Chapter 7: Zero Resistance

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 7: Zero Resistance


Serina moaned. She was back in the milking room, the drug room, whatever Mind Bore wanted to call it. It was the room where she got what she wanted, what she needed, and that made everything so much better, so much more… good.

This time was different. She wasn’t naked… not yet. She was wearing her mask, her black top, even her leather jacket. Her jeans were even snug around her ass and covering her legs. It wasn’t Serina laying back on the table… it was Live Wire. She was Live Wire again, laying back on the familiar table, and she wasn’t even bound. Her wrists could move freely. Her legs could move.

It was the best chance she’d ever had to escape, and doubtlessly the only chance of its kind that she would ever get. All she had to do was sit up, swing her legs off of the table, and run. She could fight her way out, struggle against any odds, find some door…

Don’t want that… not anymore. Don’t want to escape… Don’t want to be able to escape… I can only do what she wants me to do anyway… Serina shuddered. Her thoughts weren’t in a tone of despair. They were tingling with arousal. Her lips couldn’t stop rubbing together. Her thighs couldn’t stop clenching. Don’t want to fight it… Mmm until it’s obvious that there’s no way I can escape… I want her to strap me down, to strip me naked, to make me move for her… I don’t want to fight this anymore… I want more of the drug…

Serina was uncertain if this was really the third time she’d been in the room, or if it was the fourth… maybe the second. She tried again to piece together a timeline of events, to make things have some sort of sense, but she couldn’t. She was half sure that the last time she’d been in this room Mind Bore had been taunting her, telling her that all she had to do was ask for it and she’d get everything she wanted.

Mind Bore had said so many things—something about being a hummingbird, sweet nectar… Serina couldn’t be sure. All of her memories felt jumbled, as if the strap-on her students had used to fuck her had reached inside of her skull like those tentacles and sent her thoughts scattered to the far corners of her consciousness. Finding them was too hard…

“Do you think you can hold out forever? Do you? It’s made from you. The formula is absolutely perfect in every way! All you’re doing is torturing yourself and providing me with a show.” The memory was so visceral, so raw, so real, even if it was one Serina wasn’t sure she remembered, or when it happened if she did. It was all so jumbled, so blurry, so strange. The taste of her favorite drug, of her favorite cream, was on her lips.

Serina wanted more.

Serina needed more.


“How’re you feeling, Live Wire? You aren’t trapped. You could sit up. You could try to escape.” Mind Bore’s tone almost sounded bored, as though she’d played through this scenario a thousand times before. Maybe she had. Serina wasn’t sure if this had happened before. She wasn’t sure if anything had happened before, or in what order.

Her whole mind felt like it was becoming increasingly artificial. Just a connection of fetishes, of desires, of needs… She’s making me into her robot even if I’m still made of flesh and bone. Who knows…? Maybe she’s implanted something inside of me.

A jolt shuddered down Serina’s spine at the thought of something inside of her, something that could trigger any reaction, make her powerless, helpless, controlled. It would explain why her powers didn’t want to work anymore. It could explain why she was so easily conditioned by the maniacal genius. It certainly felt like it took no effort at all for Mind Bore to make her however she wanted Serina to be…

The idea was already starting to turn Serina on. She wanted to feel more of those new overwhelming fetishes suppressing her will and urging her to comply. She wanted to feel herself so powerless, so at the mercy of whatever little thing Mind Bore found fun.

She didn’t just want it for the pleasure or the arousal anymore. Those laughs… The whole class laughing at me… Her clit throbbed as she wriggled her jean-clad hips. Being a failure, being laughed at, being small and pitiful and weak… It feels so… Hot… I want more of that feeling! I shouldn’t but I do! I do, and there’s no point in denying it. Not anymore…

“I feel… weak. I… don’t want to escape.” Serina’s voice was shy, uncertain if she should admit that or not. More importantly, she was unsure if Mind Bore wanted her to be feeling this weak yet.

Did she want the experiment to reach this stage yet? Would Serina be a disappointment? Fear that she would fail to please Mind Bore like this and earn yet more terrors welled up from deep inside of the heroine’s mind. If she was going to surrender, if she was going to betray herself, then she needed to be able to feel that things would be better. She needed things to be better. She needed Mind Bore to just control her, use her, mock her… and turn her off when she was done.

“And what did you learn this time, Live Wire?” Mind Bore said her heroine alias like it was a slur. Each time the sound hit Serina’s ears it stung, but it stung in a way that made her clit throb and her nipples ache.

She wished she were naked so Mind Bore could be staring at her body as she squirmed on the cool steel table. She wished she were being ordered to strip, to masturbate, before being forced down into the table’s bonds. She wanted to feel her ankles trapped, her wrists stuck at her sides, and she needed that drug. It was the only thing that felt right in the whole world, and it made things feel so much better.

