by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #betrayal #f/f #D/s #dom:female #sub:female

Fiona lives in a world where mind control is common place. So far she’s managed to hold onto her own, but letting her guard down around her friend Gwen has her running scared…


Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Fiona quivered as she pulled her jacket tighter around her body. She wanted to be inconspicuous, forgettable, a hard sight to spot from a distance, but practically everything about her demanded otherwise. No matter how much she wanted to be just another face in a crowd, Fiona was not a forgettable woman.

Bright, vibrant orange hair adorned the top of her head. The color alone would have been enough to make her draw attention, but the volume of her readily bouncing curls did nothing to help at all. She was tall, with long, elegant legs that even under a pair of thick jeans could easily draw the eye. It also helped that she was taller than most of those who walked around her. Everything she wore was like her jeans, an attempt to look simple and unimpressive. She wore a simple t-shirt under a leather jacket, but pulling the jacket tight around her only helped Fiona reveal the fullness of her buxom figure.

Trying to slump did nothing to help Fiona blend in as just another passing figure. It was hardly cold enough for her to need the jacket pulled so tight around her curvaceous frame. Maybe if she’d had a hat that could have hidden away some of her curls some aspect of her could have been properly disguised, but as it was she was still just as vulnerable as though she weren’t trying at all.

There was no hiding the way that her jeans emphasized the round, full curves of her ass. If anything, the tight denim only further emphasized such things. Her jacket was pulled tight enough that the flare of her hips was that much more obvious to a quick glance.

Hopefully, Gwen won’t think to look for me in this part of town… Fiona shivered as an unsettling feeling traveled down along her spine. I just need to find a place to hide, to get my head together… This isn’t the first time someone’s caught me off guard. People want me. I know they want me. I just… need some time to center myself, some time to stop… to stop wanting…

Nothing Gwen had done was an entirely new experience. Fiona had lived in the Montford Prefecture all of her life, and there was one constant to life: staying in control of her own mind was her own responsibility.

Spirals, pendulums, whispers, handshakes… Such tricks were well known. Survival of the fittest was said to make sure that those making decisions for the world were those who could make sound decisions for themselves. It had brought the world to a never before seen level of prosperity. Scarcity was a thing of the past. Poverty that would drive one to the streets was a thing of the past.

The price had become constant vigilance. If one grew too comfortable, lowered their guard, or lost an awareness of their surroundings for just a moment too long… Their decisions were no longer their own.

Personal responsibility had taken on a much different definition.

I need to find somewhere inside, some place I’ve never been before, some place that I’d never go… I need to make sure Gwen can’t find me, wouldn’t want to find me… It took all of Fiona’s focus to stop herself from imagining the words, the symbols, the sounds that Gwen had hidden deep inside of her mind. Gwen hadn’t made it impossible for her to remember what had happened, but that only made her own mind that much more of a dangerous minefield.

There were words in her mind that had once merely been useful for conveying meaning that now might leave her helplessly spellbound in the middle of the sidewalk. Thinking the wrong word too insistently or envision the wrong shape and she would just stop in her tracks.

Fiona could remember what had happened, but not perfectly, so there was no way of knowing what she might do next. She might be compelled to find Gwen, or she might be compelled to wait. Maybe her programming had been specifically put in place to grant Gwen exclusive access to the depths of her mind, or maybe she hadn’t the time to ensure that no one else would find her easy prey.

Being Gwen’s mindless thrall for the rest of my life is hardly my idea of a good time, but at least I know she’d never hurt me, she likes me too much for that… someone else… There were rules, of course, about how one could treat their thralls. Fiona was aware of them, much as Gwen was, but rules were made to be broken.

The enforcers of the rules themselves were made to be broken, reformed, brainwashed, trained to obey and allow their owners to carry on in whatever way they pleased, whatever way they wished…

Fiona shuddered. She knew the system worked. It had provided for her all of her life, and she’d always been a sharp woman. She’d been able to resist so many childish attempts on her mind. She’d even resisted being grabbed up by a professor who had wanted to make Fiona a permanent member of her program, working away on thesis after thesis that would be credited to another’s name. She’d resisted partners who had wanted to make her into an obedient girlfriend more times than she could count.

