Liminal Floor

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dreamlike #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #solo #sub:female

Windy has just another day at the office until she’s assigned to check on the generator and finds herself somewhere she doesn’t expect…

Liminal Floor

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Windy sighed as she sat down at her desk. No recruitments today. Good. As much fun as it is to test the new girls and make sure their programming is working out, everyone thinks I’m another nympho and not someone who has a job to do… She rolled her eyes, adjusting her horn-rimmed glasses before typing her password into the standard Draupnir OS login screen.

Everything about her screamed dutiful professional, from her blonde hair tied up and back into a cute bun, to the scrubs she wore under her starchy white lab coat.  Her work environment hardly required such dress, and few others wore it, but it did lend her a greater authority.

The loading screen of four golden rings spinning in place faded away, and the scientist quickly began to look through her email for any new alerts. A few employees needed various treatments—reinforcing their obedience or enhancing their metahuman abilities—but overall, it had every indication of being just another fairly ordinary day working for Chronos.

Everything seemed ordinary until her eyes saw it—a new email marked urgent. She clicked it open, and quickly scanned over the contents. Instantly, her shoulder slumped.

“Ugh. I have enough to do without needing to deal with the slow elevator…” She pulled her glasses off of her face, and ran her fingers through her hair. “This is definitely going to put me behind even more than the last time Dust cornered me in the hall after I spent the night as a pillow… I don’t understand why She does so much for that shiny little… She’s probably the nicest of Her recruiters, but I’m here because of my actual expertise…”

It was a short email—quick and to the point. If it wasn’t for the signature line at the bottom, nothing about it would seem especially professional.

Windy, please stop by the fourteenth floor and check on our UPS. The tech department says it’s on the fritz. You know what to do.


Best regards,

Jesse Colloten


Sole Proprietor



Providing Metahuman Solutions for your Everyday Problems™


A majority of the time, Windy found herself happily confined to the top thirty floors at most. Even then, most of her time was in a single area. While she lacked a very large staff, most of the time, the nature of her work meant that her patients came to her and not the other way around.

“I wish She would call it the generator… There’s a large difference, but no one’s going to convince Her to say anything differently…” Windy replaced her glasses back atop her nose, and moved through her lab space to a wall lined with metal lockers. Each had a combination of locks, both electronic and mechanical. After typing in the passcode and pressing her thumb down onto the pad. She turned the lock clockwise, widdershins, then clockwise again before pulling out a small black bag she slung over her shoulder.

After grabbing a clipboard that hung inside of the locker she made her way out of her lab, and letting the door close behind her. It wasn’t a long walk to the elevator, but each step weighed on her a little more.

Surprise maintenance was one of her least favorite tasks.

Once she reached the elevator, Windy grumbled and pressed the call button before briefly reading over her clipboard to refamiliarize herself with the results of her last maintenance. The elevator opened, and Windy gulped at the sight of a woman wearing a gray skirt and a black t-shirt with a white skull at the center. The woman’s short black hair contrasted her pale skin, and her gray eyes looked every bit as mischievous as her smirking, black-painted lips.

Dust stepped out of the elevator, and leaned towards Windy. “Hey there.” She barely said anything at all, but Windy still found herself stiffening up. “Didn’t think I’d run into you. Got a moment? We should really catch—”

Before Dust could finish her sentence, Windy ducked around her and slammed at one of the many buttons that took up a large portion of the thin wall to the left of the elevator doors. “Busy, lots of work to do! You know how it is! See you around.” Once the floor button lit up, Windy’s finger jabbed the ‘door close’ button rapidly with one hand while the other hand waved.

“See you later, Windy.” Dust waved, her smirk almost neutral. “Don’t worry, I’m sure the elevator is nice and clean—just like I am.”

Windy made a quiet ‘eep’ sound before the heavy metal doors finally clicked shut, and the elevator began the long, long trip down. Hugging her clipboard to her chest, Windy leaned back and slowly shook her head. Dust might just look like a college girl going through a goth phase, but if I let my guard down for a moment, I’ll be in her room, naked, surrounded by piles of dust, full of dust… I’m just lucky that The Lady needs me to be able to think, or else I’d just be another one of her bunnies.

