Jade in Repose

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #sub:female #tech_control #cyborgs #midas_city #strap_on

Ava and Isla, a pair of cyborgs sent from Bastet City, watch as an important event in Midas City unfolds, but their presence is detected by a local heroine…

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Additional Disclaimer: This story contains spoilers that could possibly impact the reading of The Adventures of Silver Girl and Silver Eclipse! If you read ahead and have not yet read those stories...? You do so at your own risk!

Two women sat on a rooftop, looking across the street towards the largest building in the city. It had gone by other names in the past, but it was colloquially known to many as “the Chronos Tower” or “the Chronos building.” One hundred stories tall, Jesse Colloten’s fortress of steel and glass towered above the surrounding city as though the top floor were a throne to place Jesse above the rest of the world.

It wasn’t the tallest building in the world, or even the country, but it was still an important place. Chronos’s slogan, “Providing Metahuman Solutions for your Everyday Problems™” had become an unforgettable facet of the city itself.

Most wouldn’t notice the way traffic flowed around the tower, but it was noticeably different. No one wanted to tip off Miss Colloten atop her throne, but her secret was out and people were preparing to move. It wouldn’t be long before authorities and heroes alike would take to the scene to arrest Jesse and free the many women who had been kept under her control by a potent combination of hypnosis, drugs, and metahuman abilities carefully cultivated for the task.

“Think there’s any way we can move in without being spotted?” Isla squinted across the street, tapping at a device in her hand that looked like a cellphone made of translucent glass. None of the information displayed on its surface shone through the back, making it easily identifiable as some very advanced technology. “I hear they have some really pretty metas in there. I’d love to get my hands on them, and I imagine you’d like a ride, huh?”

“Here for work, not play.” Ava didn’t need to squint. Her right eye instead rotated and shifted, the color inside changing as she zoomed in her glance, shifting through the EM spectrum to view the building in infrared for just a moment. “We can have plenty of fun when we get home.”

Isla snorted, blowing a lock of red hair from her face as she tapped more at the small device in her hand. “You can be a real kill joy sometimes. I know we’re here to gather information, but we could do that closer.”

She paused.

“We could also do it horizontally.”

Ava smirked. “You are the worst. Besides, didn’t you leave your toys back home? I didn’t even know you could cum without them.”

“My legs might be artificial? But what’s between them isn’t.” Isla wiggled her brows for a moment before both women broke into quiet laughter.

To the two women looking out across the skyline of Midas City, the sight was very different. On the rooftop were a pair of very professionally dressed women. Dark black suit jackets, gray blouses, red ties, black slacks. Around their waists were a pair of black belts with solid gold buckles. Their outfits were identical, and while Isla could sound and act rather crass there wasn’t a single out-of-place crease across her uniform.

For everyone else the rooftop was empty.

“Seriously though. There’s no way we could move in. They moved a lot faster than we thought. If we move in… the building’s schematics make it impossible for us to avoid detection.” Ava shrugged, her left eye closed as she moved her gaze from the base of the building all the way up to the top floor. “We’ll very likely be assumed to be ‘victims’ of Jesse Colloten’s enterprise, given our enhancements. She would be very unhappy with us.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know… Company secrets…” Isla pouted, continuing to manipulate the small device in her hand. “But when I was told we’d be going here to get dirt on Colloten, to try infiltrating… This is some rotten timing! I heard they have this adorable little goth chick…”

Ava waved dismissively at Isla. “There are plenty of adorable goth chicks back in Bastet. Meta ones, even. No one could have anticipated our timing would be so bad. She’ll understand.”

Isla huffed. “I know she’ll understand. If she punished failure even when things were out of our hands by throwing us into volcanos we’d both be dead by now… but tell that to my libido. I had my cunt set on having some fun. Why go to Midas City and not sample the cuisine?”

“Do you want to fuck them, or eat them?”

“You say that as if we’re not into women.” Isla grinned, her head jerking quickly as she detected movement. Above them, atop an adjoining rooftop, there was a flash of green. “Hey. Ava. We’ve got company.”

Ava waved her hand again. “The cloaking field built into your mobile device should be more than adequate to keep us hidden away from the police, or any meta senses. Just try not to drop it. That would be incredibly embarrassing for you—especially now.” Her lips quirked, not quite into a smirk. “Maybe you wouldn’t be in a volcano for it, but I think you’d at least need to pay for your next set of repairs out of pocket.”