The price of freedom was eternal vigilance, but it was a price that Fiona had found easy to pay. Every step she took as her eyes darted around her surroundings reminded her of how it had become second nature for her to watch out for anything that seemed too alluring, or too comforting. Relaxing when she wasn’t alone, truly alone, wasn’t something that Fiona could afford.

Like simply closing one’s eyes to allow them to “rest” when sleep was long overdue, relaxing was a way for a mind to open up, to become suggestible, to become defenseless…

I’d held up for so long, but then…

It had been a simple mistake. Gwen had invited Fiona to the park. Parks were safe. There were other people around, the sounds of nature, so many things that should have made any attempt that Gwen might make on Fiona’s mind so easily interrupted. Fiona couldn’t count on any passersby to shake her out of a trance or to tell Gwen to stop trying to steal her mind, but their presence alone was a potential distraction.

Trusting someone enough to truly be alone with them in a quiet, isolated environment was something reserved for lovers. Even then, Fiona didn’t believe that you could trust a lover so easily. It would be all too easy for them to want you to be just a little bit different, and then who you were was up to them. There would no longer be any escape, nor a desire to try.

If someone lost their mind to their lover, they became their lover’s property. Their decisions were forfeit. Their rights to self-determination would only renew if they could turn the tables, and that would only grow more and more difficult the longer they spent under another’s thumb. Brainwashing could be hidden within such innocuous tasks, and one’s mind would never truly be safe again. Something as necessary as a shower or brushing one’s teeth could be a hidden form of conditioning that would yet again bring them under another’s control.

Meeting Gwen at the park had been a safe enough prospect. It was a sunny day, so there would be no shortage of others. When Fiona had arrived Gwen was already waiting for her at the park bench, waving her over, smiling so bright and cheerful. Gwen was always so confident that seeing her like that had raised no red flags at all. It was what Fiona had expected to see.

Fiona had been dressed a bit flashier, but not much. She’d been wearing a skirt instead of jeans, and had left her jacket at home. She wouldn’t want to look like too much of an appealing target for a skillful hypnotist, but she hardly minded being seen.

Gwen, on the other hand, had always dressed to kill. Somehow she managed to find the time to keep in shape even with her heavy workload, and the stark-white halter top she wore was in loud contrast to her tawny skin. Instead of a skirt she wore a pair of shorts, small and khaki. They clung to her small, tight rear like a second skin, and showed off much of her shapely, athletic legs. Her feet were hidden in running shoes, giving some hint to how she kept her legs so perfectly toned.

“Nice to see you, Gwen!” Fiona remembered leaning back against the park bench, careful to allow her body to be comfortable, but not too comfortable. Allowing the body to relax was a gateway for the mind to follow suit.

Gwen had laughed, and grinned. She was so often grinning, looking like everything in the whole world was constantly amusing her. “It’s nice to see you, too, Fi. It’s always nice to see you.”

Some might have been concerned about such blatant flirting without a more overt declaration of interest. Even if it was safer to assume that everyone had ulterior motives, that everyone was waiting for the right moment, for someone to lower their guard just enough, especially with such things it was considered safer to only pursue those who were direct about their interest. Fiona had known Gwen for years. They’d both grown up together in the Montford Prefecture.

If Gwen wanted her, Fiona was certain that she would have made her move sooner. Instead, it seemed clear that while Gwen likely found her attractive, she either valued their friendship more or had no desire to claim Fiona for her own. They were friends, and Fiona valued that, too.

Gwen was someone that Fiona trusted. She didn’t trust her with her mind or anything so extreme. It would be more accurate to say that Fiona trusted herself with Gwen. She trusted herself to be able to suss out the other woman’s intentions. She trusted herself to know what Gwen was thinking enough to be able to feel some degree of safe. Friendship was a hard thing to find in a place where life was arranged to find who could be the better predator, but Fiona was glad to have found it in Gwen.

“What’s up? I hope works been going well for you—you’ve definitely been able to find the time to stay in shape…” Fiona had returned her friend’s grin. It didn’t feel as natural on her as it looked on Gwen, but that was fine. Fiona knew that even if she wasn’t herself a predator, she could at least avoid being prey. She was confident in that.

