin tingled, so warm and hot. She wanted Ormr so much that she could barely even breathe.

Ormr not touching Eleanor almost felt painful. The pale woman tried to move closer, to brush her leg against the other woman without committing to anything herself. It was difficult with her body so shaky, so shuddering, and the failure caused her to quietly groan in longing. It was physically cruel how sexy Ormr was without touching her.

No… I don’t want her to touch me… Eleanor couldn’t breathe without it coming out as heavy, breathless panting. I want her to fuck me. I want her to take me… Can’t she take a hint?!

“Oh… I want it bad enough… Though maybe not as badly as you do… Let me… help with that.” Ormr’s eyes hooded lower, and the orange of her eyes almost seemed to flicker and lap at the edges of her deep dark pupils. “Breathe nice and deep, Eleanor… Moan for me…”

Ormr took a long, slow deep breath. The way her chest swelled sent more burning heat pulsing between Eleanor’s legs and burned the flush across her chest that much more severely. “Breath in wh—o-oohhh…!” As she spoke the black haired woman breathed out, and with it came a mist of pure red. It unfurled from her lips like velvety smoke, twisting, sparkling as it moved out to Eleanor and forced its way into her nose, into her mouth, and into her skin.

She’d never felt a scent with her skin before, but Eleanor could smell the other woman in her face, in her arms, and even in her breasts. Her nipples hummed with that presence, with that raw sensuality. She whimpered, breathing in deep as she felt that scent coil and clench around her libido itself.

For a moment all that she understood was raw, wanton lust. All that she felt was need. Without a thought, Eleanor fell back onto the bed, and pulled the skirt up past the small, silvery garment nestled between her thighs.

Without any inhibition at all her fingers delved past the waistband, stroking along her slick, glistening slit. Her hips arched up hard, shuddering as she strained to reach down with her other hand to pull the fabric away. On a level below thought, a level even below instinct, she knew what it was she wanted. She knew the desires that Ormr ignited, and she needed Ormr to see them. She needed Ormr to indulge them.

Fuck me… Fuck me… Fuck me!

Eleanor’s moans rose louder and louder as her fingers moved inside of herself. With her pussy exposed, her other hand found itself freeing her breast with a desperate tug of the equally small garment. They bounced free dramatically, and soon found themselves squeezed.

That arousing, perfect aromatic presence in her breasts made every squeeze, every tug of her nipple, so much more powerful. She was infected with a deep, irresistible lust, and indulging it did nothing to solve that powerful urge that pounded with each strong, insistent beat of her heart.

“Wh…what’s… ha-happening… O-ohhh…” When the effect waned, Eleanor’s fingers didn’t stop thrusting between her legs. Her fingers didn’t stop pinching and twisting at her own nipple. She didn’t stop kneading at her own breast.

She could think again, but she couldn’t stop herself from needing to be fucked more than she’d ever needed anything before in her life. She’d felt mindless before. She’d been controlled before—that she could remember exceptionally clearly. She’d never before felt like the very purpose of her self, body and mind, was to fuck. She wanted to be filled, to be sucked, to be kissed, to be used…

All of the submissive desires that lurked quietly in her mind were wide awake and yearning for fulfillment. All of the fantasies of being too small and too weak as another woman overcame her bratty nature were so strong she couldn’t even begin to imagine asking for them to be fulfilled but she needed it like she needed nothing else.

Ormr purred as she moved to straddle Eleanor’s waist. Her hands grasped the bed on either side of Eleanor’s head as she leaned closer, black hair falling around their faces like a dark curtain that cut them off from the rest of the entire world. “Mmm… The reason I isolated myself, Eleanor… It was not for simple pleasure, or for study… I isolated myself, Eleanor, because I am experiencing the drive to mate… and when a dragon’s lust consumes her, there is nothing that she, or any other, can do to resist it…”

“You’re not a—mmph!” Eleanor moaned as Ormr’s lips mashed into hers. Without a second thought she returned the kiss with all of the same force, all of the same raw passionate need.

