Everything Changed

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #cat_girl #f/f #goth_dom #dom:female #sub:female #unspecified_control

Two cat girls live together happily and without incident. Fate has other plans.

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Everything Changed

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Jess carefully lowered herself down into her seat, smiling brightly as she looked across the table at her girlfriend. “I am the luckiest kitty in the whole world.” Jess’s ears flicked as her tail lazily swayed behind her. Both were covered with dark black hair, though the hair that flowed from her head ended with faded red tips. “Because I have you…!”

Across the table her girlfriend blushed. Her tail’s movements mimicked the subtle, happy movements that her girlfriend’s made so casually. Though the fur that covered her tail was a snow-white, perfectly matching the hair on her head and the feline ears that topped her head, the contrast drew greater attention to their similarities even as it set them apart. “That makes me the luckiest kitty, because I have you…!”

“No, Kia, I… you’re just so… So…” Jess gestured uselessly, trying to find some way to adequately express the awe and adoration she felt for the other woman without accidently gesturing to her girlfriend’s large breasts. There were many more reasons that Jess found her girlfriend attractive—and many more reasons why she loved her—but a gesture to the beauty of her mismatched blue and green eyes or how cutely her ears twitched wouldn’t be taken quite so crassly. “You’re amazing.”

“I know I am, but I get to be this amazing and I have you.” Kia grinned, so brazenly proud of herself. After a short moment the cat girl paused, blinked, and tipped her head to the side as her ears twitched and her tail fluttered behind her. “I… wait… does that mean that I think I’m… No…”

It wasn’t long before the two of them were laughing as they slowly nibbled their way through their meal together. Times like this were precious—moments spent alone in casual enjoyment of something that would have felt so ordinary alone but was impossibly special when they were both together. Jess’s heart fluttered as she watched Kia eat, and Kia couldn’t stop herself from purring in contentment.

Things weren’t perfect—there were still day to day concerns that were hardly brushed aside because the two were so deeply in love—but it would be hard for either woman to insist that their lives didn’t have an idyllic flare. All of their problems felt so small, so insignificant, so incredibly forgettable when they were busy enjoying each other’s company. There was little they couldn’t overcome together.

Neither of them were sure when it had happened. Maybe Jess had shyly slid her tail towards Kia. Maybe Kia had reached out with her tail and tugged Jess’s closer. What mattered was that by the time they were finished eating their tails were twined together, almost like interlocking fingers on held hands. It was an intimate touch, a familiar touch, and one that both of them savored with ears that hung down the faintest bit as their eyes hooded while their lips curled into calm smiles.

“I love you, Jess…” Kia reached across the table to tightly squeeze her lover’s hands. “So, so much.”

“I love you too, Kia!” Jess squeezed back every bit as tightly. Her eyes opened wide as she wiggled in her seat. Her tail tried to squeeze tighter at Kia’s, only for her to shudder when Kia returned the affection. “So, so, so much…”

There were things that could make life more idyllic, easier, simpler even… but neither of them dared wish for anything important to change. If anything were to change, they would lose some aspect of what made the moments they spent together feel… not perfect, but as close as anything could come before some part of it was artificial or unreal.

Jess gazed lovingly into her girlfriend’s eyes, and Kia’s blue and orange pair gazed back with all of the same emotion and adoration. They would have stayed in that moment forever if they could have, just basking in the pleasure of each other’s company. It would have been lovely.

Fate, however, had other plans.

A week later, after a similarly idyllic meal together, there was a knock on the door. Kia and Jess both turned to the door in perfect unison, ears and tails both perking up in nearly identical excitement and surprise. It wasn’t particularly alarming by itself, but it was unusual. Their lives were hardly so boring as to be the same day in and day out, but neither of them were the sort of woman who tended to get a knock on their door without expecting it.

Jess began to stand up, eager to investigate the situation. “I’ll take care of—”

“Don’t worry about it, Jess! I’ll handle it. I’m sure that it’s nothing…!” Kia rose up in a smooth, elegant motion, her pale violet sweater swishing over her white skirt as she made her way to the door. Jess could only blush in response and nod as she watched her lover move across the room.

Nothing about the motion was especially unique. Flowers didn’t sprout through the floorboards as she walked, and no divine choir sang for her. Those things might not have happened, but it would be hard to believe they hadn’t with how much adoration filled Jess’s eyes as her black tail swished, and her ears twitched cutely atop her head.