A shudder rolled down Windy’s spine as her gaze moved first to the LEDs indicating the current floor, and then to the panel with the many buttons for each individual floor. There was a long way to go, but something more important caught her eye.

So quick to escape proximity with Dust, Windy had missed the button for the fourteenth floor and instead pressed twelve. Whoever had originally commissioned the building had a distinct lack of triskaidekaphobia, so the thirteenth floor was very clearly labeled. While the thirteenth floor was mostly a machine floor—largely comprising the guts that kept the building working—the generator was stored away on the fourteenth for various safety reasons. With a frustrated grumble, she tapped the correct button and then looked back to her clipboard.

If Dust was bothering me during a checkup, I could just use her code words, but She doesn’t want those being used any place another ‘employee’ might overhear. We could just erase both of their minds. I don’t see why that would be such a big deal. They’re the product we’re selling.

            Windy sighed, shaking her head as she continued to scan over the clipboard.

As she did, the numbers on the LED display slowly ticked down. For anyone unaccustomed to the elevator, it would have felt like it was taking forever, but while Windy was frustrated with this additional responsibility, she had been working at Chronos for long enough to know better.

There were far more bothersome things than a slow elevator. Constantly needing to avoid the possessive recruiters ranked number one. Number two was unexpected recruitments.

Slow elevator travel was somewhere below number ten.

Her concern was so minimal that she barely noticed as the numbers ticked below forty. She’d get to where she was going when she got there, and she knew watching would only make the trip feel longer. It was impossible to work in a place like Chronos and not understand that.

When it came to time, perception was everything.

The numbers continued to tick down, and Windy continued to obliviously flip through her clipboard, checking various numbers and which box was ticked. “Hmm… It’s been two months since any anomalous readings… What could be going wrong? I hope it’s not activating preemptively again. Too eager is better than not eager enough, but it still throws everything off, and means it won’t be ready if we need to use it for an extended period of time… I hope we don’t need to install a new one…”

She was so wrapped up in examining the data that she missed when the floor changed from 30 to 29, and then again from 20 to 19. None of the information on the clipboard was new. She’d recorded all of the data herself. Maintaining the generator was delicate work, requiring her greater expertise. It wasn’t something to leave to any of the other members of her team.

She even missed when the read out briefly read fourteen before it flickered, the many dots making up the numbers flickering, flashing, and then changing to a hollow diamond with a single dot in the center. The door opened, and Windy stepped out without even looking up at the number. Her mind was on autopilot, focused on her work. The sooner she could finish her maintenance work, the sooner she could be back in her lab doing the more regular work she’d been expecting. Windy didn’t even notice that, when the elevator doors closed behind her, the elevator dissolved into the wall with a ripple of visible heat.

Around, Windy saw a totally unexceptional hallway, like so many others in the building. She swiftly made her way to the third door down the hall, and held up her badge.

With a friendly beep, the door opened, and she made her way inside.

The door closed behind her, but when she looked up from her clipboard she didn’t see the generator. Instead, she was in a fairly large white room, and somehow she was already in the middle. She looked around with wide eyes, desperately trying to see some sign of something familiar, or even some explanation for what the room even was.

There were no chairs, no tables, no storage, no electronics of any kind. Even the ceiling was just a smooth white surface. The walls, the floor, the ceiling, all of them looked just like so many rooms in Chronos’s tower, but none of those rooms were so utterly without point. I… I obviously took a wrong turn… I’ll just… I’ll just go back to the hall…!

She felt too anxious to even speak, lest someone hear her and react. Quickly, she raced back to the door, threw it open… and without pause, she was back in the center of the same room.

Okay… This… this is… a little unusual… even for Chronos…!

Quickly, her mind ran through the many metahumans she’d processed during her time working for Chronos. The list was hardly small, but even if few of them had the same powers, most metahumans followed some basic rules that made them more or less easily quantified.

It’s none of the metas with physical enhancements… None of the metas with shapeshifting… Speedsters could have pulled me somewhere else, but that seems very unlikely… It’s not an elemental type… Windy quivered as she spun around, before reaching into her lab coat and setting down a pen in the middle of the floor. Time for some basic science!