It was all of the cruelty in the world that made her wet and all of the aftercare at the same time. It was being tied too tight and having the red lines on her skin kissed better at the same time. I’m not sure if it’s chemically or emotionally addictive, or both, but I… I need it…!

Remembering what Mind Bore instructed before, Serina quieted her mind and listened to her quivering, slick, flush pussy. “It… taught me that it feels so good to be trapped, tied up, strapped down, bound, unable to get away… It feels so hot to struggle and fail… So good to feel my body betray me…” Serina’s cheeks burned darker and darker. Mind Bore was a woman and everything about that brilliant woman made her wet. Telling her these things was another betrayal of herself, another surrender, another moment of being overwhelmed. “And it… it feels good to be… humbled. Humiliated. It feels good to know I’m… nothing. Pitiful…”

“Good! Very good! You finally caught on. It took you long enough.” Mind Bore laughed. Serina couldn’t see her. The light was shining too brightly in her eyes. All she could do was arch towards the sound of her voice. “Are you my toy, dolly? Are you going to behave if I tell you that obeying me will get you another dose of your favorite thing in the whole world?”

“Y-yes…!” Serina practically screamed the word. Tears wet her cheeks as her pussy stained her panties. “I’m your toy, your dolly, I’ll… I’ll obey you, I’ll obey you, I’ll do anything, just please give me more, I need more, I need to be strapped down, filled up, sucked dry, filled with that perfect taste…! I don’t care if you made me need it, I don’t care if I’m never Live Wire again, I just need it and I can’t fight you anymore…!”

Mind Bore burst into fiendish giggles. Each little sound battered at what little remained of Serina’s self-worth and slammed her harder down against the ground of indignity. “Perfect! Then stand up, and show me what you’ve learned. Quickly. I’m a very busy woman. Experiments to run, shipments to receive…”

Serina didn’t hesitate. Unlike before, she didn’t begin to move only to bite back the follow-through at the last moment. She pulled herself off of the table, and tossed her jacket to the ground at her feet.

Her knees were shaky, but her nipples were straining against her bra, begging to be free, begging to be wrapped up in the machine that sucked away all she was and fed her something so much better than she could ever hope to be. Her hands moved across her chest as her hips started to sway side to side on their own. The dance Serina was lost in was so much less about being naked, and more about getting naked. She wanted to feel those eyes on her body. She wanted to feel the other woman wanting her, wanting to crush her, wanting to fulfill her through the destruction of remnants of Serina Alton that felt like all they did was hold her back.

Soon her top was falling onto the floor, and her hands were roaming over her simple, tan colored bra. “I… I want you to watch me… I want you to see me… You can mock me, you can laugh at me… just… look at me… please… Please look at me…!”

The heroine’s eyes were still adjusting to the relative darkness, but she could just barely make out the woman’s blonde hair and her gray-and-white bodysuit. Mind Bore’s hair was tied back, looking so elegant, so powerful. Most of her bodysuit was gray, dark and glittering like it was made of a starry night’s sky painted the wrong color. The white looked like the lines of circuit boards as they traced across her body, and small pieces of metal that looked like electronic components dotted the look.

Live Wire’s eyes moved along the metal covering Mind Bore’s hand. It looked purposeful, dangerous, like it could reach right into her ears… Serina’s eyes rolled back into her head as she squeezed at her breasts, rolling her hips forward towards the tech genius who watched with a neutral expression.

“Well it’s obvious that this wasn’t what you used to do for a living. I know you were a student. Aren’t girls like you supposed to be good at this because you need the money?” Mind Bore’s words were biting, but it was hard for Serina to not feel like they stung because she’d asked for that pain, that agony, that humiliation from a woman who was getting the full focus of her sensuality.

Mind Bore was the first woman she’d ever willingly stripped for as any kind of sex act and instead of reveling in the unique pleasure she was mocking her, berating her, cutting her down. As much as the heroine might have wanted to be upset it only made her pussy squeeze and her knees threaten to buckle. This was exactly what she wanted and cruelty only made it better.

“Y-yes Mind Bore… But I’ve never… never done anything like this…” She’d never even put this much effort into any of the men she’d tried to date. They’d never been worth it. No one was worth as much of her focus as the woman who had so deeply crushed her will.

Live Wire turned away, swaying her hips as she reached down and loosened her jeans. They were tight, too tight, and as she pushed then down from her hips her panties came along for the ride. Her cheeks burned, and her chest flushed deeper. As her pants pooled at her feet, the heroine bent so far forward, she knew her legs were perfectly framing her shamefully wet pussy. She was debasing herself, humiliating herself, crushing the last of her own resistance. She knew just what the villain was doing to her…

And she was helping.