All Jess could think was how she hoped whoever was at the door would soon be gone so she could spend so much of the day curled up to her beautiful girlfriend.

“Hello, how can I… help you…?” Kia blinked, her head tipping to the side as her tail swished curiously behind her. She hadn’t been sure what to expect on the other side of the door, but what she found wasn’t that.

“Oh, you’re helping me right now, don’t you worry.” The woman standing on the other side of the doorway purred in spite of being the one woman nearby without even the slightest hint of feline features. Her dark, deep brown eyes were surrounded by dark makeup. Her lips were painted black. If all of that didn’t make her skin look pale as it was, her long black hair and her all-black clothing didn’t help. “You’re doing just fine so far…”

The strange, pale woman wore fishnets along her arms that hooked over her thumbs to hold them in place. Her breasts were practically shrink-wrapped in a black t-shirt with carefully frayed sleeves to match how it ended about an inch above her navel. Around her waist was a belt with shiny silver studs that held up a long, black pleated skirt over a pair of large, bulky, shiny black boots. She looked tall, towering over the white haired cat girl, but it was hard to tell how much of that were her long legs and how much of that were those boots.

Kia blinked a little more, looking more and more confused at the strange woman. “I… don’t understand? What do you want, exactly…?”

“What do I want…?” The woman leaned in close, too quickly for Kia to be startled or to even try to pull away. All she could do was quiver as those dark, black lips teased her ear. They moved, but there was no sound. There was only… pressure. Sensation. Kia’s eyes went wide as the woman’s lips moved, and she… understood.

You will invite me in… You want me to be here… You aren’t alarmed, you aren’t worried… You’re only… aroused. You’ve made a new friend that you like very much…

            Kia’s eyes hooded as something in them turned glassier, more… distant. Her nipples stiffened under her sweater, and her thighs clenched under her skirt. She hadn’t been wet a moment ago, but now, having that woman so close to her, so near, her scent, her curves, her pale skin… it was too much for Kia to take without rubbing her thighs together tight. Somehow it felt as though she’d known this strange woman for much longer than just a few moments. They weren’t just acquaintances. They were friends. They were… close.

It was only a shame that they weren’t closer.

“P-please, please come in…! It’s always so nice to see you…!” Kia moved out of the doorway and motioned for the pale woman to enter. “I would love it if you would… join us…”

“Thank you. I think that I will…” The woman laughed, her eyes hooding low as Kia locked the door behind her. “You have a very lovely home, you know…? It’s very quaint, small, but… cozy. Something about that makes it better. Usually it wouldn’t, but here…”

Jess blinked as she stared at what was unfolding before her eyes. It didn’t make any sense. Kia was quivering, staring longingly at an unknown goth woman and had even invited her into their home! She had been hoping the day could be about just the two of them, but now it had an intruder. On the one hand she could hardly escape the woman’s obvious beauty and her instant feelings of attraction, but the immediate thoughts of “oh my goodness I am so gay” were so much quieter as her concern felt so much more important.

The black-haired cat girl’s tail bristled, standing straight up as she glared at the strange woman. Kia had invited the gothic goddess inside, but something about the way she was swaying, the way she was staring, made it seem so much less like what was happening was her responsibility. Jess had no idea how to prove what felt like nothing more than a hunch, but she couldn’t let it go, either.

Kia was always polite, but there was a difference between being polite and letting a stranger into their home. Jess stood up, slowly making her way to stand in front of the imposing woman. When she began her walk she’d felt confident, even a little bit like she was spoiling for a fight, but once she reached her that changed.

Something about the tall woman’s imposing presence made it hard to keep up even the illusion of confidence, much less the genuine feeling. They were inside of Jess’s home, but for some reason it felt more like this goddess of a woman was in her seat of power. Nothing about that made sense, but Jess couldn’t deny it.

It was a fact as plainly as if it had been written into the very fabric of reality with a sharpie.

“E-excuse me, Miss—”

“Mistress.” The pale woman responded, a hand grasping Jess’s chin. With a casual dignity and overwhelming aplomb she lifted her face until their eyes met. “Excuse me, Mistress. Now… say it again.”

The woman’s hand withdrew, and Jess whined as a shudder coursed down through her spine. So much raw dominance rolled off of the taller woman in waves, filling through the air so potently that it threatened to suffocate Jess and Kia both. Standing behind the taller woman, Kia’s eyes hooded lower as she watched the other woman effortlessly correct her girlfriend’s speech. She didn’t move to interrupt. She couldn’t.