Ormr grinded down, her clothed sex trapping Eleanor’s arm against her body. It did nothing to stop her from stroking herself, but it let her feel the warmth between Ormr’s legs burning against her. Eleanor’s eyes melted shut as she arched up against the larger woman as hard as she could, her entire body shaking like a quivering bonfire with a new tank of gasoline poured haphazardly from above.

As Eleanor’s lips parted to accept Ormr’s tongue, she found it was much larger than it looked from a distance, and so much more sinuous. It curved and bent around her own, making it so all that Eleanor could do was writhe as more of that red mist poured into her mouth and burned through her body.

Fuck me…! Yes… yes… fuck me…! I need to fuck… need… need to be fucked!

Just as she’d said, Ormr was hardly in any greater control of herself. Her orange eyes had turned nearly as red as that mist, and she moved like an animal as she grinded her clothed body down against Eleanor. Her hands reached up for a moment, tearing away at the purple-and-gold that clung to her body. Sharp nails at the end of her fingers quickly tore the garments to shreds, leaving only rags nearby on the floor as she reached for the breast Eleanor was not kneading herself.

Her every touch was possessive, squeezing firm and tight, grinding hard and unrelentingly. For her tall, slender frame she possessed a great strength that made her more inhuman than a glance at her ears would suggest.

Even lost inside of her wanton fuckneed, Eleanor had no doubt this woman was something more.

When the kiss broke, Eleanor groaned as Ormr’s mouth found her neck and began to suckle and bite. She whined as the hand between her legs was pushed away, only for her hand to be slapped down against the bare skin of Ormr’s firm ass. She squeezed, her nails digging in without thought as Ormr’s fingers delved deep within her dripping cleft.

Their bodies moved with the same rhythm, rolling together, squeezing together, moaning echoes of each other’s desires. In that moment they existed as two women in theory only, their bodies and minds connected by things that went so much deeper than what kept them apart.

Burning in Eleanor was a scent that drove her body more lustful and mindless than the scent of pussy, than any scent she’d ever imagined before. It was the scent of the first girl she’d ever wanted to kiss. It was the scent of every older woman who had been too unattainable. It was the scent of every woman she’d left behind on a world she would never visit again. The scent that consumed her was made of quintessential desire to fuck, and Eleanor’s body could do nothing to fight such a powerful drive.

It wasn’t long before their kiss began anew, lips mashing, Eleanor’s tongue wrapped up as though Ormr’s tongue was a snake itself that desired to devour hers whole. That tight constricting made Eleanor’s clit throb louder, and as though Ormr could sense that her fingers began to skillfully dance along the tender pearl.

Eleanor couldn’t stop herself from kneading, from squeezing, from pressing herself to Ormr in every way that she could. Her body was drenched in sweat. Ormr’s moans were louder to her than any thunder, and the sight of her body more blinding to reason than any lightning flash. Anything beyond sex, beyond fucking, beyond losing herself to biological urges was so far gone and only further as Eleanor inhaled more of the scent that rolled off of Ormr in waves.

So lost in the throes of passion, a cloud of red hovered around the dragon woman. It was thick, so thick that red droplets formed along the curves of both women as they whimpered and writhed. Both of them looked so mindless, so lost as they squeezed and clawed and kissed.

It was hard to know what part of Eleanor’s body was pressing into what part of Ormr’s. All that mattered was getting more of that sensation, more of that feeling…

More… more… More! Fuck me until I can’t take it any more… Fuck me…!

When Ormr and Eleanor came, they came together. Their screams were loud, trembling nonsense that had less in the way of meaning, and more in the way of yearning. Their dance hardly stopped, bodies grinding, clenching, shuddering, no longer piloted by willful, thoughtful minds.

They fucked until they couldn’t fuck anymore, and with louder cries, they drifted into dreams of lust and desire.

“I really hope you can forgive me, Eleanor. When one is in the grips of this… affliction… their reasoning is severely hampered. The thought of warning you that my mating cycle was making such demands of me… it did not even occur. It would have potentially stood between you and I, and that… I could not allow that.” Ormr’s cheeks were faintly flush as she sipped from their shared teacup.

