Lightstorm in a Bottle

Chapter 2: Brainstorm

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #auction #D/s #degradation #exhibitionism #masturbation #midas_city #multiple_partners #third_person

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: Brainstorm

The Syndicate women turned to see the new arrival, and their eyes went wide. Lightstorm could only hear hushed whispers as the women began to pull back from her. Half of them looked relieved, and the other half of them looked concerned.

Steph stumbled up to her feet, nearly falling again as she did her best to quickly move away from the heroine while her hands were still raised.

Lightstorm’s brown eyes darted between the fleeing women, and the new woman in white. White wasn’t a very common color for The Syndicate. If anything, it was more reminiscent of the times she’d fought with “rogue agents” within MA—Midas’s locally-based tech giant. While her own costume was a metallic white, the new entrant’s outfit looked much more like latex and it glistened in the dim light.

Her figure wasn’t nearly as curvy as Lightstorm’s, but the curve of her hips, the shape of her thighs, and the soft curves of her chest were all emphasized by the tight material. That made it even easier to notice the interlocked double-‘S’ insignia at the center of her chest.

“Should I be thanking you for the save…?” Lightstorm looked up to her own raised arms, her face twisting in confusion. They had been planning to rush her, but she really wasn’t out of tricks. With the use of flight alone she easily could have turned the tables on The Syndicate. Her gentler approach was far from the best that she could do.

The short woman nodded, slowly approaching without moving too close. Her lips began to move. For a moment, Lightstorm wasn’t sure if there was a sound that followed, or if she was just imagining things.

She was definitely not imagining the psychic waves that washed over her brain, weaving words into her mind that she could do nothing to resist.

Trust her… New friend… She’s pretty… So pretty…

Lightstorm shuddered, her thighs squeezing together as a pink blush spread out across her face. Her deep brown eyes fluttered for a moment, and then she let out a quiet sigh. “Well… Of course I should, we’re friends, right…? So, I guess we should be taking them in now, right?” She reached a bare hand down towards her belt. “Want me to call it in—“

No phones. Take it out… drop it… Don’t want to use it, don’t want to have it on you… Phones are so… annoying…  Hate how they can interrupt moments like this… Feeling so… hot… so… warm…

Again, the black-haired woman’s lips moved, but there was no audible sound.

Instead, new truths took root in the heroine’s mind, weaving themselves deeper. Lightstorm’s brown eyes fluttered as the blush over her cheeks darkened, turning a much richer crimson. Her costume was padded, but one place it was not was her breasts. They were held in place securely enough, their shape and size emphasized, but there was nothing to hide the puffy point of her nipple as it poked out against her costume.

Wearing so little, there was no way the heroine could hide the way those words were affecting her. Every breath she took shuddered dramatically across her body. Her thighs struggled to rub together subtly, but could do nothing to stop themselves from squeezing so tight.

Her phone soon dropped to the ground. What would have normally been a worrying sound of shattering plastic instead made the heroine breathe a sigh of relief. Having it gone felt like a weight lifted off of her shoulders. The last thing she wanted was to suddenly have a ringing phone interrupt such a lovely moment.

When she finally spoke again she was nearly breathless, her words laced with audible need. “So… Who are you…? How can I… thank… you…? We’re friends, but I don’t even know yo—”

Whisper… Name is Whisper… Like that name… Feels so… sexy… weak… dizzy… so… dizzy…

Another psychic wave interrupted Lightstorm’s words, not even waiting for the thought to finish. The look on Whisper’s face, what little could be seen, hinted that she’d been through this before. She didn’t need to wait. It wasn’t impatience so much as efficiency.

Lightstorm was beginning to sway on her feet, held up in part by her own capacity for flight. Without it, her wobbling legs might have been even more precarious. Her lips rubbed together, and she breathed out with a heavy sigh that shook through her entire body. Her deep brown eyes hooded as she lowered her hands, rubbing at the side of her own face.

She felt… off. Wrong. Her body was on fire, her thighs burning, her chest feeling so warm. Nnn… I feel… I feel like… It’s been awhile since I’ve been touched, since I’ve been with anyone, but I was just… I was just holding up my hands, and now I’m… Mm… She’s just so…

Never before had the heroine met a woman like this. Just thinking her name spread a pulse of arousal right down her spine. She couldn’t stop herself from letting out the quietest of whines, her thighs quivering as her heavy eyes hooded the slightest bit more. She was speechless and spellbound, staring at Whisper both out of awe and because she didn’t want to look away. She had no idea what to do, but she knew it involved Whisper.