Even knowing that, even consciously confronting it, Serina reached up and unhooked her bra as she turned to face the supervillain. Her bra was hanging in her hands, but otherwise, besides her mask, she was naked. She was so exposed, so on display, so… vulnerable.

Mind Bore slowly shook her head. “I said I’m busy. I didn’t say that I wanted you to seduce me. Can’t you speed this up? I think we both know what comes next… if you do a good job. If you don’t?” The villain sighed, slowly shaking her head. “Then we send you back into your toy box. The addiction won’t get any better. You’re hooked now, Live Wire. If you spend longer without it, you’ll just need it more. The shivers will just be worse. So hurry up, or…”

The click of Mind Bore’s tongue sent Serina crashing down to her knees. Her hands threw down her bra, and her fingers began to stroke along her slit. She was masturbating on her knees for a supervillain… no… a supervillainess.

Everything about that made Live Wire feel so slick, so wet, so hot. As her fingers began to thrust inside of herself, so deep, the wet sound of her pussy clinging to her fingers grew louder and louder. “Please, Mind Bore…! Destroy me…! I know that’s what you’re doing! You’re addicting me to… to me, to those things you suck out of me…! My milk, my… my pussy… G-give it to me… wreck me…! Make me turned on by whatever you want, anything you want, everything you want, and destroy me! Destroy Live Wire! Destroy Serina Alton! Make me nothing more than your helpless, programmable electronic toy! Fuck me, destroy me, and throw me into a toy box!”

Finally, that neutral expression vanished from Mind Bore’s face. It was replaced with a hungry, predatory grin. “That’s right! You were paying attention after all! Looks like you’ll get your dose after all… once your show is finished. If you can finish it fast enough. If not…”

The blonde villain pointed her index fingers at each other, and twisted them in the air. She didn’t need to say anything else. Her meaning was more than clear.

“Yes! Finish! I’ll finish my show! Please! Please watch me! Please… please… destroy me…!” Serina screamed as she thrust her fingers inside of herself as quick as she could, stroking along her clit with the fingers of her other hand. “Watch me cum… watch me break apart… watch everything in my mind… break… break a little bit more… b-because of what you’ve done to me…! I’m such a dumb… dumb… stupid little heroine slut for you…! Fuck!”

A loud, sharp scream cracked from Serina’s throat as she came. Her pussy squeezed so tight around her fingers. The hazy bliss of subspace and the fetishes implanted so deeply inside of her mind made all of Serina shudder and shake.

Orgasm didn’t get rid of that cold feeling. It couldn’t make her forget that orgasm was just a pale shadow of that drug, that satisfaction that washed away all uncertainty and unpleasantness, but it was enough to make her feel good enough to not feel quite so horrible, quite so worthless, quite so… unworthy of the taste that she needed so much.

There was no room in the defeated heroine to see any particular value or worth in herself, but there was plenty of room to revel in how her worthlessness could please her owner.

“Up on the table. If you aren’t positioned in the next… twenty seconds? I’m going to turn you off and throw you into a box for later.” Mind Bore barely waited for Serina’s climax before she issued her ultimatum. “This experiment has gone even better than I thought. I can’t wait to see how it goes on a subject who starts out as a vapid little—look at you go!”

Mind Bore laughed as Serina scrambled up onto the table. Her whole body was still shaking—from both the withdrawals and the powerful orgasm still wracking her—but she refused to stay still. She climbed her way up onto the familiar, comforting surface and closed her eyes as she fitted her wrists and ankles into the still-open restraints. She hadn’t been counting—counting was too difficult when her mind was still in the throes of passion—but she was very certain that had been under ten seconds.

Latex-clad hands pushed down the restraints, and locked them into place. Serina let out a loud cry, thrashing as if she were suddenly reconsidering her actions and desperately attempting to escape. Unlike before, the flailing of her breasts, the clenching of her exposed pussy, weren’t things she wanted to downplay. Instead, she threw herself into moving more dramatically, more madly, more insistently.

When all she earned was maniacal laughter, Serina’s heart fluttered in her chest. She was completely unable to break free and trying only made her more certain that she was too weak to fight. She was too weak to struggle. Being overcome by Mind Bore wasn’t shameful.

This was always the way things were going to end… Mind Bore was always stronger than Live Wire… I was always in over my head…!

The thought began in a place of demoralization, of abject sadness, but it had ended with her thighs clenching uselessly around nothing as she arched high off of the metal table. The milking machine was still high above her, but she knew it was there. She knew it was there, and she was so certain she’d earned her time lost in the stupor of sucking and writhing in mindless pleasure that threatened to blot out what little of her mind still remained functional.