“Oh, nothing much, really…” Gwen’s grin had softened into a calmer smile. Perhaps that should have been a warning sign, a red flag, some hint that things were getting so much more dangerous for her. Fiona didn’t even notice, instead smiling much the same as she reflected Gwen’s visible happiness. “It’s just been awhile since we’ve both had the time to step away from our responsibilities for a while to have a nice little chat.”

Fiona remembered groaning, and nodding. A couple had walked by, and Fiona had allowed her eyes to follow them along. There was a kind of safe that she only felt when she was alert, and it was easy to be sure that was how she was feeling them on that park bench. “Definitely. It seems like there’s no end to the work sometimes, but at least I’m aware of it.”

Gwen had laughed. It was a musical sound, a sexy sound, one that Fiona had questioned just how much she wanted to hear more of it a fair few times in the past. “Ugh, don’t I know it. Lana, down on the fifth floor…? She went in for an employee review and came out taking a large reduction in pay. The next day she came to work without any panties.” Fiona raised an eyebrow, and Gwen shrugged. “I was below her on the stairs, but I think the vacant look in her eyes would be enough to tip off anybody that she’d been bridled. She’s been working a lot of overtime, too. Probably spent most of the time under one exec’s desk or another…”

Fiona smirked. It was so easy to look down on someone who hadn’t been ready for an employer of all people. Who else would be in a better position to try exercising authority? It was the most basic of traps that everyone learned to avoid.

If Lana had fallen so simply, then Fiona was sure that it was better for her, and everyone else, that she not be allowed to make important decisions anymore. That was how the world worked. A woman had to earn her right to decide for herself by staying vigilant, by refusing to surrender her thoughts so easily to anyone else.

“Yeesh. Well… Hopefully she’s still productive, eh?” Fiona laughed along with Gwen, shaking her head. “She doesn’t sound like she was any big loss, at least…”

“No, not really. I’d been sure she was going to be slipping under from the moment we met.” Gwen grinned again. She always seemed to have a sense for such things. Just as Fiona had grown a sense for how to be wary of others, Gwen seemed to have the ability to sense weakness. There was no doubt she was a predator, but Fiona had never considered herself potential prey. “For example… See that couple, over there…? See the way they’re walking together…?”

Fiona nodded, following her friend’s finger as she’d pointed across the park. Two women walked together, hand in hand. Both of them looked alert, and sharp. It was clear to Fiona that neither of them were in the other’s thrall, at least not in a very blatant fashion if so. “Mm-hm. They look cute together.”

Gwen laughed, shaking her head before leaning in closer. “They do, but look… The woman on the left? Look at the way her grasp on her partner’s hand looks a little tighter. Look at the way that she’s walking a little faster, the way the other woman is subtly leaning into her… Even if she hasn’t taken control yet, she’s on the right path. I give her lover… a week. Two. Then she’ll be on a leash, being walked through the park.”

“No way… Maybe hand in hand, but they’re far too cute for that…” Fiona tried to sound confident, but her own voice hesitated. She could picture the blonde woman with a collar around her neck, naked, or possibly dressed in whimsical lingerie, walking on all fours below the woman holding her leash, tugging her along…

Two weeks might be a generous time to give her mind. Fiona could see the signs Gwen had pointed out so clearly now. The blonde was laughing as the other woman spoke, seeming to lead the conversation. She was holding her partner’s hand, but she was the one being pulled along. Already, the woman was learning to accept certain degrees of surrender, of vulnerability, and the other woman had a familiar grin that looked ready to take what was already hers.

The blonde had a nice figure, and it was easy to imagine her eyes blank as her heavy breasts swayed under her body with each movement on all fours. It was easy to imagine her ass swaying behind her.

“You can see it, Fiona. I know you can. Two weeks.” Gwen smirked, smug, confident. “At most. Maybe sooner. I think if you look closer at the shorter one, the subby one, you can already see something in her eyes. Maybe she’s already started the process of more actively surrendering. Tell me you don’t see it.”