Looking at her meant thinking her name, and that sent more tremors of arousal through her body, making her feel weaker and weaker. Her defenses had already dropped, but now she was practically melting on her feet.

“Is… is there… Is there anywhere you want to go…? Anything you want to… do…?” Lightstorm’s flush continued to deepen. She couldn’t have made it any clearer what, or rather who she wanted Whisper to do, even if she’d spelled it out with an illusion of light right across her breasts. She was arching out her chest, making sure that Whisper could see just how heavy it was. Her voice was dripping with pitiful need.

It didn’t help that she couldn’t keep her eyes all the way open, and the white makeup over her eyelids made them look even more helplessly hooded when combined with her mask. Striking brown eyes stood out when they were open wide, and made it easy to tell when she was being overcome with lust.

Want to come with us… Want to come with me… No questions… Clothing feeling… itchy… constricting… tight… Just… hate it… Wish you could just rip it off… Tear it off…

A van, large, black, and unmarked, pulled up to the sidewalk not far from Whisper. The women from The Syndicate had done their best to remain still, as though somehow that would mean they weren’t noticed. Now, they hoisted up the bags they’d dropped before, and approached the van to deposit them in the back.

Whisper motioned to Lightstorm, who followed her without hesitation. Her heels clicked on the hard ground, but much more quietly than they would have if she’d been walking. With her arousal only growing warmer and hotter, the only way she could stay upright was to hover in place while giving the illusion that she was standing.

Her mind raced, but not with questions. Whisper’s lips had quickly dispelled any and all notions she might have had to ask any of those. Instead, she was plagued with thoughts of how she could possibly get closer to Whisper…

And how she could lose her clothing as quickly as she could.

Lightstorm began to tug at her costume, trying to pull it loose as she looked hazily to Whisper. Whisper’s smile grew more amused, and she motioned into the back of the van.

Into the van… Hot… Need to take off my clothes… She’s so pretty… So sexy… So dizzy… Want to touch myself… Don’t need to worry about anything when Whisper is here… Feeling too good… Too sexy…

Lightstorm didn’t hesitate for a moment. As quickly as she could, she flew into the van, and reached back to unzip her costume. Her bodysuit was stuck to her with so much sweat, but the zipper came down like a dream, and feeling her breasts exposed to air was so infinitely soothing. She only paused long enough to tug and twist her stiff nipples, shuddering in delight at Whisper’s face turning towards her, even if she still couldn’t see the woman’s eyes under the shadow cast by her hair.

A moment later, she pulled her boots free, setting them to the side. She pulled her arms free, then pushed the metallic mass down past her legs before pulling off the small thong she wore underneath. Her sex was flushed and so, so slick. When she knelt down, her legs apart, the smooth, shaven flesh of her pouty lower lips, dripping with need, was on full display.

“Do… do you like what you see…?” Lightstorm trembled as her fingers reached down to graze along her slit, glistening with her slick lust. The simple touch was enough to make her whole body shake. “You can have a closer look… any look you want.”

The heroine was doing her best to make her voice low and husky, to be sexy and alluring. Boiling over with such unrestrained, uninhibited lust, every word seemed more desperate and pitiful than it did elegant.

Her fingers tried to move gracefully between her legs, to make her dripping sex look all the more inviting. While the sight was certainly erotic, the franticness of her touches and the shuddering along her arm made it seem more like she could barely resist the lust that was flowing through every inch of her body. It was clear that if Whisper didn’t start touching her, the kneeling heroine would simply keep desperately grinding against her own hand for some semblance of satisfaction even if it was Whisper that she really craved.

One after the other, The Syndicate women Lightstorm had been fighting before climbed into the back of the van. Ordinarily, the heroine would have been concerned. She was surrounded by The Syndicate! She was surrounded by The Syndicate, and she naked, kneeling, and rubbing herself.

But Whisper was there.

Nothing could worry her when she was staring at Whisper, her big brown eyes so full of lust and hunger and need. She rubbed herself harder and faster, whining in longing and pleasure. She needed more than her own touch, but she felt so weak. Even kneeling had her swaying in place, sweating with hazy eyes.