Ormr had intended on an extended isolation. She had no desire for offspring—not yet anyway—and had not wished to become a lustful danger to any who might happen upon her. With the first signs happening weeks before the worst of it, Ormr had told Eleanor the story of how she’d found the isolated mountain, used her full draconic form to make a safe cave… and fled.

How is she hiding so much… mass…? So much… self…? Eleanor’s cheeks were still flushed as she took a sip from the shared cup in kind. It’s impossible. You can’t destroy or create matter… and she could… push it somewhere else, but then how does she get it back so easily…? Shapeshifting… It doesn’t make… None of this makes sense, besides how… sexy she is.

Doubting Ormr’s sincerity wasn’t even a distant concern. They’d shared a light salad in near silence, but that awkwardness had passed. If Ormr wished to take her again against her will, she showed no signs of it. If anything, she seemed terribly embarrassed.

Nothing about Ormr—when she was not lost to biological drives—was anything short of composed. Having that stripped away seemed to make her very self conscious.

She hadn’t met Eleanor’s eyes since.

“I still would have joined you. You are a very sexy woman, and I think I can still hear the sto—” Another loud roar of thunder echoed through the cave, reaching them with no less fanfare than it would if they were out atop the summit. “Yep. That’s a storm. That’s a storm I’d much rather be avoiding with you, than being out there. Does this happen to you… often?”

Ormr shook her head. “It… It is a thing that happens once every many decades to one of my kind. We age, but we age very differently than most of those who dwell this land. I have been told that my kind view years as another might weeks, or months. I am uncertain how one could know such a thing, but I do know that this is only my… first such experience. I had not expected that it would both be so powerful, and so… seductive.”

Eleanor cocked her head to the side, carefully adjusting her black-framed glasses as they slid slightly along her nose. “Seductive? What do you mean?”

Ormr’s cheeks burned brighter. For a long time she merely sipped, and then rose from the bed to refill their glass. As she moved, Eleanor watched the sway of Ormr’s hips. Already they were moving more dramatically, and the flushed lips nestled between were already again growing slick. It occurred to her that she could warn the other woman about the clear signs of her arousal, but that seemed rude.

If anyone knew how Ormr was feeling, it would surely be the woman—the dragon—herself.

“I mean… I had heard that it drives one to find a mate. I have heard it makes one desire physical intimacy more than anything else… But I had not heard that it does not merely blot out all other ideas.” Ormr quivered as she again sat beside Eleanor, looking shyly into the cup. She watched as her shaking hands spread ripples across the surface of the smooth, brown liquid. “It was less as though I were nothing more than a desire to rut and grind, and more… More as if that was all I wished to be. I longed to do nothing more than fuck, to take you, to devour you… metaphorically. I assure you, eating sentient life is… as distasteful to me as it is to you.”

“I believe you! You had ample opportunity to eat me by now if that was what you had in mind.” Eleanor smiled as she took the cup again for a quick sip before handing it back. “How long does it usually last…? Can you usually breathe… whatever chemical that is?”

The dark haired woman laughed, both nodding and shaking her head. “I can tell that for your kind you are very… disbelieving of what it is that I can do. I can create such magic at any time. Magic is in the very blood of a dragon. However, I was not shaping the spell as such—not willfully. This is the only time magic has worked itself though me. It was… invigorating, and amazing.”

Though it was unspoken, Eleanor could hear “and terrifying” plainly.

Ormr’s eyes fluttered, and her thighs clenched. Her nostrils flared as a shudder rolled down along her spine. Her bare toes curled, digging in to the stone of the cave floor beneath her feet. Her breathing again began to quicken.

“As for how long it lasts… It used to be believed that until a dragon were sufficiently fucked, were sufficiently… satisfied… it would not go away. However, modern study would indicate that it lasts for merely a month…” Ormr looked further away from Eleanor, another shudder making her entire body clench. Her eyes even squeezed tight as a moan quietly teased at her lips. “I can already feel it rising back up inside of me. There’s nothing that I can do to stop it, either. That hunger, that need… It’s a part of me. It is me. It will not be long before I am unable to stave it off and you will be at my mercy again…”

“I know…” Eleanor smiled as she reached to squeeze at Ormr’s bare thigh. She quivered, feeling that same red warmth on the other woman’s skin that she felt inside of her body when that glittering breath had coursed through her in a wave of overwhelming need. “Oh… Oh fuck…”

“Mmm… It is so unrelenting, so… Insatiable… I must have you, Eleanor. I must have you in every way that I can have you… and I will not allow you to refuse. My body took this form on its own when I heard you, when I saw you before you first saw me…” Ormr groaned as she set down the cup, nearly throwing it to the ground in her haste. The moment it was settled. Her hands squeezed at Eleanor’s shoulders. “I care little for the form I take… Only that I take you…!”

