Infection of Obedience

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #drugs #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #contemporary #doctor #dom:doctor #medical #virus

Laura visits her doctor who knows exactly what condition she has, and exactly how to treat it.

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Infection of Obedience

Laura yawned quietly into her hand to muffle the sound as she sat patiently in the waiting room. This fatigue is really getting to be too much. I hope that Doctor Taylor can offer some sort of solution to help me. I don’t know what I’m going to do if she doesn’t…!

As soon as she drew her hand away from her face, Laura let out a sharp, adorable sneeze. The other few people waiting for their names to be called glanced at her with dubious expressions. Laura blushed.

This sneeze isn’t all that bad, but it always makes everyone stare. I can’t help it that my sneezes are cute!

It didn’t help that every sneeze, no matter how cutesy and adorable, shook through her body, causing her large breasts to shift under her comfortable sweater. A lot about Laura stood out even without accounting for things emphasized by her sneezing. Laura’s eyes were heterochromatic, one blue and one green. Long, wavy, platinum-blonde hair framed her face and made its way down her back.

Though it hadn’t even been fifteen minutes, Laura felt like she’d been waiting forever to be seen. Should I pull out my phone? If I get involved in something I could miss my name—

“Laura? Laura Greene?”

Laura stood up, smiling before being overcome by another yawn she tucked away in the palm of her hand. She approached the brunette holding a clipboard in the doorway. Once her yawn finally subsided, Laura offered her smile again. “Sorry…! That’s me.” She sneezed again, catching it in her elbow with a soft whimper. Her cheeks were an adorably deep, reddened shade of pink. “Sorry… This is a little out of hand!”

“Don’t worry. That’s why you’re here, right?” The brown-haired woman smiled, and motioned Laura back. “Let’s get your height and weight out of the way, and then we can get you back into the exam room. Doctor Taylor is still finishing up with her last patient.”

With a nod, Laura moved as quickly as she could to follow all of the other woman’s instructions. None of the measurements were off from what she’d expected, and after the brunette had her sit in the exam room with a cuff around her arm, her blood pressure was what she’d hoped to hear, too. That wasn’t what had concerned her, but it was always nice to have a bit of good news to start off a doctor’s visit.

The last thing she wanted was to hear that her condition was making everything worse.

“That’s everything that I need…! Please, wait here, and your doctor will be with you shortly.” Laura smiled and nodded as the woman left the room. There was the brief sound of doctors and nurses chatting away, and then, as the door fell shut only silence.

It was a well-soundproofed room, which allowed Laura to feel like she had a moment to privately relax before the real exam began in earnest.

She’s probably seen someone with my exact symptoms before… Laura sneezed again, following it with the quietest of whines that no one else could hear. Just relax, and trust that your doctor will know what to do. She always has before, and that’s why you’re in such great shape!

Fighting off another yawn, Laura looked around the examination room. Her eyes were lidded, and her posture slouched back against the chair. Without being the least bit aware, Laura was perfectly emphasizing the curves of her voluptuous body, and the sleepy expression on her face carried with it a certain soft-spoken eroticism.

When the door opened, Laura was lost in her own thoughts, pondering what else she would do later in the day. She didn’t even notice her doctor stepping in.

Dana Taylor was a taller woman, with deep brown eyes and long, curly brown hair. She lacked curves quite as impressive as Laura’s, but her slender shape hidden away under her lab coat, short skirt, and silk blouse hinted at a woman who put effort into keeping herself in shape. She adjusted her gold-framed glasses faintly as she prepared to speak. “Hello again, Laura. It’s always nice to see you!”

“You too!” Laura tried to hide her surprise, sitting upright with a jolt that shook down through her body and further emphasized her assets. “Thank you for seeing me… This is… really getting out of hand.”

“It’s really no problem. Here, let me get a closer look at what we’re dealing with.” Dana smiled warmly as she sat at the computer in the exam room, bringing up Laura’s chart and quietly humming to herself as she looked it over.