Gwen began to fiddle with her phone, and Fiona leaned forward from the bench as the women continued to move. They were still close, easy to see, and Fiona soon found herself nodding. There was something a little glassy, something a little… lost in the blonde woman’s eyes. She was happy, that was obvious, but she was a little too happy for her own good. Had the other woman earned her calm, her trust, her comfort? It was impossible for Fiona to say. She wasn’t so crass as to consider interjecting, or warning the blonde. If she couldn’t tell what was happening, then it was better she lose her mind entirely.

If she couldn’t be vigilant, then she could be obedient.

“I think I see what you mean, yeah…” Fiona wasn’t aware of how intensely she was staring at the other women. She wasn’t aware of the fact that so much of her focus was wrapped up in the idea of the blonde woman’s loss of self that she’d stopped concerning herself with the woman sitting so close to her. Gwen was her friend. Gwen had been her friend for so long. “Maybe she’s being conditioned right now, without even knowing it…”

“Mm-hm…” Gwen’s voice was nearly a purr as she tapped at her phone. “It’s hard to tell. Public conditioning is so easy to pull off, if you know how to hide it, know what to use. The whole world is full of so many places to focus, so many distractions, and it just takes a second for one of those to be a little too much, to be a little too irresistible, to be a little too strong, and then…” Gwen thrust the screen of her phone in front of Fiona’s eyes with a happy sigh. “There’s no looking away.”

Fiona tried to close her eyes, tight, but it was already too late. Her mind raced, trying to find some different way to react, some different way to respond. She tried to reason that it would have needed to take so much set up, so much work in advance, to truly make her trapped… but she couldn’t look away.

The small screen in front of her shifted through so many colors and shapes, so many swirls, spirals, and twists that her eyes couldn’t help but follow. Some of the colors, some of the patterns, she was sure didn’t even have names. They felt new, alien, strange… but irresistible all the same. She’d never let herself fall into patterns like this, never before, but in that moment all she could remember were Gwen’s words repeating into her ear again, and again, and again.

“No… looking away… can’t… look away…” Fiona’s voice grew quieter, smaller, and softer as she spoke. Something in the way the colors twisted and bent made her nipples grow hard at her chest, standing out against her t-shirt like bullets. Her thighs parted on their own as she felt herself growing slick, and feeling so incredibly weak. It was hard to keep her head up.

All that she could easily do was watch the screen as columns of colors bent and blurred, twisted and danced across the shining surface. Gwen leaned closer, whispering into her open, defenseless ear. “That’s right… You can’t look away, Fiona. You let down your guard, you watched that other couple… You started to see just what was happening to that other woman, starting to see inside of her things that you know exist inside of you… Even if you don’t want to admit it, Fiona, I think we both know the truth… You’re prey…”

Obsidian fingers slid up past Fiona’s skirt, teasing along the inside of her thigh as Fiona trembled and gasped. Some part of Fiona wanted to close her eyes, to will them shut, but instead they only opened wider and wider as those fingers stroked higher and higher. “I’m… p-prey… We both know… I’m… prey…”

The most unsafe thing that one could ever do was admit that they wanted to be taken, that they were the sort of person born to be conquered, to be enslaved, and to be controlled. Fiona had learned again and again that one’s own words, one’s own beliefs, were the strongest tools to use against them. She’d tried so hard to convince herself that just because she didn’t want to take other women, to make them into her slaves, that it hadn’t meant anything. She’d tried to convince herself that didn’t make her prey, that there was some space between submissive and dominant that held women like herself.

Fiona tried to tell herself every day that she wasn’t prey, that she wasn’t something for someone else to conquer, but it hadn’t mattered. She hadn’t believed it enough. She hadn’t made that truth strong enough inside of her mind. In that moment, as fingers stroked their way under her panties to stroke along her quivering slit, Fiona knew that she was prey. She knew she’d tried to deny it, but that it didn’t matter.

The twisting colors and shapes were opening up Fiona’s mind, making it vulnerable, making Fiona more and more at Gwen’s mercy, but it was the truths that Gwen spoke that truly dissolved at Fiona’s will. Making new truths, and reminding Fiona of truths she’d tried to bury was how Gwen was taking control.