Eleanor wasn’t sure if another dose of that red breath could have made her body clench as hard as those words. Her vision was already growing hazy. With shaky hands she pulled her glasses free, and clumsily lowered them down beside the teacup. “Are you just going to say that, or are you g—ohh!”

The full force of Ormr’s physical might pinned Eleanor down to the bed, and soon the full passion of her kiss was draining the breath from Eleanor’s lungs. Nothing felt quite like that tongue coiled around her own as hands forced her body down against the dragon’s comfortable bed. She inhaled, and moaned into Ormr’s mouth as she tasted so much more lust and passion incinerate her inhibitions. Her hips began to grind, and Eleanor cared less what they found as long as they found something.

All they could find was Ormr, and her body burned with that same heat. The pheromones that tingled deep inside of both women hardly called to each other. They both would have been just as driven to grind against any other woman… but no other woman was closer.

The only thing in that cave that could truly sate either woman’s lust was the other.

“You’re going to fuck me, and you’re going to surrender to me, and there will be no other choice for you!” Ormr’s words came out somewhere between a whimper and a hiss. “I will have you again, and you will have me… and those are not merely idle words… Beg for me, Eleanor. Beg like the weak, small, pitiful woman that you are for me to satisfy these feelings so much stronger than any feelings you’ve ever felt…”

“P-p-pleeeeease… O-o-ohhhhh… Mmmm…” Eleanor whined, twisting and struggling under Ormr as that scent burned its way into her nose even when Eleanor wasn’t inhaling. Every breath took it into her lungs. Every place the two naked women pressed together grinded that scent into her too deep for Eleanor to ever wash away. “Please fuck me… have me… please…!”

Again Ormr howled with laughter, only there was so much less amusement and so much more raw pleasure. As helpless as Ormr’s strength made Eleanor feel, Eleanor’s words made Ormr feel large and imposing.

The dominant thrill of grinding Eleanor down against the bed, of making her plead and yearn, sparked the fire of Ormr’s delight higher than she could have imagined. “Mmm I will… But this time I want to taste you, to truly taste you… and I want you to taste me. I want to lie atop you, and suck and lick at your body as you suck and lick at mine. If you hesitate, if you stop before I command you to stop… Mmm I’ll burn your very self away with such lust and desire that you’ll never even want to leave this cave again!”

“Oh, fuck, yes, yes that, that, please th-mmmmmmm!” Eleanor screamed as the woman above her pivoted, and grinded her slick, wet cunt across her face. Her tongue only just managed to reach past her own lips, to dance along the slick folds of Ormr’s lower lips before she felt Ormr’s lips seal tight around her clit.

Eleanor’s blue eyes crossed, both from the taste on her tongue and the extraordinary pleasure from Ormr’s lips. Heat burned in that touch that stimulated Eleanor in ways no other touch ever had. It was less as though she were feeling the external touch to her aching body, and more as though those lips could set her nerves alight like erotic dragon fire. Ormr suckled harder, her breath hot and wet against Eleanor’s flesh, and her mind swam in yearning.

The taste of Ormr’s pussy wasn’t just the taste of a woman, tangy and sweet in all of the best ways that Eleanor loved. It burned with that same red desire. It burned with that same scent, and inhaling it seared her mind with a craving that drove away her logic and reasoning.

In that moment she couldn’t question that this woman was a dragon, that this woman had magic, that this woman was fucking her body and mind with arcane powers stronger than any sensation Eleanor had ever felt before. Instead, she felt all the more deeply opened to those ideas, to those truths that were a raw, physical reality of the pussy that filled her nose, that was between her lips, and that quivered against her tongue.