Her tone didn’t seem concerned, but the way she nodded along gave Laura hope that her condition wasn’t something aberrant or especially unusual. Maybe this’ll kick itself…! Hopefully, I just need some medication. Even if this is a chronic condition, I really don’t care… If there’s some way to make the symptoms go away… I just… Laura yawned again, slowly fluttering her eyes. I just want to find it easier to get through the day…

“Hmm. So, how long have you been having trouble sleeping, Laura?” Dana turned to face her patient, smiling thoughtfully as she glanced right into her mismatched eyes.

“A little over a week? I would have come sooner, but I hoped it would go away on its own… That was when the sneezing started, too.” As if to demonstrate, another sneeze shook through Laura’s body. “It… Sometimes it feels like I get less than five hours of sleep a night? Closer to two or three… I’ve been feeling a bit like a zombie. It’s been very hard to do… well…” Laura gestured uselessly before falling into soft, shy laughter. “Anything?”

Dana nodded, wearing a look of concern as she leaned in closer. Her gaze grew more intense, and Laura found herself blushing. What is she looking at? Her eyes are looking at mine, but I’ve never… She still seems professional, but this is… this is intense…!

After another moment, Dana sat straighter, and quickly typed a few small details into the computer. “Well, thankfully, this is something that I’ve seen before or else I would be very confused right now.” Laura let out a sigh of relief, and Dana slowly stood. “You see, this is a very rare condition—one that’s far more common in women with heterochromia like yourself. It’s so rare that most people won’t even know how to find what it’s called, let alone how to treat it.

“But I know exactly what you’ve been dealing with.” Dana stood closer to Laura, a hand under her chin slowly lifting it up until their eyes met again. Laura’s were straining to stay open, but Dana’s expression was sharp and just as intense as it was before. “This is a very unusual condition, one that can make it very difficult for someone suffering through it to concentrate, or to focus on… anything. But I know the exact treatment that can help you resume your ordinary day-to-day life without being in a constant fog, a constant sleepy, dreamy haze…”

“O-oh…” Laura quivered. “I’m really glad…!” Something about the way Dana’s voice was lowering, the way she was holding her chin… it made Laura quiver and parts of her twitch. She didn’t completely understand why, but everything about it felt like something she should have been finding inappropriate.

She’d been too tired for too long to be suspicious of the one woman in the world who might be able to help her get things under control.

Laura had been seeing Dana as her primary physician for over five years, and trusted the doctor from the start. Her mind was quick to judge the behavior as unusual, but given their history, she unconsciously took it as supportive rather than anything more untoward.

“In order to treat you, however… I’m going to need your focus, now.” Dana’s thumb slowly stroked Laura’s cheek. It was a slow touch, slow like her voice as it dropped lower without losing any of its intensity. “I need you to focus on me, and trust that I can take care of you. I need you to focus on me, and trust that I’m here, and that, if you let me, I can help give you what you need. I need you to focus on me, let the rest of the world fade away into the background, and tell me that you trust me to take control of this situation.”

“I…” Laura quivered. Her eyes were hooding lower. Her lips moved slower than she expected when she tried to speak. It felt odd, possibly like something was wrong, but for all she knew it was simply another symptom of her condition.

She pushed through, doing her best to follow her doctor’s instructions.

All of Laura’s focus went towards her doctor, and her doctor’s deep, dark brown eyes. They were so easy to focus on, surrounded by those golden frames, her face surrounded by curly brown hair. The touch on her cheek was so soft, and having a single focal point when she felt so drained was so helpful and relieving.

Her whole body slumped, the sleepy look in her eyes growing more intense as she felt the rest of the world become further and further away.

“I trust you to take control of this situation…”

“Good girl.” Dana purred the words, and Laura found herself shuddering without completely understanding why. She had no time to try to gain a tighter grasp on the situation, as the moment Dana continued to speak, Laura found herself too focused on Dana’s words to question what was happening. “You trust me to take control of what’s happening to you, to help give your mind focus, to help you deal with your sleeping issues… with your little… sneezing problem…”

Laura sneezed again, such a soft, cute sound that wasn’t enough to jar her out of her tired, focused state.

“You trust me to be able to resolve this, and make everything better… and that’s so very important, because I can… but it’s going to take your cooperation.” Dana’s voice fell lower, quieter, demanding more and more of Laura’s focus to follow it along. The curvaceous woman slumped in Dana’s grasp, quietly mewling under her breath before following it with another soft, adorable sneeze. “It’s going to take you trusting me… going to take you letting me take care of you… even while you can’t think for yourself very well at all… because that’s what you need.