Can’t refuse… Can’t resist… Feeling too soft… too weak… Can’t use my powers… Can’t do anything… Need to suck when they tell me to suck… lick when they tell me to lick… Nothing more than a sex toy who needs to fuck…

Lightstorm’s eyes opened so much wider as she stared with ever more desperation. What had once been desire was now purpose. What had been want was now need. Her mouth felt so dry, and all she could do was run her tongue along her lips. Her eyes slowly hooded, looking too heavy for her to hold up. She slowly began to slump forward, her large breasts swaying in the process.

Whisper climbed up into the van, and pulled the doors shut behind her. Then she looked to the women around Lightstorm, and nodded.

That was all they needed.

It was only a moment before fingers were in Lightstorm’s hair, pulling it back and wrenching her head to the side. She was suddenly looking up at a woman slowly lifting the hem of her black dress, and then tugging the thong beneath to the side. Her smooth pussy glistened with the first early hints of arousal.

“Fuck me, you heroic little slut.”

The word burned into Lightstorm’s ears. She couldn’t resist. She couldn’t fight. When the woman tugged Lightstorm’s hair to pull her lips against the woman’s pussy, all Lightstorm could do was obey.

With her ass up in the air, and her eyes falling shut, her tongue reached out to stroke along the other woman’s clit, coaxing it out of its sheath. The moment she was successful, her lips latched, and she began to suck. Tears filled her eyes, tears of worry and uncertainty, but she could do nothing to stop herself. All she could do was lick and suck as her hips wiggled and her fingers continued to rub between her own legs.

She was still burning up, her body so slick, so hot, so wet, and she could do nothing to resist the psychic commands that were wrapped around such vulnerable parts of her mind.

Behind her, Steph grasped at Lightstorm’s ass with both of her hands. Her nails dug into her skin, squeezing so roughly. “Looks like you were the one who got us confused! You’re the one taking a dive… well, a muff dive anyway… and I’m the one playing with your ass. Who’s the fuckin’ idiot now, huh?”

Lightstorm’s cheeks burned. I… I can’t fight them…! Her tongue swirled faster around the woman’s clit, her teeth grazing only enough to feel. She couldn’t bite. She couldn’t pull away. All she could do was fuck. I can’t pull away… can’t resist… can’t struggle… can’t… can’t… Whisper… Why aren’t you… Why aren’t you fucking me…?!

Whisper sat back against the side of the van. Where she was looking, no one could tell.

The heroine was soon distracted by hands reaching for her breasts, lifting, kneading, squeezing. Compared to their hands, her breasts were so large, spilling over between the woman’s fingers as they squeezed without any softness at all. They were far more interested in getting all they could from her body than being gentle.

Nails clawed along her back, not enough to hurt her skin, but enough to make Lightstorm’s lips vibrate around the woman’s clit. All of her focus was on sucking, her lips feeling so helplessly trapped in the act of fucking.

It was her purpose, and even if she wanted Whisper to be the one using her, it was no less important.

“Mmm… fuck… That’s right… suck… harder… tongue… fasteer… nnn… fuck…!” The woman above her screamed, bursting wet and slick over her face.

Every time you make one of them cum, you need to cum more… But you can’t cum… Not allowed to cum… Need to be given permission… Permission you might never get again…

Lightstorm shuddered, her eyes open wide, as a surge of desperation burned up along her thighs and down along her body. All of that pure erotic longing pulsed and throbbed between her legs, twisting her face as she pitifully writhed and groaned. She was already a sex toy, and she needed to fuck even before the next psychic wave crashed against her mind.

The need to cum was just one more thing making her pitiful, defeated by women she could easily have defeated. So overwhelmed by her sudden need, she was barely cognizant that another woman had grasped her hair and was pulling her face towards another flushed pussy. “Mmm, make me soak your face too, you little slut! Make it good! All of you heroines are such sluts, always fucking each other… so you better be goo-ooooh… mmmm yeah, like that!” Lightstorm’s eyes fluttered as her hair was pulled harder, making her thighs clench tight.