She suckled and groaned as she arched herself up against the hungry lips that suckled at her body as though the juice from Eleanor’s cunt was a drug that Ormr needed more and more as her addiction raged. Wet sounds of tongues and lips, and soon fingers moving against and within their pussies filled the cave with the slickest of echoes.

Lust wafted thick in the cave air like a humid swamp, soaking very surface and every breath with more desire that could not be denied. Both women moaned and screamed louder and louder, even as they could not allow themselves to stop indulging their cravings.

Ormr’s nails retracted as her long, slender fingers thrust deep and fast within Eleanor’s sex. The feeling of her nether lips squeezing around Ormr, the sound of her wet body yielding to every thrust, the cries of pleasure that followed, all of it seared hotter and hotter flames within the dragon’s burning eyes.

Eleanor was drowning, unable to rise above the nectar that she swallowed as it poured so freely into her mouth. The need that burned through both women only amplified as they indulged in their mutual cravings. Alone, Ormr might have felt lust, but a quick orgasm at her own touch might have been enough to fight the overpowering drive back down. With Eleanor’s lips at her pussy, with Eleanor’s nails digging into her ass, and with Eleanor’s naked body pressing against her own there was only higher to soar and more lust to burn at her mind like cheap kindling.

So far beyond even a mantra of fucking, a pitiful pleading for more sex, more pussy, more sensation at her own, all that Eleanor could do was suck, nibble, lick, and drool from both sets of lips as her body shook in ever stronger pleasure. Orgasm after orgasm shook through her body, and Ormr’s, flooding her nose with more of that scent that burned away at everything in her mind that understood anything beyond how sexy and perfect Ormr was.

The way her ass accepted Eleanor’s fingers tingled with that scent. The way that Ormr’s tongue swirled around her clit, coiling just as tight as it had around her own, was enough to draw out cries so loud Eleanor’s throat was raw. If Ormr’s juices didn’t sustain her, filling her body with strength when it would have otherwise fallen limp, she would be long since spent.

Whatever power there was in a dragon’s blood it was just as capable of fueling lust as it was at fueling everything else needed for its satisfaction.

Ormr’s tongue squeezed tighter at Eleanor’s clit. Her fingers thrust quicker, curling to feel the places deep inside of her that longed for sensation. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she lost herself to the taste of the blonde’s cunt, enchanted by every small aspect of the flavor that was permanently branded deep into her memory.

When even the blood of a dragon could no longer fuel their endless grinding, the two came as one, their consciousness ebbing as they mindlessly sucked themselves into a deep, blissful slumber.

“So it’s really going to be like that… Like… Mmmm… like this for an entire month…?” Eleanor was already panting, nibbling at an apple as she grinded her naked pussy down against Ormr’s bare thigh. She’d barely been awake, but already her body was aching. Her hard nipples bounced atop her breasts as she pressed down harder, faster, ravenous for food but unable to stop attempting to sate her body’s longings.

“Mmmm… a-a-at least… Mmmm… Some dragons have longer mating cycles… but none are any… O-oh… Any shorter…!” Ormr had one of Eleanor’s hands trapped between her thighs, and every time she rolled her hips she pressed the other woman’s palm that much tighter into her clit. Her fingers were buried deep, unable to get free as she squeezed around them.

Ohhh don’t think I could survive a month… Mmm but I hope I can…! I hope I can stay here for an entire month—maybe two! Maybe a year!

The scent that permeated the cave was impossible to escape. Every breath, every inhale, every moment of exertion at all drove more need into the two women that neither of them could hope to resist. Even if it brought out a dominant side of Ormr while it made Eleanor weaker that hardly meant that the dragon could seize that power for more than the raw act of fucking. It was a raw aspect of who she was. The scent that her own body gave off, the magic that it created when this status overtook her, it would drive her to fuck for the sake of her kind’s continuity.

“Mmmm… Is… is there any special reason why this stuff doesn’t care that I’m a woman? We can't really… conceive, breed, mate, whatever, if we’re both… o-ohhh…” Eleanor’s eyes crossed as Ormr’s tongue swirled around her nipple before a hard suckle drew it between firm teeth that pressed down tight.