This woman was her friend. She wanted her there. She wasn’t alarmed. She wasn’t worried. She was just… aroused.

She liked this new woman very much, and that meant that Kia was quite alright with what she saw. She still loved Jess, she loved her so much, but there was something undeniably erotic about seeing her girlfriend handled so effortlessly. Jess was always the softer spoken of them, always the one more likely to go along with Kia’s whims, but this was different. Kia was her girlfriend, but this woman was acting like something entirely different.

“I-I… N-now… l-listen here, Miss—”

A finger tipped with a black-painted nail pressed into Jess’s lips, interrupting her with only the slightest of motions and the faintest of physical sensation. Before Jess could begin to sputter, her tail’s fur puffing to a ludicrous degree, the black lipped woman hooded her eyes and leaned closer to Jess just as she had with Kia. Her chest pillowed against Jess’s, and all that Kia could do was watch.

No worry or uncertainty entered Kia’s mind as she stayed back—passive. Her thighs clenched again in renewed arousal as she savored the sight. Her mind was filled with a singular hope.

Maybe this meant they would be able to become so much closer.

You want to be a good hostess. If you are told to call her something… you will call her what she instructs. If you are told to do something… you will do that thing. Following her commands makes your clit throb and your pussy clench.

            Pressure forced its way into Jess’s mind. Ideas pushed in between her own concepts, between her own understanding and idle thoughts. They almost felt like they had been formed by her own mind like any of her own thoughts, even if they referred to Jess in the second person instead of the first. With such raw, powerful force it was impossible for Jess to be uncertain enough to question those words. All she could do was quiver, her eyes fluttering as she tried to adjust to the strange situation that was feeling more and more normal the longer it lasted.

“Wh-what did you ask me to call you…? I… Nn… My head feels a little strange…” Jess shook her head, trying to understand without knowing why she was even confused to begin with.

Kia moved over beside Jess, snuggling and wiggling to be as close to her as possible. She did her best to arch against her girlfriend in a way to emphasize the fullness of her bust and just how warm she was feeling. They looked so cute together, such lovely contrasts with Kia in soft tones and Jess wearing a black top that was half-way zipped up over a smaller, red top and a small red skirt over a pair of cute black stockings. It was all brought together by the solid black choker she wore around her neck.

Either the pressure or Kia’s embrace made Jess’s tail calm. Her ears even drooped in a way that looked more contented and melted as opposed to withdrawn or depressed. She leaned against Kia, who was all too happy to rub against her in return.

“Mistress. I told you to call me Mistress…” The pale woman sighed, licking her lips as she looked over the two cat girls. It was an objectifying look, one that was seeing them as less than women, or even cat girls. Instead, her gaze was clearly seeing them as something altogether more that existed to be possessed and owned: possessions. “And I’d love it if you could get me a glass of water, and you, white-haired kitty…? Can I have a hug…?”

Jess quivered, her eyes hooding as she felt a strange eagerness rise up inside of her. She could feel her thighs bracing, ready for something, and that need rode her as she responded too quick to even know what she was going to say. “O-of course, Mistress…! I’ll get that for you, right away…!” The black-and-red haired kitten mewled as her whole body tensed in erotic euphoria. Each step she hurriedly took to fulfill the woman’s commands made her tremble a little more. Her nipples felt like bullets. Her panties felt ruined.

With just a little pressure, a few words that almost had felt whispered into her very mind, Jess had lost any and all objections to the strange woman’s presence. It was hard to even think of her with a name other than Mistress. She had said she was Mistress, so she was Mistress.

It was just polite. After all, Jess did want to be a good hostess. Feeling so good attending to her needs, Jess wanted to be the best hostess.

Kia for her part was quick to nestle up to Mistress, wrapping arms around her in a tender hug that Mistress was swift to return. The cat girl purred, nuzzling into Mistress as her tail swayed in a show of lazy contentment. “Mrrr… Of course I’ll hug you, Mistress…! Why wouldn’t I always be ready to hug such an important friend…? You know I like you!”

Mistress’s dark eyes hooded, and she nodded as she squeezed the busty cat girl tighter with a deep, low chuckle. “Of course I do… How could I miss out on that…?”