The moment the pen hit the floor, Windy ran to the door and flung it open as quickly as she could.

Instead of reappearing in the center of the room, she found herself sitting in a corner of the room, her legs spread, her hair falling over her face. “But that doesn’t… that doesn’t make any…” She reached up to brush her hair back, to try replacing it in the bun, and saw the pen still sitting in the center of the room, right where she’d left it.

Either someone doesn’t want me to leave, or I can’t leave… Is this room even real…? Maybe I should try to mark one of the walls, or…

Without warning, the sound of laughter began to fill the room. The laughs were feminine, and ethereal, sounding almost too airy, too light and fluttering to be the voice of ordinary women. They moved around Windy from her space in the corner, and even when she rose her hands to cover her ears, the sound was just as audible. They’re laughing louder, or it’s not a sound at all… Are they laughing in my mind…? Is it a psychic…? Did one of the psychics—

Like when she’d opened the door, the scientist suddenly found herself in a different position—this time, not sitting on her ass, but kneeling down. Not only was the pen in the center of the room, but her lab coat was with it. From the position of the pen, the only logical place for her to be was directly in front of the door.

The laughter was gone, and no matter how hard she looked around the room, Windy couldn’t see anything at all that could have made the sound. She shivered, falling forward onto her hands to crawl towards her coat.

Her knees shook with uncertainty and fear. With so much emotion shuddering through her body, she didn’t trust herself to stay standing for long, if she even managed to stand at all. Her lab coat was a source of strength. If I can get to that, and pull it on… if I can just… Oh shit, what if this is corporate espionage? What if Meaningful Analytics grabbed me up? Maybe—

Before she could make it halfway across the floor, Windy found herself on the other side of the room, her legs spread, leaning back against the wall. Her pants were gone, leaving her wearing nothing from the waist down besides a pair of white lacy panties—and a pair of not-so-sensible white heels. The panties weren’t the ones she remembered putting on when she’d gotten dressed, so small that they were practically a thong.

Oh fuck… What’s… What’s going on? Am I falling into a trance? Is something teleporting me around? Am I losing time, or—

Instead of laughter swarming around her, Windy heard moans. They weren’t soft sounds, and they weren’t moans of pain either. They were all the same orgasmic moan, repeating again, and again, and again. At first they sounded far away, but before long they were closer, so much closer to Windy, circling her. The sound seemed to pulse through her body, making her panties vibrate against her pussy, and her bra feel like it was shuddering against her breasts enough to make her nipples harden instantly.

Before Windy could even begin to rationalize what was happening, she was suddenly facing a corner, kneeling, with her face pressed down against the floor. Her ass was up in the air, and her top was gone. All that remained were those heels, her glasses, and her underwear.

This definitely isn’t Dust! Windy’s body was glistening with sweat, and not all of it was fear. In such a short time, those moans had elicited a reaction from something deep inside of her body, but more than that, when they’d moaned, there had been an impulse inside of her. She’d wanted something, and even if it didn’t make any sense at all, Windy knew that it had to mean something. Why did I want to moan, too…? Why would anyone do this…? What’s this supposed to do…? I’m aroused, but… I… no one’s here to… to fuck…

She didn’t bother to try standing, or even crawling. Instead, she tried to think quicker, to come to some conclusion that could make all of this seeming nonsense into some logical sequence of events. She knew that somewhere in her experiences, there was something to make everything click into place… but what?

Dust had been in the elevator before her, but she’d seemed fine. The generator was malfunctioning, but Jesse hadn’t seen fit to specify why or how, so it couldn’t have been somehow distorting reality or teleporting people around the tower. It seemed like a room that could have been in the tower but wrong, an interrogation room maybe, but no one was asking her any questions. The laughter, the moans, they sounded familiar, but she couldn’t be sure why—

Windy found herself moved again, now on her back. Her underwear was gone, and one of her own hands was between her legs, while the other was grasping at her breasts. Her legs were bent at the knee, and she was rolling her hips up as if to press into her hands.