For a moment that lasted an eternity, all that Eleanor could feel was the pleasure of those teeth around her nipple, and the tongue that danced across its tip. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t move, she couldn’t even think. All she could do was just gasp, her eyes widening as the half-eaten apple fell from her hand. Ormr’s mouth opened wider, her tongue enveloping her nipple, squeezing, and Eleanor cried out louder as she came against the other woman’s ruddy thigh.

Only when Ormr’s mouth pulled back from her breast could Eleanor breathe again. Her vision came back in spots, white and blurry and hot as she writhed in afterglow.

“Dragons aren’t like other races, Eleanor… I am uncertain if our coupling will lead to my body producing eggs… but at this moment?” Ormr’s eyes were hooded into thin slits as her tongue flicked along her own lips. “I don’t care. I don’t think my body cares, either. I just want to fuck, just like you want to fuck. Magic can do impressive things… but I don’t know if that will happen. I only know that I don’t want you to leave until this is over… So you’re going to stay. You’re going to stay, here with me…”

Eleanor groaned. She felt too weak to even feign a struggle so Ormr could overpower her, put her in her place, and demand compliance. The thought made her pussy tremble, but she almost felt half-asleep in a combination of afterglow and longing.

Mmm… It’s almost so staggering a sensation that I think after a month of this I might not be able to get turned on for a year at least…! I might lose my mind and stay here forever… Mmm… That wouldn’t be so bad… Eleanor let out a lustful giggle as she grinded down against Ormr’s thigh a little harder.

The idea of a dragon laying an egg that had a little bit of her wasn’t the worst thought. It was hard to think about when she needed Ormr to suck at her nipple again, to knead her breasts, to fill her pussy with her tongue and her fingers… but it wasn’t a bad thought. If that happened, she couldn’t imagine being upset. It wasn’t like any of this was Ormr’s fault. It had been a case of being in the right place at the right time.

Ormr had been perfectly responsible in trying to isolate herself away from anyone who might not wish the month-plus embrace of a dragon’s sex pheromones.

If I ever get a chance to figure out what makes me end up in places like this… I’m going to ask if they get off on watching this, and if they can find more worlds like this…!

“I could certainly chose a worse mate… Mmm you’re beautiful, and we haven’t been able to chat much… mmm but I can tell you’re brilliant.” Their lips met again, and Eleanor was soon breathless in the unique kiss of Ormr’s tongue squeezing at her own.

Once her tongue was released Eleanor fell into a series of lustful giggles. “Mmm would you give me an ‘A’ in dragon-fucking, Miss Ormr…?”

“I have no idea what you’re asking, but if it means ‘would I tell you that you’re brilliant at fucking’?” Ormr kissed along Eleanor’s neck, sucking, nibbling, biting only hard enough for the smaller woman to feel. “Mmmm then I would give you the highest of marks, and then more… I would claw them into your body, tattoo them into your soul… Mmm you simply must stay for the entire month… I demand it, Eleanor…”

“Mmmm anything you say, Ormr… I can’t resist you… O-oh…!” Eleanor’s eyes widened as she felt herself pulled down atop Ormr with a thigh still tightly trapped between her own. Her hips began to grind on their own, pressing her pussy down against Ormr’s smooth, slick skin. “Ohhh I should be so sore by now… We’ve been fucking over and over for…”

Ormr chuckled, her eyes hooded as she squeezed Eleanor’s hips and pressed her down more firmly against her thigh. “Mmm at least a day… maybe two…? It’s been so hard to keep track. I don’t want to count. I want to fuck you…”

Eleanor again fell into youthful giggles, moaning as she pressed her hips down against Ormr’s. Her breasts felt so good pressed against Ormr’s bare skin. Her hips felt so good against Ormr’s bare skin. Her pussy felt more sensitive, more alive against Ormr than it had against anyone, or anything else across the multiverse.

If anyone could draw from a wide range of partners to compare, it was a woman who wasn’t relegated to only one universe of partners.