Before Kia could bask in the hug, just melt against the taller, powerful woman, those black lips were again beside her ear. They pressed into the tip of the sensitive flesh, making tingles spread out across her entire body. She was so aroused that a touch to such a delicate place had her feeling so weak, so vulnerable, so…

Mistress’s touch makes you feel weak. Mistress’s touch makes you feel needy. Watching Mistress touch your girlfriend makes you feel weak.

The moment that pressure pushed so deep inside of her Kia practically crumpled against the taller woman. Her knees felt like they were turning to jelly. She barely had the strength to remain standing with her arms wrapped tightly around the other woman. Her pussy burned, and feeling her nipples press into the other woman, even through so much clothing, it was almost too much for her to take.

Kia had felt small next to the taller woman when usually she felt too tall. She felt… younger, but not in a way that made the black clad woman either old or cradle robbing. Mistress was just so impressive, so overwhelming in a way that Kia wasn’t entirely sure the English language was prepared to handle.

“Ohh… I… I love hugging you, Mistress…” Kia’s eyes fluttered, her lips rubbing together as she loosely squirmed against Mistress. “Is there anything… anything else I can… that you want or that I… that I can do…? I… I… ohhh…”

Blue and orange mismatched eyes rolled back into Kia’s head as she lazily rolled her hips against Mistress. There was no way to describe the motion that wasn’t to say Kia was humping Mistress, pressing herself lewdly against the other woman more like an animal in heat than the act of a woman with any intellectual control over her urges. She was full of need, and that need was in control of her hips, her thighs, and definitely had seized control of so much more through the yearning her pussy felt for more.

“There’s more you’ll be doing soon enough, but right now… Why don’t you…” Mistress rubbed her lips together, her eyes hooding lower as she slid nails through Kia’s hair. “Why don’t you sit over on the couch and just… touch yourself? Don’t take off any of your clothes, and don’t worry about making it a show, or getting off, just… Touch yourself.”

“Y-yes, Mistress…!” Kia moved to the couch, aided by the hand on her ass that gave a soft, but firm, shove. The touch nearly had her collapsing short of the seat but she stumbled forward onto it instead. When she landed she quickly turned to face Mistress, rubbing one hand along the front of her sweater even as her other hand rubbed along her thigh. She wasn’t making it slow to be a show, she was just taking her time, savoring how it felt before she squeezed at her chest, and reached under her skirt to feel over her panties.

“Here’s your wa—!” Jess quivered, staring as she held out the glass of water. Kia could do nothing but watch as some part of Jess strained against the idea of this being required in order for her to be a good hostess. She could only hold out for so long before her thighs quivered. Her clit was still tingling, alive with electricity from offering Mistress her cup of water.

A pale hand took the glass, sipping from it slowly and elegantly. When she was finished, black lips left smudges in the form of a lip print on the side of the glass. The same black smudges were clearly visible on one of Kia’s ears. After finishing her sip, Mistress set the glass down on a nearby table and smiled.

It was a cryptic smile, and neither of the two women watching her were in any state to process it enough to properly react. Kia was shuddering from the pleasure of her own touch and an eagerness for more of Mistress. Jess was eager to please, but unsure how she had even ended up in this situation. It felt so unreal. If her life before had been idyllic, then this was a lusty fever dream that was harder to understand the louder her pussy sang.

Jess was still speechless, staring at Mistress when the woman grasped the choker around her neck with a hooked finger and used it to pull the cat girl in for a kiss. Jess let out a muffled mewl, and Kia moaned as she felt the touch on her lips. Mistress was kissing Kia’s girlfriend in front of her, even sliding a hand up the back of her skirt, squeezing her ass so brazenly, and all that Kia could do was shudder as though she felt her own ass being kneaded. That made it harder to not squeeze more roughly at her own breast, and rub harder between her own thighs. She didn’t even try to resist that urge.

Instead she indulged it as passionately as she could even as slick wet sounds echoed louder through the room.

When the kiss ended, Jess was breathless. She blinked her eyes, confused, and lost. Kia rubbed harder, bucking her hips to meet her hand that much faster. She was just as breathless from the kiss, if not more. She felt everything Jess felt multiplied by that weakness and the growing sensitivity from her own self-induced pleasure.

Before Jess could recover enough to speak, Mistress’s forehead pressed to hers and her lips moved. No sound came out, but Jess felt the words, the pressure, and the raw force of Mistress’s whims parting the folds of her mind. All she could do was part and be shook by it.