“You need someone to think for you for a while… To take control of your focus… and take control of your treatment…” Laura quivered at the words “take control” but did nothing to object. Her focus remained on Dana’s eyes, and her slow, heavy breathing was only temporarily broken up by the quiver of a gasp. “So why don’t you let me decide what you need to do in order for you to get well…?

“Why don’t you let me…” Dana’s thumb grazed across Laura’s lips, preceding a quivering mewl. “Take control of everything, so you can just rest, and sleep, and relax, while I work to make you better again, Laura…? Doesn’t that sound so much… better…?”

Laura groaned. If Dana wasn’t holding her chin, she would be a puddle, melted helplessly back against the chair. Her eyes were glassy, shimmering with a clear loss of control. Her bottom lip trembled. Her eyebrows were raised up, her every breath containing the softest whine. She’d looked pitiful sitting out in the waiting room, but she looked completely lost now in her doctor’s hand.

Not a hint of her own will peeked out from either her blue or her green eye.

“Y-yes… yesss…” Laura moaned, her shoulders slumping lower as she fell more heavily into her doctor’s hand. “T-take control… rest and… sleep… relax… better… sounds… so much… better… want to be… better…”

Laura whined, her voice so soft and small in the most helpless possible way.

“P-please, Doctor…”

“Of course, Laura.” Dana happily sighed, her hand reaching down into her lab coat. “I’m your doctor, and I’m here to make you well. I’m here to make you feel better, and to make everything easier… So why don’t you stop trying to keep your eyes open, stop trying to stay awake… and let yourself sleep…”

“S-sleep…” Laura groaned, her eyes fluttering as their lids began to droop. “Let… myself… sleep… y-yesss… D-doctor… Sleep…!”

The last sound she let out as her eyes fluttered closed was a breathless gasp. She barely even reacted when a needle found its way into her arm. She didn’t react as her doctor pushed down the plunger, filling her arm with its contents. She was asleep, floating and lost deep within a slumber she’d been needing for over a week.

She’d slept only just enough to keep herself from losing her mind, but not terribly much more than that. Every day had been full of yawns, and sneezing, and feeling so pitifully sleepy.

Now, groaning as the needle pulled free of her skin, Laura was feeling more deeply restful than she had since her illness first manifested.

Dana’s lips pressed to her patient’s ear. Laura moaned, listening with all of her defenseless mind as her doctor spoke. “I’m going to tell you some very important things now—some very important things that you’ll need to hear if you ever want this condition to improve…” The doctor stroked her thumb back across Laura’s trembling lower lip, taking her time to savor the plush, supple flesh and the mewls the caress gifted her. “So you’re going to listen very closely to make sure that your treatment goes as smoothly as it can… aren’t you, Laura?”

“Y-yessss, Doctor…!” Laura groaned. If she had any volume, her reply would have been an enthusiastic cry that made the room shake. Instead, the sound was barely above a whisper. Dana could hear it easily, but hidden away within the small room that was so good at keeping sound both in and out, it was easy to tell that no one else would hear her at all. “Listen… listen… closely… smoothly… y-yessss…”

Dana grinned, gently kissing the tip of Laura’s ear before she whispered quietly inside. “Good girl, Laura… Such a very good girl. Relax, and feel the first step of your treatment making it so much easier to let go, to let your doctor take control…

“It’s so important that you let me handle everything right now. This condition is mental and physical… and you already feel so much… better with my treatment. You already feel so certain that you make the right choice—the best choice—so you really need to be focusing so very closely on each and every little thing I say…” Dana kissed Laura’s other ear, purring inside before continuing to speak. “Isn’t that right, Laura?”

“Y-yess… e-everything… every… little thing you say…”

Laura’s voice was so sleepy, possessing a floaty quality and an unmistakable tremor of submission.

Dana slowly licked her lips, nodding as she carefully pushed Laura’s head back and kissed the very center of her forehead. “Good girl, Laura. Then for a little while…? You don’t need to think.