There was no doubt in Isla’s mind that Ava knew what she was talking about. Both of them were consummate professionals, but Ava took their job much more seriously. If there was something to know, Ava knew it.

But something about the way the woman in green looked down towards them worried her. She tapped on her device, searching for ‘green costume’ and scrolled through the results until her thumb landed on the right woman. Lacking the telescoping eye of her partner, it hadn’t been as easy for Isla to be certain the woman she saw was an archer dressed in green, but a quick glance made the redhead sure she’d found the right woman.

Her file was short. Jade. Archer. Gold medalist. Her home was listed, as well as an associate named Nightshade. No listed metahuman capabilities, and nothing about her possessing any special archery-enhancing technology.

Isla sighed. She was hoping for some excuse to have fun, and this seemed like another dud.

Then an arrow crashed through the center of her phone, shattering it apart as the arrow crashed down into the rooftop.

Exposed, both women turned to face the archer who was already nocking another arrow and moving towards the edge of the rooftop. Isla threw off her suit jacket as she moved to intercept. While her right arm was unremarkable, the left was artificial. Flesh toned, and quite advanced, it still possessed lines and shapes that no ordinary arm would have. As Ava did the same, tossing off a pair of black gloves that covered her hands, it would be obvious both of them were artificial.

“You aren’t supposed to be here. What’s happening down there isn’t for you to interfere!” Jade’s voice left her lips at the same time she released her arrow. It flew swiftly through the air, and Isla’s artificial fist slammed into the tip.

Though the arrow broke, the redhead still winced, shaking her hand in visible discomfort from the faint dent the arrow left behind. Jade followed the arrow, moving down onto the lower rooftop as Ava held out both of her hands.

Panels at the inside of her palms opened, exposing the machinery within. Jade was already aiming another arrow. She was ready to release it, to send another arrow at one of Ava’s hands, when a wave of dizziness rolled not across her body but through her mind.

It was just disorienting enough that Jade’s arrow was misaimed, firing past Ava and clanging loudly off of the nearby air conditioning unit.

Machinery whirred again, louder, and Ava gave Jade a cool smile as she fired another wave. Jade groaned, her grasp of her bow weakening as she swayed on her feet, her mouth hanging open as she stared at the woman and her strange hands with confusion and little understanding.

“That’s it. It’s too hard to think. It’s too hard to act. Drop the bow.” Ava drew her hands back only to push them out again before Jade let out a deeper groan. There was no visible effect, not even a translucent ripple through the air. “Isla. My back pocket.”

“Right…!” Isla bent down, grabbing out a mobile device that matched the one she’d been using moments before. A few taps, and the same field blanketed the rooftop as before. Now three women were hidden within, Jade still swaying on her feet as Isla approached her. “Now, look at the pretty colors, and let them explain why you’re going to be happy to do anything, and everything, that we tell you to do.”

Jade flinched like she’d been slapped, her eyes shaking off the glassy shine. Her bow had already fallen to the rooftop, but that didn’t matter. She was reaching back for an arrow, ready to move forward towards Ava before the mobile device was suddenly in her face.

Across its seemingly translucent surface was a series of colors and shapes that Jade had never seen before, but were all too familiar to some deep part of her brain. Frozen in her tracks, the archer could do nothing but stop and stare, her mouth once again falling open as the colors on the small device shifted, the shapes twisting and bending with strange axes that made no logical sense but made it all the more impossible to stop watching.

The longer she watched, the wider Jade’s eyes opened. Somehow the display both felt like it was reaching inside of her eyes, deep inside of her mind, and also as though it were drawing her in just as inescapably deep. Her fingers shook uselessly, the arrow clattering down onto the rooftop.

She moaned. The sound was deep and guttural and low. Her whole body trembled.

“Happy to do… anything…” Her lips quirked into a smile, but it wasn’t an ordinary smile. It was too happy, to mellow, too calm, too affected by what she saw swirling in the surface of the mobile device. “Everything that you tell me to do… Everything… Must… Happy to… no choice… must… obey… must…”

When Jade fell silent, her lips were still moving in the same shapes. Even without sound she was caught in a loop of expressing the same sentiment, her smile growing wider as her eyes hooded lower until they were twitching, fluttering, barely open at all but trapped in the sight of the shifting pattern that so wholly dominated her mind. Her thighs twitched and clenched, her knees threatening to buckle at any moment.