Every moan, every whimper, every whine Kia makes fills you with submissive lust. It’s hard to be sure if you want to hear those sounds to know you’re obedient, or to feel how helpless they make you. Anything that makes Kia moan is a good thing.

            Jess stared in a daze, her eyes so glazed as that hand at her ass squeezed again, tighter. Nails dug into her behind, and Kia moaned louder than before. All that Jess could do was whine as she felt so much of her desire to think for herself, to decide for herself, ooze out of her pussy as she trembled. Mistress squeezed her tighter, pulled her closer, and Kia moaned louder.

Every time that Jess’s body was savored by Mistress’s touch Kia grew weaker, and hotter on the couch. Every time Kia moaned, Jess grew weaker, and hotter until she was barely managing to stand. Unaware of what was happening, both lovers were weakening each other.

Back and forth, Mistress played them against each other without needing to do any more than satisfy her desire to grope and squeeze at Jess even as the denied Kia mewled louder and wanted more and more. With such little effort both women were betraying their lover, making them more susceptible, more vulnerable, more weak as they yielded to control they could not remember but their minds could not forget.

“Mmm… yes, I think that I’ll keep you… both of you. You’re charming, this lovely little home is charming… So…” Mistress reached under the front of Jess’s skirt, stroking over the front of her drenched panties. “I’m keeping you. Both of you.”

“B-but we’re… we’re… oohhhh yessss keep us…!” Jess moaned, her hips trembling from the raw force as she bucked dramatically into the touch. Kia’s moans assaulted her ears and wrenched away any chance for her to struggle against Mistress’s words. So many desperate ideas had wanted to express themselves from deep inside of Jess’s mind, but all of them were gone so quickly.

Kia moaned louder. Even if she was merely watching, she was being used. Each and every moment she watched her girlfriend be played with like a toy, like a possession, like a thing Kia’s pleasure was more a product of her owner’s desires and less for her own self.

Without being told what would happen to Kia’s mind, the pleasure was conditioning her all on its own. She couldn’t see the struggle that Jess lost before she could even begin to fight, but she could feel it with her pussy, with her breasts, with every trembling shudder that made it so impossible to think, so impossible to do anything but touch herself as Mistress handled her girlfriend so easily.

“Mmm… But you know what I’ve found…? Girls who want to cum—girls who can cum? They get selfish. They start to have their own desires, fantasies, longings…” Mistress snorted, shaking her head as she spun Jess around, lips by her ear. “So I’m going to fix that for both of you. So you stay good, well trained little clitty-cats for me…”

“C-c-clitty… c-cats…!” Jess shuddered as Kia moaned louder, both of them lost deeper in the haze of Mistress’s control.

Mistress laughed, and then there was pressure, loud, and firm enough that both women felt it cut into the core of their minds.

Orgasms are for Mistress. Good kittens don’t cum. Good kittens edge themselves all day to be ready for their owner to use them… but they never get to cum.

The intensity of the pressure, the power of those words, was sexy and powerful enough that if they had not been so recently denied both women would have erupted in loud screams and came themselves mindless. Instead they merely groaned and whimpered, their orgasms locked and sealed away with the key of a voice that had reserved that pleasure only for herself. All of their pleasure existed for her, to prepare them for her, to serve her.

Kia moaned pitifully as she continued to rub at herself, squeezing her breast, stroking under her panties. There was no rush, but she needed to keep herself hot and slick for her owner. She needed to be ready for anything Mistress could need or want.

Jess was much the same, shuddering as she humped her body against Mistress uselessly. Kia’s moans made it hard for her to even properly grind, but she needed sensation. She needed to be pushing herself right to the point of cumming without ever getting the chance to feel relief. She needed to be ready. She needed to be obedient for her Mistress, she needed so much.

Mistress sighed, shoving Jess onto the couch beside her lover. Instinctively their tails coiled together, both of them moaning in concert as they masturbated together. “Oh, but since you’ve been such a good hostess, I guess I should tell you my name, even if you’ll never use it…”

Both women listened so intently from the couch, rubbing against each other, kissing, even as they were so lost to Mistress’s will, to Mistress’s presence, to Mistress’s… everything.

“My name is Fate… and this is just what I had planned for today.” Mistress grinned, licking her lips as she watched her newest little pets rub themselves against each other. They would never know the pleasure of orgasm again, but Fate was certain that it was one she would be experiencing quite often.