Nails were digging into her nipples, twisting them, tugging them, making pleasure arc through her breasts. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her tongue dove inside of the woman’s sex, licking along her inner walls as the woman above her trembled and shook. So much nectar flowed into Lightstorm’s mouth, and she eagerly swallowed it down.

“Stop hogging her ass, Steph… I want to play…” A hand brushed Lightstorm’s away, and her arm fell limp as another pair of fingers began to thrust between her lower lips.

She whined pitifully, knowing that no matter how much she was touched, no matter how much she was used, she wouldn’t be able to cum. At first, the whine was one of desperation, one of pitiful need, but as she began to rock her hips back into the touch even as she suckled and licked at The Syndicate woman’s pussy, that feeling became so much more thrilling.

No matter how much the women touched her, no matter how many of them she made cum, the only thing that was going to bring her release from her ever-building arousal, the pressure that only kept growing stronger and stronger as Lightstorm’s brown eyes rolled back into her head, was if Whisper wanted it to happen. If she never let Lightstorm cum, she would just keep servicing the other women until she passed out.

Her face would be soaked in cum, her breasts mauled by so many fingers, her ass covered with little nail marks, and still she would be burning up. Without any release, I’ll just keep getting hornier and hornier… needier and needier… if they never let me cum, my mind might… just… break…!

The idea was terrifying, but it still sent a shudder of lust and pleasure right down her spine. Her mind battered by psychic assault after psychic assault, her latent fetishes and the commands burning inside of her couldn’t help but intermingle.

She wanted what was happening.

Lightstorm was powerless. She was unable to pull herself away, to stop her nipples from being roughly twisted and tugged, to stop the fingers from rubbing the spot deep between her legs that made her eyes cross, or to stop flicking her tongue. She didn’t want to. She was a sex toy.

She wanted to fuck.

It was both an eternity, and only a moment before the woman in front of her came. Another woman grasped her hair, pulling her forward and rubbing her face along her slick, dripping cunt. “Fuck me! Make me scream even louder than you made them scream! Mmm, don’t just use your mouth! Use your hands! Fuck me!

Lightstorm’s mouth was too full of The Syndicate woman’s clit to respond with her words. Her fingers were soon too busy thrusting inside of her, curling to find the places that would earn her louder and louder cries.

The heroine’s curvy body writhed and shook as she rubbed back into the hands that continued to use her body like the sex toy that she was, but she didn’t stop. She couldn’t stop. Whisper’s words burned inside of her like a guiding star, and she was so lost in a sea of lust. She sucked, she licked, and she stroked with her fingers as her thighs twitched, her pussy drooled with longing, and her whole body glistened with more and more sex sweat.

This was her purpose, and she could do nothing to change that, even if the woman she wanted was sitting in the corner without a care in the world.

“Ooohh fuck yes! You’re a natural, just like every little mask-wearing… wearing… super-slut… f-f-uuuck!” Another flood of lust rushed out to fill Lightstorm’s mouth, and her eyes quivered as her thighs clenched tighter. Her whole body shook as she savored the taste in her mouth, and she felt her mind melting under the desperate craving, the soul-deep need to cum.

She’d been thirsty and hungry before. She’d been aroused before, needy enough to rush home and delve her fingers between her own legs. She’d never needed to cum like it was such a biological imperative, a need just as much as food or drink, and she’d never been so unable to do anything about it. She felt herself grazing that peak again and again, only to be pulled back away each time it felt like she might finally know some relief. Even with a thumb and finger pinching and rolling the tip of her clit, and teeth biting her nipple, she couldn’t cum.

All she could do was scream pitifully as her mouth was pulled flush with another wet, slick, dripping pussy. “Make me cum, Luststorm!”

Stark brown eyes rolled in the heroine’s head as she helplessly complied. All of her dignity, her inspiring grace, all of the things that made Lightstorm a symbol of hope and justice, were gone. All there was in the back of the van, kneeling, was a sex toy in the hands of The Syndicate.

Without hesitation, Lightstorm’s mouth moved to comply.

Feels so good to be a needy little slut… can’t stop myself from loving it… don’t want to…

Lightstorm let out a muffled cry as her whole body clenched and vibrated with unfulfilled need. It was agony, agony from the top of her head down to the tips of her toes, but there was nothing else she could do. It was her purpose, and she couldn’t resist.

All she could do was obey like a helpless little super-slut.

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