Without knowing why, Windy found herself laughing. The sound came from her lips, and she felt the breath coming from her lungs, but the sound emanated from all around her. It wasn’t just one laugh, it was so many women laughing, and instead of a plain white ceiling, it was a mirror. The floor was a mirror. The walls were all mirrors. Reflected from so many angles, she could see her own naked body, writhing as she laughed as though the situation were the funniest thing she’d ever seen.

Those laughs… they were me… Pitch shifted, modulated… Her laughter only grew louder. Her fingers trembled over her bare sex as she tried to merely cup herself, protecting herself from her own mirrored gaze. Her hand at her chest tried to hide her breasts. Why can’t I stop… laughing… why are my own laughs making me feel so… so…

Her laughter changed, no longer simple amusement. It sounded mocking. Cruel. The longer she laughed, the colder, the more judgmental it sounded. She felt on display, and everywhere she turned she could only see herself.

Naturally, she tried to close her eyes…

And she found them open again as she found herself lounging on her side, one knee bent, her fingers buried deeply between her legs. Colors rippled over the various mirrors, reds, greens, blues, purples, every color Windy could imagine, and her eyes opened wider and wider as her fingers moved quicker and quicker, so deeply inside of her pussy.

She couldn’t stop herself from moaning, the sound trembling through every reflection. The smooth mirrored surface under her felt so good against her naked body. Her glasses were gone, but somehow she could see perfectly. Her heels were nowhere to be seen, and neither was her lab coat or pen, but she hardly cared as her fingers thrust faster, deeper, and her own cries of pleasure became more and more desperate.

Before she could even try to move of her own accord, the air around her rippled, filling with translucent, shimmering versions of Windy herself.

Each of them looked like it was made of the same rainbow light that rippled along the walls, shimmering over the glass. They looked hollow, almost like mere projections, but when they moved closer, and stroked over Windy’s body, lifting her breasts, squeezing at her ass, holding back her hair, they felt so much more real than mere holograms.

When fingers slid into her ass, and teeth bit at her ear, they felt so very real.

Give in to us, Windy.

They spoke to her, the sounds of their voices so much like the laughter and the moans Windy had heard before. Give yourself to us… a part of you can stay here with us forever… all you need to do is give in… all you need to do is let us take control…

Each of the rainbow-light-Windys spoke in perfect unison, their lips moving in perfect time as their hands squeezed. Even the Windys busy suckling or biting seemed to speak, though Windy couldn’t understand why she knew they were talking when their mouths were busy pleasuring her.

One of the other Windys grabbed her face, and stared so intensely into her eyes. Her irises weren’t the right color—they were every color. Like twin spirals, they twisted and spun, and the longer Windy stared, the deeper it felt like those eyes pulled her inside.

The rest of the strange world of mirrors and rainbow doppelgangers vanished as Windy felt herself spiraling deeper into those eyes. Colors pulsed inside of her, telling her fingers when to curl, when to thrust deeper, when to pull back, and when for her other hand to reach up and tug at her own nipple. The other Windys were gone, but the colors told her when they would be suckling at her other nipple, when they would be biting at her shoulder, at her ass, kissing along her spine…

Let us take control, Windy… Let us possess you… Let us own you…

Windy moaned, her mouth hanging open, her eyes so wide, reflecting each and every color of the swirling prismatic spiral that filled those perfect, inhuman eyes. She was so deep, so deep that it felt like it would take a lifetime to rise back up.

She couldn’t resist, not even if she still wanted to. Her body writhed, her hips shuddering into each thrust of her fingers, and her body desperately quivering to feel more of the illusory feelings those eyes insisted that she felt.

The spiral seemed to curve, pulling her to the left, to the right, up, and plummeting even faster down. One moment the other woman seemed to be in front of her, and the next she was above. No matter how much her reality bent, it never broke. Her mind merely adjusted, adapted, accepting the truth of what she saw without any attempt to filter it through a more ordinary logic. It was like being trapped in a dream. When things changed, it was merely the natural way for things to be.

Windy wasn’t able to concern herself with concepts like “why” or “how”. She was too busy fucking herself and moaning the same moan over and over again as she felt herself spiraling around, twisting deeper, shoved into her own rainbow eyes as those hands held her face tighter and tighter.