“You don’t need to do anything but focus on my words and let them find their way deeply into your mind. You don’t need to do anything but let my words reach inside of you, find the places where they need to fit to make you feel better, and let go of everything else. You don’t need to really be awake for this… not your mind anyway. Your body will stay awake, but your mind will sleep deeper and deeper with every word you hear.”

Laura mewled. Her neck was too weak, but she still tried to nod. If Dana’s lips weren’t still so close to Laura’s forehead, Dana wouldn’t have even noticed the nod at all.

“Let go of everything, Laura. Let go of your thoughts, your self, the world around you… everything but the sound of my voice. You don’t even need to be the one to hear it… your subconscious, that is, your submissive mind below your active mind… it can take care of all of those things for you…”

“Take care of… those things… for… me…” Laura’s voice slowly trailed off, quieter and quieter until even Dana could no longer hear her words.

“That’s right, Laura…” Dana purred, slowly stroking along her patient’s shoulders. “I’ll take care of everything for you, every last little thing… and all you need to do… is sleep.” Lips pressed to Laura’s forehead again, and the last of her conscious mind that was still holding on in any notable fashion spiraled away from her. “Sleep… and obey.”

Laura moaned.


Dana’s lips pressed to her ear, whispering so softly and quietly deep into her patient’s ear as she smoothed out the bandage on her patient’s arm.

“That’s right, Laura. Sleep, and obey. That’s all you need to do, my sleepy, obedient little patient…” Dana’s tongue wet her lips before her fingers began to slowly trace along Laura’s arms. “My words will help make everything so much better… so much better than they were even before your condition first manifested. And you know this…” Dana’s lips hovered just above her patient’s, each syllable not brushing so much as teasing with their warmth. “Because you trust me so deeply, so completely… and you know I’m here to help you…”

Laura groaned against Dana’s lips as she sunk ever deeper into her doctor’s control.

Time lost all meaning.

In a way, it was as though Laura spent a small eternity drifting along, tethered to reality only by her doctor’s words. In another, it felt as though it were merely a moment.

When her eyes fluttered, and her doctor was standing above her with a warm smile on her lips, Laura couldn’t recall anything that happened. I agreed to let her… take control of my treatment…? She furrowed her eyes, another entirely-too-cute sneeze breaking the flow of her thoughts. Was that… a moment ago… or an hour…? I feel so much more rested now, but also, I feel really…

Laura trembled.

I feel really… wet…

Her thighs shifted around her panties. They didn’t just feel damp. They felt stained—ruined. She didn’t remember being aroused before, but her scent filling the room would have made it very hard to deny, even if she wasn’t very aware of that wet heat.

She barely had any time at all to come to grips with her current feelings before Dana spoke. Her doctor’s firm, professional voice cast aside all of Laura’s thoughts and made her instantly focus in on what felt important—her doctor. “You have Aeternum Obedientiam.” Dana didn’t sound concerned at all. In fact, she was smiling. “I didn’t want to say it before a more thorough examination, but now it’s definitely the only thing this could be. You just lost consciousness in my office, you haven’t been sleeping well…

“This is a very rare condition, so I wouldn’t be especially surprised if this was the first time you’d ever heard of it.” Dana smiled down at Laura whose blush deepened before she shyly nodded. “Don’t worry. I could describe most of the symptoms easily, but… you’ve experienced them all… even that cute little—”

Laura sneezed, whimpering as the red over her cheeks deepened.

“—sneeze.” Dana grinned, sighing as she again placed a finger under Laura’s chin to make her look up. Their eyes met again, and Laura’s breath caught in her throat.

Dana was her doctor, and she trusted her. She trusted her to take charge and make her condition better. Being embarrassed felt like such a silly thing, but that didn’t stop her cheeks, or her chest, from flushing.

“Please, Doctor…” Laura tried to remain still, but the warmth between her legs wasn’t a steady need. It was growing more insistent, more desperate to be quenched. Every breath she took felt like it was fanning flames that hardly seemed to need the help, as they burned inside of Laura and dripped need down into the seat beneath her. “I need… Tell me… everything…? I—” She sneezed again, whimpering as she felt the sensation as so much more than a sneeze.

It was still such a small sound, such a soft sensation from her nose, but her mind was scattered.