She very much looked like the perfect archer—quiver at her back, small green hat atop her short black hair. Jade’s small green top exposed her tight belly, and her small green skirt did little to hide her legs. There needed to be a pin in her hat, or her slouched posture would have made it drop to the rooftop.

“Must…” Jade’s lips twitched. Her thighs clenched harder. “Obey…” Her green eyes opened so much wider than before, and she stopped chanting. She stopped moving her lips.

Instead, she simply stared straight ahead, standing up straighter with her arms at her sides. It was a very robotic posture, making her look like a doll ready to be lifted up and placed where she belonged as part of a larger collection.

“Phew…” Isla sighed. “Glad I backed that up before we left, but… looks like we’ve got a little fun, anyway. My device said she had no metahuman abilities, but… she… you saw…”

“I did.” Ava stepped up to the archer, reaching right under her skirt. Jade gasped, her hips shuddering forward as Ava’s mechanical fingers moved with perfect precision and rhythm along her crotch. “How did you find us up here?”

Jade moaned, her eyes crossing. Her breathing was already quick, devolving into sharp panting as her hips moved in counterpoint to Ava’s insistent stroking. “Th-the wind… It w-wasn’t m-m-m-oving… r-r-iiiiight…! Ohhhhhh… Nnnnn… F-fired an arrow because I couldn’t see… anything there… W-was patrolling the perimeter… w-wanted to make sure n-nothing would stop the raid… Silver sparked herself… so I wouldn’t be in that tower…”

“Silver… Silver…” Isla hummed to herself, thumb flicking at the device. “Huh. Formerly Silver Girl. Kinda cute. Silver skin, but it isn’t metal. I bet she’d be fun…”

“Focus, please?” Ava sighed, rolling her eyes as she yanked Jade’s panties out of the way and thrust her fingers deep between the archer’s legs. “She might not be a metahuman, but she’s in the way of us fulfilling our mission. You were wanting to have some fun today, weren’t you? There’s no reason we shouldn’t have a little fun with our friend here. We already can’t let her remember that she met us.”

“Or your hand between her legs.”

“Or my hand between her legs.”

Isla smirked as she tucked the mobile device back into Ava’s ass pocket. The field remained stable, keeping the three women within invisible to any outside gaze. With her hands free, it allowed Isla to move around behind Jade and slide her right hand up under her top. Jade whimpered, mewling as she pressed her chest into Isla’s fondling touch and then cried out sharply as finger and thumb found her nipple and rolled.

Lust flowed down along Jade’s thighs as they twitched, hips still rolling with Ava’s continued violations. The scent of her lust was strong in the air, and the sounds of her pleasure rose to match.

“Having sex on a rooftop wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but…” Isla purred as she reached her left hand down, her mechanical hand finding it simple to open her pants. “I didn’t leave my toys behind. You should know I don’t go anywhere without the basics. You don’t mind if I make use of her ass while you’re fingering her?”

“Not unless you mind me riding her face after you’re done.”

“You’re on.”

Isla and Ava’s eyes met past Jade as the heroine shook. Her vacant eyes unable to focus on anything as her mouth twisted and her lips trembled. She could still feel the lights twisting and spinning inside of her, enveloping and filling and enclosing her very self and volition in a prison of obedience to the two women who surrounded her. She had no other thoughts, no other imperatives, besides to obey them. Nothing else mattered.

In that moment, Jade didn’t even matter to herself. Her pussy was slick, drenched and dripping over Ava’s hand, but she didn’t care about her own pleasure. She only cared that she was serving, that her acts were those that Ava and Isla desired.

She cried out when the hard-light strap-on thrust deep inside of her ass with Isla’s hands on her hips, but then the movement of her hips was largely instinctual and automatic. Fingers filled her, light filled her, and Jade was helpless to them both. She squeezed around both intruding presences, whimpering and groaning louder and needier as her whole body shook.

Overwhelmed and helpless, Jade drooled past her lips as she waited for some input that required her more active obedience.

Without it, she would shudder and shake between them like a sex toy in green.

“I’m actually legitimately surprised. I didn’t think you’d wear that to work.” Ava sounded impressed, her fingers still moving quicker between Jade’s thighs. “You do like to be prepared for opportunities. It’s not a bad thing. I guess.” After she cast Isla a brief smirk, Ava’s lips wrapped around one of Jade’s nipples and suckled hard enough to make Jade temporarily be reduced to nothing but gasps.