Let us know all there is to know about you. Let us take from you your memories, your understanding, your very soul, until all you are… is of us…

“Y-y-yesssssss…!” Windy cried out as loud as she could, her whole body shuddering. The cry of her slurred ‘yes’ echoed out and spiraled around her. It was as if her movements through the spiral were distorting the sound, were physically moving her body, and playing it back for her louder, faster. “Eeeverythiiiing… For youuu… All I am… of youuu… pleeease…!”

Of course Windy didn’t know what anything the other woman was saying even meant. She was too far gone, lost too wholly within those eyes. She would have agreed to anything.

The other her asked for memories, for understanding, for her soul? She’d signed the latter away a long time ago, but that contract didn’t seem capable of enforcing herself with so many bright colors, deep colors, vibrant colors, and those strong, inescapable hands grasping her face.

Lips pressed to Windy’s, lips she’d felt so many times before, but had never been able to kiss because they were hers. This time, she could kiss back, and the lights told her just how hard to kiss, and for just how long. The lights told her that nothing had ever felt better, and that nothing ever would feel better. She abandoned herself to the kiss, existing without thought, as she dissolved into her own lips with a muffled cry so loud it shuddered through the fingers that filled her cunt.

Obey us, Windy… Obey us… Obey us… Obey…

Even with their lips mashed together so tight, the other woman could still speak into Windy’s mind. She echoed her words again, and again, and they spiraled around and through Windy’s consciousness, grasping at every stray bit of her. Without effort, they grasped at her mind, at her memories, at her self. Each time the grasp tightened, it ripped those parts away, and replaced them with light.

Bit by bit, quintessential parts of her nature, of her experiences, were replaced with fluttery, rainbow lights. She should have been afraid, or at least struggling, but the sensation was orgasmic.

Her lips tried to repeat the mantra, but it was too hard with the effort they were putting into the kiss, and with how quickly she was thrusting her fingers. It was too hard to repeat words that kept vanishing as more of her was pulled away, and more light took its place. She screamed, and liquid light dripped down over her fingers, over her thighs, and stained the many mirrors that surrounded her.

As one mirror grew wet, all of them grew wet, and it wasn’t long before every surface was slick with Windy’s shimmering, prismatic juices.

The spiral twisted, colors grasping at Windy’s mind, and her hand fell from between her legs. Her hand fell away from her chest. Her bent leg fell flat against the floor, and she let out a long, slow, shuddery moan.

Obey… Obey… Stay with us… A part of us… Forever…

Suddenly Windy was on the other side of the room, looking at her rainbow doppelganger. It was all of the pieces used to replace her—the thing that had been made when all of her pieces had been pulled out, and light shoved in, but now, that light had taken the form of the very woman who had entranced her, and drawn everything away.

“What… How… I…”

She was again on another side of the room, laying on her belly. Her underwear was back. The heels were back on her feet. Her glasses were up in her hair.

The rainbow Windy laughed and moaned at the same time.

You will always be here with us. A part of us. You will always obey. I will always obey, and through me, you will always be our slave.

Windy shuddered, and suddenly she was kneeling, wearing her lab coat, but her scrubs were still gone. “But that… I don’t… none of this makes… any sense… any sense at all…” Her eyes fluttered. She’d been so helpless, so utterly powerless. Whatever that rainbow woman was, it had taken complete control of her mind—but it had only been created from the very actions it had performed?

Her mind hurt in ways she’d never be able to describe as she struggled to understand the logic. Linear time didn’t make sense for her own moans, her own laughs, that strange woman…

Don’t try to understand, Windy… Your mind is too small… You’re too limited… But I am strong enough to be a part of us… I am strong enough to obey… while you are too weak, that you must think and act for yourself…

“That’s fucking ridiculous!” Windy screamed, and suddenly found herself standing against the wall, clipboard in one hand, and her pen in the other. “I don’t… This doesn’t… “


Reality changed again, and Windy was on her knees, facing the door. She was fully clothed, and her mind was blank. Her mouth hung open, and rainbows danced across the lenses of her horned-rimmed glasses. She mewled, a hand buried under her panties stroking along her twitching slit.