When Gwen’s fingers thrust deep inside of Fiona, she let out a low, whimpering cry. She clenched, shuddering as she rubbed her body against Gwen’s without thought. The two women continued to walk by, doing nothing to interject as Gwen’s fingers moved quicker, harder, filling the air with the scent of Fiona’s desire and the wet, slick sounds of her fingers moving within the redhead’s pussy.

“You’re prey… and you need to be taken by the right predator. You’re so good at staying on guard, so good at protecting yourself… but the purpose of prey is to be devoured…” Gwen nibbled on Fiona’s ear, drawing out another moan as she pulled the flesh taut before letting it slip free from between her teeth. Her fingers moved harder, quicker, deeper between Fiona’s legs even as she held the phone steady in front of Fiona’s eyes. “You aren’t fulfilling your purpose… You’re denying it. Denial makes you weak. Denial makes you vulnerable. Denial makes you mine.”

“D-denial makes me weak… vulnera-a-a-ble…!” Fiona’s voice cracked as she shuddered under Gwen’s onslaught of pleasure and the twisting sights that pulled her mind open wider and wider. She couldn’t struggle. She couldn’t even remember what it meant to struggle. All she could do was shudder and whimper and groan. She wasn’t making her own decisions, not anymore. “Denial… makes me... y-yours…!”

Gwen purred into her ear, somehow the sound making a perfect rhythm with the twisting lights and the fingers moving between Fiona’s legs. Maybe that was just her mind making patterns where they didn’t exist, wrapping all of the stimulation around her and pulling it irresistibly deep. It didn’t really matter. It still made her weaker, softer, and hotter.

All that mattered was that Fiona was losing herself to Gwen’s eagerly thrusting fingers. All that mattered, was that Fiona could feel that she was so close to cumming, so close to bursting, so close to surrendering in physical ways.

Fiona knew on such a deep level that where the body went, the mind followed. All of the things that had kept her safe for so long were now putting her at risk, now making her vulnerable to losing all of herself once and for all to her friend, her phone, her voice, her fingers, and even the sight of those women as they made their way out of the park.

Later, Fiona would wonder if Gwen knew those women would be there. Later, she would wonder if Gwen had arranged for it, made some bargain, or if she had taken control of one or both of them herself. In that moment, such complex thoughts and ideas were too far away for her to grasp. When Gwen placed her phone in Fiona’s hand, told her to hold it up to her face, and reached under her top to fondle at Fiona’s breasts she’d been far too focused on those commands to consider anything else.

Her nipples throbbed under the thin material of her bra. Her pussy spasmed, clenched, and her throat cried louder as her orgasm neared closer and closer. Fiona’s body was betraying her, giving in to Gwen in ways she’d never yielded to anyone.

Years of friendship, trust, and public intimacy now all meant she held Gwen’s phone so carefully in front of her own eyes as the colors washed over her, weakening her, dissolving at her will. All of those shared experiences were now little more than preparation, experimentation, and temptation. Years of vigilance now only meant that Fiona had been kept safe and prepared for Gwen to swoop in and claim her.

“Don’t hold back, Fiona… Mmm… These colors are going to burrow deep inside of your mind… You won’t forget them. You won’t be able to. If you picture them too closely, too much… you’ll lose yourself to me, no matter what…” Gwen’s nails twisted at a pink, puffy nipple from under a frilly bra. “Even just thinking the word ‘lullaby’ will make you feel my control overtaking you, using your own mind, your own will, your own self against you… and you won’t be able to resist it if you hear me saying it… You won’t be able to try…”

“W-won’t be able to resist… W-won’t be able… be able to try…!” Fiona screamed as she came, bursting hot and wet and slick around Gwen’s fingers that still didn’t stop their movements inside of her. Nails kept tugging and twisting at her nipples, making her mouth twist, and her hazy, foggy eyes stare off so mindlessly into the distance. “L-lulla… lullabyyyy…!”

Gwen whispered more words into Fiona’s ear as she shuddered and shook in her afterglow. They were words that Fiona couldn’t forget, couldn’t erase, couldn’t hide, but were so hazy. They were hard to hold onto, consciously, as she slowed her walk across the sidewalk.