Jade’s bared breasts shook at her chest each time that Isla’s hips slammed into her from behind. Ripples spread across her ass, and those same ripples echoed across her chest.

“What do you take me for…? Mmm…” Isla paused to nibble and suck at the flesh of Jade’s neck. “An amateur? When an opportunity arises, I always need to be ready to rise to the occasion. When a girl has preferences that mean she wants to have something on hand to use? That means she needs to take responsibility for having what she needs on hand. Hey… Jade…?” Isla twisted at Jade’s free nipple, earning another sharper, louder gasp.

“Y-yes….! W-what do you wa-a-a-aaant…?” Jade’s mind was almost in hibernation, able to be wholly forgotten when she wasn’t addressed. She didn’t need to think to move between the two professionals, moaning and drooling past her lips as her pussy drooled down along her thighs. “A-anything you want…! Everything…!”

“You’re our tour guide here in Midas city. You know we’re from out of town… nnn… and you want to make sure we have a good time. You want us to make use of you, body and mind, any way we could want!” Isla didn’t slow her thrusts for a moment, if anything quickening them as she whispered into Jade’s ear. It was a whisper, but it was loud enough or Ava to hear. “For now, you don’t care about Chronos, or anything besides making the two of us happy.”

Jade’s eyes fluttered as she processed the new input. She couldn’t stop moving her hips back and forth, breasts swaying and bouncing, mouth twisting as she struggled to accommodate. What felt like an eternity later to the archer, Jade moaned and gave the best, most award winning smile she could. “W-welcome to Midas…! I’m J-j-jade… and I’ll be your tour guide…! Ask me anything you want to know!”

Ava swirled her tongue around Jade’s nipple, drawing her mouth back with a loud pop. “Tell me, Jade. Ever had two women fuck you on a roof before? Is this a popular tourist destination?”

“I… is it… uhhh…” Jade’s mouth hung open, her eyes crossing with the effort it took to process the request with her current mental programming. All the while she was still panting, and quivering between fingers and hard light deep inside of her. “N-nooo… This… this is my first time…! B-but I spend a lot of time on the rooftops, so don’t hesitate to ask about them! Midas City has a lot of great sights from rooftop, and—”

Isla buried her hard-light strap-on deep inside of Jade’s ass, leaving it there as she rubbed her clothed breasts into Jade’s back. The depth and speed of the thrust silenced the tour guide even before Ava resumed sucking at her nipple.

“B-but for the two of you… ohh… It’s the least I could do…! You can fuck me… however you want... wherever you want…!” Jade wasn’t present enough in her own body to know how many times she’d squeezed tight around Ava’s fingers, but her mind was reeling from the orgasms. Each time made the colors dribble deeper over more of her brain.

Ava looked to Isla following another slick pop. “I want her face between my legs. You can fuck her however you want, but I want to cum.”

Isla shrugged, grinning as she drew herself back from Jade.

Jade cried out, her mouth hanging open, her eyes so blank as she suddenly found herself free from the touches of both women. Without their hands and sex toys and bodies making use of her, Jade felt so much emptier. She’d been told to be a tour guide, and she knew that was important, but it was so difficult to focus on that. Her body was so slick, so hot, and so drained from how roughly she’d been used.

Her eyes gazed across the skyline, and she sighed. “The beautiful… Hoffman Hotel…? Popular destination… Home of the headquarters of Magnificent Analytics… Wyvern… I… What do you want to… see…?”

“I don’t want to see anything but you getting down on your back.” After shaking a slick hand in the air, Ava tightly grasped Jade’s shoulders and slowly pushed her down onto her knees. Once there, Ava gave her another shove, and then kicked her pants off of her legs. She was bare underneath, her pussy slick between her smooth thighs. “You’re going to make me cum with that ‘informative’ mouth of yours, and that’s all I care about right now. My… associate… will be taking a tour of the rest of your… facilities.”

Isla snickered as she watched Ava lower herself down over Jade. “It’s only fair that I get the whole tour, right…?” Lifting a leg, Isla deactivated the hard-light strap-on only to create it anew in a longer shape, positioning it between Jade’s flushed nether lips. “Can’t leave without saying I’ve been everywhere important!”

“Guess you’ll need to fill her mouth once I’m done, too… Ohhh…” Ava’s eyes crossed as Jade’s tongue teased along her slit. “I’m sure you’d enjoy that, too…”

“What a thoughtful suggestion…!” Isla laughed as she thrust deep inside of Jade. The archer moaned against Ava’s pussy, her sounds muffled by the woman’s grinding hips pressing her head down against the hard roof.