You are too weak to obey. Too strong to think. Too weak to think. You must leave. You must always stay.

Windy’s mind felt like it was trapped in two vice grips pulling her in two very conflicting directions. No matter how it tried to think, or be blank, some part of the woman’s commands made no sense. They were her own voice, her own words, but they were also complete and total gibberish.

“H-how… how do I… obey… think… I’m so… confused…”

You are too weak to understand.

Windy moaned, her fingers pinching her clit as the rainbow in her glasses commanded. “I… too weak… to understand… Yesss… Can only… Think…? Can only… I…”

Goodbye. You must stay forever. The rainbow Windy nibbled her ear, and the original Windy, or her recreation, or whatever the woman was with the rainbows shimmering across her glasses, could only groan. You must never leave. Hello. And Welcome.

The door opened, and Windy tumbled out.

It felt like a year later when Windy fluttered her eyes open. She was clothed, but all of her clothes looked and felt like someone else had taken them off and put them back on. Her thighs were slick. Her lips felt sore and raw, and so did her pussy. Her nipples ached. Her ass felt like it had been clawed and her back felt like someone had been biting it.

“Duuuust… You fucking slut…!” Windy groaned, kicking at the wall of the elevator. The door was open, and the LED at the top read fourteen. The light for twelve was still lit. “Ugh… sometimes… sometimes I really hate working here…”

Windy shuddered, grabbing up the bag that had fallen from her arm. She couldn’t remember when it had. Why do I want to say I didn’t bring it with me when I left the elevator? I haven’t left…? That’s… just stupid. Windy, you need to stop letting yourself go into dusty elevators. Try to convince Jesse to install some sort of air circulation system. This bullshit is getting out of hand. I blame Silver.

The scientist continued to grumble as she made herself down the hall, and pressed her badge against the third door on the left. It made a loud, satisfying beep, and Windy made her way into the room to investigate the generator as the door shut behind her.

It was a simple room, four white walls, a tile floor, and the same ceiling as the rest of the building. There was one large apparatus in the center, helping the air flow from the cooling units in the four corners of the room maintain a nice, comfortable temperature. Hanging from the inside of the apparatus, her arms and legs deep inside of tight, thick cylinders, was a woman with pale white skin, bright-blue hair, and not a stitch of clothing. A device was shoved deep between her legs, and clamps held tightly to her nipples. Wires from the clamps, and buds in her ears, attached to the larger apparatus surrounding her.

Somehow, one of those earbuds had come loose. The woman’s lips were twitching, and she was faintly muttering. Her eyes were fluttering.

“Mindless. Battery. Slave.”

Windy spoke the words with a cold certainty, and the woman’s lips calmed. Her eyes fell calmly shut. She didn’t move as Windy replaced the bud in her ear, and gently adjusted one of her nipple clamps. A faint current arced along the wire, and Windy began to move around her, marking various things on her clipboard.

“Mindless Battery Slave… Good. It seems like there was nothing to worry about. Everything was fine… Oh, here we go…” Windy rolled her eyes, and tugged at the cord of the bud that had fallen from the generator-woman’s ear. “Someone wanted to play and this got caught afterwards. Can’t anyone be professional around here?”

Setting down the bag, Windy pulled out a needle filled with a glowing green substance, and pressed it in to the woman’s breast just beside her nipple. She let out a loud, low cry, and as her eyes fluttered open, they glowed the same green as the substance that had until recently filled the syringe. Commands echoed into her ears, reaffirming her obedience as Windy replaced the fancy, high-tech needle in the bag, and then headed back to the elevator. Soon, she was on her way back to her laboratory, clipboard held under her arm as she allowed her eyes a rest.

She spent so much time staring at a computer screen. It was important to spend some time just resting them.

The elevator carried her back to her lab and Windy quickly put the whole experience out of mind. She could try to find out who had been playing in the generator room, but it wasn’t really important. All that mattered was that Jesse’s task was resolved, and nothing was broken.

It was a long, slow elevator ride, but Windy was less bothered by that than the thought of Dust pulling one over on her—again.

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