“Mmm counting is something I… I… Ohhh… Used to be able to do incredibly well… Mmm calculus is a bitch but it’s… useful… Now I… Mmmm the cosine won’t help me nom on your sexy fucking nipples!” Eleanor squeezed at Ormr’s arms as she latched tight.

All of Ormr’s skin tasted of that scent. It was still so overpowering, still making her thighs shudder and clench as her whole body shook, but it was a lust that she was starting to understand. She could understand the way it twisted at her mind, and the way it drove her body to forget about everything else in the pursuit of more sex, more fucking, more flesh against her flesh.

Choosing between being able to think, or sinking in that flavor… Eleanor chose to be submerged.

Ormr shuddered, her nails teasing through Eleanor’s hair as she arched up against her. “Mmm… Your lips… Your body… Mmm you are so delicious Eleanor, and I want you to know what a treasure you are… Mmm I want you to know that I never want you to leave, even after this is through… O-ohhh… Suck my nipple… suck… suck!

Feeling it as a command, not just a suggestion, not just a lustful plead, was almost enough to make that scent dissolve the last of Eleanor’s consciousness all over again. She suckled as hard as she could, squeezing tighter at Ormr’s arms as she shuddered against her.

Ormr’s presence was so powerful. Being near her, Eleanor could feel her pussy whisper to her mind that no task would be too great to earn more of Ormr’s favor. If they stayed together any longer than a month, Eleanor wasn’t sure she would ever be able to pull the playful brat routine ever again. She might just want to drop to her knees and fall in line, obeying the powerful, sexy dragon’s every wish.

The thought wasn’t so bad. Ormr was so warm. That wasn’t just the heat of her cunt, or the feeling of her tongue. Ormr was inviting, tender, and amazing.

If my trip here is the universe rewarding Ormr… Mmm… I’m ok with that… o-ohhh…!

Ormr had begun to move her leg, making it rub against Eleanor and bounce her body against Ormr’s. The sudden movement, and the greater friction, had Eleanor’s eyes opening just enough to mindlessly cross. She inhaled, breathing so deep, and felt another rush of lust sizzle between her every synapse and burn across every neuron.

“S-suck me… Mm suck me while I fuck you… Mmm… suck me while my body’s magic keeps you trapped here with me… and me here with you…!” Ormr’s voice almost sounded like she was pleading, but it was too firm for that. There was no uncertainty, and no room for Eleanor to deny the woman anything that she requested. The lust that burned inside of her made Eleanor hot and wet and weak, but it was Ormr’s strong presence, that primal dominance, that made the blonde powerlessly enchanted by the dragon. Even when she could think, even when her body wasn’t driving her to fuck over any other desire…

Eleanor moaned. Even with her eyes melted shut, her pussy bounced against Ormr’s thigh, she could so easily see the dragon woman in her mind’s eye. She could taste her pussy even with lips wrapped around a nipple, teeth faintly tugging to feel the woman’s nipple throb that much harder.

Their constant, intimate interactions would make it so Eleanor would never find herself closing her eyes without that scent being so easy to recall. Even if she lived for another thousand years she would always remember the taste of the dragon’s cunt. She would always want more.

“Can’t think of a woman… O-ohh… I would rather have here with me… than you…! You’re so good… so sexy… so… Mmm… I want to keep you forever…!” Ormr whined so loud as she arched her body up against Eleanor’s lips.

Eleanor’s grip on the moment, on her consciousness, began to ebb as that scent burned its way deeper inside of her brain. Her pussy seized control of her hips, making her grind, buck, tremble that much more. If it had any say in the matter, Eleanor knew that she would never be leaving that cave.

She didn’t want to think about the fact that eventually, unless something suddenly changed, she would be leaving again. She didn’t want to think about how impossible it would be to find her way back…

And as that red lust burned deeper inside of her body the harder she sucked, the harder she grinded, the more she grasped so tight at Ormr’s body… she couldn’t.

All she could do was fuck.

Ormr’s pheromones were too strong. The fragrance overwhelmed the young woman’s mind, driving her hips into a frenzy as her eyes rolled back into her head. Eleanor needed to fuck, and Ormr was happy to indulge her.

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