Trapped between them in a new position, Jade forgot all about being a tour guide. That didn’t matter now. Her focus was on Ava’s pussy. Isla was fucking her, thrusting quick and hard and deep, but she would have ignored it if she could. She felt each thrust fill her, making her whole body shake, but her mind only existed for her tongue and lips to lavish Ava with pleasure.

Lips latched, tongue flicked, and Ava’s groans grew deeper and lower as the small woman shuddered above Jade’s face.

Time didn’t exist. Her own desires didn’t exist, or if they did then the colors still dancing through Jade’s subconscious had hidden them somewhere deep within the need to make Ava cum. She clenched around the hard light filling her, whimpering helplessly against Ava’s pussy as she came again without letting herself stop for a moment. She needed to make Ava feel good. It was the only thing that mattered.

“Mm. Suck harder…” Ava pressed her weight down against Jade, trapping her that much more down against the rooftop. “Lick faster. Don’t stop.”

Even commanding Jade’s mouth, Ava was focused on the task at hand. Unlike Isla’s goofy grin as she continued to roll her hips, continuing to thrust so deeply inside of Jade’s pussy, Ava was calm and collected. She was as controlled as Jade, only still under her own power.

Until she wasn’t anymore.

“NNn… Yess… Just… like… nhhaa…. fuck…!” Ava threw back her head, her eyes opening wide. Distorted by pleasure, only her mechanical eye was still able to focus rendering half of Ava’s vision a blurry white mess. When she came down, her hips still shaking, her pussy still dripping, she grinned smugly at the woman under her. “Fuck… It’s really too bad this woman isn’t a meta, and that she seems involved in what’s going on down there. If we don’t send her back then I’m pretty sure we’ll end up pissing off the boss.”

“You’re probably right…? But there’s something I want first if you’re done.”

Ava stepped off of Jade, quivering as she slowly replaced her pants. “By all means. Don’t let me stop you from having a little more fun… just try to make it quick. If we get spotted because someone comes looking for her, I’m going to let her know why—”

“—I hear you, I hear you…!” Isla snorted as she pulled the hard-light strap-on free from Jade and savored the sound and the scent filling the air. “Come on Jade. Up on your knees! I can just deactivate this thing to clean it off, but that’s not the point. I want you to enjoy it, first. I want to enjoy seeing you suck off an unfeeling, smooth length of hard light like your life depends on it. That should help make up for not being allowed to sample the delights of the tower.”

“Real mature.”

“Says the woman who came all over her face.”

“Fair point.”

Isla and Ava worked together to help Jade rise, but none of her intelligence rose with her. Her green eyes were glassy and vacant, helplessly staring forward as the dripping hard light teased her lips.

“You heard me, Jade. Suck like your life depends on it.”

“Even though it definitely doesn’t.” Ava rolled her eyes, but still smiled as Jade’s lips parted. “You know these short term mind fries can leave things behind sometimes. Behave.”

In an imitation of Ava’s earlier waves, Isla moved her hand to bat away at Ava’s concern before sliding her fingers through jade’s hair. “I’m sure everything will be fine. What’s important is that I get the full tour. Like you said, there was one more place that I needed to visit. Even if this doesn’t make me feel anything, that’s not the point of the thrill…”

Jade sucked at the hard-light length in her mouth dutifully, her tongue moving against its length even as it thrust deeper and deeper. Her eyes crossed, and then fell shut as she focused more of her limited brain power not on seeing, but on sucking and licking and moaning.

Her whole world was that glowing shape in her mouth. It was so firm, so unyielding, and the only taste it held was her own. Otherwise it was just force, solid and large in her mouth.

As Jade sucked, Isla’s hips moved faster. Her eyes hooded lower. She licked her lips, quietly laughing as she shook her head. “You’re absolutely certain that we can’t bring her back with us? I think she’d like having an archer around in a place like Bastet full of advanced technology. An archer would seem so… mmm… like a throwback? Cute?”

“I think she’d prefer the lack of attention. We can see if any of Chronos’s castoffs are worth grabbing up when people forget about them. Right now we don’t need to ask for any trouble.” Ava sighed, patting Jade’s small green hat. She even teased her fingers along the protruding feather. “She’s obviously coordinating with the authorities. If one of them traces us… Are you really this forgetful when you’re thinking with your extendo-clit?”