Her grasp on what she was saying, what she was thinking, all of the important things inside of her all fell away. It was as though the sneeze were an arm knocking everything off of a desk, making room for Laura to climb atop it and spread her legs to tempt Dana with the scent and sight of her arousal. The sneeze even left behind a dizzy ache, a greater, tingling need for something that Laura couldn’t describe but knew was vitally important.

Laura may have forgotten everything, but Dana hadn’t forgotten a thing. She smiled, smoothing Laura’s hair in a gentle, nurturing way. “I’ll tell you everything, Laura, but you may not like it. Aeternum Obedientiam is so named because it makes the victim highly suggestible… and very obedient. Arousal only makes this worse, and sneezing contributes…”

“Wh… what’s the treatment…?” Laura quivered, her thighs squeezing together in a desperate attempt to find some relief from her growing need. “I need to… I need to do something about this…! I can’t sleep, I’m so sleepy all the time, and I—”

Laura sneezed again, groaning as her eyes crossed. Her recovered mind again lost its footing, her grasp on everything giving away as she arched out her full, heavy chest for her doctor to admire. The scent of her need grew thicker in the air, and her breathing shook. It seemed impossible for Laura to open her eyes very wide at all. They were open wider than the faintest sliver of blue and green, but she looked so incredibly exhausted all the same as her head tingled with waves of dizziness.

“I administered a dose of a treatment that can help mitigate the more extreme aspects of this condition, but there’s no cure. This is a condition that you may never move past…” Dana’s smile didn’t waver. Her tone didn’t sound concerned. “But we can take care of you, and help you feel more… fulfilled. For example… Laura, squeeze your breasts.”

Mismatched eyes widened in shock, but Laura soon found her hands moving to obey. It wasn’t a motion she even thought to interrupt. She trusted her doctor, even if what was happening seemed so incredibly inappropriate. When her hands lifted her chest and squeezed, Laura’s eyes crossed as she let out a long, loud moan. Even with her sweater in the way, her fingers sunk deeply into her breasts and her whole body moved to press her chest as firmly into her own hands as it could.

More than the mere sensation of her hands, Laura was shuddering through waves of submissive pleasure. Her doctor had given her a command, she’d obeyed, and that felt amazing.

I was never… never into things like this before…! She moaned. Her hands still squeezed around her heavy chest. It must be my illness… it must be my—

Laura sneezed again, moaning as her arms fell uselessly down to her sides. Dazed once more, her mouth fell open as she shuddered. Every sneeze was affecting her more. The condition felt like it was getting worse, but it didn’t feel particularly bad.

“The only way we can really take care of you, Laura, is to make sure that the needs of your condition are being met… and that’s actually very simple to accomplish.” Dana stepped back, and gestured down to the floor. “Get on your knees, spread your legs, and do whatever I tell you to do. By the time we’re done, the sneezes won’t be gone, and you won’t be cured… but you’ll be able to sleep, and you should be able to get through the day… but you’ll need to come back for more treatments.”

“Ohh… Y-yes, Doctor… Of course…!” Laura instantly fell down to her knees with no hesitation. She didn’t wince at the force of the floor against her legs as they spread apart. “Whatever you tell me to do… I trust you to know what’s best for me… I trust you to help me receive the best possible treatment for my illness… I trust you, Doctor…!”

Dana smiled so serenely as she lifted up her own skirt and reached underneath. A moment later, her lacy black panties slid down to the floor, and she gracefully stepped out of them.

Laura quivered. I never would have been in a situation like this before my condition… but if this is what my doctor says that I need to do… then this is what I need to do! I’ve never seen another woman’s pussy from this angle before. It’s so… The scent of her doctor’s arousal teased its way into Laura’s nose, and she moaned. Sexy… My doctor is so sexy… My doctor is in control of my treatment, and the only choice that I have if I want to get better is to obey…!

Long, slender fingers made their way into Laura’s platinum-blonde hair. Nails grazed her scalp, pressing just firmly enough for Laura to feel. Her thighs clenched, and more of her lust slicked its way down her thigh.

“All of that arousal would be a shame not to put to use, Laura. Reach under your skirt, and touch yourself while you use your mouth to make me cum. That’s the best treatment I could possibly prescribe.” Dana somehow managed to keep her voice perfectly even, speaking as though every single word she spoke was perfectly reasonable and exactly what any patient should have expected to hear. “Be a good girl.”