No… I started remembering it, I… I started… Thinking lulla—that word, I… Fiona shook her head. Focus… Need to hide, need… Need to stop this, need…

Living in a world where everyone knew that a woman’s voice could lull you into a suggestive, hypnotic state meant that everyone was ready to accept that as truth. Everyone was ready to be helpless to a voice, to a pattern to something if some part of them wanted it, even if they didn’t want to want it. Even trying to do everything she could to stay on guard, to protect herself, Fiona had fallen prey to her own desires, to her own nature, to the fantasies and desires that she couldn’t even be sure had been her own.

Maybe someone had told her when she was young that she was prey, but that it was important she wait for the right person—thinking that would be them.

Maybe some piece of propaganda or another had infected her mind with a memetic desire to surrender, to submit, to be safe from the constant worry of someone else trying to steal her mind away. It happened, sometimes. People saw something, heard something, read something, and an infectious idea would twist up their whole worldview. Fiona had seen other women lose themselves to an idea, to a hope, to a concept…

When Gwen had asked for her phone back, Fiona remembered running. She remembered running home, showering, changing her clothes, and then trying to find some place to hide. She remembered how important it was that she not be found, that she escape from Gwen for long enough that the programming in her mind would fade.

Just because she said I’d never forget… That doesn’t matter. The human mind isn’t a computer. We don’t store information forever… Things blur, decay, fade… Fiona quivered, trying to believe herself more than she’d believed Gwen. She tried her best to be confident that she could escape from this, that she could regain control of herself. I just need… I need to change. I need to become more of a predator, I need to think for myself, I need… I need…


So lost in her own thoughts, Fiona had run right into Gwen. The woman was dressed just as she was before, grinning just like before, wiggling her fingers in a cutesy wave that left Fiona paralyzed. She knew she needed to run, but her legs wouldn’t respond. She could barely breathe.

“Tell me what you are Fi.”

“Prey!” Fiona responded without thinking about what it meant. She responded without thinking about what it would do to her mind. She responded, and shuddered. It was enough to shake herself out of it, and she ran as fast in the opposite direction as she could. “No! No! I’m not prey! I’m not! I’m in control of myself! I don’t need to obey! I’m an independent woman! I can control myself, I can think for mysel—”

Fiona’s phone rang as soon as she turned the corner. With preprogrammed fluidity she reached into a pocket of her leather jacket, and pulled out her phone. She didn’t even question why she was more concerned with answering her phone than running away.

“Look up, Fi.”

Above her, on a large electronic billboard, was a woman curled up to a large pillow. She was half asleep, looking so sexy in a tired, drained, lost sort of way. Underneath her, the slogan was white on black, so easy to read. No more lullabies! Sleep sweet tonight, and forever!

“L-lulla… Lulla…by…” Fiona mewled as all of the spark drained from her eyes. They turned glassy, her gaze distant. Her nipples rose against her top as colors began to twist and spin through her mind, stronger than her thoughts had been the moment before. Her clit pulsed, and she moaned helplessly into the phone. “Lullaby… I’m… prey… Not… able to resist… not able to try… Your… control… You’re… in… control…”

Gwen pulled the phone from Fiona’s hand, hanging up on herself before she tucked it into Fiona’s pocket. “Come with me, Fi… I want to have a little fun…”

“Y-yes, Gwen… Come with… y-you…” The taller woman shuddered as she took Gwen’s hand. She stared so distantly, so lost, but saw nothing at all that mattered. Colors twisted and swirled through her mind, and the red haired woman’s curls bounced as she followed the smaller, athletic woman home.

“Tell me what you are, Fiona!” Gwen’s voice was low, firm, and commanding. Her dark skin was bare, complimented now only by black straps around her waist that held a pink dildo upright between Fiona’s legs. “Tell me what you are, and bounce faster!”

“i… am… y-your slaaave, Gwennn…!” Fiona was similarly bare, her pale skin wholly exposed, as was the small thatch of orange just above her sex that was eagerly devouring the pink dildo again and again as she bounced hard and fast above her owner’s waist. So much of her hot, warm, sticky-wet lust flowed along where their bodies met. Her large, heavy breasts bounced and jiggled and swayed, hard puffy nipples standing out loud and prominent at each breast. “i… i must… o-obey…! i cannot resist…!”