Already, Serina was too lost to even remember that she was still wearing Live Wire’s mask. She was too distracted, too aroused, too lost in her cravings. Nothing mattered besides how sexy it felt to be trapped, to be humiliated, to be a weak stupid heroine that a brilliant, sexy villainess had so easily overcome.

“This is the end of the experiment, Live Wire. You helped me work out the kinks in this little project of mine. There was probably a point where if you held out just long enough, and I didn’t force you, you might have been able to resist? But not now!” Mind Bore laughed, and the machine began to move lower, and lower. It had never felt so slow before, but Serina had never needed her next dose so badly. “Now, you’re my little doll, and you’re going to be until I’m done with you. Or I forget you. I forget my toys sometimes, you know. I have so many, and you’re not very special. The one I bought today… she’s special. Her skin is silver.”

Serina didn’t fight the tears that came to her eyes. She didn’t fight the sobs that shook through her body. Before it had felt meaningless to express the emotion. Now, it made her feel more powerless, more pitiful, and that made her pussy feel so good. That made being helpless feel so much better than it already felt.

She’d never heard of a woman with silver skin, but she could see why the twisted woman would like that. Shining, shimmering silver skin highlighting a woman’s curves made Serina’s whole body quiver. The thought of kissing silver lips, a silver pussy, a silver tongue between her legs… It was sexy enough to make her eyes cross as she gyrated helplessly in her bonds. She was still lost in the fantasy as the tube slid between her legs and the drones again trapped her nipples inside of the insistent, suckling pumps.

“Get all those tears out now, Live Wire. You won’t be crying for a while after today. I’m going to be busy for at least the next week…! Things to do, you know. Things more interesting than you. You were just a fun accident…” Mind Bore clicked her tongue disapprovingly, and the pumps began to suck. Serina moaned through her tears. “But the fun’s over now. Don’t spill any—I’d hate for you to make a mess!”

“I-I… I won’t…! I won’t make a mess…! I promise! Just give me what I n-mmmph…!” The tube lowered down into Serina’s mouth and she shuddered as it interrupted her plaintive cries. Cream wasn’t flowing yet, that perfect smooth feeling that made everything feel better, but even the tube helped calm her body.

Soon, as soon as her milk and her pussy juices could be properly mixed she knew that taste would be melting into her mouth and sliding down her throat. She couldn’t fuck this up. All she could do was wait and know that before long everything she’d longed for would be coming true.

Soon, that perfect blissful feeling would wipe away all of her horror and pain. If Mind Bore never turned her mind back on then Serina wasn’t sure that she would care. Maybe things would be better that way. As long as I have that taste, that drug, that feeling… It doesn’t matter… nothing else matters…! I just need more of that—she can do whatever she wants with that silver skinned slut! She won’t be able to resist Mind Bore anymore than I could… maybe she’ll even end up just like thi—mmmmm…!

All of Serina’s thoughts fell silent the moment that taste hit her tongue. She suckled as hard as she could, her pussy squeezing tighter around the tube as she arched her breasts into the pumps drawing out her milk. Any uncertainty, any worry, anything at all besides her blank, empty, vapid feeling of euphoric bliss dissolved and melted away.

She wasn’t a victim of an evil mind controller’s plot anymore. She wasn’t strapped down to a cold, unfriendly, unfeeling table that only existed to destroy the last remnants of her psyche.

Instead, Serina was floating through the clouds. She’d never been able to fly, but the taste of that cream was what she imagined flying would feel like. The taste was how it felt to be validated, to be adored, to be the heroine who saved the day and the journalist that every paper, every news station, every blog was fighting over.

That taste was the feeling of being the belle of the ball, the girl with the hula hoop that everyone wanted to fuck, and the sexy teacher that every student wanted to tie up and fuck as she tried and failed to deliver a coherent lesson. That taste was the humiliation of defeat with only the erotic half and none of the twisted, tangled, existential feelings from enjoying her own failure.

That taste had no regrets, and neither did Serina.

“Get everything ready for the delivery. It should be any minute now.” Mind Bore’s tone was again dry and bored, and her drones were quick to fall in line. They moved with mechanical precision, legs scissoring as they made their way out of the milking room. “So many more projects to get started on! I wonder how much of the brain a human really needs to function… Maybe I should find out…”

Mind Bore made her way out of the room, leaving Serina alone under the harsh lighting that illuminated the milking machine. Though her body was there on that cool metal table, shuddering and writing, her mind was nowhere to be found.

She wasn’t worrying about being a heroine. She wasn’t caring about the greater world or her place in it. Her past was becoming a blur as she suckled lustfully at a tube that fed her all of her greatest hopes and dreams as it sucked everything out of her.

            Serina was finally, truly, completely happy.

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