Jess was in a daze, smiling lazily as she dropped down onto her knees. She smiled so brightly as she looked beside herself at her kneeling girlfriend. “I am the luckiest kitty in the whole world…” Jess’s ears flicked as her tail swayed lazily behind her. The red of her hair was so much more prominent with her cheeks so adorably pink. “Because I have you… and Mistress has us…!”

Kia blushed. Her tail moved in the same lazy, happy way as her girlfriend’s, before they twined together as if on their own. Her white-furred ears twitched cutely as she rubbed her cheek against Jess’s with a happy sigh. “That makes me the luckiest kitty, because Mistress has both of us…!”

Both kneeling cat girls were naked, of course. Their bodies glistened with a light sheen of sweat and need. They were already rubbing themselves, squirming and panting as they prepared for the most important thing of the day—or at least the morning.

It was important that their bodies always be ready but that they never cum.

“No, Kia, I… you’re just so…” Jess tried to figure out some way to express her love, her adoration, before Fate cleared her throat above them. She was dressed much the same as when they’d met, only without the skirt—or the panties underneath. “Mmm s-sorry Mistress… Mmm we love you, too… You make us so lucky, so happy, so—mmmmf…!”

The words that tried to express her feelings were lost in her owner’s pussy as Jess’s hair was grasped and her face pulled hard between Fate’s legs. Kia shuddered, her lips rubbing together before she began to eagerly kiss and lick and suck her way along her Mistress’s thighs. She could feel those fingers in her hair, feel her mouth against her Mistress’s pussy, even without needing to be the one lucky enough to grant their owner her first post-breakfast orgasm of the day. There would be many more to come, but making Mistress cum, kneeling beside Jess as they both surrendered all of their will to their owner so early in the day…

Something about that was so important, so sexy, and so impossibly perfect. Their lives had been idyllic before, and they never would have wanted anything about it to change, but everything about their new lives was better. Kia moaned as she rubbed her heavy, naked breasts against her owner’s leg while her fingers plunged deep between her thighs. The closer she could get herself to that orgasm she would never have the better it felt when she felt restrained and pulled back.

“Mmm good little kitten sluts… Mm I love both of you too, very, very much. Who wouldn’t love such a good little pair of kittens like you…?” Fate laughed, the sound tangled and twisted in a loud moan that shook through her entire body. More of her lust flowed into Jess’s greedy, hungry mouth but Kia could still feel it pouring past her lips.

Both of them moaned louder, thrilled to be pleasing their owner. The pressure in their mind teased such intense pleasure through them, body and mind, but all that truly mattered to them was making their owner cum.

It didn’t feel unfair that it was the very act denied to them. It didn’t feel like something they should whine about, complain about, or even beg for just to be denied. It was the way things were, and things were better that way. They both knew it. If they were able to cum they’d get selfish, and then Mistress would leave.

Neither of them wanted that.

They were both happier than they had ever been before in their lives.

“Y-yes… just like that… mmm grind more… M-moan louder, just… y-yes… f-fuck…!” Mistress screamed, releasing so much hot, wet, sticky lust as she came under Jess’s practiced ministration. After weeks of living together both of Mistress’s sex kittens had learned how to make their owner scream so quickly. It was a perfect contrast to how she kept them in chains away from their own relief. “Mm-mm-mmm… D-don’t stop… We’re going for a couple more before I’m done… When your mouth gets tired, I’ll just use Kia’s. She always… O-ohh… Loves that… doesn’t she…?”

Kia moaned, nodding with empty eyes as she continued to bounce on her fingers, her breasts swinging lewdly from the raw force of her movements. “Y-yess, Mistress! Love pleasing you… love making you cum…!”

Without her, Kia and Jess would have spent so much of the time cuddling, never understanding how good it was to submit and surrender. They never would have learned how good it felt for someone like her to be in control, and that would have been such a sad thing. They were so much happier like this.

Lucky for them both, Fate had other plans.

Author’s Note: This story is very different! I don’t usually do commissions from one partner for another... but when you know both partners, you don’t worry about weird issues cropping up! This one was commissioned by the Jess from the story, of sorts, as a gift to my editor Kia! Everyone give her a big cheer for the wonderful work she does on my writing! Any mistakes are things I refused to change, or were missed because she caught so many mistakes she missed one.

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