Her eyes crossed, and Laura’s whole body stiffened as she arched and trembled. Her doctor’s praise made the obedient, submissive urges inside of her feel satisfied in a way she couldn’t possibly understand.

I’m a good girl… I’m being obedient… I’m doing what I need to do for my treatment…!

“Of course, doct—mmpphh…!” Laura mewled as she found her face pulled tight between her doctor’s legs. She wasted no time reaching her hand up under her own skirt, delving underneath her sopping wet panties in an attempt both to satisfy her aching need and to obey her doctor’s commands.

Laura’s tongue reached past her lips, learning Dana’s body and the taste of her freely flowing juices. Every flick of her tongue, every ounce of pressure from her lips, and every motion of her own hand between her legs made Laura feel better and better.

It was dizzying, enough that Laura lost all sense of anything else.

She could distantly hear Dana moaning loudly above her, but it was too much for her to give that any focus. In a different situation, that sound might have turned her on even more, but Laura barely noticed. She was too busy obeying to pay any attention to something her doctor hadn’t commanded her to give her focus.

Her hips rolled as her fingers rubbed desperately between her legs, and the sounds of her lips and tongue working enthusiastically at Dana’s pussy were nearly loud enough to overpower the cries of both women.

Laura had never licked a woman’s pussy before, yet it wasn’t long before Dana was shuddering and pulling Laura’s hair tighter. It wasn’t long before Dana was breathlessly panting Laura’s name, her lust pouring down hot and sticky across Laura’s face as Dana’s hips made sure to smear it all over her patient.

Laura’s muffled moans of pleasure still vibrated through Dana’s sex, but they weren’t cries of release. She’d been commanded to touch herself—not to cum. There was no will in Laura, physically or mentally, to cross that barrier without being told.

Even as the pressure built up inside of her, Laura was too obedient to do such a thing without her doctor’s explicit command.

She would have kept stroking herself for hours, building up the pleasure, the need, and the ever-stronger yearning, but her resistance to release would have remained just as strong. Her resolve was not yet tested, as Dana pulled back and leaned against the examination table behind her. “Mmm… clean up your face. I’ll have the receptionist set you up with a prescription that you’ll start taking. One pill every morning, one pill every night, and you’ll need to come back for bi-weekly appointments.

“Living with Aeternum Obedientiam is a reality you’ll need to adjust to, but you can still go on to live a very long, very… fulfilling life.” Dana fluttered her eyes, her slick, glistening thighs rubbing together.

Laura mindlessly cleaned her face with her sweater after finding nothing else nearby to achieve the task. Her gaze was nearly as vacant as when she was deep under the doctor’s hypnotic sway, but her lips were curled into a pleased, calm smile. She wasn’t sneezing, and though she was tired, she felt so much better.

A long, fulfilling life… Just need to take some meds, and see my doctor every other week…? That doesn’t sound too bad at all…!

“Thank you, Doctor… It really means a lot to me…”

“Oh… don’t thank me.” Dana purred. She rubbed both her lips and her thighs together as she slowly calmed her breathing. Her panties still sat beside her feet, and the room was full of the mingling scents of the doctor’s and patient’s powerful arousal. “I’m just doing my job taking care of one of my favorite patients. You won’t forget a single dose, and you’ll remember to keep coming to every appointment, won’t you…?”

Laura nodded without thinking. “Every appointment. Of course, doctor…”

“Good.” Dana sighed. “I think you’ll be adjusting to this condition in no time.”

Author's Note: Written explicitly for my editrix, I was very happy to get an idea that had been on my to-do list written! Sexy virus? Check. Sexy doctor? Double check! To see more of my writing before anyone else, and show me that you want more stories like this one? Check out <a href="">my Patreon campaign!</a> Not only do you get stories before anyone else, and access to exclusive blogs, and the occasional input on a story or two, but it's a good way to let me know that you want to see more of this story, and others like it! If you'd like to join in with a group of fellow mind control fetishists to discuss this and other stories, join us at <a href="">The Mind Control Literature Discord</a> or my personal discord, <a href="">Madam Kistulot's Domain!</a>

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