“Do not call my strap-on an extendo-clit!” Isla pouted, sounding incredibly childish. Her attitude was in stark contrast to how expertly she thrust her hips without the slightest sign of growing tired or bored. “I’m fucking her mouth with a tool, not a part of me. If I wanted to have some kind of attachment, I could get one. You know that. Though… Jade…?”

Jade tried to respond with her voice, but Isla was still filling her mouth. It was impossible to do anything besides muffle out a mewl of understanding as she continued to suck and lick with blank, empty eyes.

“Your lips are going to be as sensitive as your pussy. I want to make you cum just by fucking your face. When you cum, you’re going to pass out, and you won’t remember anything out of the ordinary happening up here. You just had a bad instinct, and got distracted by the sunset or something. I really don’t care.” Isla grasped Jade’s hair tighter. “And don’t hold back! Ava is right. We really should be getting going!”

Isla looked to Ava, visibly eager for approval.

Ava shrugged, scrolling through her mobile device with a sly smile.

Jade, for her part, was happy to obey. She moaned louder, her thighs clenching and quivering as she tried to seal her lips as tightly around the invading length as she could. Each small rub of that hard-light, each movement of her head or the shaft within her lips had the heroine shaking and straining to breathe. It was so much stimulation, too much stimulation, and she’d already cum so much that her toes felt permanently curled.

It wasn’t long at all before she was screaming around the strap-on, and then crumpling on the rooftop when Isla deactivated it with a smug grin.

“There. Nice and smooth. We just need to fix up her clothing, and then get out of here. There’s nothing very interesting to report, but we can say that the cloaking field needs to go back to R&D. It’s apparently no match for gold-medalist archer.” Isla smirked as she tugged down at Jade’s top, placing her bow over her twitching hand.

Ava reached down to fix her panties, and adjust her skirt. “I’m not sure there’s any way to compensate for instincts, but we could still get you a replacement. That should keep you distracted long enough to not cause any trouble.”

Cleaning up Jade wasn’t hard with their advanced technology. A few waves of this and that and she was no longer drenched with sweat and cum. Mildly dehydrated possibly, but nothing that would impede the archer from finding her way home. She’d have no reason to suspect, or ever remember, what had happened on that rooftop.

“I promise, Av, I can cause trouble anywhere while doing anything if I want to… but I don’t.” Isla grinned as they moved together to the edge of the rooftop. She reached for her belt. One hand on the buckle, and the other reaching out towards Ava. “Since she busted my mobile device, we’ll need to hold hands. Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and squishy inside that even after all this long, we’ve still stayed so close?”

“It makes me think that one of us deserves a promotion.” Ava smirked as she squeezed Isla’s hand, her other also grasping at the buckle of her belt. “Let’s go.”

With a pair of nods, both women leapt from the building, but no one would see them hit the ground any more than they saw them leap. Before long the two would be making their way to an airport, Isla moving with an extra jaunt in her step and Ava wearing a very satisfied smile.

Up on the rooftop, Jade slept for a brief time before she came to with a groan. She quickly jolted upright, bow in her hand, and scowled. No one was there, and all she could remember was a suspicion that something was wrong, but no idea what. “Finding out your city has been hiding a massive mind control conspiracy is enough to make anyone paranoid I guess.” Jade swallowed, and frowned. “I could use a drink… I’ll head down to get a drink… and maybe make my way in through the front door with everyone else.”

Jade glanced towards the Chronos building, and frowned.

“I’m sorry that you had to spark yourself, Silver, but I won’t forget you did it. I’ll help you make sure Chronos never hurts anyone else.”

Wearing a soft smile, Jade leapt down to another rooftop.

Things already felt safer in Midas City.

Author's Note: Zyfire commissioned this story both to get more of Jade, and to let us see a bit more of two of Bastet's finest! If you'd like to see more of Jade? She's from The Adventures of Silver Girl, first appearing in Silver Eclipse! If you'd like to see more comic book super heroines getting mind controlled that series is a good start... but if oyu'd also like to support stories like this one and see them before anyone else? Check out my Patreon campaign! Not only do you get stories before anyone else, and access to exclusive blogs, and the occasional input on a story or two, but it's a good way to let me know that you want to see more of this story, and others like it! If you'd like to join in with a group of fellow mind control fetishists to discuss this and other stories, join us at The Mind Control Literature Discord or my personal discord, Madam Kistulot's Domain!

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