Fiona’s moans were low, desperate, and hoarse. She couldn’t remember how long she’d been bouncing above the other woman, but it wasn’t important. She hadn’t been able to keep a hold of her own thoughts, and all of the same ways she’d judged Lana now applied to herself.

It was better for everyone if a woman who couldn’t keep a hold on her own thoughts wasn’t allowed to make important decisions.

Gwen’s nails clawed down her thighs, squeezing so tight as she wriggled and arched her hips each time that Fiona fell to impale herself on the stiff pink toy. “That’s a good girl, Fi… That’s a very good girl… It’s so much better to not need to think for yourself… You never want to think for yourself again… Mmm say it… Say it, mean it…!”

“It’s… s-so much better to not need to think for myself…!” Fiona whimpered, her pussy squeezing tighter around that pink as the pleasure of obedience was so intense her eyes rolled back into her head. Her breasts rose and fell so dramatically, her breathing so quick as she neared another climax. She’d lost track of them, but Fiona knew she didn’t need to have complicated thoughts like that anymore. “i never want to think for myself again…! Never… Never… never everrr…!”

Each word she spoke became more of her truth. It had so recently horrified her to think that she would be giving her very self over to another, becoming their toy, their pet, their thing, but now it was all that she could ever want.

Fiona didn’t want to think for herself again.

It was so much better for Gwen to think for her.

“Mmm that’s right… Cum, my little Fi-slut… Cum, and cum away every last little drop of you that ever thought your mind was supposed to think for itself…!” Gwen’s voice quivered with passion and lust just as much as it dripped with the smug satisfaction that she had known exactly how their meeting at the park would go, and that she knew just how much control she had in that moment.

“Y-yessss G-gwen…! C-cumming… cumming for you… N-not… supposed to think for myself… D-don’t want to think for myself…!” Fiona pressed herself down, hard and tight against Gwen as she came around the toy. More lust soaked into their skin where their bodies met, flowing down along Gwen’s body towards the bed beneath her. “D-don’t… W-wanna think… J-just wanna obey… p-preyy… prey…!”

Gwen’s eyes hooded as she reached up to squeeze and knead at Fiona’s bared breasts, slowly licking her own lips. “Mmm this was always how things were going to go for you, sweetie… You had a good head on your shoulders, you were stubborn… but you didn’t want to be. You just didn’t want to be cheap. You didn’t want to be easy… You thought all you needed to do was just hold out a little longer, a little further, every time you were tempted, and somehow that would just work out… Somehow you never thought about how thinking about that over and over again, constantly reaffirming how vulnerable you were… wasn’t just driving you right into my hands.”

“i…i… y-yesss…!” Fiona’s eyes fluttered as she rubbed her bared chest into Gwen’s hands with low, trembling groans. “Y-your hands… Y-your control… G-gwen… M-mistress… Y-you own me… You control me… Y-yours…”

Gwen nodded slowly, pinching and twisting both of Fiona’s nipples at once to savor the loud, sharp cry from her lips. “That’s right, Fi. Mine. This is just better for you, sweetie. I’ve seen the way you look jealous of those women you try to act like you’re so much better than… I’ve seen the way you quiver when you think no one can see you… I’ve seen the way you try to force yourself to calm down without being too calm…

“Predators like me, we can relax, because we’re ready to strike. We’re ready to claim, to take… We’re always safe. Prey like you…?” Gwen pulled Fiona in for a kiss with nails at her nipples. The kiss felt like it lasted a sharp, painful, erotic eternity. When it ended, Fiona could barely breathe, and felt so close to another orgasm as she continued to clench and writhe around the toy buried deep inside of her. “You’re always ready to surrender and fall to the right lullaby…”

“L-lulla…lulla…by…” Fiona whined out as that word played through her mind like a familiar song, like a familiar lightshow, like truths that she could never deny or resist. “Yess… Always ready to surrender… f-for you…”

Gwen nodded with a grin. “Don’t worry, Fi… I’ll take good care of you. I’ll never let you wish you could be free.”

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